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Questions on General Health Conditions as answered by Andreas Moritz

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Q. Which book should I buy for my friend who has pernicious anemia?

A. The right book would be Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation. It addresses basically all the possible root causes of illness. With pernicious anemia, it is most likely due to chronic digestive problems and specifically due to atrophic gastritis. Causes and triggers for that could be:

  • eating a meat/fish/poultry/eggs/cheese/milk diet
  • irregular sleeping habits that upset the melatonin/serotonin cycles and disrupt most other hormones in the body
  • poor hydration
  • eating the main meal in the evening instead at midday, etc. etc.
  • or a combination of them.

Many medical drugs, including aspirin and other painkillers, can cause it. Liver flushing is certainly indicated for any type of anemia.


Q. I have managed to cure myself of Candida after several cleanses including the liver cleanse. My last liver cleanse was four weeks ago. I have been feeling great, but two weeks ago I was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. I was sent home after four days as all the symptoms had subsided. I was very pleased, as the last thing I wanted was to have an operation. Is there anything you could suggest I do to stop this happening again?

A. The majority of cases of suspected appendicitis turn out to be just the body’s natural reaction to undigested foods accumulating in the lower parts of the ascending colon. Although painful due to trapped toxins and gases, the appendix itself is relatively rarely affected. In many cases of ‘acute appendicitis’, this fact is only revealed during surgery. But since they have already cut you open, some surgeons may take out your appendix completely unnecessarily, just as a measure of ‘precaution’ and in the (false) belief that the appendix is worthless anyway.

The appendix, albeit tiny, is one of the most important organs in the body. It breeds and releases the friendly, probiotic bacteria that are responsible for keeping the intestinal flora balanced and the colon clean. These bacteria are also in charge of producing such vital substances as Vitamin B12, essential for normal brain functions.

To prevent a similar incident such as the one you had, make certain to avoid animal food products such as meat, fish, chicken, cheese and milk, since they tend to putrefy in the intestinal tract — the leading cause of colon problems. Much of the ingested dead and damaged proteins that make up killed animals also congest the basement membranes of the blood vessels, including those that supply the eye cells and the optic nerve with nutrients. At the same time, these dead proteins acidify the connective tissue surrounding these cells, leading to major lymphatic congestion in the eye. A similar situation can occur also in other parts of the body.

Blood sugar balance

Q. If I eat green soup in the morning, my sugar balances, as evidenced by the sensation/taste in my mouth. When I eat oatmeal in the morning, it is a bit exacerbated. Does that mean that I am pre-diabetic or diabetic so that starch, even complex carbohydrates, may increase this reaction? How would I heal it? Is it all only liver- related? Or is it something else about my constitution?

A. Vata types are constitutionally better suited to eating “sweet-tasting foods” including grains. However, when imbalanced, they will get blood sugar upsets. This is different than the same happening in an imbalanced Kapha type, whose blood sugar would become unbalanced as a result of insulin resistance. In either case, the liver and pancreas are in charge of regulating blood sugar. The liver breaks down complex sugars into blood glucose and the pancreas secretes the right amount of insulin to keep blood sugar from fluctuating abnormally. Everyone, though, will have a higher blood sugar after eating sugar/starch as contained in wheat, rice, oats, etc. This is normal and you should not draw the wrong conclusions. It’s when the sugar is constantly high or drops suddenly, leaving you weak and faint, that you need to be concerned.

The liver is certainly instrumental in determining a more balanced blood sugar. The cleaner it is, the more efficiently it is able to break down complex sugars and, with the help of insulin, keep it at optimal levels.

Candida / yeast

Q. What could be the cause of yeast/candida? Does everyone have it? If dead yeast is coming out, does that mean that I have a yeast overgrowth inside? Would you suggest that I take the Candex?

A. We all have candida albicans in our mucus lining. If we didn’t, we would have little defense against disease-causing agents/germs and waste matter. If we have an overgrowth of yeast, it indicates disturbed digestive functions or ingestion of foods or beverages that are not useful for the body. Therefore, the food needs to be decomposed by whatever germs can be made available in the body. When such a need decreases, the yeast population goes down again.

One way of achieving normal yeast population is to completely clean out the liver, which restores normal bile flow. Bile helps to keep the yeast population in the normal range. Merely killing off the yeast is not the best approach, and is difficult to achieve. It takes very little time (and undigested food) for the yeast to come back. When you cleanse the body and have a considerable yeast presence, you can expect “die off,” that is, dead yeast bacteria being discharged from wherever they were present.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) would be a better choice than Candex. It breaks down the toxins, heavy metals and waste material that attract these germs or yeast in the first place, while killing them and improving the immune system all at the same time.

Candida and non-physical causes

Q. I have had candida for years. It has got to the point that just eating olive oil, ghee, zucchini, anything that would take care of it makes me very dizzy. I can even taste the “sugar” in veggies. I am not taking probiotics because I cannot handle the intense die-off that I get from them. I can only eat avocado as a fruit, and am quite limited on foods as it is because of my multiple chemical sensitivities. I noticed your candida diet in your Timeless book. The veggies are not a problem with the diet but I seem to have to eat every 2-3 hours or I get the shakes.

I noticed the suggestion of Pau d’Arco tea. It would have to be a very small amount. I don’t know about the chaparral tea. I am just getting more and more dizzy spells with this candida, and I am getting desperate to end this. My next liver flush will be before the next new moon. Also, your candida diet is listed for only a month. Are you saying that I will be cured after that? I would be lucky to be able to take the Pau d’Arco tea once a day without major migraines because of die-off.

A. I am getting that, although the physical reasons behind your strong sensitivities and allergies are rooted in the congestion of the liver, intestines and lymphatic system, the main reason for this occurrence is not physical at all. You have developed a great fear of food and other things that paralyzes or undermines the immune system and the basic functions of the body.

The reasoning behind substantiating and recreating your fear is rooted in past experiences, such as having die-offs, headaches, or other symptoms resulting from ingesting healthy foods, vegetables or herbals like Pau d’Arco. The physical body is not physical at all, but a concentrated field of energy and information which we call sub-atomic particles. Since our senses vibrate only on a crude level, we think our body is just physical, without seeing its non-physical essence. However, our consciousness, which is one with the non-physical essence (information and energy) of the body, controls absolutely everything in the physical body. If you are afraid of a certain food, your body will not be able to digest and process it successfully. Hence it will need to employ destructive bacteria that ferment the food (yeast overgrowth) in order to get rid of it. This reinforces your belief that this food is “bad” for you.

