Andreas speaks about the Liver flush with host Paul Nison

Paul Nison: Hello everybody its Paul Nison Raw life Health show, It is Monday time for our featured guest and this week’s feature guest is, you know, people keep saying my guests get better and better and no difference this week is one of my personal favourites and you will see why In a moment, but folks, by the way if you are watching this and you are not a paid member to the Raw life Health Show you going to get to see part one to this interview but if you want to see the full interview which you are going to want to see.  You have to sign up as a member at the top of the screen or if you want to get us on you tube you, got to go to the RAWLIFEHEATHSHOW.COM to see it. But everybody take a guess what this is? and no, it is not a bottle, it is something in the bottle, you see that? there we go, that is something that came from out of my body. It is stones from my liver, my gallbladder, my liver I mean, amazing, I don’t how many of you out there have ever done gallbladder flush but boy o boy it is so needed in today’s world and todays guest is probably one of the most knowledgably teachers, teaching about the gallbladder and the liver and cleansing the body in general but his name is Andreas Moritz and he wrote this book here, this book is called “THE AMAZING LIVER AND GALLBLADDER FLUSH” and it is one of the top ten books I have ever read in my life, top ten important books I have ever read in my life. I mean after doing the, I always knew the importance of doing the liver flush, and these stones, by the way, are not olive oil, these are stones! and after you see the interview with him you are going to believe that and see that and know that. But, I mean, after reading this book I want to make this cleansing a big part of my cleansing routine of cleansing the liver, why? because it is so important and so many people that clean their colon up but they will not clean the rest of their body out and this creates an issue because it is not just cleaning the colon or so many organs of the body and the colon is just the sign of that. So we have to clean all the organs of our body and the liver and the gallbladder is no different. So Andreas, he wrote another wonderful book on cancer. Boy you got to get that. I mean, I just got a new supply of both these books in stock,  RAWLIFE.COM we have these  books but, I mean, it is going to sell out, we are going to sell out of them, but I mean, you can get more but you want to contact him, he is going to give out his contact information as well and I will put it up below the screen as well when he comes on. But folks sit back and enjoy today’s video featured video be on Raw life health. Every Monday we have a featured video and if you have missed any of them from the past, you could just go back to the archives on RAWLIFEHEALTHSHOW.COM to see them. So enjoy today’s video everybody and have a great week. If you have any comments or any question which I know you will, just post them below the videos and until then have a great day and I will see you again soon.

Hi everybody it’s a Paul Nison from the Raw life health show here we are today with another great guest and as a special guest that I have been wanting to get in a while here so, why don’t you introduce yourself and tell everyone who you are.

Andreas Moritz: My name is Andreas Moritz and I was born and raised in Germany and there I left when I was 18 years old, now 57 and I have travelled and lived in many many parts of the world and in the last 14 years in the united states and what I have done in all those 38 years of practicing natural forms of medicines is to identify the root causes of illness rather than being satisfy with merely suppressing the symptom of the illness which did not work out for myself because I suffered from terminal illness when I was a child and rheumatoid arthritis, heart arrhythmia, a very dangerous form, and I collapsed every couple of weeks, I literally fainted and recovered after a couple of minutes but the problems that I personally endured and went through, they were so severe that I was incapable of sustaining myself, food would not digest and it created huge amount of toxins in my system that eventually my liver started failing and my kidneys did not work. I swelled up terribly, that my body was so congested that there was hardly anything that worked. So I began to look at different forms and different variations of diet and discovered that by making shifts in my diet, different things changed in my body and happened in my body and eventually I became vegan vegetarian and within six weeks my arrhythmia disappeared and I had no more rheumatoid arthritis which was the juvenile form, my anaemia disappeared surprisingly because my doctor said I suffered from low B12 and iron deficiency. And so, all of that disappeared and so I realised that there is something they said about how diet influences the human physiology  and in those days that was pretty unheard of, I am talking about forty years ago.

Paul Nison: Sure and currently now, how is your diet now? Are you still vegan vegetarian right now?

Andreas Moritz: Yes I am still and my body does not seem to change very much. I have more energy than I had when I was a kid and yes, I do not appear. if you look at my body you would not think that much has change in the last twenty five  years except some change of hair colour.

Paul Nison: Now, in your diet, how much of is your diet consists of raw foods?

Andreas Moritz: I would say I do not overly eat raw foods by the way. I use I eat a very-very substantial salad that has greens in it and some cucumber and avocado and some seeds like pumpkin seeds and then I do  eat some fruits lets say mid-morning or mid-afternoon that is about the raw part and I do eat cooked vegetables but I use a waterless cookware which keeps the enzymes and the vitamins intact so it does not destroy the food that just like normal cooking would.

Paul Nison: Well, now do you do take supplements since you are on a vegan diet or do you find that not necessary.

Andreas Moritz: No I do not take any supplements. I have never done that. I always tried to maximise the absorption of the food that I was eating and I discovered by optimising my digestive system. I did that through my own liver flushes that I  developed a system that would get rid of a lot of intra hepatic gall stones from the liver bile ducts and by increasing my bile secretion I discovered that whatever I ate I optimised the nutrient absorption from that food and that was certainly enough to supply my cells with the desired and needed nutrients. So I never took recourse to supplementation.

Paul Nison: So there is many different aspects of being successful at this. There is, you got to get the food that has the nutrients but then, your body has to be prepared to actually absorb those nutrients.

Andreas Moritz: Correct and with supplementation, over the years I found that many – many people they are not their digestive system is not capable of handling these  supplements because supplements are always harder and more difficult to digest than food that contains more life force and more fluids and liquid than the sort of extracts taken from these foods.

Paul Nison: And one of the things you focus on is the cleansing and healing of the bodies organs specifically the liver and the gall bladder. You wrote a wonderful book about this. Now there are many different types of liver and gall bladder flushes on the internet these days. Is your just more efficient or can some actually be dangerous?

