Questions on Master Mineral Solution, Miracle Mineral Solution, Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) as answered by Andreas Moritz

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MMS, cancer

MMS and cancers

Q. Is MMS useful for cancers?

A. Yes, it has been found helpful.

MMS, candida, herpes

MMS dosage to cure candida and herpes

Q. How long do I need to take MMS to get rid of the herpes virus? I don’t think it’s a good idea to take it on a constant basis, is it? Does MMS get rid of Candida too?

A. One can take the maintenance dose of 5-6 drops a day ongoing or with some breaks from time to time. From the reports I’ve received from quite a few people, MMS seems to help with Candida. Of course, food choices are a major factor with that. Foods that putrefy in your intestines such as fish, chicken, eggs, cheese and milk alter the pH in the gut and thereby increase destructive bacteria, including Candida. This, in turn, leads to fermentation of carbohydrates, which proliferates Candida overgrowth.

MMS, citric acid, lemon juice

MMS with lemon juice or citric acid?

Q. Is it as effective to take the MMS drops with just ordinary lemon juice or is it better to have the citric acid solution? Aren’t the drops acidic with one of these additions?

A. The drops themselves are not acidic, but the lemon juice or citric acid is. However, citric acid turns into alkaline ash in the body. MMS actually removes harmful acids from the body. As to whether to use lemon juice or citric acid, the citric acid solution is more effective.

MMS, effects of increasing dosage

Headache and disorientation after taking MMS

Q. I recently began taking the MMS with a beginning dose of 3 drops, etc. I moved to 4 drops and then yesterday to 5. I immediately got a headache and felt very out of it. Today I went to 6 drops and got walloped! Bad headache on left side, very disoriented, some nausea, but very strange fuzziness about me like I dosed myself directly to the brain. That was at 2 p.m. today and I feel better after doing a colonic, but still very unsettled and foggy. What do you suggest?

A. These symptoms are typical when you increase the dosage too rapidly. A few drops seem like very little, but MMS is a very powerful cleanser and detoxifier. If there is a lot of Candida, for example, or parasites and toxins in the tissues, you will get nausea, cramping, and strange feelings in the head as dead bacteria and toxins are trying to come out all at once.

The directions are to increase the dosage one drop at a time. Doubling from 2 drops to 4 is definitely too fast. It’s better to stay on 2 drops for a few days, and then add another drop and stay on that for a few days. If you start feeling some detox symptoms at 4 drops, go back to 3 for a few days and then try 4 again. When 4 drops no longer produce such symptoms, go to 5, and so on.

It is not harmful to go to a high dosage, but it can make you feel very sick, vomit, have diarrhea, etc., as the body is trying to rid itself of a large amount of toxins and dead pathogens. People with malaria take 15 drops the first dose, but they already feel so sick that it doesn’t matter, and they feel so much better after that.

MMS, formula

Correct formula for MMS

Q. I was thinking of purchasing the MMS but I’m somewhat confused as to how to consume it. After reading the information page, I’m not sure if I would also have to purchase some citric acid if I did not want to use vinegar to mix with the MMS. Or, is the bottle of MMS a stand-alone product already mixed?

A. MMS does need to be activated by mixing the drops with citric acid (ideally). Most health food stores sell citric acid, which is used to preserve foods like fruit preserves.

MMS, headaches

Chronic headaches and MMS

Q. I started using MMS because of my chronic headaches. I am on the 3rd day with 4 drops yesterday and I’ve had bad headaches every day. I know that Jim Humble spoke of the worsening effect when bacteria and other toxins get killed and I understand that theory. But to have these strong headaches every day isn’t fine with me. Can you suggest something else for the headaches or is it a good idea to check out MMS first?

A. If you take something that detoxifies the body and you get stronger headaches from that, it is most likely due to die-off and the cleansing effects. If 3 drops cause the headache to be worse, but 2 drops are OK, I would stay on two drops for 4-5 days and then increase to three.

If you have already done that and it didn’t help, I would also look at foods that trigger headaches, such as meat, sugar, chocolate, cheese, milk, meats, etc. Allergies to foods or chemicals, mold, etc., can also cause them.

Since the body is actually less physical that it is non-physical (given that subatomic particles are not particles at all), there cannot be a physical ailment that isn’t a psychological one as well. A good self-help method to deal with both is Matrix Energetics by Dr Richard Bartlett. You can find his book at I have met him and was very impressed by his work.

MMS, liver diseases

MMS effects on a weak liver

Q. I have auto-immune hepatitis and, as a result, have cirrhosis of the liver. I have never taken drugs for this condition, only naturopathic remedies. I would like to know if MMS will harm my liver.