To heal (become whole), it is essential to be free of these fear-based fragmentations and limitations. Otherwise, your field of consciousness, which is the source of infinite energy and information, merely energizes your fears and makes them more powerful. You become what you resist and what you are afraid of.

There are a number of ways to help change the way you focus your energies and create what you do want, rather than creating more of what you don’t want in your life. There is the EFT technique, check

You can also watch the short video that shows how profound this system is. Then there is Matrix Energetics ( ) where you can sign up for a remote session, or get the book Matrix Energetics from or a Barnes and Noble bookstore. This is one of the most profound systems of healing I have come across; I recently attended a 4-day matrix seminar and was quite impressed.

Also, my system of Sacred Santémony (see had excellent results in balancing emotional/spiritual causes of illnesses.

Celiac disease / gluten intolerance

Q. Have you had people with celiac disease/gluten intolerance improve after liver/gallbladder cleansing? I have heard so much differing information regarding this “disease”. Some say a person can never again eat gluten and others say it is curable. Do you have any insight?

A. Yes, many people recover from gluten allergies through liver cleansing. My personal method of clearing gluten allergies was Sacred Santémony. I removed gluten allergy in a matter of 5 minutes. It is basically an error message in the immune system memory cells, often caused by years of unbalanced eating habits.

Cholesterol level balancing

Q. I read in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation that there are herbal and “natural” substances for lowering bad cholesterol. You mention guggul and red yeast rice. Apart from diet and lifestyle, are there any other substances like these two that work well for cholesterol? I would like to make dietary changes, but find it difficult on a limited budget.

A. Cholesterol levels can easily be balanced by avoiding foods that clog up the basal membranes of the blood vessel walls in the liver and throughout the body (see the chapter on Heart Disease in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation). A vegan diet, as outlined in the book, costs far less than the typical American diet. I spend on average less than $50 a week on groceries for two people, buying only natural produce and staple foods. In the summer, it is even less since we grow a few vegetables and herbs in our garden. Most vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds, grains like basmati rice, millet and oats, fruits, expeller pressed natural oils and even unsalted butter balance cholesterol levels (unless used to fry foods). Meat, fish, eggs, poultry, cheese and cow’s milk, which cost more, will increase the cholesterol by congesting blood vessel walls and lymphatic ducts.

Colectomy, CFS, Fibromyalgia, etc.

Q. I had a colectomy performed approximately one year ago. I did fine for about three months. After that I got sick and have been sick ever since. I have been diagnosed with CFS and Fibromyalgia. Now I have a fistula that has to be repaired. I also have been told I have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Proteins, along with many other vitamins and minerals, are causing these huge sores on my face and the rest of my body. Could either of these diseases cause all this?

A. Colon trouble, as you have experienced it, results from poor digestion, which, in turn, originates in bile duct blockage through gallstones (usually several thousand) and dietary mistakes. Consequently, the liver is unable to successfully remove toxins from the blood, so they end up in the connective tissues under the skin and in the organs of the body, furthering the risk of damage in these very sensitive parts of the body. In addition, the liver is inhibited in its ability to produce enough bile. This greatly impairs digestion of food and utilization of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and basic foods components.

Hence, this can lead to deficiencies of these important substances throughout the body. At the same time, more waste is generated than the body can successfully eliminate, causing major intestinal problems and lymphatic congestion, such as swelling, weight problems, high toxicity in cell groups such as muscles, nerve tissue, etc. I recommend that you follow the directions in the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. These can clear the root causes of your problem and take care of many of your other health issues as well.


Colon, colonoscopy

Q. If it’s not helpful to get a colonoscopy, how can I find out if my colon is healthy?

A. I personally would use Ayurvedic Pulse Reading, Iridology, abdominal palpitation, facial and tongue reading, or checking acupressure points for the colon, plus confirming those results with a health history such as constipation, bowel enlargement (round belly), diarrhea, frequency of bowel movements, dietary habits, etc.

Having a diagnosis of polyps using colonoscopy, for example, immediately compels doctors to cut them out, with complete disregard for what’s causing them and without creating the preconditions for the body to heal itself. Polyps are not a disease, they are the colon’s way to encapsulate deadly poisons and prevent immediate perforation of the colon wall. Diagnosis and treatment are purely symptom-oriented and miss the point. They make the person believe the problem is resolved and everything is back to normal yet, underneath it all, a time bomb is ticking because nothing was done to address what caused the symptom. Symptoms are part of the body’s healing process and should not be treated, unless they are an immediate threat to the person’s life.

Conception issues

Q. I’ve been trying to conceive for over a year and, even though the doctors can’t find any physical reason for not becoming pregnant, I’m just so upset that I haven’t got my baby yet. Please, let me know if the liver cleanse could help me to conceive.

A. The health and vitality of the reproductive organs depend largely on the liver, colon, and the right kidney. Liver and colon cleansing have helped numerous women who could not become pregnant to give birth to healthy children. Attention should also be given the diet. Foods like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk, produce lymphatic congestion especially in the middle and lower abdomen, which can greatly reduce the chance of becoming pregnant. You may want to refer to Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation for more details.

The Golden Seven Plus One by the late Samuel West is a great book with illustrations that offers instant healing measures one can take to help remove the lymph congestion behind almost every type of illness or pain. The book is available on and other online stores. As always, sleeping before 10 p.m. and eating the main meal of the day at midday are just as necessary for healing of these conditions. Also see my books, Cancer is Not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism and Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, for details on the above.

Cortisone injections, hip pain

Q. My hip pain is quite intense, especially at night. Do you have any suggestions for some relief, besides keeping up with the liver cleansing? I used to get cortisone injections. I have been doing Bikram Yoga regularly, hoping my hips will magically open up.

A. Cortisone injections can make joint problems permanent because they suppress the immune system and thereby prevent the body from attacking the toxins imbedded in the joint tissues. The improvement of colon functions will also improve hip joints. Marine phytoplankton can also help, and so can alkaline ionized water. Of course, Yoga is great. I have done it every day now for 40 years. Walking or exercising on a glider or rebounder (small trampoline) will also help open up the hips.

Depressed teenager / child

Q. My son is really depressed, staying up late and sleeping during the day. He often says he doesn’t wish to live. It isn’t easy for a parent to deal with this. What will help him reconnect with life?

