Conversing With Nature For Profound Healing Of the Mind, Body And Spirit

By Andreas Moritz

Imagine that you could have a conversation with the plants. In actual fact, they respond to your thoughts, your feelings and your touch by releasing their specific pheromones (hormone-like compounds) which fill the airwaves and inform the immediate environment of your presence. Depending on the quality of your thoughts or feelings, these chemicals can trigger either hostile or friendly responses in the other plants, trees, insects and animals. Once you have gently touched a flower and spoken to it with kind words, it is ‘broadcast’ to the entire environment that there is a friend of the Earth.

A healthy human aura has a radius extending to about fifty meters. Our aura changes its colors, shape and width according to the quality of our thoughts and feelings, the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, and numerous other factors. When we walk through a field or a forest, the plants, flowers and trees around us are literally touched by our aura. The experience of fear and anger changes the color and shape patterns of the aura and can induce fear and defensiveness in the animals or plants that are nearby.

Feeling happy and content, on the other hand, generates a greater sense of peace in the environment. Walking through a forest, swimming in the sea, eating fresh foods, or mediating can cleanse any distortions in the aura and restore balance of mind and body. Especially cold showers have the effect of stripping the aura of negative emotions and unpleasant thought forms.

Plant beings are highly evolved and have a great purpose here on Earth. Their way of communication is through silence and it requires a quiet, peaceful mind to hear their silent ‘words’. When we realize that we are on the same frequency as them, we will begin to receive and channel their wisdom. They love to share with us what they know and they can help us on our journey to higher consciousness. They reciprocate our appreciation of them by energizing and realigning our connection to Earth. This can lead to profound healing of our body, mind and spirit.

Flowers and edible plants can be planted and grown in such a way that their effect is powerful enough to cure diseases. They love ‘listening’ to music and they are sensitive to our thoughts and feelings. And if a vegetable seed is placed under the tongue for 9 minutes, it will ‘read’ the frequencies of any existing illnesses or deficiencies. When placed in the soil (watering should begin after 3 days, not before), it will turn into a food that acts as a personalized medicine to help cure the illnesses and remove the deficiencies. It is recommended to walk barefoot around the growing vegetable plant from time to time to further stimulate this medicinal effect. Plants readily pick up information released into the soil by the feet.

Vegetables and fruits willingly give themselves to human beings and to animals who respect them for what they are. Their purpose is to spread and by eating them we disperse their indigestible seeds to other places, at least this was the original plan of nature. Yet even today, traditional and organic forms of farming use manure from animals to fertilize new crops. The wind and rain takes the seeds, carry them to other areas, and help the spread of new plants, flowers and trees.

Vegetables and fruits become resistant to our digestive enzymes when grown purely for commercial reasons. This also applies to greenhouses where plants have only limited contact to the natural elements. When fertilized with pesticides, their auras shrink and their life energies diminish. Whenever a field is sprayed with these chemicals, all the plant beings leave the field in horror. This leaves the plants very dependent on chemical fertilizers. If chemicals are not applied, they are eaten up by insects and snails or destroyed through diseases.

Conversing with nature and its beings, on the other hand, can be much more effective in preserving the life of vegetation and animals. As experiments with plants have shown, our attitude towards them changes their growth pattern quite dramatically. The love frequency can turn everything into gold. This applies also to animals. Even if you have to slaughter and eat an animal for lack of food, by blessing the animal with your gratitude for saving your life, it is likely to surrender to you willingly and help you regain your strength to whatever extent is possible. This was a common practice of the Red Indians, for example, when other sources of food were unavailable.

This is an excerpt from my book IT’S TIME TO COME ALIVE

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