Sacred Santémony

Divine Chanting for Every Occasion

Sacred Santémony is a unique healing system that uses sounds from specific words to balance deep emotional/spiritual imbalances. The powerful words produced in Sacred Santémony are made from whole-brain use of the letters of the ancient language – language that is comprised of the basic sounds that underlie and bring forth all physical manifestation. The letters of the ancient language vibrate at a much higher level than our modern languages, and when combined to form whole words, they generate feelings of peace and harmony (Santémony) to calm the storms of unrest, violence and turmoil, both internal and external.

While there is no CD of the Sacred Santémony, as Andreas was unable to source and create the high quality reproduction values that he diligently sought over the years, there is an excellent radio interview that Andreas did which included his Sacred Santémony sound healing chant. This is the only recording that is available (YouTube link):

Michelle Skaletski-Boyd Interviews Andreas Moritz

Soul Felt Series interview with Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

Time: 1:33:01 (The Sacred Santémony chant is toward the end of the interview, at around 1 hour 25 minutes.)

Please read on to learn more about Sacred Santémony as explained by Andreas.

Sacred Santémony

by Andreas Moritz (2006)

What is Sacred Santémony?

Andreas_Moritz_santemony_v2Sacred Santémony is a term that was given to me by the higher dimensional being Merlin. The powerful words produced in Sacred Santémony are made from whole-brain use of the letters of the ancient language – language that is comprised of the basic sounds that underlie and bring forth all physical manifestation. The letters of the ancient language vibrate at a much higher level than our modern languages, and when combined to form whole words, they generate feelings of peace and harmony (Santémony) to calm the storms of unrest, violence and turmoil, both internal and external to us.

Think back to those awesome occasions in your childhood when your parents or grandparents read or told you stories about wizards who knew of magic words and spells that would instantly fulfill your desires, materialize objects out of thin air, heal illness and/or create other kinds of supernatural phenomena. The current worldwide fascination with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and such books as Deepak Chopra’s bestseller, The Way of the Wizard, is a timely reflection of mankind’s awakening to true magic. Like so many kids my age when I was growing up, I used to believe in these fantastic tales, but had no idea that one day I would become a wizard myself. Those who know me personally or through my books trust that I am a down-to-earth person who seeks rational explanations for everything that happens to us. What follows, however, defies all that we have considered normal and explicable, and I count myself very fortunate to be able to share my experiences with you of some of the most powerful practices of ancient lore.

During the first months of 2002 I began to channel higher dimensional beings, known as ‘The Elders’. These wonderful beings spoke through me, using my vocal cords, in what appeared to be ancient tongue, including Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese. On some occasions there would be as many as eight of these beautiful spirit beings speaking simultaneously through one harmonious voice. This unusual conglomeration of sounds typically occurred during the ‘Golden Dome’ meditation gatherings that we were holding in different parts of the U.S. and other continents throughout that year.

In April, 2002 I happened to meet Dannion Brinkley, the world famous healer and best-selling author who, struck by lightning, suddenly acquired amazing healing powers and profound insights into the secrets of life, death and afterlife. Having had no prior knowledge of me he stated that I had done a lot of work in the area of physical healing (30 years) as well as healing through visual art (Ener-Chi Art). “Now,” said Dannion, “it is time that you start healing people with your voice.”

Soon after this enlightening meeting with Dannion, I spontaneously began to chant sounds that were meant to improve certain health conditions. These sounds resembled chants by Native Americans, Tibetan monks, Vedic pundits (Sanskrit) and languages from other star systems (not known on planet Earth). Within two weeks, I was able to bring forth sounds that would instantly remove emotional blocks and resistance or aversion to any given situation, certain people, foods, chemicals, thought forms, beliefs, etc. Through Kinesiology muscle testing I was able to verify that, once emitted, these unusual, highly energized sounds could resolve the root cause of any problem or stressful issue within a matter of seconds. A few days later I intuited how to transmit these sounds telepathically to people who lived on the other side of the globe. Although these people did not consciously hear the sounds I uttered or, in some cases, even know what I was doing, they nevertheless received similar healing benefits. Of course, I do not offer these chants to anyone whose Higher Self does not consent to receiving such forms of higher dimensional healing.

The following are but a few examples of what Sacred Santémony is able to accomplish. It can assist you with:

  • Reducing or removing fear that is related to death, disease, the body, foods, harmful chemicals, parents and other people, lack of abundance, impoverishment, phobias, environmental threats, the future and the past, unstable economic trends, political unrest, etc.
  • Clearing a current hurt, disappointment or anger resulting from past emotional trauma or negative experiences in life.
  • Cleansing the Akashic Records (all experiences the soul has gathered throughout all life streams) from persistent fearful elements, including the idea and concept that we are separate from and not one with Spirit, God, our Creator or our Higher Self.
  • Setting the preconditions for you to resolve your karmic issues not through pain and suffering, but through creativity and joy.
  • Improving or clearing up allergies and intolerances to foods, chemical substances, pesticides, herbicides, air pollutants, radiation, medical drugs, pharmaceutical by-products, etc.
  • Undoing the psycho-emotional root causes of any chronic illness, including cancer, heart disease, MS, diabetes, arthritis, brain disorders, depression, etc.
  • Clearing out entities that you may have ‘invited’ at times of trauma, despair or inner conflict.
  • Understanding and transforming any obstacles to fulfilling your desires, such as selling a house, getting a dream job or enhancing your gifts and spiritual development, into opportunities for growth, learning, clearing and healing.
  • Resolving any other difficulties or barriers in life by ‘converting’ them into the useful blessings that they are.