A. It is very difficult for your son to get on his feet when his biochemistry is all messed up. The neurotransmitter/hormone serotonin is only produced in response to darkness, and certain drugs and alcohol prevent it from being broken down in the blood, making the person feel better, but causing major side-effects. Taking medication will make him dependent by preventing the body from making its own dopamine and serotonin. The brain can only make enough serotonin as other linked hormones in response to natural light. Just like plants, people will die inside when they are no longer exposed to it. The lower serotonin levels become, the more depressed, disoriented and suicidal a person becomes. This applies especially to young people whose brains are still developing until age 22-24. Serotonin production in the brain and intestines begins at sunrise, peaks at midday, when it is important to eat the largest meal of the day to supply nutrients to the brain and organs, and slows or stops at around 6 p.m.

The other problem that upsets his hormonal balance is that he doesn’t make melatonin, which controls metabolism, the immune system, the thyroid and, through the thyroid, all the other 1,000 hormones in the body. Melatonin production starts at 9:30 p.m. and increases to its peak levels at midnight to 1 p.m. and then drops considerably until production stops at sunrise. Going to bed at 11 p.m. or midnight will never allow a person to produce normal levels of melatonin, and a deficit begins to rise. Since serotonin is a breakdown product of melatonin, by not sleeping from 10 p.m. onwards, melatonin production can never reach normal levels either, thus disrupting the entire hormonal balance, including estrogens and testosterone. That’s why nurses who often work nightshifts have a 55% higher risk of developing cancer of the breast and other cancers, because their melatonin levels are among the lowest.

The circadian rhythm cannot be changed, since day and night cycles are fixed, and the body’s pineal gland monitors these cycles and secretes these two master hormones accordingly. A major reason why so many kids nowadays take drugs or drink alcohol is because they no longer make enough of these hormones, because of going to sleep too late and not sleeping enough. There are now over 150 studies to show how profoundly a person’s life is affected by not adhering to the rhythms that nature designed for humans to follow.

This young man could get his life together, but it is up to him. I would not make him feel guilty if he wants to take his own life. It is OK to be selfish in life. Without giving to oneself and loving oneself, one cannot give to and love others. He must want to live and face the challenges he created for himself. It is hard to imagine how a person feels when his happiness hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and melatonin are down. They cannot help it that they don’t want to live.

Duodenal ulcer, bleeding

Q. I read all your articles on CureZone and appreciate your work. My mother was suddenly admitted to the hospital with blood loss due to a bleeding anterior duodenal ulcer. The ulcer is larger than a centimeter and near a blood vessel so there is a chance it can always start to bleed again until it really begins to heal.

I am so seriously angry that doctors know nothing about nutrition that it makes me livid. I feel lost as to what to do for my mother. I am aware that cayenne will stop blood loss and promote healing, yet my cousin who is a nutritionist (not as radical as Dr. Schultz) says it might be too harsh. I have no idea what I can do to help her since she can’t take much by mouth right now. Please help!!

A. There is actually very little she can do to directly affect the ulcer, since inflammation already is a healing response that the body creates to deal with an underlying, potentially even more serious, situation, that is, this serious poisoning may lead to brain damage. The bleeding helps to pass blood poisons away from the brain.

A better approach is to deal with the reasons that caused the body to be forced into accumulating toxic material in the first place. I have covered these in chapters 4, 5 and 6 of my book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. One of them relates to the backwashing of waste material, intra-hepatic stones/sludge loaded with poisons from the liver and bile into the stomach, because of longstanding and severe congestion in the lower intestinal area.

Instead of attending to the stomach, it is better to start with cleaning out the colon, eating lightly, such as freshly prepared blended vegetable soups, and drinking warm water. Thus, stopping the backwash of fecal waste, dead and live bacteria from the colon, bile, etc. should be the first step, ideally through colonic irrigation or colema. Otherwise, the irritation and inflammation is likely to continue. Also, major changes to diet and lifestyle are required to prevent future episodes of such situations, as outlined in the above book.

Diabetes, meat, and insulin

Q. I was wondering where you got the information about meat using up insulin because, during my whole nutritional career, I have never heard of it and cannot find any literature about this. I am not a fan of meat and quite agree with your interpretation that a high complex carbohydrate diet is not harmful but rather beneficial to our health. I know this is especially true for people with blood sugar problems, such as probably 80% of the Western population.

But what can I tell doctors, including my husband who is an endocrinologist and diabetologist, who advise their patients to restrict carbohydrates and to eat meat? If you could share some sources, I would appreciate it greatly.

A. I never confront doctors or anyone with my beliefs, and I never try to convince anyone. People will have to have their own learning experiences, even if it means they become ill because of their convictions.

Regarding the insulin-protein connection, there are references in the medical literature and medical textbooks about that connection. My book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation has a section on diabetes. In addition to the indirect insulin-spiking effect of meat, which I describe there, meat is one of the strongest direct stimulants of insulin secretion you can ingest. All stimulants, like caffeine and sugar, raise insulin secretions. Damaged fats, as they occur when heating meat, raise insulin levels as well. There are quite of few studies to show that.

Insulin and insulin-like growth factors are stimulated by food protein in the blood. Mean serum insulin-like growth factor-I was 9% lower in 233 vegan men than in 226 meat-eaters and 237 vegetarians., according to the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, UK. Most cancers are actually triggered by excessive insulin secretion. Whatever drives up insulin and similar growth hormones drives up the risk of developing cancers, diabetes and heart disease. Vegans (no dairy protein) have lower levels and therefore lower risks.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Q. Where can I find information about EFT?

A. To find information on EFT, go to  in order to download the free manual. Another good website that has the directions illustrated in a simple way is

Eye disorder

Q. I recently came down with a recurring eye disorder called Duvets. I first had it ten years ago and it seems to recur about every three years. It is extremely painful and the only known cure is Steroid drops every hour at first, then two hourly and so on. I hate taking such a powerful drug and am concerned that this might cause Candida to recur as well. What else can I do for this?

A. Every now and then, the body’s immune system, along with the help of airborne and/or blood-borne microbes, tries to break down some of the acidic waste. We call it ‘infection.’ This infection, however, is nothing but the body’s attempt to cleanse the eye tissue and other areas of the body. The body releases histamines, which can cause strong irritation or pain as they pass over the eyes’ pain nerves. The pain is used to mobilize water to the affected area. You can support this healing process by bathing your eyes in a solution of natural, unprocessed sea salt, ideally crystal salts from the Hunza region of the Himalayas ( Do this for about 3-4 minutes once or twice every day, using 1 teaspoon in one glass of purified water. The salt cleanses and sterilizes the eye tissues, thereby warding off all infectious agents. Besides, the eyes are related to the functioning of the liver and naturally improve and detoxify once the liver has released all gallstones.


