Special Offer

** September 24th to 30th **

Abundant wishes for a healthy, uplifting and inspiring Equinox!

This month’s Special Offer provides a discount on all of Andreas’ books and Ener-Chi Art purchased directly from the Ener-Chi Wellness Center, on our website:

$20 OFF purchase of $70 or more (excluding S&H)*

We welcome you to choose any combination of books and/or Ener-Chi Art sold on the Ener-Chi website where the retail value totals $70 or more (excluding Shipping & Handling) — including Andreas’ paperback books, eBooks and Ener-Chi Art pictures.

*[Please note that the following items are not included in this special offer: Organic Sulfur Crystals; Kindle editions and other books from Andreas sold through Amazon or other sources; wellness products recommended by Andreas that are sold by other companies or websites.]

In the spirit of taking advantage of this offer, here are a couple of ‘combination’ ideas (for illustrative purposes only):

1 paperback edition of Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation
(retail value: $32.95) +
1 paperback edition of It’s Time to Come Alive   (retail value: $22.95) +
1 eBook edition of Timeless Wisdom from Andreas Moritz  
(retail value: $14.95)
= 3 items together: total $70.85 (not including S&H)

4 Ener-Chi Art pictures   (retail value per picture: $22.95) —
4 items together: total $91.80 (not including S&H)


Need help using our coupon code? Click here.

*Note: This Special Equinox Offer is for 7 days onlySeptember 24 to 30 – and cannot be applied to
online purchases, or Toll-free Customer Service Call Center-assisted purchases, made
before September 24th or after September 30th. Thank you for your understanding.

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