Doing a colon cleanse and liver flush to heal diverticula

Hi, this is a question from Victoria in the Ukraine, and she is wondering if her husband can do liver flushes according to my book “THE AMAZING LIVER AND GALLBLADDER FLUSH” because he has diverticulitis or diverticula in his intestines.

These are pockets that form when there is gas and toxins that are trapped in the intestines and they cause a bulging out of a section of the intestines and store those toxins and waste matter, often fecal matter that is done remaining trapped there which can lead to diverticulitis or inflammation of that particular section of the intestine. So, absolutely he can do liver flushes, however only under the condition that the colon is properly cleaned out beforehand and the best method to do so is using colon hydrotherapy because it washes out the entire colon, you can also empty out these pockets of waste that have formed and it can itself, already, help reverse this condition. However the areas of diverticula is weakened because of the distention, so it will take some time before the intestinal wall is strong all over and it is no longer prone to forming new pockets of diverticula, so, it is a definite yes to do liver flushes provided he can also do colon hydrotherapy or at least colema.

Colema is a system where he can do home colonics basically, wash out the entire colon by lying on a board and having a high enema where water is flowing through up to the part of the ascending colon where the entire colon can be filled out and washed out. If you are obviously in Europe, you can find a colema board at the website ‘’. it is a French website so you may need to contact the owner who speaks English and German so you should have no problem obtaining that board and make sure, and this is very important, to finish off with a colon hydrotherapy or with a colema within three days after the liver flush because, if he has diverticula, then stones might go into these diverticula and if they are not washed out regularly after liver the flush then, that can cause more complications.

So, obviously the reason why he has diverticula is due to poor liver function, poor digestion and probably also foods that are not suitable for him. He has to be very careful with eating dairy products like cheese and milk and with animal foods like meat, chicken, fish and eggs because they are notorious for causing diverticula, meat especially. Meat also is the leading cause, recognized cause of colon cancer, so it is important to avoid that because diverticula show that there is stagnation, and, wherever there is stagnation there is a chance for cancer cells to evolve.

Thank you.

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