Gout attack

Q. I stopped the liver cleanse last night but a gout attack started last night too. Normally when one happens, I take Colchicine 0.6 mg tablets but, now that I am on your program, should I take that medicine or something else to stop my gout?

A. If you can do without the gout medicine, that is best. Instead, do the kidney cleanse and that will dissolve uric acid crystals in the kidneys and joints. Additionally, drinking the juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon in a glass of water twice a day will also help.

H. pylori

Q. Is there any natural product that you would recommend for the treatment for H. Pylori (i.e. eradication of H. pylori)?

A. I have discussed H. pylori in detail in my large book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, and suggest H. Pylori develops in the stomach for a good reason, certainly not to cause ulceration, but to prevent far more serious problems from arising. Eating meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk, can greatly upset the natural H. pylori population in the stomach.

MMS can be helpful to remove the remnants of waste matter (that these bacteria feed on) in the bottom part of the stomach. Taking fresh ginger before meals also helps. Adjusting the diet to body type requirements, as outlined in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, can also help in restoring healthy digestive functions.

Hair loss

Q. Do you have any experience with addressing excessive hair loss in your works? I did not see any reference in your book, but this is a major concern to me as I’ve tried to figure it out for over a year. I am in my late 40s, still have very regular periods and my hormone panels (blood and saliva) appear to be healthy. This is one of my reasons for doing your liver cleanse, hoping it could help restore my hair growth.

A. In Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, I describe the backwashing of toxins, bacteria and waste material from the lower intestines into the stomach, chest, thyroid, mouth, ears, eyes, upper head and hair follicles. When this happens, the hair begins to fall out. As the organs of elimination become cleaner, the body can reverse the back-up of waste and eliminate it through the proper routes.

Hair follicles may also become weak or die when the blood capillaries supplying them with nutrients and the lymph capillaries draining away metabolic waste products and dead cells become clogged with proteins from animal sources.

Heart disease, statins & cholesterol question

Q. Do you agree with this article and its findings? (The article is Heart Disease: Not About Cholesterol? Astra Zenaca’s Crestor study finds that statins may help prevent heart attacks because they control inflammation, not because they lower cholesterol by John Carey)

A. I agree with most of it and I have written dozens of pages about this subject in the heart disease chapter of my book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Also check out this published article of mine (the top one) on the subject:

For over 20 years now, I have stressed that cholesterol is not a culprit in heart disease, but rather quite the opposite. It is about the only thing that protects a person from heart attacks when inflammation occurs in the arteries (caused by proteins). What is considered “bad” cholesterol is the only version that does the protecting. There isn’t any bad cholesterol in the body, otherwise the liver wouldn’t produce it. And actually, there is no difference between LDL and HDL cholesterol, except that one type of protein (the large LDL lipo-protein) transports cholesterol to the liver, and the small molecules of HDL lipo-protein carry it away from the liver. It is exactly the same cholesterol, just different proteins carrying it.

The problem I have with the new trial and the developing hype about it is that it ignores what causes the inflammation in the blood vessels; inflammation is actually a natural wound healing response by the body to something that inflicts the wound. Instead, the new trial uses just another anti-inflammatory drug to suppress that response which, of course, will lead to major catastrophes in the body as statins have done. Shutting down Rho-kinase in the immune system will create a lame immune system and make the body susceptible to all sorts of illnesses as well as create another form of AIDS. It will, most of all, damage the digestive system (over 60% of the immune system is in the digestive tract) as well as the liver, kidneys and brain.

The predictions I made 20 years ago about cholesterol were true, and I have every reason to believe that the new “scientific” findings on cholesterol are going to mislead the masses once again. The study was halted, not because of the “good” results, but because they didn’t want to test the drug for 3 years to avoid having lots of dead people with destroyed immune systems at the end of the trial. Drugs will never be the answer to our health problems.

Heart, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, statins

Q. I am a male in my 50s, with normal weight and height. I lead a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating a mostly vegan diet. A few months ago I was diagnosed as having my main heart arteries 60% blocked (calcified). I have had high cholesterol since the age of 25, when I took my first blood test. Without any medication, my total cholesterol is around 350 at the moment. At one stage it was as high as 480. Taking 10mg Crestor (statin) every other day brings it down to 270. Adding olive leaf extract in capsules brings it down to 200 or less.

Until two years ago and over a period of over one year or so, I did a series of successful liver cleanses (about 8 in total). After a 2-year break, I had another liver cleanse last weekend and, to my amazement, there were many, many cholesterol stones, some quite big, possibly bigger than those seen during even my very first ever cleanse. I intend to do more liver cleanses until no more stones are coming out. I do colon irrigation once a year. I have just had one following the recent liver cleanse during which all the stones came out during 4 consecutive enemas and none with just the Epsom salts!

I have just started following your diet recommendations for Pitta types and the truth is that I may have been eating more vegetarian protein than that recommended for my body type (seeds, nuts, legumes). Can I can bring my cholesterol level back to normal without the use of statins and, most importantly, reverse the atherosclerosis process? I really look forward to your response.

A. Statin drugs are among the leading cause of intra-hepatic gallstones and liver damage. Researchers of the most recent studies no longer recommend lowering cholesterol since it is not implicated as a cause of heart disease but actually protects the person against it (see also chapter on Heart Disease in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, and the first article at this link:

The first series of liver flushes only cleared out one of the two biliary trees in your liver, at which time, there was no release of stones and you thought it was over. However, the more congested and cleanse-resistant second biliary tree hadn’t started to open yet. Usually, it has the larger stones in it. You have started to open that one, hence the many stones. Even if one future cleanse produces no stones, do another one.

As I said, as long as you are on statins, you make new stones and interfere with your digestion. Statins don’t reduce the risk of heart disease, but increase it. The whole “evidence” that cholesterol causes hardening of arteries was fabricated by the pharma/medical industry. Cholesterol attaches itself to arteries only when they are damaged by proteins, sugar, and chemicals, in order to prevent blood clots from escaping the wounds and lesions, and causing heart attacks and strokes.

