Do MMS and bentonite clay burden the liver while trying to detox it from metals?

Hi. This is a question from a reader who is wondering if the liver is still being burdened if a person takes MMS internally, and bentonite clay externally, to detox the body from heavy metals… and I can tell you that anything that you do to alleviate the burden on the liver definitely will unburden it. The less the liver has to do to take care of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins, the better it is for the liver.

The less stones the liver has to produce in order to encapsulate or neutralise some of these toxic noxious substances, and therefore your digestion would not be impaired. So it is always good to detoxify the body if you have been exposed to toxins to a large degree such as having amalgam fillings, heavy metal fillings in the mouth, then you want to clear them from the mouth so that they do not seep into the circulation and get into the liver. So removing all the possible contaminants from the body is a good idea, but once you have accumulated them you can use things like MMS and the clay bath, that is a very good idea.

There are some things you can do to help cleanse out the intestines I frequently mentioned colosan or oxy powder which is magnesium oxide that can be used to help to clear out toxic substances from the small intestine and also to some extent from the large intestine but besides that, the liver flushes, the liver and gallbladder flushes are definitely the way to go to help detoxify the entire body not just the liver, but the entire body.

Once the liver is cleaner and the blood is cleaner, its ability to take out noxious substances from the tissues is much higher and therefore the body can detoxify on a larger scale than if you just went into different parts of the body, detoxify them separately, it is often more difficult than going to the central train station where all the trains come in and the trains leave again which is in this case the liver. So by taking care of the liver, you take care of much of the rest of the body as well.

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