Hi, this is a great comment from Judy Kemecsei and she is talking about TB skin tests and warns about them and I totally agree with her on that. I will read to you her comment and make my own comment about it.

Did you know that getting a TB skin test can be dangerous? Although it is not a vaccine, TB antigens are placed in a syringe and injected under the skin. It contains Tween 80 (polysorbate 80) as a stabilizer, phenol as a preservative. It may contain 1,4-diozane – a suspected carcinogen and a known liver and kidney toxicant. Phenol is a suspected liver, kidney, respiratory, cardiovascular and central nervous system toxicant. Many factors can influence the test results. Thus false negative and false positives are relatively common.”

And I totally agree with Judy on this because the real reason why our body actually has to breed bacteria is to protect the body and remove potential cancer cells.

We receive TB bacteria from our mothers though the breast milk. This is not by accident and this is not a mistake. TB bacteria are to be in our body in order to keep us healthy and protect us against an overgrowth of certain cells, if that has to happen because of shock, because of conflict situations which typically happens when we are under severe stress, and this is a natural protective mechanism that is built into our biology. So every person has to have TB bacteria.

To do a skin test and inject these substances and TB antigens into the system, it can create, it can completely distort the messaging system in our body, and we can have reactions that normally we would not have. It interferes with the natural balance of the immune system. So I wholeheartedly agree with you, Judy, here, and anyone who wants to take a TB test, I recommend stay away from these because they can lead to treatment of TB when you have no infection of tuberculosis at all. It’s a very risky thing to do.

If you are concerned, it’s best to expose your skin to the sunlight.

In the 1920s, anyone who had tuberculosis and came to a doctor who was well versed in tuberculosis and how the body can deal with it naturally is to take people into high altitude mountain regions in Switzerland where they would have a higher dosage of UV radiation. These patients were lying in the sun without any clothes on and within a couple of days their TB infection subsided and didn’t recur because in the presence of enough Vitamin D, TB bacteria decline or go back to the normal number of presence in the body and wouldn’t cause anyone any harm.

If there is any cancer growth in the body, eventually, the TB bacteria will assemble in that area and build up inside these cancer cells until there is a saturation point of these TB bacteria, which will then be used by the body in order to decompose, in fact, decompose these cancer cells.

So TB bacteria are part of the last line of defense the body uses in order to dispose or get rid of any cancer growth that may have occurred as a result of severe stress, conflict, trauma that may have required for the body to build extra cells which unfortunately we call cancer cells. These extra cells, they take up some of the functions or the higher demand for activity in certain parts of the body such as the lungs that may need to produce extra cells to take up the oxygen in order to supply the body with extra oxygen during stressful experiences often called the ‘fight or flight’ response.

So during stress or ‘fight or flight’ or constant ‘fight or flight’, the body has to build extra cells in order to accommodate the extra demand for energy and oxygen and nutrients, and so when that stress is over, the body will basically break down these extra cells.

In order to do that it requires infection through… with the help of candida bacteria, virus materials as well as TB bacteria – tuberculosis, and tuberculosis is not a disease, it is part of the protective, survival mechanism.

If we support the body through that, instead of fighting it and by implanting antigens, TB antigens, into the body, we are severely disturbing the process of natural healing, and can cause more trouble, more problems, that are maybe extremely difficult to remedy naturally, and therefore I am totally against using TB antigens and injecting them under the skin.

Thank you.

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