Hi, this is Andreas Moritz and this is a question from Yvonne Jensen in Denmark. “Hi Andreas a question from Denmark, I believe in reincarnation and also believe that our blueprint is changing all the time. I believe that we are born in a family with the same difficulties and similar energies as we have in order to overcome and learn from it. It is not all about environment but mostly about what we have experienced in past lives too.”

And I totally agree with you on that, we are not just living in this present moment, we do have a past, we have had a childhood and we had also a time before our childhood, not just limited to our time spend in our mother’s womb. Before we can come into a human body and inhabit that human body, that’s a being a soul or soul entity, we have to have some kind of information packaged with inside of us that allows us to materialize that package and express ourselves in a very unique way that differentiates us from other human beings.

And we all are different, even if a person is born along with another person, that means they are twins and they are identical twins, it doesn’t mean that they are sharing the same personality. So there is a factor built-in with the birth of a human child and that is the individuality of the soul or the consciousness of that person.

And consciousness is not something that is limited to the human experience. Consciousness is something that is shared by everything that exists on a planet and that also applies to any time that is being experienced on the planet or off planet. That means that time, as we understand it, is not something that can be limited in terms of sequential enfoldment, that an object moving from a place A to a place B, and having taken this much time, that now it has arrived at place B, Place A is no longer there; it is not true. Even Einstein’s relativity theory has pointed out that time is relative, that means it can be stretched in any direction – forward or backward.

Consciousness is the only persistent and internal factor which also implies then that there are no real past lives. If consciousness is the only lasting part of the equation then we cannot say that there is a beginning to consciousness or an end to consciousness.

So the idea that we are born and that we die is only an idea that relates or is limited to the experience in this physical frame we call the human body.

In reality, time cannot be constrained and consciousness is that factor in time that makes time really irrelevant. All that is relevant is the experience.

So in other words, if we are born and I was born 58 years ago into this human body, I do remember previous lifetimes where I have had other experiences in a different body, but my identity, the self, that I inhabit today or that I am composed of, is still the same self that I had in other physical expressions or bodies, that means the consciousness that I once have been in these bodies is still the same consciousness that I have today. However, my intentions, my experiences, my belief systems perhaps, anything that has happened to happen to me in this lifetime may not necessarily be the same that I had in other lifetimes. In fact I remember completely different experiences.

So what I am trying to explain here is that it is not really relevant what lifetimes we had, what negative or positive experiences we had, what karmic implications these experiences may have in our present moment, we are not determined by any of this, what we are experiencing is the voluntary embracement or acceptance of certain experiences to bring them back up on the table, on our plate, so that we can make peace with any actions of ours, or intentions of ours that we had previously, that we now want to make peace with or we want to accept and we want to learn from or grow from.

So when people refer to negative karma that they have somehow incurred in a previous lifetime, then that is only a sort of limited point of view of what karma means, it doesn’t mean we are constrained, we are manipulated or influenced by anything in the past; it is a voluntary mission that we are undertaking to no longer feel trapped by what we believed in other lifetimes. So for example, if I… and I have done that, killed a lot of people with a sword, riding on horseback, and not just during war times but off war times as well, and that enjoying killing other people, so what I have embarked upon this lifetime is to help heal people or allow, point out to people what they can do to heal themselves. So this turned out to my advantage in a way, and to a lot of people’s advantages because my so-called bad actions in the past or evil doing has turned out to become a blessing in this lifetime, and so we cannot differentiate, we cannot separate one lifetime from another, because the consciousness, the underlying component of life, the basic source of our lives, is still the same and so it’s not that we are therefore passive victims of something that we have done in our past lives, we have volunteered to learn from these experiences and make the best of it in this lifetime.

So it is not a curse that we are experiencing, but it is a blessing.

And so I encourage every person who is encountering any difficulties in this lifetime not to refer it to it as “Oh, this is because my childhood was bad, my parents were bad to me” or “I had so many problems because of financial difficulties”, but to actually embrace that and say “Well, this is an opportunity for me to move to a higher level of self-acceptance, no longer to be trapped by the ideas that “because I have done something bad or evil in the past life then I am punished I am being punished for that in this lifetime and therefore I have no power over my life”, this is absolutely nonsense and has nothing to do with what we are here to do.

We are here to accept our weaknesses, our mistakes, we make them, we are here to learn from the difficulties that other people have by evolving to an expanded form of compassion and love and generosity and service that always helps us at the same moment we help to service other people.

So in a way there is nothing wrong in any of this, and it would be very, very useful for every person to look at the things that we feel victimized by, where that we feel put down, to actually turn it around and see these as our true strengths and our true opportunities, to further our life in a way that it is more meaningful, enjoyable and a blessing for most people around us as well.

Thank you.

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