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Posted:  March 4, 2012 — updated 2016

This is a question from a person whose wife has been on dialysis for at least 10 years and during this time she is undergoing dialysis about three times a week, every second or third day. She is tired of doing this, and obviously it is interfering with her life greatly. Her doctors have told her that her kidneys are dead and she will never be able to recover her kidney functions. Her husband tried to tell her that perhaps liver flushes could help, but she is convinced that this is not going to help her recover her kidneys.

I can only tell you that the idea that the kidneys are dead is quite ludicrous because if her kidneys were dead, she would have decomposing kidneys; they would basically completely disintegrate and would cause sepsis in the body, and the person would obviously die from that very quickly. So to say that the kidneys are completely dead and non-functional, that is just a misconception; that is a myth — that doesn’t happen. So it’s important to realize that perhaps the kidneys are in the sleeping mode for the time being, but whatever is asleep can also be reawakened.

I have seen people who have been on dialysis for long, long periods of time and recovered their kidneys, not to full capacity, but at least to a point where they didn’t need continuous or regular dialysis to basically remove urine components from the kidneys.

So I would suggest, if she is open to that, to consider cleaning out the liver. I have discussed the relationship between the liver and the kidneys to a great extent in my book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush; and there is a very, very strong connection between these two organs because the liver is responsible for taking out metabolic waste products and passing them on to the kidneys for excretion.

If the liver is not doing its job properly, the kidneys can easily get overwhelmed with toxins and waste products that are not broken down properly by the liver. Therefore they can injure the kidneys to a point that the kidneys become so congested that they are not able to remove urine to the level that they need to, in order to not become congested and overwhelmed themselves.

So it’s important to find ways to decongest the body, including the intestines and the liver, and to eat a diet that is not contributing damage to the kidneys, such as a high protein diet which is important to avoid for anyone that has kidney trouble, because damaged proteins can severely interfere with kidney functions.

So it’s best to be on a vegan vegetarian diet, which has shown to ease up the stress on the kidneys, and to allow the kidneys to help themselves and clean themselves out.

I would also encourage her to take the kidney cleanse tea for at least 3 times a year, for about 20 days each, to start decongesting the kidneys to reawaken some of their functions, and to start taking over some of the things that currently only dialysis sessions can do for her.

I would also recommend doing something that is not very popular in North America, but in Europe it is very popular — that is to use some of her own urine that is formed, perhaps to a small amount, or that she can derive from the dialysis machine and take it back orally into the body. That has shown to greatly benefit the kidneys. My mother, whose kidneys were failing when she was in her 60s and 70s, completely recovered her kidney functions simply by drinking her own urine, and was able to live another 25 years, and quite comfortably so.

So, there are different ways one can help the kidneys, even in such a dire state that eating certain foods frequently, such as asparagus, can also contribute to better kidney functions. Once again, avoid foods that interfere with the kidneys, which include animal proteins such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and also the sugars, artificial sugars, the artificial sweeteners, food additives, junk foods, fried foods and deep fried foods—these should all be avoided.

Sugar, in particular, can raise the uric acid levels dramatically and can cause kidney stones and crystals, and kidney sand which can diminish the functions of kidney cells dramatically.

So I recommend wholeheartedly to just eat natural foods that are not processed or not manufactured in factories.

I hope that this will help her if she takes advantage of this information, and I wish you all success in that.

The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush

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