Andreas Moritz: Oh they can be dangerous if you do not get the complete information about the liver flushes for example, there is some on the internet that simply take an oil and then use some cokes or strawberry with cream and things like that and they can create a massive release of bile form the gall bladder but without proper preparation what can happen is that the stones will not relaxing the bile ducts because there is something that is needed that you need to do the bile ducts so that the bile ducts do not get crampy that means that they are not contracting when a stone is passing through them so the bile ducts must be very relaxed like completely relaxed, letting any stones that come through them that they do not get struck there otherwise you can develop a gall stone attack. And I know how gall stone attack can feel like because I had forty of them before I did my first liver and gall bladder flush. So I had a lot of stones, my entire gall bladder was packed full with stones and most of them were calcified. So often times I had a stone simply by lifting something heavy or eating a more fatty meal if I had some little too much butter or olive oil or something then I used to have a gall stone attack and so stones would get stuck in the common bile duct and sometimes the stone was stuck there for up to three to four weeks so, I could not sleep at night, I could not find the right position to sleep and it was excruciatingly painful particularly during night time and so it is very exhausting and so, literally I discovered a way how to prevent that from happening and there are also ways that people have lets say eat a fatty meal and they have a gall stone attack, instead of going to the emergency room there are ways to stop that right away by drinking a glass of Epsom salts and doing some other things like drinking red beet juice and massaging the toes of the feet very vigorously, perhaps putting an application of warm apple cider vinegar on over the liver area and that relaxes the entire liver area so stones can pass. I have  helped literally thousands and  thousands of people with that simple information that they had a gall stone attack and they stopped it right away with these simple things I described.

Paul Nison: Now somebody follows these important instructions in your book , should they do the, is it different for everyone or should somebody do as maintenance just on a regular basis and if so for how often?

Andreas Moritz: Basically you want to get rid of all the stones that you have because if are just thinking, wow, now I got like five hundred stones out of my liver I do not have to do it again, then maybe another three or four thousands are in there and what happens is that when you do a liver flush, stones from the rear parts of the liver, they travel forward to the exiting bile ducts and there are two major bile ducts that are right in the exit before they combine into the common bile duct and it is going to the hepatic bile duct and when, before this happens, always see that a lot of stones sit there and if you are not taking them out once again and again and again so through a series of liver flushes, then these bile ducts get clogged up again and you have the same problem as before. So typically a person who does a liver flush finds that many of there symptoms become relieved. I have people that having incredible gastro intestinal issues and bloating and so they, they felt like a totally like a new person after the first liver flush but it did not last longer than three four days and then they had to, they realized that they had to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it until no more stones were coming out and that is how you can get rid of things permanently rather than just temporarily.

Paul Nison: So how often would you recommend somebody do it? Every week, every month or?

Andreas Moritz: I personally recommend to do it not more often than every three weeks , three to four weeks is ideal. It can be done every two weeks, I personally did mine every two weeks but it can be pretty rough because the liver needs some time to repair itself because when we have stones in the bile ducts of the liver, there is a lot of pressure exerted to the surrounding liver cells and the so called liver globules, these are units that have very-very delicate structures to them and if there is a presence of a large number of stones it causes these globules to become damaged and the liver cells become damaged to a point that you can find elevated ALS and AST levels , these are liver enzyme levels, where liver cells break up and liver enzymes that are inside these cells get into the blood stream and they show up on the liver blood test. So it I important to not overdo it, not do think well, let me just do one every week or so, because that can be very stressful to the liver.

Paul Nison: So you are suggesting, correct me if I am wrong, once a month would be a reasonable,

Andreas Moritz: Yes, every four weeks is very safe and very-very good to keep the momentum so that the new stones from the rear of the livers travelling forward into the exiting bile ducts do not get solidified and so impact these exiting bile ducts again.

Paul Nison: Now would that be for the rest of somebody’s life or just for a certain time?

Andreas Moritz: Typically it depends on the person, what kind of issues a person has? A person with rheumatoid arthritis, for example, needs a lot more cleanses than six or eight to be clean. I personally for me it was ten cleanses that got rid of three and a half thousand stones and I was clean and I have been clean ever since and I did my liver flushes fifteen years ago.  I do a maintenance liver flush once a year now. Because my diet and lifestyle is such that I do not produce any new stones, but it is still good to clear out any toxins that might be there in the liver which is taken care of by yearly or bi-yearly liver flush.

Paul Nison: How will somebody actually know when they have done enough for them? Is it when they have done several and then they have expelled a lot of stones and then the more they do it, the less they have until they have none?

Andreas Moritz: Exactly and it is good to , if you know more stones are coming out do another one or two liver flushes to make absolutely sure that there are no more stones left and so that is how a person will know.

Paul Nison: And then you said about once a year for maintenance just to check?

Andreas Moritz: Yes. Unless of course you are in a very stressful period in your life because stress, by the way, changes the bacteria composition of bile and that means the flora of the bile and so when that changes the person produce gall stones in the bile ducts. And so stress and the diet of a person, continues eating junk foods and gets exposed to other kinds of environment toxins or medication such as Statins which are a leading cause of gall stones then, you basically would have to do a liver flush twice a year to make sure that anything that has been created in the meanwhile is being taken out.

Paul Nison: How helpful or do you not recommend or do you recommend colonics or enemas during the liver cleanse ?

