By:  Andreas Moritz  (2012)

Hi, this is a question from Jennifer Hatton and she is commenting that she did 12 liver flushes and she feels great, however she says she discovered polyps in her cervix and uterus and if there is any natural medicine for that.

Typically what I found over many, many years is that polyps in that part of the body has to do with a conflict, an emotional conflict, regarding sexuality or relationship with another person , usually a man, and so there is something that happened to you a long time ago perhaps, or in more recent history, that made your cells in the uterus, cervix, to increase in number and that’s a protective mechanism to basically remove some of the toxins, metabolic waste, cell debris, and things that are produced when you are anxious about something. We produce very powerful toxins literally in the body and that result from ill feelings, from conflicts, in this regard, they relate to sexuality.

So if there is anything like that I encourage you to look at the root cause behind that and not just treat the symptom. The body is already doing its best.

Polyps are not a diseases, they are protective mechanisms. They absorb toxins from the immediate environment. So I would not try to get rid of them unless you have really, really balanced that original conflict and you may want to seek the help of someone that you can speak to about it but definitely make sure you don’t live with someone who oppresses you or makes you feel bad about anything. This could be even be related to a father figure who made you feel unworthy and if anyone has abused you sexually or in any other way, emotionally, then, particularly if it’s the opposite sex, then this is something you might want to seek some help by speaking to a practitioner of German New Medicine perhaps, or do the Emotional Freedom Technique or have a Sacred Santémony with me, even though I am booked for the following… throughout the following year… but you definitely should look at this and totally should correct this survival-protective mechanism that the body has created in this respect.

Thank you.

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