A cholesterol level of 350 at age 50 is of no concern. Lowering it, however, through manipulation other than the use of herbs and food reduces the protective, healing qualities of cholesterol. LDL is not a bad cholesterol, In fact, it is not even a cholesterol, but a protein that carries cholesterol out of the liver. HDL is the protein that carries the same cholesterol back to the liver. Most cholesterol is being recycled because it so precious and important for thousands of functions in the body. The arteries will clear up the plaque when the liver/ kidneys and colon are kept clean and the diet is low protein/vegan, but fat intake is normal. Low fat intake causes LDL production to increase. So do add your oils, butter, ghee, etc. to your veggies, grains and legumes. Make sure to eat your main meal at lunchtime, and go to sleep before 10 p.m. to allow the liver to heal itself and help repair damaged blood vessels, which happens during deep sleep in the two hours before midnight.

Heart pinching

Q. I am taking Kava during the day and Valerian at night to combat the anxiety I have. My symptoms are only a pinching feeling in my heart. I am wondering: are these herbs OK to use or is there something better I can use for my heart pinching?

A. There is no harm in taking these herbs. However, there may be more heaviness or sleepiness upon awakening. Also, it is always better to address the root causes of anxiety, whether physically or emotionally induced. There are good methods such as EFT, I have also successfully used Sacred Santémony.

Physically, heart pinching relates to congestion in the lymphatic vessels “cysternachyli” and “thoracic duct” caused by lymph-congesting foods, certain food additives such as MSG, aspartame, yeast extract, soy glutamates, unbalanced eating habits and mealtimes, low melatonin levels caused by late bedtimes, eating the main meals in the evening, liver bile duct blockage, and other possible factors. All this is described in detail in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. The problem is not really in the heart itself, but what is dumped into it by the lymphatic system.


Q. I want to start taking Butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, and bilberry for hemorrhoids. Can you tell me what would be a good recommended dosage to heal? The hemorrhoids are internal and sometimes bleed.

A. The usual recommended dose for horse chestnut is 300 mg per day for varicose veins and hemorrhoids (also applied topically).

For Butcher’s broom, take 1-1.5 grams per day. A tea can be made from butcher’s broom by pouring boiling water over 1-2 grams of the herb and allowing the brew to steep for 10 minutes. Strain the tea and drink up to 4 cups daily. Can also be used in an ointment.

Bilberry doses should be based on anthocyanoside content: Anthocyanosides (calculated as anthocyanidin): 20-40 mg a day. Bilberry extract (25% anthocyanidin content): 80-160 mg a day.

Hormone drug Livial

Q. I would appreciate your input on a hormone pill called Livial. It apparently does not contain any estrogen or progesterone.

A. Livial, like all HRTs, increases the risk of breast cancer and stroke. Although Livial doesn’t have estrogen in it, it has estrogenic effects, meaning it raises estrogen levels in the body. When you do that, the body can no longer cleanse itself properly. Feeling poorly, unless due to taking drugs, is not a sign that the body is doing something wrong, but that it is trying to heal and rebalance itself. Hot flushes and menopausal symptoms appear when the liver bile ducts are clogged with stones and the digestive functions are disturbed. With elevated estrogen levels, these symptoms become suppressed, but this affects the blood, blood vessels, and lymphatic system. Hence, the risk for stroke and cancer increases. The quick-fix approaches of medicine drive people into more serious problems than they had before.

Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual people in different ways. Because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all people using this medicine will experience that or any side effect. The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with Livial.

  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal thrush
  • Vaginal itching
  • Breast pain
  • Disturbances of the gut such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain
  • Rash or itching
  • and about a dozen more!

The side effects listed above may not include all of the side effects reported by the drug’s manufacturer. For more information about any other possible risks associated with this medicine, please read the information provided with the medicine or consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Hydrochloric acid

Q. I’m trying to respond to a customer who claims that hydrochloric acid can only be produced in the stomach by eating animal protein. He also said that older people produce less HA because they cut back on protein, and thus set up a poor digestion cycle. It does seem that poor digestion is at the center of most health inquiries. What is your opinion?

A. I guess my stomach must not have produced stomach acid for the past 37 years then; I stopped eating animal proteins in 1971. I wonder why my digestion is so good.

The main reason that older people make less HCl is not because they eat less protein (there is actually no research to show that older people eat less protein), it is because their liver bile ducts become increasingly blocked with intra-hepatic gallstones and hence, bile secretions diminish. The reduced bile secretion leads to reduced activation of digestive pancreatic enzymes; both of these are alkaline juices that naturally prevent perforation and ulceration of the small intestine by HCl. Because of poor bile production, not all of the HCl can be neutralized, and so the body is forced to regulate/curb HCl production. This is more a measure of self-protection than age. But sometimes that function is disturbed and inflammation occurs anyway (ulcers).

There is no cell or organ in the body that works without communicating with other cells and organs. The brain is the relay station that receives all cellular signals and coordinates them with one another. Thus, what most people would consider disease or simply aging is actually an act of self-preservation, compensation or just survival.

The human stomach was actually never designed to handle meat, otherwise we would have the same amount/concentration of hydrochloric acid as found in cats or other carnivorous animals. If it were, we could digest chicken bones just like cats can. Our HCl concentration is a mere 20 percent of that of a cat, just the right concentration to handle vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Cats can digest 100 percent of the chicken, whereas the human body can digest only 20 percent of it, leaving the rest to rot in the intestines.

If you eat starch, like rice or potatoes, along with the chicken or other animal proteins, HCl secretion will actually be postponed by 1-2 hours, since starch digestion (through salivary enzymes) begins before protein digestion. You cannot digest both at the same time. Many people suppress HCl by combining these foods. Animal proteins require acid to digest them, starches require alkaline juices. Eating them together creates a conflict that leads to diminished HCl production in the long-term, which is another major reason for reduced HCl production in older people, and now also in the young.

There is more about this is in the Vegetarianism section of Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.


Q. I am doing meditation regularly. Do you have any supplement that can enhance my meditation or mind?

A. Anything that cleanses the body also clears the mind. Cleansing the liver bile ducts is central to having a clear, relaxed and expanded mind. My book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, has the directions for cleansing the liver (see Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) also helps to remove toxins from the body, as well as Candida bacteria which are a main cause of brain fog. More information about MMS can be found on  Fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts seeds, grains, and legumes, also bring nourishment to the brain and nervous system. Foods that irritate and congest the body make the mind anxious and nervous. These include animal protein, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, and milk, as well as sugar, stimulants, junk foods, etc.

MS, Multiple Sclerosis

Q. Have you helped anyone who is in a wheelchair become healed from Multiple Sclerosis? Is one ever too far gone to achieve good health?

