The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (DVD)

The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (CLASSIC DVD)

In this classic program, author Andreas Moritz speaks about the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush as a miracle cleanse to improve one’s health.




Linda Tierney: Welcome my name is Linda Tierney and today I have with me Andreas Moritz. Andreas is the author of four books ‘THE AMAZING LIVER CLEANSE’, ‘IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP’, ‘FREEDOM FROM JUDGMENT’, and ‘THE KEY TO HEALTH AND REJUVENATION’. Andreas, welcome to the show.

Andreas Moritz: Thank you for having me.

Linda Tierney: You are very welcome and today we are going to be focusing on mostly the book ‘THE AMAZING LIVER CLEANSE’. What can you tell us about your background?

Andreas Moritz: I was born I Germany in 1954 and my life was very bumpy to begin with because I suffered major illnesses such as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and, I fainted every couple of weeks in the middle of places like church, post offices and had chronic headaches, chronic constipation, severe gastrointestinal problems and arrhythmia as a child; so I was suffering so much that I had to look for solutions to these problems, quite from an early childhood stage onwards.

Linda Tierney: So your interest in health was based upon a need, an all personal need ?

Andreas Moritz: Yes, yes. Doctors couldn’t help me. So traditional doctors failed to do anything about it, it never disappeared, in fact, it went worse. So gradually I had to dig up old books which I found in my mother’s library and she was always very interested in…

Linda Tierney: At what age did you start your search?

Andreas Moritz: I started to look at these things from age twelve …

Linda Tierney: Wow!

Andreas Moritz: I studied the digestive system at age twelve and I was fascinated by that because it gave me so many clues about my problems and once I started shifting, changing my diet and some of the things I was doing to cause all those problems, they disappeared. and I gradually discovered ways to health which would be applicable to a lot of people as well.

Linda Tierney: Great. And now could you tell us about the liver, the function of the liver and the importance of cleansing the liver?

Andreas Moritz: Yes. The liver is of course one of the major organs in the body and it’s the factory, the most important factory, which is not just producing the enzymes for the digestive system, cleansing the blood but it regulates basically the entire metabolism, distribution of energy, throughout the body. If there is anything wrong in the body, you can always relate it back to the liver. And that’s what I found in my research. I have been working in this field for thirty two years and I have not found a single terminal illness where people did not have congestion, severe congestion, in the liver bile ducts.

Linda Tierney: That is what amazed me when I read the book is that so many diseases were related to the liver… I had no idea…

Andreas Moritz: Yes. Yes. And that is something of course that I have learned over the course of many, many years that people have been cleansing their livers, their bile ducts in particular, they found that these problems disappeared as they were continuing to cleanse their liver and of course I emphasis other things as well, not just cleansing the liver because if you eat foods which have a very congesting effect, then that can cause more congesting again in the liver and of course in the other organs of elimination such as the kidneys and the colon foremost of all.

Linda Tierney: And you suggest colonics before and after the liver cleanse is very important…

Andreas Moritz: Absolutely, absolutely. Because when you clean the liver, and I will show a couple of pictures later on if that is ok, there are so many stones coming out and they pass of course through the gastro-intestinal system. So they come out through the large intestine and people who have unclean colons, they will, you know harbor some of the stones that come out and they hold their health back and then of course causes, you know, some infection in some cases or it can just make you feel unwell because these toxins and these bacteria going around the system over and over and that can cause some side effects

Linda Tierney: And these stones that come out of the liver are very toxic…?

Andreas Moritz: Extremely toxic

Linda Tierney: So if they get stuck in the colon that is bad news?

Andreas Moritz: Yes, you can tell that from smelling stones when they come out. Most of these stones they float in the toilet you can look at them, you can take them out if you like. The color is like this here is, any other green leaves; bright green color and some of them are very, very dark. They can be black, they can have, some are whitish beige. But whatever they are they are quite toxic because when the liver is blocked, when these bile ducts are congested, then the liver is unable to remove its toxins properly and the liver is the foremost detoxifying organ and it filters the blood constantly, so every time you have some toxins retained in the liver, they attached themselves onto the bile, you know, stones, to these bile clots or gallstones and that of course is a great disadvantage because the liver you know has to stop doing that work and some of these toxins keep circulating throughout the body and they get deposited in other areas such as connective tissues, the tissue making up every soft organs, even the harder tissues like bone tissue, so you can have joint problems, you can have severe lymphatic congestion after that and then you have water retention and you put on weight so, most of the people who have weight, excessive weight in the body, they have toxins deposited in various areas of the body which means that in order to keep them neutral at least for the time being, the body has to hold on to water. Water is a neutralizing agent and so, they hold on to a lot of extra weight and they think its fat, but it is only very little fat most of it is water or lymph congested you know, lymph fluids.

