Healing the Pancreas

This is a question on the pancreas and the question goes; can you please tell us how to heal the pancreas?

Now, there are many illnesses related to a dysfunctional or weak pancreas, for example diabetes, but something that is rarely considered is that it is to a large degree due to impaired liver and gall bladder function. What happens very often is that when the liver bile ducts get congested and the gallbladder fills up with stones, there are stones and bile sludge moving into the common bile duct and from there up into the pancreatic duct. And this can inhibit the pancreas, secretion of pancreatic juices, or pancreatic enzymes, and that can lead to these pancreatic enzymes to build up in the pancreas in an inactivated form.  Typically, when the pancreatic duct is open, pancreatic enzymes move into the common bile duct where the pancreatic juices or enzymes combine with bile, and the bile is activating these digestive enzymes, so that when these two – the bile and the pancreatic enzymes – move into the small intestine, they can begin to digest the food that you have ingested.

Now when the pancreas or the pancreatic duct is congested with stones or sludge that has come from the bile ducts of the liver or from the gall bladder, then these inactivated enzymes would begin to destroy the pancreatic cells, particularly pancreatic islets and this can lead to the occurrence of insulin deficiency and also to diabetes and to progressive inflammation of the pancreas which is called pancreatitis.

So this destruction of the pancreas can be corrected or healed simply by making sure that the bile ducts in the liver and the gall bladder are clean, that they are cleaned out through a series of liver and gall bladder flushes so that in the future there is no clogging up of the pancreatic duct which can lead to the pancreatitis or slow unnoticeable or unnoticed destruction of the pancreas.

I definitely recommend liver and gall bladder flushes for any pancreas problems because there is just not much around to help the pancreas heal. And, if the pancreas is congested for a long time it leads to pancreatic cancer which is a little more difficult to treat than other kinds of cancers.

The other thing that with regards to the pancreas is very important is that we make changes to the diet and lifestyle because, the diet particularly has a great influence on the pancreas. For example, if a person drinks a lot of alcohol, we know that this can damage the pancreas again, beyond the liver and the other issue is eating lot of sugar, a lot of kids eat a lot of sugar, having soft drinks which can also destroy the pancreas. So it is important to consider a changing of the diet so that we do not create the same problem again and again.

Not just cleaning out the liver but also making the adjustments, setting the preconditions for the pancreas to heal itself.

I hope you find this helpful and wish you a wonderful and great day.

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