Andreas Moritz: Yes, absolutely because when you omit that important part, first of all you may not get many stones out of the system. The reason for example a person is constipated and does the liver flush, now constipation is directly related to poor bile secretion, bile is a natural laxative, so it helps the bowel to empty at the regular, normal intervals. Now when a person is constipated, it shows there is not enough bile, he has a quite a considerable amount of stones in the bile ducts of the liver and perhaps in the gall bladder. when a person does not clean out the colon before the liver flush, and I recommend to do it on the day of the liver flush, when he does not do that then the gall bladder may not open at all. During the liver flush and that can prevent the release of stones. So a person may not have a very successful liver flush, and, the reason why the gall bladder does not open because when it is almost like a tube a regular tube if you close it at one end then nothing can come in form the other end. So you have to open it on the one side, the end, the rectum if there is a stricture and constipation it does not move, it does not flow so there is no vacuum released in a way that allows the gall stones to be sucked on through, so the gall bladder may remain shut. So it is important to remember that when we do a liver flush to clean out the entire colon before hand or at least have an enema to get some movement going and then do another colonic or colema or at lest two or three back to back water enemas within three days after each liver flush to make sure that the stones that still remained in the colon which always happens or almost always happens with every person. Some stones will remain in the colon and then they need to be taken out because they are loaded with toxins and as they disintegrate and melt away because these are soft stones they are  not like rock hard crystallized stones, they are soft they are putty like and they have a typically green or beige or yellowish color to them and they in the warmth if you put them out in the heat, they will melt because ninety percent of them are fatty acids, it is fats that coagulated in the liver bile and so are cholesterol to a large extent that is why these stones when they get passed they float in the toilet. We can see them floating, because they are lighter than water but they are just as obstructive as regular gall stones in the gall bladder they are just softer but again they block the bile flow and that is one of the key reasons for digestive problems and numerous health problems there is just an endless number of health problems that can result simply form the congestion of bile ducts in the liver. it is unbelievable, because the liver is an organ that is responsible for keeping the body clean, it is the bodies filter, it is the blood filter, it is the primary blood filter that we have and it takes contaminants and metabolic waste products out of the blood and passes them into the bile and then the bile takes it down directly through the hepatic duct, the main duct that comes out of the liver which by passes the gall bladder and goes straight into small intestine where it passes the toxins that are in the bile out into the large intestine for excretion. Now Imagine if that function is diminished the blood can no longer be detoxified properly and instead the blood has to dump toxins into the delicate tissues of the body and when the tissues accumulate the toxins they eventually will not be able to breathe enough oxygen they wont get the nutrients, they start to deteriorate and  this co-creates and enhance the aging of the body and aging in that respect will also mean increased incidents of illnesses. Whenever the toxins have accumulated most, that is where the damage will become more obvious, more apparent, that is where we get to a diagnosis for.

Paul Nison: You said they would melt in the heat, why wont they melt in the body?

Andreas Moritz: Well there is a, they need a lot of bacteria and the airborne bacteria are capable of breaking them down, in the liver, there is a certain, it is like there is no access to like oxygenation there things like that can be oxidized away. The, in the body in the colon they will deteriorate, they will eventually break down and that is why I so seriously want people not to omit cleaning out the colon afterwards because that sludge, that basically melting sludge releases a lot of the toxins that are in these stones that the reason why the liver makes these extra stones or the stones is to trap the toxins inside them. To keep the rest of the bile as it sort of gets produces and passes through some of the not clogged bile ducts, that the bile does not get contaminated overly contaminated and become useless for the digestive process. So the body is very self protective, these stones are not there by accident, they are there by purpose, there is a meaning, there is a good meaning behind them but in the long term they of course become obstructive and that can hinder the five hundred or six hundred different jobs that the liver needs to do every single day to take care of the health of the rest of the body.

Paul Nison: Besides the enemas and the colonics what is your opinion about the herbal colon cleanses out there?

Andreas Moritz: In relation to liver flushes or in general just to keep the colon clean?

Paul Nison: Both. In relation to the liver flush, they help or hurt it? And just in general to keep the colon clean.

Andreas Moritz: They wont hurt the liver flushes but they are not extremely useful because they are mostly oil cleanses and for the liver flushes it is better to, lets say, the person does have a stricture in the ascending colon, and an oil herbal cleanse will not open up the stricture but a colonic will. And so in that sense washing out the colon is far more effective for this purpose but for like there is some other cleanses, I personally not very keen on the herbal cleanses that contain silium husk and the reason for that is because when I tested this process about twenty years ago when it first sort of was first discussed in natural health and I tested it on a lot of people these cleanses are supposed to produce a lot of fecal matter and lots of thicker matter or fecal matter and so I tested it on a lot of people, on my self as well, it is true they produce these ropes, rubbery ropes of thicker matter and when I examined them, most of them were expanded silium and bentonite clay, so because when you put the silium husk and bentonite together and you put it in a glass of water, it swells up tremendously, by hundreds and hundreds of times and so it becomes a rubber like structure and when it passes through the system it absorbs fecal water and of course some toxins but it also acts like a broom and the silium husk have very-very sharp edges to them. Because it is husk, it is un- digestible, it cannot be digested by the human body. And so it will act like a broom and delicate structures of the intestinal wall can easily get damaged by that. So I have seen a lot of people who take these things, eventually their peristalsis becomes very weakened, they discontinue that when that stimulation is no longer there, so the microscopic injuries all along the gastrointestinal track are quite significant. So I am very careful giving that advice using silium in powder form because it is still in microscopic form you can still see a huge number of tiny-tiny little sharp edges like crystalline structures to them. And so I prefer some milder forms that I for many years recommended people can use magnesium oxides like colosan or oxy-powder or oxy flush because it releases a large amount of oxygen into the intestinal environment, it oxides waste matter and it liquefies the waste matter, combines with hydrogen ions in the toxin and waste matter and then liquefies the waste and sort of comes out in the liquid form but it is not like diarrhea which can be weaken to the body and laxatives can have that weakening effect, even herbal laxatives can have that weakening effect. So I prefer to use something that is actually more a cleanser rather than a laxative.

Paul Nison: What about the taking clay just by itself without any of the silium, what do you think of that?

Andreas Moritz: It depends on the person who is taking them. I have seen with bentonite being beneficial in the so called pitha body type, I have described that in my book “THE TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH AND REJUVENATION“, where that type does not tend to have constipation ever but a person like the vata type who has some more dryness in his intestines and he has a very lower water content. He is a dry person anyway, dry skin, skinny, thin person and more prone to constipation and that person can actually absorb the water and become like a plaster in the intestinal wall, so not very person benefits from that. The people that have a lot of liquid going through them, they can take that yes. It can be a great emergency relief it you have been exposed to toxins or sort of poisons that are accidently ingested or overdose of drugs, I have see incredible results with bentonite clay, I prefer the liquid bentonite clay, that you can buy, which is better as the body does not have to look for water in order to liquefy the bentonite powder and so that would be a better choice, there is also charcoal in that place, you can use charcoal to absorb toxins or poisons very-very quickly and it can prevent these toxins and poison to enter the blood stream and cause blood poisoning.

Paul Nison: You have mentioned that the liver cleanse can help people with digestive disorders, and I deal with a lot of people that have inflammatory bowel disease. How helpful is the liver cleanse, the liver flush for people with inflammatory bowel disease? And is it okay for them to take it during a inflammatory attack or should they do it when they are not in that stage?