Linda Tierney: So a person then by cleansing their liver, could, lose a lot of water weight then?

Andreas Moritz: Absolutely, absolutely. When the liver is clean then it is very difficult to be overweight.

Linda Tierney: Ooh, that is great.

Andreas Moritz: very, very difficult because metabolism is at its normal range, the digestive ability which is controlled by the liver is increasing so the same food which might have caused you to gain weight before after your liver is clean will mean that you will actually get energy from that food rather than convert it into fat or waste product and so your body is getting cleaner and cleaner, it loses that waste and that water which is keeping these toxins neutral.

Linda Tierney: Great, great news for a lot of people…

Andreas Moritz: Absolutely, absolutely. And it is not just about losing weight because many people say “I just want to lose weight so I look better”, but, having extra weight means that the digestive system is not functioning properly and that’s the harbinger of major illnesses in the future. Most cancers which I have studied and researched, they are related to the problems in the digestive system. I could go a little bit into detail about that because it is such a common illness today. Cancer and heart diseases, all those diseases which we commonly refer to, they are basically diseases of congestion and liver plays the foremost role in that. Once the liver is congested then all the other organs can start to get blocked up as well.

Linda Tierney: So it sounds like anyone with a disease could really benefit or, or, the other way they can really benefit from a liver cleanse. How about a person who is feeling very healthy,  could they also benefit from cleansing the liver?

Andreas Moritz: Absolutely, there is always a need for more energy, better sleep, just feeling better about oneself, about one’s emotional health because what I found over the years, those who have cleaned, cleansed, their liver and they don’t have any gallstones left in the bile ducts of their liver, they also don’t get angry anymore, and that’s a great, wonderful characteristic to have, to always be at peace with oneself and one’s surroundings and other people. Because gallstones, they, block the bile flow and it is known in traditional medicine, even people saying “you have a bilious nature”. You are angry, the bile is overflowing. It cannot actually leave the liver. It is trapped. And when something is trapped in the body you feel trapped and that is frustration, and the frustration builds up and it turns into anger. So there is a lot of emotional benefit from cleansing the liver.

Linda Tierney: Yes and I have gone on three liver cleanses since I talked to you in January and it is amazing. I also being a colon hydro therapist, I see a lot of people coming in, getting colonics who have gone on this liver cleanse also and a lot of us, well, myself and others do experience some anger feelings directly after the liver cleanse and I just find that fascinating, in fact one woman reported crying all afternoon. It just seems to be, very related to the emotions.

Andreas Moritz: Yes. Emotions are not really stuck in the body as such. They are stuck in the blockages like the gallstones in the liver or kidney stones in the kidneys cause a lot of fear. So once you put people on the kidney cleanses which is another important thing to do in life. as you eat certain foods and you live in the polluted environment and you get stressed over things, and after a while you start collecting these items in the body and they are not really useful items, they don’t belong in the body and because they don’t belong in the body they are foreign and the body gets afraid if you have blockages. The body is a circulatory mechanism basically. It is a process. The body is not a fixed frozen sculpture where you can take things out and put new things in without fueling the emotional drainage from that. So if people have fear in their lives you can bet that their kidneys are not functioning that well and if when they clean them out, then fear can be released as well and maybe they are releasing being even afraid after a cleanse like that. But that does not happen too often.

Linda Tierney: And it is very short you know.

Andreas Moritz: Yes. Yes.

Linda Tierney: It is like just like a day of noticing some angry feelings coming up at the very initial cleanse. I know this is got to be related.

Andreas Moritz: And afterwards you feel so much better.

LINDA TIERNEY: Yes. Yes. Now in this book ‘THE AMAZING LIVER CLEANSE’ you also had have a recipe for a kidney bladder cleanse.

