Special Offer

** May 25th to 31st **

Support your health & nourish your well-being

This month’s exclusive Special Offer focuses on the vibeRx Style for Life – Whole Body Vibration Trainer (BS-110B) sold directly from the Ener-Chi Wellness Center.

$40.00 OFF purchase of vibeRx Style for Life –
Whole Body Vibration Trainer

For a very limited time, our online price of $989.00 is specially discounted to $949.00 (including S&H – USA addresses only).*


This Whole Body Vibration Trainer is by far the best exercising equipment that Andreas had personally used. In just 10 minutes, this vibration system exercises all the small and large muscles, organs and systems in your body, including the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It’s like having a strenuous whole body workout but without losing any energy at all. The exercise is actually extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. Read more…


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*Note: This exclusive Special Offer is available for 7 days onlyMay 25 to 31 – and cannot be applied
to online purchases, or Toll-free Customer Service Call Center-assisted purchases,
made before May 25th or after May 31st. Thank you for your understanding.

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