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Questions on the Kidney Cleanse as answered by Andreas Moritz

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Blood sugar increase, kidney tea dosage, one kidney

Kidney cleanse for someone with one kidney, how to deal with blood sugar increase

Q. I’ve done five liver flushes, even though I have only one kidney. Since I started doing the flushes, my blood sugar has been increasing. The doctors at the VA hospital want to put me on insulin or a medicine called Byetta. After the last flush, I seemed to have soreness in the middle of my back. Something is now making my kidney leak protein – is it the dye they use for the CAT scan or high blood sugar or both? Is it safe for me to do more liver flushes? Would the kidney tea cleanse help? What else can I do to help my kidney?

A. You may have heard about the recent headline health news where researchers had to discontinue major diabetes trial studies because so many people started dying as a result of lowering their blood sugar levels. The problem with diabetes is that doctors perceive the symptom of high blood sugar to be the disease, whereas it is actually part of the healing solution that the body uses to avoid death. The obsession with having the blood sugar at a certain level at any cost has cost millions of lives already. Using insulin to achieve that is partly responsible, and so is eating animal protein foods. It is a false belief that the protein is not upsetting the blood sugar; it is, in fact, is the biggest contributor.

A new study released recently shows that the risk of stroke rises by 67% when people don’t sleep 8-9 hours every night. The risk of diabetes goes up by 34%, and hypertension by 43%. This shows that there are other factors than treatment that can be used to deal with these issues.

The kidney cleanse is certainly beneficial, especially when there is only one kidney, which can become overtaxed easily as it is trying to do the job for two. However, having only one kidney, it would be good to only use half of the recommend dosage. Also make certain to avoid eating animal protein, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk (butter is OK), and eat your main meals at noontime. And be sure to go to bed before 10 p.m. More information is available in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, which also has a chapter on diabetes in it.

Comfrey root

Is Comfrey root safe or toxic?

Q. I’ve been doing the kidney cleanse, procuring the necessary herbs at a local store as listed in The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. One of the herbs listed is comfrey root. The jar at the store had a warning that comfrey was only to be used externally. When I asked the clerk about this, she stated that by law, the store was required to put such a warning on the jar but that in actuality, some people did use comfrey internally.

Out of curiosity, I referenced “comfrey” in Wikipedia and, under the section “Medical Uses”, I found the following paragraph:

“Internal usage of comfrey should be avoided because it contains hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) (Note, there are also non-hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids). Use of comfrey can, because of these PAs, lead to veno-occlusive disease (VOD). VOD can in turn lead to liver failure, and comfrey, taken in extreme amounts, has been implicated in at least one death. In 2001, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against internal usage of herbal products containing comfrey.”

Would you have any opinion on the safety of using comfrey for internal purposes? Would the formula listed in your book be just as effective without it? Thank you so much for your help.

A. I have certainly been aware of the comfrey issue ever since I began working with it 20 years ago. Comfrey has been used for thousands of years in many parts of the world as a medicinal plant, especially for the kidneys. It is so effective for kidney problems that it became a threat to the medical establishment so they searched for single cases where comfrey or other herbs were found to be damaging. In one case, a two-month old boy died after receiving a herbal cough syrup containing the same alkaloids as found in comfrey, and another 6-month old baby developed liver cirrhosis after ingesting these alkaloids. One 47-year old woman consumed excessive amounts of comfrey tea and comfrey pills for one year, and was found to have developed liver damage. Many plants from the Boraginaceae, Compositae, and Leguminosae families contain well over 100 hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Cereal crops can contain them, flour for making breads, even milk produced by cows that eat certain grasses.

The FDA and CDC chose to highlight comfrey, not because it could, in extreme amounts, cause health problems or poison a person, but because it had such amazing benefits for kidney disease patients. Thus, it needed to put on the list as being a dangerous herb. Children up to the age of 16 months should never receive any herbs or salad greens because the immune system has not developed enough to defend itself against the natural plant toxins (the antibodies and alkaloids that plants use to defend themselves against insects and certain predators). That’s why so many babies died after ingesting cough syrups, which are now withdrawn from the market, although the FDA had known this for 15 years. To now point the finger at comfrey or similar herbs is simply very sad, and shows what their true intentions are.

Over 980.000 people die each year because of medical treatment, not because of the diseases they are suffering from. There are a lot of people who die from drinking too much water (water intoxication), but that doesn’t make water a dangerous substance. Thousands of people die every day from eating the carcinogenic nitrites and nitrates added to meat to preserve it or get brain damaged by FDA-approved artificial sweeteners and medical drugs.

Alkaloids in foods and plants have always played a major role in healing. Plant poisons stimulate the immune system and keep it strong. But food, water, and herbal medicines need to be used wisely and in moderation. Otherwise, what is good for us and can heal us can also kill us. Proper preparation, like brewing them as a tea, is important. I have worked with the kidney cleanse for so many years and hundreds of thousands of people have done it. I have never heard from anyone that it has done them any harm. I used it to get my own kidneys clean and healthy and, in fact, it also greatly helps the intestines and the liver. In the amount specified, it is too weak to have any potentially harmful effects, even among people who are weak and debilitated. Some very old people with chronic illnesses have thrived on it. With all the hype about comfrey being toxic, I considered removing it from the recipe, but its great benefits are too good to lose, so I left it in. Of course, if anyone feels they want to omit it, they can.


Frequency of kidney cleanses

Q. How many kidney cleanses should I do?
A. One after every 3-4 liver flushes.


Honey during kidney cleanse

Q. Is it OK to have honey during the kidney cleanse— not in the kidney tea, of course, but at other times, for instance on my porridge or in my green tea, etc? Are maple syrup, agave syrup, fructose and stevia OK?

A. All of these are OK except fruit sugar (fructose), unless it’s in fruit form. Xylitol is OK, too.

Liver flush and kidney cleanse

Can the liver flush and kidney cleanse be done together?

Q.  I have started my kidney cleanse last week and wish to know if I can start with the liver flush tomorrow. Can the two cleanses be combined?

A. You may combine the kidney cleanse with the liver cleanse, but be sure to avoid drinking the kidney tea on the 2 main days of the actual liver flush. You may stop the kidney cleanse on the two main days of the flush and resume, adding the 2 missed days to the normal 21-day duration of the kidney cleanse.

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