Andreas Moritz: Typically you do not want to liver flush of you are weak, so for example, people who have an infection, an acute infection, where then that is better to wait until the infection has healed up. But if there is chronic inflammation, there are a lot of people who have crones disease and did liver flushes and they found it extremely beneficial because in the presence of bile inflammation subsides or diminishes so it is a great healer. It does a lot of things there is a new study that I just came across that, people who have a asthma and sort of constant inflammation of their respiratory system, they found that when they had a hepatitis infection and they suffered from jaundiced, the jaundice healed up their asthma and their respiratory inflammation. So  bile constituents when they go through the system and these are particularly they are two bile pigments that helped through that and so bile pigments are extremely beneficial for calming down and reducing inflammation in the  GI track, the problem with the lack of bile when there is insufficient bile coming out, hydrochloric acid form the stomach is not neutralized by the alkaline bile sufficiently and it can burn holes in the intestines. So you can get a lot of colitis like experience when you do not make enough bile because the stomach still produces HCL, hydrochloric acid and it is very burning, you do not what to drink hydrochloric acid but that is basically what we do when we do not produce enough bile.

Paul Nison: So you are recommending people with inflammatory bowel disease for the most part, if they are in an inflammatory stage,  it is better not to do it during that stage.

Andreas Moritz: Yes, it is better to, sort of, focus a little more on the diet, but, when there is no acute pain and these terrible cramps  and things like that, then, certainly liver flush would be appropriate because it would go right to the root cause of the problem. The inability of the body to balance out the acidity of from the stomach through the mingling with, mixing with the bile.

Paul Nison: And there is many different reasons from hemorrhoids to inflammatory bowel disease to other reasons that blood in the stool, if somebody has blood in the stool, would the liver cleanse be suggested to be avoided or would it might maybe help?

Andreas Moritz: Actually blood in the stool is not a disease , it is actually the body bleeding, trying to bleed in order to get rid of pockets of toxins that have accumulated there and so most people get frightened oh my god I have blood in the stool! This is terrible! And then medical intervention stops that which is one of the worst things you can do. It is better to let the body bleed it out and then the body can heal itself pretty quickly so, however during the, when there is blood in the stool I would not do a liver flush because a lot of toxins do go through the track along with the stones and you do not want to irritate that part of the body so it is better to take care of other causes that have contributed to the bleeding, that for example, certain foods that can be very harsh on the body like if you eat animal proteins like a piece of meat, the chances for the human body to digest more than twenty percent of that is very-very slim because we do not have high enough concentration of hydrochloric acid in our stomach to digest the entire piece of meat so we are not like cats that have like huge high concentration of hydrochloric acid so when we eat the same thing we digest only a fraction of that and the rest of it the eighty percent is not digested will have to be decomposed and that produces what are called nitrosamines, they are very-very powerful carcinogenic poisons and they get absorbed through the wall of the intestines and if they are not absorbed it can accumulate there and it can cause severe damage to the intestinal wall, so when we, that is why we find with colorectal cancer that people eat meat have a higher risk of colorectal cancer than people who do not. So it is very sort of a risk being on a vegetarian diet, of developing colon cancer is pretty low compared to people who are eating meat. So there are certain things you can do to reduce the sort of highly acid forming foods so that the healing can occur and then do the liver flushes once that is sort of been initiated and completed.

Paul Nison: Oh you have mentioned cancer in terms of helping people with cancer how much so does the liver flushes help people that are dealing with different types of cancer ?

Andreas Moritz: Basically you want to have clean blood with any kind of cancer so you want to make sure that the blood filter number one in the body, which the liver is, is clean too. Because if you have a dirty filter you know what that means, you are filtering something and more of the same toxins become released from the filter and then they enter the fluid and contaminate it even more. So having a bad unclean dirty filthy filter is not a good idea because it the filter breeds bacteria and parasites, all kinds of nasty things that may enter the circulation and in the blood, so it is not a good grounds to heal anything including cancer. So, and it really works, I had recently an oncologist come to me and he said you know my wife she had breast cancer for six years, and she was lucky to be alive and now the cancer has metastasized to the liver and to her bones and he said I have tried everything, I have been in this field for twenty years and I tried every new chemo therapy drug that was coming on the market that was promising but it never worked. it is getting worse. And so I took one look at her and there you could see from her pale complexion, very greyish facial skin color that her liver was totally absolutely blocked with all those drugs the chemo therapy drugs completely blocked her bile ducts and so there was just no digestion she does not digest anything, she just does not, she feel energy and she  gets bloated every time she eats and pain and cramping and so did the first liver flush and I have never seen anything like that, and it does not typically happen I can tell you that because million of people have done liver flushes and I get a lot of hundreds of emails per day for feed back, what people experience and I have never seen anything like that. This woman passed three thousand stones in her first liver flush and it took three days of constantly clearing, the liver bile ducts never closed down again and the gall bladder never closed, it constantly and it emptied the whole thing, it was an unbelievable thing and three weeks later the doctors came back to me and said we did the, we tested for all the cancers and there was not a trace in the liver, there was nothing left in the bones and in the lungs there was a tiny speck of cancer left tiny-tiny speck of which she was very confident that would go away during the next liver flushes. This was an extreme case but it really shows the mechanism, that the body can heal itself when it become decongested when it can once again circulate enough oxygen to the system, a thick blood that is congeal and then corrugated with all kinds of things that should not have there corrugating the protein but having a lot of toxins in there and acids that can remain in the blood stream, there is very little oxygenation of the cells and so some groups of cells with the least amount of oxygenation will succumb and will have to mutate into a different form of cell that allows them to live these are know as the cancer cells, but, these they are not bad cells they continue doing some of the jobs, they just have a different metabolism, they  do not use oxygen to gain energy, they use glucose that is why they have such a strong appetite for sugar and when a person eats a lot of sweet and sugar much of that will be just feeding the cancer cells.

Paul Nison: You mentioned that somebody if they do not get stones when they do a liver cleanse , they are not doing it successfully in a successful way. Can everyone expect if they follow your guidelines and instructions to pass stones?

