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Hear The Whispers, Live Your Dream

By Andreas Moritz

Listening to the whispers of your heart will set you free. The beauty and bliss of your knowingness and love center are what we are here to capture, take in and swim with. You are like a dolphin sailing in a sea of joy. Allow yourself to open to the wondrous fullness of your selfhood, without reservation and without judgment.

Judgment stands in the way, like a boulder trespassing on your journey to the higher reaches of your destiny. Slide these boulders aside and feel the joy of your inner truth sprout forth. Do not allow another’s thoughts or directions for you to supersede your inner knowingness, for you relinquish being the full, radiant star that you are.

It is with an open heart, a receptive mind, and a reaching for the stars of wisdom that lie within you, that you reap the bountiful goodness of mother Earth and the universal I AM. For you are a benevolent being of light and there is no course that can truly stop you, except your own thoughts, or allowing another’s beliefs to override your own.

May these aphorisms of love, joy and wisdom inspire you to be the wondrous being that you were born to be!

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I love this book!!!
I purchased this book directly from Andreas Moritz’s website,(…) and I bought it in the e-book version. I have the file on my computer’s desk top and I like to look at it each day. Each page is an exceptional, thought provoking, healing and very positive affirmation. Any time I feel “stuck” in life, I open the book and randomly look at a page and the words on there help me to answer whatever I’m questioning. It is really a beautiful and inspirational book and I give it my highest praise. Thanks to Andreas for writing it and that he keeps on writing such wonderful books that are so helpful and so uplifting.

– Melinda S


Wisdom Personified
When an artist, healer, or anyone transcends judgment they gift the planet with the space to hold and extend their transformation to others.
When wellness is remembered, the body rejuvenates itself giving glory to the vessel as our creator intended.
Any blocks to the receiving of this information should be considered by the reader an invitation to prayer and self evaluation.
“who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes” Carl Jung
– L.M (USA)


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