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Shipping Policy

Because of increased fuel surcharges and customer requests for shipping options, we also offer UPS as an alternative shipping company to the US Postal Service (USPS). Although it has been our experience that the most packages shipped via USPS arrive on time, as of 2014 there has been a surprising (disappointing) increase in the number of delays, sometimes extreme in nature and, in a few instances, packages were lost altogether. For this reason, as of June 2014, we only ship to addresses in the USA and Canada. To view the full announcement, click here.

As of 2007, USPS cancelled their delivery confirmation (tracking) service for First Class (1st) International Mail outside of the USA. Therefore, if you choose First (1st) Class International Mail from USPS for an order shipped to Canada, there is no way of verifying/tracking delivery of the package(s) shipped with this less expensive (and slower) method.

If you prefer a guaranteed, traceable and insured ($100 USD) delivery, please select the UPS option. Thank you.

Wondering When Your Order Will Arrive?

Standard: Usually within 7-10 business days of your order submission. Orders may ship in separate packages and may ship either USPS or UPS (UPS Ground).

Expedited Service: Usually within 5 business days of your order submission via Priority Mail (by USPS) or UPS.

Alaska or Hawaii: Usually within 7-12 business days via Priority Mail (by USPS).

For orders shipped to Canada: Usually within 2-3 weeks, although Customs can hold up packages for even longer as of 2014. Packages ship via USPS Mail, either First (1st) Class or expedited (Priority International), or via UPS International.

Shipping charges will be added to your order during the Check-out process on this website. Shipping charges are based on all items going to the same address and will ship via either USPS or UPS.

Order Notification

The great majority of our orders are shipped out within 1-3 business days. Most orders will receive an e-mail notification when their order ships, which includes tracking information (unless sent via standard USPS shipping, such as First (1st) Class Mail and First (1st) Class International Mail). Sometimes spam filters and certain Internet servers block these notifications and they are lost. (Please check you spam box for your order confirmation.)

Note that tracking/confirmation numbers included for orders shipped via USPS are not very useful (and sometimes they do not work at all); they are really just for delivery confirmation purposes.

Tracking Packages

Since 2007, the US Postal Service (USPS) no longer provides tracking information for packages sent via the least expensive (and slowest) shipping method, First (1st) Class Mail or First (1st) Class International Mail. Once the package has left the USA – only the US Domestic part of the shipping is possibly traceable with this shipping method, with the tracking number provided. Therefore, at best, we are only able to access the US part of any tracking information sent via USPS First (1st) Class International Mail to Canada.

We promptly ship out orders but, unfortunately, we have no control over the length of time it may take for this slowest and least expensive shipping method to arrive in Canada. Thank you for your understanding over things we have no authority, jurisdiction or control (e.g., shipping time, processing through Customs, holiday slowdowns, post office cutbacks, etc.).

Based on our experience, we have found that it takes about 1-2 weeks for an order sent via USPS First (1st) Class International Mail to arrive in Canada (but about half as long when shipped via USPS Priority International Mail).

In the unlikely event that your package is returned to us, we will immediately let you know and refund the amount per our return policy.

International Orders & Shipments (Canada)

Packages with destinations outside the continental US may be subject to customs fees or import duties associated with Canada. Any customs or duty charges are always the responsibility of the recipient.  Ener-Chi Wellness Center has no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be since customs policies may change month-to-month. These charges are not included in the product price or Shipping and Handling fee.

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