Andreas Moritz: This day and age, people living in big cities which are just open them up, people living indoors and there is a new study that shows that indoor pollution is five hundred times higher than outdoor pollution and they tested that in LA, Los Angeles, so you can imagine the contaminants, recently again that there was study on children and new born and they found that in an average a new born child already has five hundred toxic chemicals in the blood stream. So as long as you do have these things because the blood is filtered out by the liver cells, the liver cells they do not, they bathe in blood, it is not like in all the other organs in the body, there are blood vessels they are called sinusoids and they have little holes in them so the entire blood moves through them and bathes the liver cells and the liver cells then take toxins out of there that the surrounding blood and then put new things in they manufacture them, the liver manufactures tons of enzymes and they make sure that the blood is not too thick and not too thin, that there is enough iron in the blood and if it is not it will supply that and so it keeps track of all the hormones in the body making sure that we do not have too many of one or too little of another so there are so many things the liver has to keep track so by dealing with the liver you deal basically with the rest of the body.

Paul Nison: Sure, and can somebody if their dealing, if they have a gall bladder stone but their doctor wants to do surgery, something else, if they follow the instruction in the book and they safely do it at home or there are circumstances where they should to do additional testing before they decide to do this flush?

Andreas Moritz: Well, I can only speak form the experience, of my own experience having gone though forty gall stone attacks, which did not killed me by the way, they were, maybe it felt like they killed me but, they did not. So it is a little overrated to say well if a person has a gall stone attack, his life is in danger, it is just that the pain is so excruciating, that you panic and then it sends you to the emergency room and they say look this is stuck, there is no other way and it is better to take out the whole gall bladder and then take the stone which were retrieved form the cystic duct or the common bile duct. So the answer is that I would suggest first drink a glass of Epsom salts, ninety eight percent of the cases, the stones, the bile ducts will become so relaxed that because of that that will pass on its own. I have just heard it hundreds and thousand of times making that recommendation as simple as it sounds, it just is far more effective than anything than a lot of medicines so far has to offer and in addition putting a warm poultice like a warm towel with soaked in warm apple cider vinegar over the liver area and it relaxes it, massaging the toes, the little toes, the small toes particularly the second to the last, the fourth toe, vigorously, that is the one that is where the gall bladder meridian ends and just by squeezing it very hard the stone may actually pass by itself. It also relaxes the bile duct, the common bile duct. So very-very effective things, strategies nothing would work in very rare case, than I would suggest yes, check in to the hospital, because we do not know if a gall bladder is completed packed or has perforated, but theses are extreme cases that means a person must have gone through many episodes of gall stone attacks and bloating, terrible bloating, indigestion, chronic indigestion for many-many years to reach such a dire situation.

Paul Nison: What do you say to people that criticize the flush by saying it is just oil that is coming out and not much else. What do you say to those people ?

Andreas Moritz: Oh they could do a simple test, I would suggest charcoal and charcoal is a black coal, charcoal as charcoal is, and it is safe to take, there is no side effects taking charcoal so when you add that to the oil mixture basically what you have is that, it will color the oil mixture black. So the olive oil is looking like oily or golden color will look black and so because of that when you do a liver flush and you are passing green stones, then you know that these green stones are not made from olive oil. That is a very simple test anyone can do that test and I have conducted that test many times, always works, so the stones are completely without black color. Where as if you do, lets say, charcoal today, you drink that you take a tablet or two you will find that your stool is becoming black. So it does color the a stool so it is not that you digest the charcoal it is not digestible. There are many other tests you can you. We have sent and other have sent the stones to laboratories and they confirmed these were cholesterol stones and they said green cholesterol stones you can also have, there are pictures of dissected  livers where you see the exact same color green stones and sludge that come out through the liver and they come out during the liver flush and you can basically see that they are identical. There is other, lot of people actually pass stones naturally and I used to as well, I saw these green stones before I ever did liver flushes when I had gall stone attacks, so some of them did go through and they were the same green colored stones and I never did take any olive oil and things like that. So then to claim you can possible turn olive oil even if used the golden color olive oil into red green stones it is quite, something that I never saw in the scientific literature that could happen. Yeah it is completely illogical, we are not a self stone factory, that we somehow can manufacture stones that stink, any one who has done the liver flush has, finds when you smell some of these stones, they have a horrendous smell, putrid, poisons, it is like chemicals  from, particularly when people do chemo therapy and then they do liver flushes, they smell like chemicals of the drugs in the stomach. Then there are people who have done a number of liver flushes like three four liver flushes many of them report already during the preparation period when they, which is used to soften the stones for six days, they are already passing the same stones and there is no olive oil taken during that time so it is definitely not from the olive oil. When a person eats a very fattening greasy meal, there is a lot of bile secretion and the person who does not have any stones he would not make any olive oil stones from having a lot of olive oil. I have lived in the Mediterranean for fifteen years, in Greece, cypress and on the island of cypress, and people there use olive oil like you would think there is a soup and most of it is like olive oil, it is literally full of olive oil so they eat a lot of that and they are not producing  green gall stones, in fact it has been shown that person who have a lot of olive oil in their diet, they make less of these kinds of stones.

Paul Nison: So in terms of you mentioned olive oil, well can people use a different type of oil such as hemp oil or avocado oil or is avocado the only thing recommended and if so is there what particular type of olive oil versus another do you recommend.

Andreas Moritz: Yes, I tend to propose that people use olive oil and that is the first pressing olive oil, virgin olive oil. But yes avocado oil would be another alternative because it is a food oil and food oils are better than the concentrated seed oils, so sunflower oil can be used and has been used by people who cannot tolerate olive oil there are other oils that are colorless and so they produce the same result, by the way, so I test that as well, colour stones, so it is irrelevant. But the olive oil has shown to be more effective and that is why I prefer that.

Paul Nison: Is there one type of olive oil that you recommend over another like it should it be refrigerated olive oil or dated olive oil or it does not make a difference?

Andreas Moritz: No, like with every oil it should not be rancid and the older oil I the more likely it becomes rancid, particularly seed oils they become more rancid more quickly, however, and nut oils  obviously, but olive oil is more, is less susceptible to oxidation that means to acidity and therefore one does not really need to be concerned about that most olive oils are suitable if you have had it in your kitchen for two years then yes use a fresh one buy it from the grocery store. Most of them are clear there are some that have other oils mixed into them but people who know olive oil, they detect the difference they know that this is a punched oil that has other oils in them that, there are some companies that want to make a lot of money form olive oil because it is more expensive and they put soy oil in it still smells of olive oil when you open it but it does not taste the same. I do not recommend those.

