Breast Feeding and the Liver Flush

Hi, this is a question from Rachel and she is wondering whether during breast feeding a three months young baby if it would be appropriate, okay, doing a liver a flush and she thinks that if it could help her health, then it could only be beneficial for her baby as well.

I have known a fair number of mothers who have done liver flushes very successfully while pregnant or during the nursing following the delivery, so I cannot give you the advice if you should do it or you should not do it, I can only tell you that many women have successfully eliminated a good number of stones and felt better for it, have made the pregnancy a lot easier and those women who are breast feeding, they found that in the end they were themselves feeling much better, and they did not see any detrimental effects for their babies.

So I can again just leave that with you, I cannot give you any medical advice, that is not my place, I can just tell you what other mothers have experienced and I personally agree with you, I do not see any reason why eliminating toxins and waste products and stones from the bile ducts of the liver could interfere with the health of the baby, in fact, it should improve it because having cleaner blood means much waste matter, less toxins making their way into the tissues of the baby. This is, in my opinion, a great method to further the health of the growing baby, and if you are nursing a baby that should also enhance the health and the balance of the different varied ingredients of breast milk for the growth of the baby.

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