Alternative Treatments Dissolve Cataracts, Prevent their Return, and Help to Avoid Surgery

By: JB Bardot

Surgery is usually the only option offered by conventional medicine to people with cataracts; however, there are alternative treatments that may dissolve cataracts preventing their return. Cataracts occur when the eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy, causing vision loss. Continue reading

How to Heal Achilles Tendonitis

 How to heal Achilles Tendonitis

I can tell you from my experiences with this that one of the best ways is to take a bentonite clay foot bath and repeat that every couple of days and do that with… by soaking the feet in water… warm water… where you add at least one to two cups of bentonite clay to it and if there are any toxins that are trapped in that area that slowly healing or simply because of dead cell material that results form the inflammation of the damage or injury that has occurred then this will accelerate the healing.

Another way to deal with this is to apply urine packs; that means, you take a towel and soak it with your urine, the best urine to take is the first stream, morning urine, the mid stream, so the middle part not the very beginning of the urination or the end but the middle part, then apply that to the foot at least for twenty minutes or half an hour and if possible overnight. Then that will also draw toxins from there and accelerate the healing.

The other thing that I recommend is to change the footwear and start using footwear that is different than the normal shoes that are being produced. Find a place that sells earth shoes, ‘earth shoes’ like the Earth, and the other one if using finger shoes as much as possible, that means where there are no heels. So this will allow the stress to be not concentrated on the heels but distributed throughout… over the foot, so all parts of the feet so that you do not stress that part and the tendons in that area.

So I think this is all I can say on the subject but, it might just be capable of making a difference.

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How to Eliminate Harmful Radiation Effects of X-Rays

How to eliminate harmful radiation effects of x-rays

Hi, this is a question from a person who has received dozens of full body X-rays and is wondering if there is anything that can be done to reduce or eliminate the accumulated radiation in the body.

And certainly there are quite a few things one can do. First of all make sure you avoid future exposures such as from mammograms which are turning out to be a leading cause of cancer of the breast and other forms of radiation that are more often given for reasons that do not require such diagnostic approaches. However the ones who have accumulated a certain amount of radiation there are a number of things you can take internally or externally.

You can take baths that are utilizing hydrogen peroxide or wax it is a good combination to use bentonite clay in the bath, if you cannot take a full bath with bentonite clay then at least take a couple of foot baths which can also pull radiation… because of their metallic nature, their ionic nature… that they literally pull radiation out through the bottom of the feet.

Now there is ceolite clay or known as ceolite which is very-very useful to decontaminate the body and they have been used in instances where exposure to nuclear power plants have created radiation poisoning. So ceolite C-E-O-L-I-T-E is very, very useful, put that on top of the list. The green clay is also very useful, green French clay which is more prevalent in Europe. Then there is baking soda which is a very, very effective way of reducing eliminating radiation particularly from the kidneys so it can be taken internally for a while, I would suggest no longer than two to three weeks, even a half a teaspoon in a day in some water will help to decontaminate body from radiation. Then there is bowen, bowen is quite effective and has been shown to eliminate radiation.

And besides that there are obviously certain foods which can help with removing radiation and that’s anything from brown rice to sea weed, kelp, kelp has been definitely shown to help with radiation problems. Miso soup which is very popular in Japan, that is a very helpful for people with radiation problems. Pumpkin turns out to be quite effective too and pumpkin seeds are which you can find in most stores. Spirulina which is a green blue algae type… rich… also catches radiation and eliminates it from the system. Wheat grass… some people do wheat grass juicing… I recommend to do that only for couple of days in a row and then give it a break for a couple of days so that you do not get overexposed to the plant antibodies which are quite toxic, that can irritate or cause issues with the immune system that could lead to allergies to those particular antibodies.

So there are some herbs as well which are very useful, cilantro, basil, sweet basil and rosemary, a very popular herb which is also known to diminish radiation accumulation in the body. Ginger is a very popular food that can be added to cooked food or salads in grated form, very effective for radiation. Then some people like alpha – alpha sprouts, if it is not genetically modified, then go ahead with that. It has also shown benefits. And olive oil is a very good thing to add because olive oil has been shown to transport radiation out of the body too. Anything that is green, leafy vegetables, very good. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli are very effective scavengers of radiation. And the other thing that has been shown to be quite effective is eating apples, so the old saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ this applies also to ‘keeps the radiation away’, so it is a good protective measure you can take on a day to day basis. Have an apple a day and that keeps the radiation away.

I hope this is helpful to you, particularly who has had undergone major radiation poisoning, and that is a serious issue nowadays because you do not just get radiation from medical technologies but also from the atmosphere, from contamination, from the experiments that are being done in various places underground in the background and nuclear base material making its way into the water lines and water ways and into soil, and from there into our food supply and so it is good to eat foods that are immune first of all to radiation and to remove radiation once it has occurs in our body.

Thank you.

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Protecting Yourself from Chemtrails

 Protecting yourself from chemtrails

Hi, this is a question with regard to chemtrails and Nairoli, she is asking how the knowledge that I provide can be applied to chemtrails that have been sprayed on us almost on a day to day basis.

Now whenever you look up in the sky and you see these chemtrails these are not just water vapor or ice crystals that come out at such high altitudes when airplanes fly in the sky, these are chemicals that are being released from tanks within aircraft, often military aircraft that on purpose does spray those chemicals.

