How to eliminate harmful radiation effects of x-rays

Hi, this is a question from a person who has received dozens of full body X-rays and is wondering if there is anything that can be done to reduce or eliminate the accumulated radiation in the body.

And certainly there are quite a few things one can do. First of all make sure you avoid future exposures such as from mammograms which are turning out to be a leading cause of cancer of the breast and other forms of radiation that are more often given for reasons that do not require such diagnostic approaches. However the ones who have accumulated a certain amount of radiation there are a number of things you can take internally or externally.

You can take baths that are utilizing hydrogen peroxide or wax it is a good combination to use bentonite clay in the bath, if you cannot take a full bath with bentonite clay then at least take a couple of foot baths which can also pull radiation… because of their metallic nature, their ionic nature… that they literally pull radiation out through the bottom of the feet.

Now there is ceolite clay or known as ceolite which is very-very useful to decontaminate the body and they have been used in instances where exposure to nuclear power plants have created radiation poisoning. So ceolite C-E-O-L-I-T-E is very, very useful, put that on top of the list. The green clay is also very useful, green French clay which is more prevalent in Europe. Then there is baking soda which is a very, very effective way of reducing eliminating radiation particularly from the kidneys so it can be taken internally for a while, I would suggest no longer than two to three weeks, even a half a teaspoon in a day in some water will help to decontaminate body from radiation. Then there is bowen, bowen is quite effective and has been shown to eliminate radiation.

And besides that there are obviously certain foods which can help with removing radiation and that’s anything from brown rice to sea weed, kelp, kelp has been definitely shown to help with radiation problems. Miso soup which is very popular in Japan, that is a very helpful for people with radiation problems. Pumpkin turns out to be quite effective too and pumpkin seeds are which you can find in most stores. Spirulina which is a green blue algae type… rich… also catches radiation and eliminates it from the system. Wheat grass… some people do wheat grass juicing… I recommend to do that only for couple of days in a row and then give it a break for a couple of days so that you do not get overexposed to the plant antibodies which are quite toxic, that can irritate or cause issues with the immune system that could lead to allergies to those particular antibodies.

So there are some herbs as well which are very useful, cilantro, basil, sweet basil and rosemary, a very popular herb which is also known to diminish radiation accumulation in the body. Ginger is a very popular food that can be added to cooked food or salads in grated form, very effective for radiation. Then some people like alpha – alpha sprouts, if it is not genetically modified, then go ahead with that. It has also shown benefits. And olive oil is a very good thing to add because olive oil has been shown to transport radiation out of the body too. Anything that is green, leafy vegetables, very good. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli are very effective scavengers of radiation. And the other thing that has been shown to be quite effective is eating apples, so the old saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ this applies also to ‘keeps the radiation away’, so it is a good protective measure you can take on a day to day basis. Have an apple a day and that keeps the radiation away.

I hope this is helpful to you, particularly who has had undergone major radiation poisoning, and that is a serious issue nowadays because you do not just get radiation from medical technologies but also from the atmosphere, from contamination, from the experiments that are being done in various places underground in the background and nuclear base material making its way into the water lines and water ways and into soil, and from there into our food supply and so it is good to eat foods that are immune first of all to radiation and to remove radiation once it has occurs in our body.

Thank you.

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