Heal Your Soul to Heal Your Life

By:  Andreas Moritz
Book excerpt:  Lifting the Veil of Duality

The currently experienced widespread economic crisis and political/social uncertainty seem to threaten our very survival on this planet. However, any attempt to fix the symptoms of our crumbling economy, our sickness industry, and our own lack of worthiness and security […]

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How To Choose Abundance

By Andreas Moritz

Life organizes itself in such a way that it brings us to crossroads of major change. The old road we used to drive may have served us well in the past, but when we decide to head for a new destination, we may need to take a new road. Of course, there are options. Once we have decided we want abundance in every area, the universe takes care of the details. However, the manifestation of abundance can only occur if we are what we want. This makes abundance dependent on the area of self-worth. Feeling blessed by whatever we have and are is that consciousness of abundance, which opens up the gates of infinite possibilities.

Oneness With The Living Earth Leads To Abundance And Freedom From Fear

By Andreas Moritz

Nearly all conflicts and struggles in man’s historical past were based on beliefs that arose from misguided sensory perception. Even today, wars are being fought over ‘territorial rights’ and ‘national boundaries’ that only exist in the minds of the people. These rights and boundaries are merely a delusion, for […]

Your Intention Is What Determines Whether You Deviate From Or Stay On The Path Of Life

By Andreas Moritz

Judgment is the attempt of the mind to attach some kind of meaning to your experiences in life. This meaning in turn defines who you are in relationship to certain events, circumstances or people you meet. In other words, the way the world represents itself to you is an […]

Why ‘Bad’ Things Happen To You

By Andreas Moritz 

Your wallet or car may be stolen because you asked for true abundance in life. Your home might burn down because you are terrified at the thought of being homeless. A lifelong partner whom you have given all our trust and love for so many years may suddenly decide to leave you because you feel […]