A. I have worked with a person who was paralyzed from the waist down for 20 years, and he started walking again after four liver flushes. I cannot make any claims one way or the other, but I would never say a person is “too far gone to achieve good health.”

I have also witnessed some great “miracles”, if you want call them that, with Matrix Energetics. You may want to acquire the book Matrix Energetics by Dr. Richard Bartlett whom I personally know and respect. It has simple directions in it that anyone can apply to heal oneself or others. You can get a new copy on for less than $8 (new or used).

Multiple Sclerosis  (MS)

Q. I have a patient coming to me for massage therapy/reiki for the treatment of MS (multiple sclerosis) symptoms. I just wondered what your experiences are with MS and what success you may have had. What have you discovered to be the root cause or does this vary from person to person? Is there a cure? Of your books would you recommend any particular one for her to read for more information on treatment possibilities?

A. MS is not really a disease, but rather a progressive form of malnourishment and congestion of the gastro‐intestinal tract, lymphatic system and blood vessel walls (with proteins), as described in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Certain nutrients required to keep the nerves (and the myelin sheet in particular) well sustained and nourished can no longer be absorbed from the small and large intestines due chronic to digestive problems. Particularly constipation, which is very common among MS sufferers, leads to backwashing of toxic waste into the upper parts of the body, including the brain. This can greatly interfere with proper lymph drainage from the head and brain area, thereby leading to an acid accumulation (ammonia, lactic acid, uric acid, urea, etc) and acidosis (tissue destruction). Once the myelin sheath of nerves becomes eroded, nerve damage and degeneration begin to occur in the rest of the body.

The liver plays a major role in all this, and the bile ducts must be relieved of the many stones impacting the bile flow in order to restore proper digestion of food and elimination of waste (see The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush). Avoiding animal proteins is essential for removing protein buildup in brain capillaries and increasing blood flow to the nervous system and muscles.

Treating MS as a separate illness from the underlying digestive disorder) is misleading and counterproductive. It disregards the root causes. Exposure to heavy metals (mercury from tooth fillings, eating fish, etc), chemicals, including herbicides and pesticides, plastic particles from water bottles, and medical drugs also play a major role.

Marine phytoplankton, Zeolite, and MMS are good ways to remove these contaminants from the tissues. Anything that disrupts healthy digestion of food needs to be addressed. Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation does this in great detail.


Q. How do I heal my pancreas?

A. The pancreas is a hormonal gland that responds to stress via the thyroid and the adrenals. It is linked up with and touches the spleen, and is drained by the liver. You cannot really influence the pancreas directly, being imbedded as it is. Sludge from the gallbladder/liver may get into and lodge in the pancreatic duct, which can cause pancreatitis. But more commonly, it can cause digestive problems. Having a clean liver, balanced diet, adequate sleep, and healthy lifestyle without a lot of stress is very good for the pancreas.


Q. I was referred to you by a colleague. He seemed to think that you may be able to help with a rather long-term health issue I have been experiencing: the enlarged prostate the doctors essentially tell me I must live with. My PSAs have been holding in the safe range, but the dysfunction sexually is very distressing and I almost constantly feel heat and pressure in that area.

A. The prostate swelling is merely a response to congestion of blood vessel walls and lymphatic vessels supposed to drain metabolic wastes and dead cell material. The body can heal itself when it is relieved of the underlying congestion that affects its healthy performance. If you wish to familiarize yourself a little more with my work, please visit my website:

Rheumatoid arthritis, alternative treatments

Q. I’m considering an extended Panchakarma treatment at an Ayurvedic healing facility. Do you have a recommendation for such a facility? I have to say that, with my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, traveling far will be difficult.

A. Rather than traveling to a facility, you might want to try something else at home. In the past six months, I have been working with two products that have done remarkably well with all kinds of disorders, including RA. These are phytoplankton and Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense (NCD).

Phytoplankton nourishes all the organs and systems in the body independent of the condition of the digestive system, and makes them strong so that they can heal themselves. Natural Cellular Defense breaks down and removes chemicals and metals imbedded in cells and tissues. If left in the body, the toxins would cause an autoimmune response to attack these now “foreign” cells and tissues. Another great way to help reverse acidosis like RA is to drink highly alkaline ionized water, but the ionizers are not cheap. You may start by drinking hot, ionized water.See my article from Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation,-Ionized-Water&id=6174486 for instructions on how to prepare it.


Sinus infection

Q. I have had a sinus infection for over four years that does not respond to antibiotics — I have taken four courses of Clyndamycin within the last year. My dentist detected the infection due to decay under old dental work in the sinus portion of the teeth root and I have had 4 teeth pulled (ostensibly to help drain the infection) with little, if any positive results. If you have dealt successfully with this condition, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your response.

A. It is my opinion, based on 35 years of experiences in this field, that treating the symptoms of an illness as if it were the illness is scientifically, rationally, and ethically wrong. I consider the symptoms to be a compensation and healing mechanism to deal with the underlying causes of the illness. Suppressing the symptoms while disregarding the causes is a risky undertaking that can lead to a myriad of side-effects and generate more problems than existed before.

Antibiotics destroy billions of beneficial bacteria in the gut for years to come. Besides, their action may only shift the problem around to another part of the body. The idea that bacteria cause sinus infection is flawed. Bacteria only infect cells that are dead, damaged, or weak and are filled with or surrounded by toxic material. They never infect healthy cells. Sinus cavities don’t just fill up with mucus to annoy the host. Mucus secretion is an immune response to deal with toxins and waste material backwashing from the intestinal tract. (See Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation for details.) A recent study suggests that raw honey has a better effect on improving sinusitis than current antibiotic drugs.


Teeth, dental fillings

Q. I have had 10 silver (amalgam) fillings replaced about 8 months ago. The fillings have been in my teeth for years. Obviously I am yet not free of accumulated toxins caused by these fillings. Sometimes my hands are shaking, sometimes my head is shaking, though not as often as before. I am not sure what I could best do to detox the remaining toxins of these fillings, especially in my brain. So my question to you is: What do you recommend? Am I right that it would also be best to do a liver/gallbladder flush and a kidney cleansing in this case?

A. Certainly, cleansing these organs of elimination is crucial for these toxic elements to find their way out of the body. Otherwise, they may just be transferred from one part of the body to another. Many of them actually become lodged in the liver and kidneys, encapsulated with hardened bile in the liver and with calcifications in the kidneys. This will make any other method of chelation, such as eating cilantro, metallic clay baths/foot baths, taking MMS (which breaks down metals), all the more successful. Your diet is already very good, so that’s a great plus.