The Gift of Sacred Santémony

The sounds generated during a Sacred Santémony session are not bound by the limited space/time realities of existence. They originate in higher dimensions and, therefore, can extend their healing effects to any past or probable future event. In other words, these sounds can help prevent calamities or misfortune from occurring in the future and also help undo or minimize the traumatic consequences of past actions (karma).

The word ‘Sacred’ in this context denotes that no harm can be done by the words or sounds produced during such healing sessions. They can only be created by individuals who respect and uphold the principles of Divine Harmony and the Law of One. People who think and act from fear or are anchored in separation consciousness and judgment are naturally denied access to the energy of these frequencies and the sounds transmitted from them. This prevents any potential abuse by individuals or organizations whose intentions are to increase their power and wealth in order to control others. Profound, unconditional love is the foremost requirement for acquiring the gift of Sacred Santémony.

What About Free Will?

You are only able to release or transform what you are conscious of and willing to accept, embrace and release. If you resist a particular health problem (suppressing its symptoms through medication or surgery) or ignore the difficulties you may have in a personal relationship, you are actually choosing to keep the pain that these issues are causing you – unconsciously, that is. This means that you are exercising your free will, for whatever reason, to remain limited in your experience of love, harmony and balance – perhaps to learn the lesson of compassion or unconditional love.

Sacred Santémony cannot assist you in transforming such areas of limitation within your life, unless you become aware of them and are willing to accept and, in turn, release them. Reading the book, Lifting the Veil of Duality, is a simple, effective method for bringing any hidden fears or resistance to the forefront of your awareness. The codes of natural law are imbued in the written words and the spaces between them. By reading the book without distraction, you begin to resonate with your inner truth and knowingness. Additionally, it helps you see the fears and limitations underlying your hesitation to accept your own love, power and wisdom. The chanting of Sacred Santémony can then help you embrace and release these fears and limitations.

When this release occurs, most people either cry with joy and relief, or break out in sweat, or experience other indications of genuine ‘letting go.’ This experience dramatically enhances your current vibrational state and facilitates the transformation from one state of consciousness into the next. As this transformational process begins, Sacred Santémony secures a safe transition into your next sequential phase of spiritual evolution. It also clears your evolutionary path from undesirable situations, if this is in your highest good.

How Does Sacred Santémony Work?

Sounds projected from an awareness of ancient language are of a very high vibration and energetic quality. They are capable of correcting the distorted, low vibrations that usually result in disease, accidents or conflict. This hardly comes as a surprise, given the discoveries of modern science. Physics, in particular, declares that the whole universe is nothing but vibration.

According to this accepted theory, particles of nature are not solid at all, but rather waves of energy, which is vibration. Specific frequencies of sound vibrations organize and assemble the subatomic particles that are nothing but waves of light energy. These comprise all of matter throughout the universe, formed into unique configurations of physical appearance and function. The human DNA, for example, is a product of these waves of light energy. The sound vibrations arrange these subatomic particles or waves in a purposeful manner (double helix) so that a complex human body can be created and sustained. Any distortion of the sound vibrations can disrupt the DNA, forcing it to become misaligned with its original design. This, in turn, can produce faulty genes or disturb basic physiological functions, such as digestion and metabolism.

Sacred Santémony has a built-in capacity to correct the distortion of the sound vibrations underlying these physiological processes because it originates from the basic sound web, or grid responsible for creating and sustaining the body and all of creation.

The human body and the rest of material existence are merely a web of sound vibration that is evolving at an incredible speed. Any fear or resistance to flow with the tide of growth and expansion in life generates stress and tension. The discordant vibrations in your body, mind and emotions can lead you to make unbalanced choices regarding diet, relationships, career, etc., that create disease, conflict and unhappiness in your life. Sacred Santémony offers a means to restore or strengthen the original vibrations, thereby allowing you to make different choices that will generate increased opportunities, including enhanced and vibrant health.

The sounds of Sacred Santémony produced by Andreas during a live phone session with him are able to clear any difficulties and fears that you are willing to accept and embrace as opportunities for growth and learning, no matter how many years or lifetimes ago they were created. It only takes about 8 minutes of chanting to accomplish this. However, to give Andreas access to past and present fears and difficulties, prior to the actually chanting, he needs to ask you a number of questions and clear up and reprogram any misconceptions you may have about the true nature of these imbalanced states or situations. The entire session takes 1 hour, and is done via telephone.

Sacred Santémony shows that healing does not need to take a long time or be difficult. We are now moving into a new era where magic will be the natural method of accomplishing our desires and where everything is possible so long as we believe and desire it to be so.

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