Paul Nison: Does it say on the bottle that there is different oil that is

Andreas Moritz: No. because they can say one hundred percent olive oil and then they do not have to say that is does not, that it is not one hundred

[percent olive oil

Paul Nison: So how do people know?

Andreas Moritz: Usually people who know about olive oil they can taste it, there is a different, but the color it is looks like these commercial sunflower oils which are like this bright beautiful golden color. These are refined oils, processed oils. So stay away from olive oil that has a golden color tone to it, it should have this greenish  sort of tone to it. Greenish golden. That is a more genuine type. There are some brands that are coming out of California and they are not so good, I would not want to give you the names of them.

Paul Nison: Ok sure I understand. So what about coffee enemas they good for helping cleaning the liver or not recommended?

Andreas Moritz: Yes for people who cannot clean their liver, coffee enemas is a good alternative, but, unfortunately, it does not get rid of any stones. It opens the bile ducts and allows the liver to release some toxins and it can be felt quite immediately, you would feel after a coffee enema you will have more energy for a couple of days until the presence of gall stones will then again re-contaminate the liver, because it is like you are closing the exit doors and or shutting them at least some extent and it cannot, the bile cannot sufficiently be secreted and eliminated it when there are a lot stones in the bile ducts of the liver. So it does not replace the whole flushes definitely. It does not even get close to it. I should not replace the colon cleanses because they coffee enema goes up to the rectum and it is not a colon cleanser it literally just opens bile ducts in the liver and helps the facilitate or prompt the release of more bile from the liver to get rid of some toxins that can come out of the liver.

Paul Nison: Since it opens up bile ducts would it be beneficial to do coffee enema while you are doing the liver flush?

Andreas Moritz: No because then that is a double whammy the liver flushes is already so effective it gets rid of stones and toxins that are in the bile ducts as well so it does not do anything more than you already doing with the liver flush.

Paul Nison: Now Epsom salts prepares a person for the liver flush and helps in cleanse them some what you recommend doing a colonics or an enema prior to doing the flush if someone does the Epsom salts and they do not have a bowel movement is there any need for concern or not necessarily?

Andreas Moritz: Yes, if a person does not respond to Epsom salts then there may be a blockage in the colon. Such as a stricture and or there maybe a the person may have a tendency to constipation, so then definitely cleaning out the whole colon would be very important prior to the actual liver flush itself. The Epsom salts which is basically magnesium sulphate or the use of magnesium citrate which works almost as well as Epsom salts will keep the bile ducts open during the entire process. So you start off two doses of Epsom salts before you do the liver flush in the evening and then during the next morning you take another dose of Epsom slats. So there is a double function to the Epsom salts, keeping the bile ducts open so that the stones can travel easily without getting caught anywhere and the second function is to work as a laxative to transport the stones and waste down into the exiting, to the colon and rectum for elimination

Paul Nison: If some body is doing a good amount of fasting and colonics before the liver flush nothing would be really there to come out during Epsom salts so that could just be one of the reasons why they were not reacting. Correct?

Andreas Moritz: Well if they are completely clean, then the Epsom salts will not produce much. No.

Paul Nison: Okay another question is, you mentioned that yourself you have done many of these, I do not know how your diet was before you started doing these cleanses but after you have you said the absorption of the food was much better did. You notice a difference in the amount of food you needed to eat? Did you need to eat much less?

Andreas Moritz: Right, I used to eat a lot because I did not get much from food so I tended to overeat. I have been a vegan vegetarian for forty years now. But I was only eating the things that I was eating and that created a lot of more problems, but I just craved that, I felt I needed it because I did not get much energy from foods so I started eating more and I craved the foods so I was overeating chronically. When I did my liver flushes the overeating stopped spontaneously and then so I was eating never to the, keep filling up my stomach,. My stomach actually began to shrink because it used to be extended because I just hacked in so much food. And so my stomach became smaller and so the need to eat the same amount of food as I needed before was no longer there, and so, I found that my digestion became so much more efficient so I made better use of the food I was eating therefore I did not need to eat as much and I eat very little in the evening it is basically just some vegetable soup with a piece of bread with butter on it and that is totally satisfying. My breakfast is also pretty small. Lunch is my biggest meal of the day where I eat fresh food that means raw like salad to begin with and some cooked vegetables, very deliciously prepared and some basmati rice or some other grain foods that I always eat enough fat with these foods and some spices and herbs they make it very delicious, maybe some coconut milk and things like that and I digest extremely well sometimes I have some nuts or seeds or maybe some pulses, legumes but not very often. I do not have any deficiencies of any kind, no protein deficiencies, muscles are strong, no energy deficits, I work form six o’clock in the Moring sometimes into unfortunately to ten o’clock at night, I sleep around  never wake up at night, I used to have to go to the toilet three times, my kidneys recovered from and my prostate completely recovered from the problems I had when my liver did not work very well.

Paul Nison: You mentioned two questions there, you mentioned you have been a vegan for forty years but then you just said you had bread you eat bread with butter.

Andreas Moritz: That is the only exception. So I still consider myself vegan but the only exception is butter and I found it did not cause me any problems so, I made the exception. It was not that I had philosophical reasons to become a vegan or a vegetarian it just it saved my life. I could not live anymore I literally destroyed myself because of the protein that damaged my blood vessel walls, it cause a lot of heart problems and the rheumatoid arthritis, my blood circulation was so minimal that my toes were frozen even in the middle of the summer. My fingers were always cold, I could not get up from a chair or from the bed without feeling faint and having some blackness in my head and so feeling very weak inside to go and sit down again and get up very-very gradually. So my life was very much sort of walking on crutches all the time and it was not fun and so by changing the diet that was the first time when I noticed a massive improvement and so I stuck with it and survived. If you can do that and it saved my life and they gave me one year to live so it saved my life and extended my life by forty / forty-five years or fifty years then I am not unhappy.

Paul Nison:  Actually I know my viewers are going to ask . how old are you?

Andreas Moritz: I am fifty seven.

