Special Promotion

May opportunities for enhancement in the new year
support, nurture and inspire you!

** January 25th to 31st **

This month’s Special Offer celebrates the start of the new year with a robust discount on select health and spiritually-oriented books by Andreas.

50% OFF Specially Selected Paperback Books
(excluding Shipping & Handling)*

The following six books by Andreas are included in this month’s promotion:

Cancer Is Not a Disease —
It’s a Survival Mechanism

Retail $22.95  ~  $11.48  

Vaccine-nation —
Poisoning the Population,
One Shot at a Time

Retail $22.95  ~  $11.48

It’s Time to Come Alive
Retail $22.95  ~  $11.48  

Lifting the Veil of Duality
Retail $22.95  ~  $11.48

Hear The Whispers,
Live Your Dream

Retail $14.95  ~  $7.48  

Timeless Wisdom
from Andreas Moritz

Retail $17.95  ~  $8.98


*Note: This Special Promotion is offered for 7 days onlyJanuary 25 to 31 – and cannot be applied to online purchases, or Toll-free Customer Service Call Center-assisted purchases, made before January 25th or after January 31st.
Thank you for your understanding.

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