A Loving Tribute to the Life and Work of Andreas Moritz


Andreas Moritz (1954 – 2012)

In the wake of Andreas’ transition into the realms of Light, we have received many, many messages from his friends and clients around the globe.  Since Andreas was such a humble and reserved person, he tended to say very little about himself.  So those of us who perhaps knew him the best, thought it would be fitting to create this loving ‘tribute’ as a way of sharing more about the personal life, values and accomplishments of this beautiful, generous and compassionate soul.

Andreas was born in southwest Germany in 1954.  As we know from his writings and conversations with him, he experienced several illnesses starting at a young age which eluded mainstream medicine’s ability to resolve.  This led him to have a passionate and lifelong curiosity about and interest in alternative and holistic pathways for maintaining and reclaiming vibrant health and well-being.

This quest was nurtured by his beloved uncle, a well-respected naturopath and pioneer of iridology in Germany.  In parallel with his passionate focus on physical health, Andreas began to explore the spiritual foundations and underpinnings of life.  At the age of 18, he studied Transcendental Meditation (TM) with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, which led to 20 years of dedicated work in this area and his expansion into Ayurveda, in which he became a gifted and accomplished practitioner.

While deeply involved with the Maharishi and TM, Andreas lived and worked in many parts of the world, including Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, India, Kenya and Cyprus.

During his time in Cyprus, Andreas wrote his first books and soon after felt guided to expand into new directions.  This coincided with a unique opportunity to spend time in the U.S. and eventually he relocated there in 2000 (where he lived and worked until the time of his transition).

After moving to the U.S., Andreas was guided to develop his artistic abilities and paint a series of inspired pictures as part of a collaborative venture bringing through the ‘New Medicine’ on the planet.  This new healing modality and body of artwork became known as Ener-Chi Art.

In harmony with his deep respect for powerful, non-invasive approaches for rebalancing and revitalizing body, mind and spirit, Andreas developed a unique ability to provide Sacred Santémony sound healing, which he began offering in 2003.  To this day, many people around the globe claim that this “breakthrough” was invaluable in helping them regain their health and restore their emotional well-being.

Additionally, Andreas continued to provide health education and consulting on an individual basis, while being inspired to expand his writing into the spiritual arena, eventually completing and publishing 15 books, many of which have been translated into several languages.

As Andreas’ presence and impact on the Internet spread through Curezone.com (‘Ask Andreas’) and his own website (www.ener-chi.com), he was sought after by the natural wellness media for countless interviews and requests for articles on a myriad of timely, if controversial, topics.  Almost all of these interviews are available today on Andreas’ website (in both audio and video formats) and through YouTube.

Throughout Andreas’ sage teachings and writings, he focused on the importance of discovering and acknowledging our soul plan, and honoring and surrendering to the direction of our Higher Self.  For as long as some of us have been closely connected with Andreas, he shared an intrinsic knowingness that his time on Earth would be limited and, therefore, was passionately motivated to create and share a tremendous body of work – as much as humanly possible, reflecting a near-Herculean effort in a very short time – in order to fulfill his Mission on Earth.

It is, perhaps, no coincidence that Andreas’ passing occurred just as he had put the finishing touches on his final four books, which he felt were some of the most gratifying and important contributions in his life.  Gratefully, these will be published and released over the coming year.

It is natural for all of us to wonder about the cause of a dear one’s passing. As we know, the soul will find an effective way – an ‘exit strategy,’ if you will – to accomplish its loving, compassionate journey home to the higher realms once our Mission and soul’s work is complete on Earth. Many of us have read about spiritual teachers, including well-known yogis and Masters, who have transcended into the Light in any number of ways.  When it is ‘our time,’ the soul will find an outlet to accomplish this transition purpose.

This selection from Andreas’ book, Hear The Whispers, Live Your Dream, serves as a loving reassurance to us that he is at peace:

“It is becoming increasingly clear to me that my true Self has no limitations; it has no permanent identity that moves in linear sequence from birth to death. Time for me is eternity. I am like the clear sky through which blow all the winds of creation. Even when the winds stop blowing, I will still be there.”

With love, heartfelt gratitude and blessings of peace,

~ The Ener-Chi Family

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