Paul Nison: Great wow.

Andreas Moritz: Oh! Fifty eight

Paul Nison: Okay and you mentioned sleeping patterns did you notice a big change in how many hours you needed to sleep after the flushes?

Andreas Moritz: Yes, I used to not sleep very well. So it was sort of hard to go by the length of the night because in the night time I used to have a lot of pain so even if I did not have gall stone attacks I had shoulder and neck pain and headaches and pounding headaches that I  did not sleep well and then my urinary bladder was just so contracted because of so many crystals from all the proteins I used to eat. Uric acid crystals that they started constricting my bladder and so my bladder was filling up so easily and so quickly so I had to run to the toilet two three times every night and so when I that disturbed my sleep tremendously. So I was never really rested. So when after my liver flushes I just took me two to three seconds to fall asleep and I would wake up in the morning completely rested after about seven eight hours.

Paul Nison: Wonderful now tell us about the connection, you said you have been a vegan for a long time. Do you take B-12  supplements or there a connection with the liver and being toxin and B-12.

Andreas Moritz: Yes B-12 is then there again there is a lot of controversy on the subject. Cause there is the idea that vegetarians or vegan people they have a deficit of B-12.  B-12 is stored in the liver. The amount of B-12 we need during a lifetime is about the amount of the top of the pinky nail. And these are basically bacteria, dead bacteria that is where the B-12 is. And we, in our gut, we do have B-12 and we do absorb it. So when a person had digestive problems that is when they develop B-12 deficiencies. When the digestion improves the B-12 deficiencies disappear so once gain it takes us back to the liver and the liver regulates the digestive process if you do not make enough bile, then you do not digest any food properly. Most people believe, oh that is just there for fat, to digest fat, to make emulsified fats, but, it is not true. Bile is needed for every food, why? because we need fat to digest carbohydrates. Carbohydrates cannot be digested properly without fats. Proteins which always come with their own fat unless you remove the fat like the skimmed milk which is the real nuisance. If you remove the fat from the milk you wont be able to digest the protein you need to have fat in protein and fat in carbohydrates to digest them, if you eat rice without fat adding like butter or oil to it, it will go through the small intestine in record time, it literally will just go though it and will end up in your large intestine and ferment there, that means you will produce a lot of toxins because fermenting bacteria produce a lot of toxin. So it is important to realize that that bile is so important with regards to digesting any kind of food because you digest fat and the fart is needed to digest other food as well. B-12 could be absorbed there is a need for bile salts that also need to be absorbed and passed in the liver and with lack of bile secretion there are lack of bile salts. You develop a deficiency of all kinds of nutrient elements that otherwise would be there so I have never had a B-12 deficiency ever again ever since I became vegan vegetarian. It is interesting when people eat a lot of concentrated protein foods they are actually having a higher instance of B-12 deficiency simply because they produce a lot of putrefied foods and that clogs up the membrane and the end part of the small intestine where the absorption of B-12 takes place. So a lot of congestion there from undigested food is the major reason for B-12 deficiencies. It is not that a person is vegan vegetarian or meat eater. It is when the food is not digested properly that is the main reason for that. And that can happen to any one there are a lot of vegan vegetarians that are very ill, they do not look good, they are frail looking, weak, they are bloated all the time, have a lot of gas, there are just not on the good balanced vegetarian diet.

Paul Nison: What about probiotics and the liver flush is there any connection between probiotics supplements? Does it help the liver flush at all?

Andreas Moritz: Not that I found. It is a cleansing process when you cleanse the body you do not want at the same time to feed it.  These are two different things. I always find that cleansing the body, the liver and colon and kidneys, there is a kidney cleanse in my book “THE AMAZING LIVER AND GALL BLADDER FLUSH” that is also vey important because the kidneys, when the liver is not working well, the kidneys get contaminated very easily. When you are cleansed the body, you utilization of the nutrients in the food are optimized so you have a much better chance to generate a balanced probiotics environment where you have the beneficial bacteria thrive and the destructive bacteria also be there but not dominate and so that the  beneficial bacteria keep the destructive bacteria at the right number for them to do their precious work. There are no bad bacterias, it is just that there is an imbalance because either we are not digesting food well because there is not enough bile coming through or we are eating foods that are contaminating our bodies outright. And that requires more fermentation of putrefaction that you need on a regular basis it is well know that disturbs the bacteria population in the gut.

Paul Nison: So the body give off the liver really produces enzymes, so the enzymes supplementation help or hurt? Or is it good in general?

Andreas Moritz: I am always careful recommending enzymes supplements because it is like giving a person a crutch. It is better to train the body, re train the body to produce its own enzymes and it has nothing to do with age, most people think well the older we grow the less enzymes we make. That is really a very non scientific statement because you turn over cells all the time you turn over thirty billion cells, that means we produce thirty billion new cells and we get rid of thirty billion old cells hopefully. However if there is a blockage in the bile ducts of the liver and the metabolic waste products are not removed properly the cells not have the same capability of renewing themselves, replacing them selves in the correct intervals them you will have a lot of dead cells accumulating or damaged cells premature cells that are not fully developing so all kinds of issues arise when this happens. So I am not in favor, there are some circumstances where people were benefited, they do need the crutches like in real like sometimes you need crutches at least for some time but in the long term and as a general statement, I do not recommend taking enzymes to make the bodies own enzymes production sort of put it in on the  back burner almost like suppressing the bodies own enzyme production. The thing is that when we put in a substances or nutrients into the system, the body will look at what it produces itself and say well if that comes in, say for melatonin, tremendous thing for jet lag and for some mental issues and for getting calmer, and so, there are a lot of people take melatonin supplements but when you do that the body stops producing or reduces its own production of melatonin, so you become dependent on the supplement melatonin. So it is not the same when introduce something from the outside than we produce it. The body produces the enzymes in the right amount the right amount of enzymes in response to the right mount of bile. If you have less bile the body also produces less enzymes to digest the food because it is not wasteful it does not want to produce like twice as much enzymes when it has only very little bile to play with. There is an interaction between pancreatic enzymes and the bile from the liver and what is that? That interaction takes place right where the bile is entering there small intestine because before the bile enters the small intestine it mixes with pancreatic juices and it has to do that because the bile activates the digestive enzymes that come from the pancreas so without enough bile if there is not enough bile around these digestive enzymes form there pancreas they may be there but they cannot do anything because they are not activated by the bile so we should always look at the sort of the larger picture and not think well I am not digesting my food well so I better take enzymes and yes they work, they absolutely work, people have less gases  but the long term consequences of that are not known to the person.