Teeth / gums

Q. Lately I’ve had problems with pain around molars. The dentist said that the last cleaning may have left bacteria there. He suggested scraping it. Could there be other causes?

A. Backwashing of waste from the colon into the mouth area can easily affect the health of teeth. You can find more information about this in my book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Subsequently, cleansing of the colon improves teeth, eyes, ears and brain functions. When you do liver flushes, it is very important to clean the entire colon afterwards to remove any trapped stones which otherwise could greatly affect the digestive system, the liver and kidneys. The liver flush book has all the details about this.

Teeth, root canals

Q. I am having a problem with my back lower left tooth (next to the last one, which I had extracted in February since it had been root canalled). I have not been able to sleep on that side for about a month now, since it throbs when I lie on it, and it has been keeping me awake and worried. My ears are ringing. My dentist remains cautious with it and thinks we should crown it, but I don’t want to crown it if the tooth needs to be extracted. Can you intuitively tell if the tooth is going to make it?

A. I am not a dentist and my knowledge of dentistry is very limited, but I have seen many health problems, including the ones you described in the head area to be rooted in low‐key bacterial activity inside or underneath dead teeth. Teeth contain tiny tubules that when connected would be more than a mile long. When there is dead matter or damaged cell tissue, such as tooth tissue, gum tissue, nerve tissue, etc., bacteria will always try to digest some of that dead or damaged cellular material. These bacteria cannot be eradicated since they can remain in these tubules for years (antibiotics don’t get in there). These bacteria produce micro‐toxins which can enter the blood or lymph and from there go into the head area, brain, as well as the heart and lungs, and other parts of the body.

New research shows that this can cause cancers and heart disease, even trigger heart attacks or strokes, simply by causing the blood to thicken. Given the ringing in your ears, it is obvious that there is lymph congestion around this area (to help neutralize these toxins). Losing a tooth is never a good thing, but sometimes this is a sacrifice one may need to make to avoid a far more serious issue. I obviously cannot make such a decision for you, but this may put things into a clearer perspective for you.

Teeth, sensitivity in teeth and gums

Q. I have always had dental issues. About 10 years ago, a dentist in the U.S. observed that I had gum recession in one of my upper front teeth. He asked me to use sensitive toothpaste, avoid cold things and use a soft toothbrush. I followed all his suggestions and, for a long time, the sensitivity didn’t bother me too much. About 3 years ago, it started bothering me again and this time in an additional place around one of my lower front teeth.

Some dentists I saw suggested gum graft surgery while others strongly advised against it. I didn’t do the surgery but had my dentist put a de-sensitizing solution around my gums every 6 months during cleaning and that seemed to do the trick for a couple more years. Until now. A couple weeks ago, I started feeling sensitivity in a lot of different areas around my mouth and I’m baffled because my dental hygiene is very good. I don’t eat cold things anyway but now even eating normal foods is causing me to feel the sensitivity. Are my teeth in danger? Why is there suddenly this sensitivity in so many places? What can I do? Could this be emotionally triggered as well? I hope you have some advice.

A. The 32 teeth are connected to the 32 vertebrae of the spine and to corresponding sections of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as organs in the body. The two upper front teeth correspond to the condition of the stomach, and the lower two teeth to the kidneys. The one to either side correspond the first section of the small intestine, and so on. The teeth in the back relate to the large intestine.

Old metal fillings leak mercury and other heavy metals into the blood and intestinal tract, and are attacked by Candida bacteria, and hinder nutrient absorption. The older these fillings are, the more advanced the erosion. Underneath them, bacteria start to develop which move into the tubules of the tooth itself, where they breed. In time they enter the gums and inflame them, which can make them recede.

Old metal fillings should be replaced with new composites that contain no metals. Otherwise, they can become a constant cause of irritation and inflammation throughout the body, especially in the GI tract. They are now known to cause breast cancer and heart disease. The bacteria underneath the fillings produce neurotoxins which may enter the breast tissue, blood, lymph and brain (brain fog).

To reduce gum inflammation, I recommend Soladey toothbrushes (see my website), rinsing the mouth with saltwater, avoiding toothpastes that have any chemicals in them and, if necessary, brushing with hydrogen peroxide (about 4% food grade). The hydrogen peroxide can be swallowed afterwards.

Another cause of gum problems is hydrochloric acid seeping from the stomach up through the esophagus into the mouth, as in unnoticeable acid reflux. The acid irritates and/or inflames the gums. Constipation can also lead to this. So cleansing of the liver and colon and a changed diet gradually diminishes that cause.

Dental hygiene can only do so much. Bacteria are a lot stronger and more persistent. Tooth problems never start in the teeth, since they are actually in the intestinal tract. Sugar itself doesn’t affect the teeth directly. You can place 100 billion bacteria on sugar and they won’t eat any of it. Just like salt, sugar repels bacteria. But when you eat the sugar, it will acidify the body and this will attract bacteria to the tissues to decompose dead or weak cells.

Another thing that often helps tooth and intestinal problems is drinking alkaline water. If you can get an ionizer where you are, this would be great. It needs to be one that produces a pH of at least 9 or 9.5. They are very popular in Japan and Korea. Drinking coconut water is also very helpful.

There is more information about this in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation under the section on removing metals fillings.

Urinary tract infection

Q. What does one do for a UTI (urinary tract infection) besides the normally prescribed antibiotics? And what causes them?

A. UTIs are usually triggered by E. coli bacteria that travel from the anus into the urethra and the bladder. But the germs are normally kept in check and removed by the immune system in the bladder. When the immune system is weakened for reasons of constipation, lymph congestion, impure blood, kidney congestion, stone or crystal formation in the kidneys and bladder, etc., then the E. coli bacteria can attach themselves to the surface of bladder cells and inflame them.

Repeat infections usually occur when the person took antibiotics once. Antibiotics should not be used for UTIs. It is better to use Pau d’Arco, olive leaf extract, MMS, or D-Mannose sugar (which makes cell walls so slippery that the germs cannot attach themselves to the cell membranes. The kidney cleanse would be necessary to prevent repeat infection. Unsweetened cranberry juice offers quick relief. Lemon juice is good, too.

Urinary tract infection in a child

Q. I am feeling an urgent need for help. My three-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with urinary tract infection for over two weeks now, but I believe the problem has been in her system for about 4 months. I noticed in your Timeless Secrets book that D-Mannose clears up UTIs. Do you know how quickly this works? What is the dose for a small child, and can one take too much?