A. No, MMS does not harm the liver. Quite the opposite – it reduces its workload in having to detoxify the blood and the body. However, given the hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, you may consider doing the liver flushes to remove the thousands of intra-hepatic gallstones behind liver infection and liver cell destruction (see my book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush). Liver flushes and MMS can be done together.

MMS, liver flush

MMS and liver flush

Q. I am now taking MMS. I read that you should never stop taking it. So what do you do when flushing the liver? Skip the MMS for 2 days?

A. Yes, you can skip taking MMS for two days with no problem.

MMS, long-term use

Long-term use of MMS

Q. If I stay on the MMS for several months, won’t the parasites get resistant?

A. If you are on the maintenance dose, I don’t see a problem with it. MMS is primarily used to break down and remove harmful waste matter and noxious substances such as chemicals and heavy metals. Parasites thrive in unclean environments; killing parasites without removing their “food” is a no-win situation. They will outsmart you and mutate into resistant parasites. There will always be some parasites in the body, just as they live in all wild animals. They pose no problems whatsoever. When the body becomes congested, though, the need for destructive bacteria and parasites increases in order to deal with the unclean environment. Something like MMS removes waste deposits as well as the parasites that live and breed there.

MMS, nausea

Nausea from MMS

Q. I started MMS 3 days ago using 2 drops. I increased to 5-6 today and felt quite nauseous. I listened to the CD and this is supposed to be a good sign so I am OK with this but is it harmful?

A. If you are feeling nauseous, it indicates that the body is throwing out a lot of dead bacteria and toxins. To feel better, reduce the number of drops to a level that gives a more comfortable reaction for a few days, then add 1 more drop for a few days to see if that is still acceptable. There’s no need to suffer through this, but if you have these reactions, they do no harm.

MMS, probiotic bacteria

MMS effects on probiotic bacteria

Q. I recently read about MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and was actually reading Jim Humble’s book and some internet forums on the subject. There I read some opinions that MMS also destroys helpful bacteria in the intestines, and it also destroys iron and amino acids and other antioxidants. Humble, on the other hand, writes in the book that it is totally harmless. What is your opinion on that?

A. I am not sure how anyone could possibly prove that MMS destroys probiotic bacteria or organic iron, and amino acid and vitamins. I am always very cautious when I hear statements like that, especially if they originate in the U.S. The medical industry employs professionals that keep making de facto statements about anything that works better than drugs, with the intention of creating doubt and undermining successful alternative therapies. Many unsuspecting practitioners fall for it and start spreading the “bad” news for them. It’s not just that is paid handsomely by the drug giants. This is standard practice in the U.S.

Sodium chlorite is made in the body, by the body, but less is made as we age. Since sodium chlorite breaks down toxic metals, I can only assume that this also includes iron, since iron is a very toxic metal. That’s why you will feel sick if you swallow iron tablets (iron oxide), which is the same as eating rust. The organic iron contained in plant foods, on the other hand, is not broken down by sodium chlorite. There is a huge difference between the two. Plant iron (ionic) is very healthy and the liver determines how much to extract and keep in the blood.

MMS, psoriasis

MMS and psoriasis

Q. Do you have any experience with MMS being used for psoriasis?

A. MMS is certainly working well for psoriasis, but only when other factors are controlled as well. The blood cleansing ability of the liver has to be improved to prevent toxins entering the skin. Stress, alcohol, and smoking are typical triggers for outbreaks. Meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, milk, and especially fish are major triggers and causes. Also, soy milk and tofu are triggers, since they contain enzyme inhibitors. Since these foods can only be partially digested (20% or less), the undigested, damaged proteins imbed themselves in the tissue fluids, including the connective tissue under the skin and move from there into the skin and, in 15% of the cases, also into the joints.

The immune system attacks these foreign protein particles as antigens and, by doing so, inflames the skin. The excessive skin growth helps to eliminate some of these imbedded proteins. Preventing the liver from detoxifying the blood by not sleeping during the four hours when its peak activities occur is a big factor, too, and so is eating late in the evening. Basically, the inflammation of the outer skin reflects inflammation of the inner skin (intestinal lining), caused not just by poor liver functions, poor digestive functions, poor food choices, but also by low self-worth and poor self-image, anger toward oneself.

MMS, taking supplements

Taking other supplements along with MMS

Q. Is it advisable to take amino acids, antioxidiants and colon bacterium to balance the MMS (not at the same time, but some suggest taking 4 days MMS, 3 days antioxidiants). I saw that you recommend MMS and I really value your opinion, because I read some of your books and I find they are really well-researched. Thanks.

A. I am very reluctant to recommend antioxidants, for reasons explained in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. The simplistic mechanistic view is that putting into the body what is missing thus removes the deficiency, but this contradicts the more intelligent and complex workings of the human body. See especially the section on vitamins in the above book.

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