Discover a Common Yard Weed that’s Proven to Kill Cancer Cells

By: Paul Fassa

Most natural health advocates know that dandelion is a good liver tonic. But now research is showing that it’s also a cancer fighter. This research discovery occurred at Windsor […]

Breaking News: Cancer Drugs Make Tumors More Aggressive and Deadly

By: S. L. Baker

When natural health advocates warn against mainstream medicine’s arsenal of weapons used to fight cancer, including chemotherapy and radiation, their concerns often revolve around how these therapies can […]

Letting Go Of The Need To Fight In Life Reprograms The DNA Of The Body

By Andreas Moritz

All events in life that appear to be negative are in fact unique opportunities to become more complete and whole inside, and to move forward in life. Whenever we need to give ourselves more love, time and appreciation, but fail to fulfill these essential needs, there will be […]

Why Do Most People Believe That Cancer Is A Disease?

By Andreas Moritz

Everyone has the capacity to heal themselves

There is no cancer that has not been survived by someone, regardless of how far advanced it was. If even one person has succeeded in healing his cancer, there must be a mechanism for it, just as there is a mechanism for creating […]

The Wisdom Of The Cancer Cells Ensures That Cancer Is Not A Killer Disease

By Andreas Moritz 

What Is Cancer?

According to our current medical model, cancer is a general term that describes a group of 100 unique diseases that share one common factor: uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. Our body naturally produces more cells when it needs them. For example, every person who has […]

The Amazing Role of Germs And Infections

By Andreas Moritz 

Destructive bacteria naturally increase in larger numbers wherever excessive waste matter accumulates and requires decomposition. Have you ever wondered why we have more bacteria in our body than we have cells? Most bacteria are produced inside the body, whereas relatively few enter it from the outside. The body also […]

Germs Don’t Cause Cancer

By Andreas Moritz 

The germs involved in an infection become active and infectious only when physical impurities and waste matter have gathered or tissue damage has already occurred. This is true whether they are of a bacterial or viral origin and whether they are generated within the body or introduced from the […]

Lymph Node Removal for Breast Cancer Is Useless and Harmful

By Andreas Moritz

Surgical removal of lymph nodes and lymph vessels as part of standard medical procedure for breast cancer patients is not just useless, but also harmful, according to a new study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association

In this groundbreaking study, The American College of Surgeons Oncology […]