A. Yes, you can use D-Mannose for children. Start with 3 teaspoons three times per day, dissolved in about 4 ounces of water each time. Increase dosage if necessary. It cannot cause any harm. Avoid sweeteners other than honey. You may also give her unsweetened cranberry juice to drink (but you can add some D-mannose or Xylitol sugar). Both sugars make the surface of cells so slippery that bacteria cannot attach themselves. Besides that, make sure that she drinks enough filtered room temperature or warm water, close to 4 glasses per day. If she likes lemon, you may add the juice of 1- 2 slices of lemon to the water. It will help with the bladder and kidneys. Avoid giving her processed foods, and such strongly acid-forming foods as meat, fish, chicken, eggs, cheese and cow’s milk. Also avoid peanuts and all soy-based products, unless they are properly fermented.

Pau d’Arco tea or olive leave extract can also be used instead of antibiotics. If you ever need to use an antibiotic that doesn’t do any harm, you may also consider MMS (see ). I hope she will be fine very soon.

Uterine problems, non-physical causes

Q. I recently went to the doctor’s office to have my urine tested. It was found to be clean and without infection. But the doctor also insisted on doing a pap smear and, during this process, she apparently observed that my cervix is irritated. While she took the cell culture, I bled a little bit. This is the first time ever that I’ve had any bleeding during a pap smear. I’m really not sure if the doctor caused this to happen or if the cervix really is irritated because for the last few weeks I’ve actually had some irritating symptoms.

However, I will admit that since the infections started, intercourse has been painful and I do feel irritated afterwards. After I left her office, I felt sore and irritated for a whole day and began to feel better from the next day onwards. I didn’t bleed anymore but I am now really scared to engage in any sexual activity with my husband and he expects it from me. I’m also scared to death that I will need more medication or something more drastic still to treat yet another difficult condition. Please advise!

A. Instead of perceiving the sensitivity of your cervix to be another problem, see it as a solution to a much deeper issue that you are really upset about. The sexual/reproductive organs are very much in tune with your thoughts and feelings about yourself and others. Every thought and feeling you have becomes instantly translated into neurotransmitters in your brain. These hormones have receptors on all cells in your body. If you think about being inadequate at sex and wanting to hurt yourself, you send powerful hormonal messages to the cells of your body. The undercurrent of resentment of letting your husband use you is strong enough to cause the irritation of the cervix. There is no medication for this, except to stand up for yourself and do what you want to do with your life. Putting yourself first will put everyone else first, too. You are here to love and to be loved.

While honey is good for that irritation, this is not really a physical problem. Urinary restriction is due to resentment held inside as “ugly conflict”. Cervical issues are about “severe frustration.” Uterine problems are due to “sexual conflict.” Those need to be resolved in order to regain health.

Vaginal infection

Q. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said there are still traces of the vaginal infection I had. I have refused further medication for it since it obviously hasn’t helped any during the past year. You said the body corrects itself under the right circumstances and I’m doing everything I can to create that environment, so is it possible that my vaginal symptoms will simply disappear on their own?

A. Every person has hundreds of trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and parasites in the body, without ever getting sick. They are part of us just as they are part of nature. We need them as they need us. We couldn’t live without Candida bacteria. If we need more of them to deal with undigested carbohydrates, they will be there to do the job. If waste products collect in other parts of the body, such as the reproductive system, they will show up there as well. They are doing their job, and we don’t even pay them for it! You are on the right track by not dumping waste and toxins in different parts of the body, and cleansing and eating better, hence the infection has subsided.

Doctors who believe in disease as a separate power can never be cured of their beliefs, and they project their doctrine of sickness on their patients, who believe in them and manifest more of the same accordingly. Tests are just as subjective as beliefs are. I never go by them. I have sent blood samples to 5 different labs and they all came back with different results. Again there is the law of “observer-observed relationship”.

Go by what your body is telling you and don’t let anyone who has a negative outlook on life, like your gynecologist, distract you. She has a limited scope of treatment which shapes her truth and reality. You don’t need to copy that truth.

Vegan diet and weight loss

Q. I am doing very well on the new diet regime you recommended. The one lingering question/concern is that I have lost a lot of weight on my new diet and am looking very gaunt. How can I gain weight on a diet without dairy, yeast, or almond butter?

A. When your body has little or no lymph-congesting foods to eat and the congestion subsides, you may lose weight until it starts to replace the old tissues with new tissue, like muscle cells and healthy fat cells. Make sure to eat enough fats and salt with your vegetables, grains, salad, etc. Sour food also builds tissue in the Vata type. Nuts which contain good amounts of oil and are sweet and heavy are particularly good for your type (except in the evening). If you can make your almond butter fresh, it’s certainly OK to eat. Unsalted butter is a good choice for you, too, so use it generously. Pink and dark lentils are also fine if eaten at lunchtime.

It takes time for the body to adjust from the reduction mode (removal of waste) to the rebuilding of tissues. How long that takes differs from person to person. Eating a healthy diet will help restore real body weight in time. Exercise is a great way to speed up that process, ideally in sunlight. Using the muscles will stimulate the digestive and metabolic processes. This also increases muscle mass, which is the kind of weight you would want to gain. My body is all muscle, very little fat.


Q. I suffer from Vitiligo, which is a pigment disorder where there are white patches on various parts of my body. I have had this for at least 10 years and it appears to be progressing. Doctors have told me this is an auto-immune problem and there is nothing that can be done for me. I was wondering if you have an opinion on how this can be overcome.

A. This is caused by certain toxins/chemicals that are not removed by the liver and are dumped by the blood into the connective tissue under skin. From there, they enter the skin and interfere with the melanin‐producing cells. Certain fungi may be attracted to the area to help break down these toxins and damaged cells. Liver flushing has helped with halting the progression of this condition. MMS (see may also be worth trying to break down and remove these toxins. Autoimmune disorders are greatly misunderstood. The body doesn’t attack its own cells, but the toxins they accumulate and cannot get rid of without an appropriate immune response.

White spots on fingernails

Q. I wanted to ask if you know what causes the white spots on fingernails. Thank you for all your help and the great books!

A. They are zinc eliminations in response to sugar consumption, including the sugar in sweets, starches, fruit juices, and even fruits, if eaten in excess. Milk sugar also can do it. Cheese and animal proteins such as fish, eggs, poultry, and meat can remove zinc as well.

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