Thanks to BPA and other chemicals the New Age of Puberty for Girls is 10

By: Tony Isaacs

Girls as young as 7 years old are now beginning to develop breasts and undergo other body changes that their mothers had not experienced until years later. The prime culprit for this new phenomena is bisphenol A, better […]

Toxic BPA Levels Increase by a Shocking 1,200 Percent after Eating Canned Food

By: Elizabeth Walling

A Harvard study suggests that avoiding BPA packaging most of the time isn’t enough to avoid its toxic side effects. Even a daily bowl of canned soup is enough to spike your BPA levels by more than 1,200 […]

BPA May Cause Arrhythmia, Heart Attacks in Women

By: Tara Green

Bisphenol A overrides the natural heartbeat signal causing female heart cells to misfire, according to a recent study. Given how pervasive BPA is these days, this could mean heart problems, possibly even fatal ones, for millions of women.

BPA […]