This is part of the weather control programs that the government is using throughout… governments throughout the world are… you can find these chemtrails in nearly in all developed countries or wealthy countries. You do not find them in places like Costa Rica where there is no military and you will not find chemtrails in very poor countries, in African nations for example. Now these chemtrails contain aluminum oxides, barium and many other chemicals that descend on us, they get on our skin, we inhale them and they get into the soil and into our drinking water, for example, Manchester which has a lot of pure water coming out from the streams in the rivers and the lakes, beautiful crystal clear lakes, and they are now polluted with aluminum oxide at a rate of several hundred percent more than admissible by the environmental protective agencies.

So the poisoning of the population with these chemicals in order to, according to their theory, in order to create artificial clouds that then would reflect sunlight so as to reduce the global warming, this intentional poisoning of the population is designed to reduce the population. It affects the reproductive systems, it creates estrogenic effects in people that is why, in heavily sprayed places like California, you go to schools and you find that most of the children are female, they are girls and boys are getting less and less, eventually there would be hardly any boys left because all those chemicals increase the estrogens and they have reduced the male hormones in the body. So a lot of things are happening in the skies.

There are ways to protect ourselves and obviously the best way is to keep the liver clean, make sure that any of those poisons, toxins that accumulate in the liver or in the tissues get removed by cleaning out the liver that allows the blood to be clean and to be able to pick up, take out, other toxins in the rest of the body and to excrete them from the system. Also it is good to keep the kidneys clean, so a kidney cleanse once every three, four, six, eight months will be sufficient to help from that end, and keeping the colon clean obviously because most toxins end up going through the large intestine.

Taking a foot bath with bentonite clay can take these toxins out of the system as well. There are Epsom salts that can be put in bath water, that also helps and there are other wonderful substances in nature that you find in foods, certain vitamins and minerals which are very helpful in cleansing these toxins out of the system, particularly those found in vegetables like broccoli and asparagus which is a great cleanser, and then of course other cruciferous vegetables like cabbages. Cabbages remove radiation toxins so I would highly recommend those. Green leafy vegetables are also very good. Try to get the organic forms of those vegetables as much as you can, because otherwise you just put new chemical toxins into the system, you want to eliminate them and organically grown foods are great cleansers in that respect. And, make sure you drink enough water that can flush out toxins pretty well as long as you do not drink more than two liters of water a day otherwise kidneys which are designed to take back a certain number of minerals and vitamins they will not be able to do that. So if you drink like three liters of water,  you may just flush out these minerals and vitamins which makes it more difficult for the body to function in a heath balanced way.

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Use Activated Charcoal in case of Food Poisoning

Use activated charcoal in case of food poisoning

Hi this is a question from Alonzo and he is asking in case you get toxicated eating shrimp, what you recommend?

And basically it is very simple: get activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has been shown to decrease the toxicity of any kind of poison preventing it from getting into the blood stream and entering the brain and the tissues. So this is a very, very fine powder… you can either take it as a powder or as a tablet. it is very black, it actually colors the stool black, so do not be surprised if you produce black stool after that.

The charcoal is very, very effective it has been given in hospitals to people who have been overdosing on medication or drugs and also for all kinds of other poisons because, basically what it does, it absorbs those toxins, the charcoal expands manifold, it absorbs those poisons and then takes them securely out of the system. The absorption takes place right away in the stomach, in the small intestine and in the large intestine, so it is one of the best things a person can do after ingesting any kind of poison – whether it is from food or directly from drugs – or any other kind of poisons that a person might swallow accidentally or on purpose.

There is another method that you can use and that is liquid bentonite… again it absorbs toxins, waste products, toxins, harmful poisons that otherwise could actually kill a person and it can prevent that from happening.

Once again, in case of any kind of poison, use charcoal as the first remedy. It is by far the most efficient scavenger of toxins and poisons and the second best would be the bentonite clay.

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Do MMS and Bentonite Clay Burden the Liver While Trying to Detox it from Metals?

Do MMS and bentonite clay burden the liver while trying to detox it from metals?

Hi. This is a question from a reader who is wondering if the liver is still being burdened if a person takes MMS internally, and bentonite clay externally, to detox the body from heavy metals… and I can tell you that anything that you do to alleviate the burden on the liver definitely will unburden it. The less the liver has to do to take care of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins, the better it is for the liver.

The less stones the liver has to produce in order to encapsulate or neutralise some of these toxic noxious substances, and therefore your digestion would not be impaired. So it is always good to detoxify the body if you have been exposed to toxins to a large degree such as having amalgam fillings, heavy metal fillings in the mouth, then you want to clear them from the mouth so that they do not seep into the circulation and get into the liver. So removing all the possible contaminants from the body is a good idea, but once you have accumulated them you can use things like MMS and the clay bath, that is a very good idea.

There are some things you can do to help cleanse out the intestines I frequently mentioned colosan or oxy powder which is magnesium oxide that can be used to help to clear out toxic substances from the small intestine and also to some extent from the large intestine but besides that, the liver flushes, the liver and gallbladder flushes are definitely the way to go to help detoxify the entire body not just the liver, but the entire body.

Once the liver is cleaner and the blood is cleaner, its ability to take out noxious substances from the tissues is much higher and therefore the body can detoxify on a larger scale than if you just went into different parts of the body, detoxify them separately, it is often more difficult than going to the central train station where all the trains come in and the trains leave again which is in this case the liver. So by taking care of the liver, you take care of much of the rest of the body as well.

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