Hi, this is Andreas Moritz and this is in response to a question that I frequently receive, and that is, “How do you deal with a gallstone attack if it happens after eating a greasy, fatty meal?”

When a person has gallstones in the gallbladder or even in the bile ducts of the liver, then eating a fatty meal causes the gallbladder to release a fair amount of bile, and along with that bile stones that were maybe contained in the gallbladder may come out, and during that it may happen that one of those gallstones or several of them get stuck in the common bile duct and create what is known as a colic or gallstone attack, where the gallstone(s) simple cannot move on and the wall of the common bile duct starts contracting and this can create an enormous amount of pain.

I have had 40 such gallstone attacks before I did my first liver flush and never had one ever again after that. So about 20 or 25 years ago I started having gallstone attacks for about 10 years duration until I figured out how to clean out my liver and gallbladder, release all the stones that impacted these bile ducts and the gallbladder totally, that was… I passed about three and a half thousand stones and once I cleaned out my liver and gallbladder I never had any stones coming forth coming out of me even when I did like 15 cleanses afterward, and never passed any other stones and I never had a problem ever since.

So I would advise anyone who has gallstones and wants to avoid gallstone attacks to do a series of liver flushes until all stones are gone. However if you haven’t done that yet and you experience a gallstone attack, you may want to take some of these recommendations and apply them.

So I would suggest first of all to drink a glass of Epsom salts on an empty stomach. Epson salts have been shown to relax the bile ducts. There is a study that clearly showed when you take Epsom salts, a tablespoon of Epsom salt in one glass, eight ounces of water, you will dilate the common bile duct and the bile ducts in the liver, allowing any stones that may have been stuck in the common bile duct to pass on. The bile duct is, the common bile duct is not just relaxed, in response to taking the Epsom salt, which is magnesium sulphate, but also it will dilate, according to the research. So the dilated common bile duct will allow any trapped stones to pass through and this will stop the attack and this happens in 95% – 98 % of the cases that I have seen and advice to take a glass of Epsom salts. So this is the first emergency thing to do when you have such an attack.

The second thing I advise you to do is to drink red beet juice during the next two or three meals and it should be at least half a cup to one cup or even a little more of red beet juice taken during the meal, not after or before, but during the meal itself, and so that will also help to relax the bile ducts and allow more bile to come through. Bile is very oily and if there is a lot of bile coming through the system, then the stone has a chance to just move through the common bile duct quite easily.

The third advice I would give is to make a poultice. Take a flannel that is soaked in warm apple cider vinegar, a little hand towel, so warm up apple cider vinegar, put that in, and apply that right onto the liver area on the right side of the rib cage and this will also relax the bile ducts and allow stones that are stuck there to pass.

The fourth advice I will give is to massage the second smallest toe on both feet that means… it’s the fourth toe and also the third toe… so the third and fourth toe… If you massage these toes, there will be a relaxation of gallbladder that will also help with the release of the stones that may be stuck in the cystic duct of the gallbladder, or in the common bile duct.

These are the most effective things we can do, not every person who has a gallstone attack should immediately go to the emergency room. Even though it is very painful, in 99 % of the cases this is unnecessary and can lead to unnecessary removals of the gallbladder, which is a real nuisance because that can cause severe gastrointestinal problems throughout the person’s life, and again it’s totally unnecessary in vast majority of cases that I have seen and know about.

Thank you for listening and anyone who has a gallbladder attack should follow these advices first. Taking a glass of Epsom salt is something anyone can do almost right away and that in most cases will work very, very, very quickly.

Thank you.

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