By Andreas Moritz

Life organizes itself in such a way that it brings us to crossroads of major change. The old road we used to drive may have served us well in the past, but when we decide to head for a new destination, we may need to take a new road. Of course, there are options. Once we have decided we want abundance in every area, the universe takes care of the details. However, the manifestation of abundance can only occur if we are what we want. This makes abundance dependent on the area of self-worth. Feeling blessed by whatever we have and are is that consciousness of abundance, which opens up the gates of infinite possibilities.

Feeling unloved, unworthy, or lonely, on the other hand sets us up for being a victim of poverty and lack. Every situation in life prompts us to choose between abundance and lack of abundance. The real choice, though, occurs within. How do I see myself at each new moment? Do I consider myself blessed, even if I do not possess anything, or do I doubt my worthiness despite having everything I could possibly want?

In other words, the abundance issue would not come up if I knew my essential Self. There are no limitations to energies, regarding wealth or health, other than self-worth issues. There is no force, no government, no economic system, no gods, no devils, etc. that impose limitations on us in any form; we create these ourselves. It is our task, therefore, to undo and release the self-imposed myth of limitations and allow abundance to flow freely and without restriction.

True abundance is far too complex for our human mind to figure out. To open ourselves to the abundance of the universe we must employ the God force itself. And God’s mind, which is the ever-present consciousness of our Highest Self, cannot fit into the limited frame of the ego mind. Our ego mind chooses the field duality to form the impulses of a desire, whereas our God mind relies on the ‘Oneness of the All’ to bring that desire to fruition. So to organize all the necessary details that are involved in the fulfillment of a desire, sprung from the lips of the ego, we have to rely on our Higher Selves.

These often very complex arrangements normally escape the conscious awareness of the limited ego mind. While we are still entangled in the jungle of duality we have a very hard time understanding that becoming empty before we can become full is part of the Divine plan of awakening us to our essential nature – which is abundance in every conceivable way.

Each one of us is infinite abundance by nature, but our ego mind doesn’t have a conscious knowing of this, so we devise all sorts of methods to try to find it. These methods are bound to fail eventually because none of them reveals ‘Who We Are’; they merely show what we identify with. However, and this is equally important, they do show us what we are not. The immense power of the President of the United States is insignificant to the tiny power of a deadly virus, should it strike against him.

What is the wealth of a Bill Gates worth if it cannot prevent a massive earthquake from taking away his family? Having the influence of a pope is meaningless if he cannot love himself. None of the worldly powers compare with what we truly are. Each one of us is everything that exists. To revert to our true power, wealth and influence we must learn to bring our ego-mind into alignment with our cosmic mind. For this to happen, a president may need to resign, a Bill Gates may have to give away his wealth, and a pope may need to concede that he isn’t so ‘holy’ after all. This emptying of the cup of our ego-mind surrenders it to the real power, wealth and influence that we are. This makes it easier to understand why ‘bad’ things happen to us.

This is an excerpt from my book LIFTING THE VEIL OF DUALITY

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