Paul Nison: Well you have given me a lot of information about your actual flush and I want the viewers to know we are not going to tell people what the flush is, we are going to tell them to get to your website and get to your books to find out the exact instructions of the flush because it is more than enough information we have time for here today. So I wanted you in a second to give out your information how people can contact you, but, I do have one question about the flush. Some people do drink straight olive oil and some people mix it. Do you recommend one over the other or do you not recommend one of those?

Andreas Moritz: It is hard to drink it straight, some people really get very nauseated when they do that. The second thing is there is something in citrus juice like lemon juice or orange juice or grapefruit juice, when they combine with the olive oil you have an enhanced effect. These citrus juices, they also open the bile ducts they are known to do that. That’s is why lemon juice is pretty good for the liver and the gall bladder, it is also good for the kidneys, so it also minimizes reduces calcifications, so lemon juice is very good. It is very supportive of getting a successful liver flush going.

Paul Nison: All right. Give everybody how they can contact you because  you not only deal with the liver you deal with all types of cleansing. Give everybody your information how they can contact your website, phone and also of your books, maybe the book they should get before all or just all your books. Tell them your information.

Andreas Moritz: Yes, my website address is “ENER-CHI.COM” that spells e-n-e-r dash or hyphen c-h-I. com and I have written thirteen books. I have done a lot of healing with diabetes you can find that on my website. Lot of free information lot of videos and there is a link to my Facebook page a lot of free information, constantly being presented on that and on my blog site. Basically from there you can access all the information that is needed if you want to delve into the subject more.

Paul Nison: Great. And in terms of weight issues, if people are having trouble putting on and take off weight once they cleanse their liver that will definitely help them achieve their goals right?

Andreas Moritz: Yes and because it changes the metabolism and when we digest food more we metabolize it better. You do not convert as much into fat when people get fat they have weight gain problem. It is not a problem it is a solution to an underline problem because the weight gain helps to neutralize toxins when people think oh these bad fat cells that I am accumulating, the bad fat cells are actually very good and helpful cells because they accumulate a lot of toxins and so they keep these toxins away from the blood stream, so they are doing you a favor. So when you want to lose weight it is important to first open the channels of elimination the liver, the kidneys and the colon otherwise you do not bring, you breaking down forcefully a lot of these toxic elements they flood the system and they clog up the exit organs, the eliminative organs and this can cause serious problems particularly to the heart. So a lot of people get heart attacks when they suddenly lose weight, I have a written a book called “FEEL GREAT – LOSE WEIGHT” which is the, a person makes itself feel great by cleansing all these organs you start feeling great you lose weight automatically, you do not have to regulate your weight the body does that for you. It is designed to do that. The weight gain is a survival response. It is not a disease, it is not physically it is not a disease it is a survival mechanism and should not be destroyed or targeted or manipulated. It should be naturally, it should happen naturally by taking care of ones diet and lifestyle, cleaning  out the body, taking care of the basics so that the body can regulate its own weight and without any-any side effects.

Paul Nison: And that would be the same thing for people that struggle with high cholesterol exactly what you just said flushing the liver ?

Andreas Moritz: Yes definitely. The problem with having high cholesterol is not a problem at all. It is in fact never been shown to cause heart attacks. In fact it is now shown that the Statins, and it is a brand new study to show that Statins that lower the cholesterol there is an increased risk of heart attack form doing that also brain damage and now Alzheimer’s disease, the latest study that came out a couple of days ago it is actually causing diabetes. Statins cause diabetes. So when  you take the cholesterol down through artificial means you create  massive inflammation throughout the body and that is signified by these inflammatory illnesses like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. So you do not really want to go down that road. You want to go the organ that is manufacturing the most cholesterol, when there is inflammation you need cholesterol to patch up the wounds and to heal those wounds by taking care of your health in this manner you are reducing the chances of inflammation, eating less animal proteins, reduces inflammation throughout the body and through out the blood vessel system then you have a much better chance for lowering the cholesterol the body will take care of this. This is not something we have to forcefully do and otherwise get a lot of side effects form doing that.

Paul Nison: Great and here is the last question Andreas . Exercise is it helpful and can the body get rid of these stones and is it advisable to stop exercising during the flush?

Andreas Moritz: No, you can do exercise on the day of the liver flush, nobody wants to exercise, you do not have the energy to do that, so nobody will do that because it takes a lot of, it is ,like having surgery, you are clearing out the stones all the energy goes into draining out the stones but before the liver flush, no problem, I am not a great friend of over exercising to push the body. Fifty percent of the capacity that is how far one should go. Not more, if you can run ten miles before you collapse, run only five miles. So just half of what you could do and exercise should be enjoyment. It should really make you feel, good not make you feel tired or exhausted. If it makes you feel tired you are getting congested from doing that and if it defeats the purpose. There is some studies to show that walking three times a week reduces the risk of cancer by fifty percent from John Hopkins University.

Paul Nison: I just want to say you have been a wonderful guest thank you for joining us on this show. I recommend everyone get to your website. Before you go is there anything you would like to add?

Andreas Moritz: No you were a wonderful host and I loved your questions and you made it vey interesting, so thank you so much.

Paul Nison: Great thank you. I knew you would really enjoy Andreas and if were not ready to get his book before, I know you are ready to get now. So ‘’ get Andreas book and also get his cancer book as well. We are going to have him on the show again I just confirmed in November, he is going to be on the show again and we are going to interview him more specifically about cancer. But it was just a blessing to speak with him and meet him, both had a go, but, we could go on this program for a very long time and it was the first time I used this new software I got for skype so I believe quality came out really well and I am really excited about that and I am excited that you are a member and you are joining the raw life and you joined the raw life health show so thank you again for that put your comments below have a great week we have some great videos coming up this week. And if there is something you would like to see or somebody you would like me to interview, post it below the video and we will get to it. Alright, so everybody have a great day, a great weekend, a great raw life.

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