Avoid body scanners at airports

Hi, this question relates to the body scanners that they are used in American and international airports around the world and these TSA scanners or full body scanners also called naked body scanners, in fact, have never been tested properly, objectively, for the potentially negative effects that they have, in terms of radiating people with harmful non-ionizing radiation. And what has been found is that, these tests that were actually published, they were fake tests that were conducted by secret researchers with secret methods that were not disclosed, in secret places, so, and these tests were conducted on different parts of these machines not on the actual machines the way you find them in airports.

So there is actually a group of scientists that clubbed together, these are physics professors and professors of biophysics and biochemistry that were from the University of California, San Francisco and Arizona State University and they discovered that the radiation that is emanating from these machines is at least forty-five  times higher than that had been provided in the data by the TSA.

So, there is something going on there that the TSA does not want the population to know about otherwise they would have disclosed any significant parts of the so called tests, safety tests, which have created more doubts than assurance.

So, I would definitely advice anyone to stay away from these machines and to opt out, it does not matter if that takes you a little longer to get through the security, but to make sure that you do not get hefty doses of radiation, particularly when you have had radiation exposure beforehand through medical radiation, x-rays, cat scans, mammograms and so on, because radiation accumulates in the body and there is no way of telling when you have reached that level of saturation for something more disturbing to develop from there.

So, I would in no way encourage you to take the short cut and let yourself be radiated because you can never know what you are going to get since there is a complete absence of any objective scientific testing that has ever been done on these machines.

Thanks and wish you good travels.

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