Andreas Moritz: yes. There is a kidney bladder cleanse in there that releases… actually it does not release the stones as such, it dissolves the stones and that is very important for the kidneys because you do not want to release, flush them out like through the gall bladder or liver, because that is fairly painless if it happens in the liver but you do not want to flush out stones because they can get stuck in these tiny ureter ducts and that can cause a lot of back pain, which incidentally is mostly related to crystals breaking free from the kidneys and getting suck in the ureter walls and causing rupturing in that area and that is very painful so there are so many, millions of people in this country who have low back pain, and low back pain is such an easy thing to clear if you know where it comes from, but many people have to you know, they have operations for these kind of things and there is no relief for that.

Linda Tierney: Or they just suffer with lower back pain for years and years and years.

Andreas Moritz: yes like I did. You know I had chronic back pain so, until I really cleared out my system I had all these pains everywhere. I had forty gallbladder attacks before I managed to find ways to clear these gallstones painlessly and effortlessly, basically from the liver and gallbladder, and I passed three and a half thousand stones and as a little boy I know I had gallstones from age six. My uncle who was a leading iridologist, iridology is the science of eye interpretation. You look a person into the eyes and you can see in the structure of the iris changes that occur in a person’s organ systems or in the circulation or wherever in the body and they show up in the eyes and you can see discoloration or structural changes and so he saw straightaway and he said you have stones in the liver and at that time, of course, (conventional) medicine had no clue that there could be stones in the liver. Today they are called intra hepatic stones but they are rarely recognized, so, doctors don’t look for them.

Linda Tierney: They are rarely recognized and extremely common as I understand.

Andreas Moritz: Extremely common. It is one of the most common things, as I have seen thousands and thousands of people with all kinds of illnesses from very simple things like pain in the knees which, people never associate with the liver but it is very closely related to the liver. So when the stones are cleared in the liver the pain in the knee disappears. It is a wonderful thing for the person who suffers from this kind of problem because you know he cannot walk properly obviously it is just a knee it is out there, it has nothing to do with what’s happening in here, but it has. And that is something that only comes with experience. Seeing people, taking them on these cleanses, changing their diet so it is really supporting their psycho physiological body type and their particular needs and their ability to digest depends on the liver function, of course, and that’s hardly ever being discussed in a doctor’s office unfortunately.

Linda Tierney: Well, cleansing the liver is so inexpensive and really very easy.

Andreas Moritz: Yes.

Linda Tierney: Could you talk like, if any, liver cleanse is it not just a onetime thing. Could you go into that?

Andreas Moritz: Yes. Of course, you have, maybe I can even show a picture

Linda Tierney: Sure

Andreas Moritz: …of stones that are, so that it is more practical, this is the liver and, if you can focus on that there are tiny, tiny bile ducts which are in the liver cells, surrounding the liver cells so, the liver cells produce bile which is an alkaline substance. It is green and it contains ninety five, you know, it is basically made of cholesterol ninety five percent and there are some bile salts and bile pigment I believe even some other substances, as well as water of course, and other salts and these cells they produce the bile and pass it into larger bile ducts until the bile is coming out of the liver and is moving into the gall bladder and from there once food has moved into the stomach and is ready to pass into the first section of the small intestine. The gall bladder is squeezing the bile into the small intestine, and that’s where the main digestion takes place. That’s where you, when the food is coming through into the small intestine, you need the bile in order to raise the ph value from acidic food content to a more alkaline food content. And then the pancreas here kind of release pancreatic enzymes which are needed to breakdown the food into smaller possible components like fructose, glucose, vitamins, hormones, basic trace minerals. So basically all of this process can only take place when your bile flow is appropriate. If you don’t make enough bile which most people know they don’t, instead of making a quart and a half of bile a day, most people make just a cupful.

Linda Tierney: And why? What makes so they are not making enough bile?

Andreas Moritz: Because of the blockage of the bile ducts.

Linda Tierney: Okay.

Andreas Moritz: These bile clots or gallstones they block the bile flow so there is not enough bile coming out and of course sometimes you have also gall stones in the gall bladder that does not give the gall bladder enough space to accommodate the bile coming in from the liver and that would mean that when the food comes through you do not have enough bile. And bile is so essential… what came out of you and how much you could harbor in this organ (your liver) which is on the right side of your body. It is a very large organ and in fact most people think it is just a little organ but it is huge.

Linda Tierney: About how much does it weigh?

Andreas Moritz: It ah, a couple of pounds and ah, two and a half pounds so it is very large and it can weigh a lot more if you have a lot of stones

Linda Tierney: Right, you want it to weigh about two pounds.

Andreas Moritz: It spans the entire width of the higher abdomen so it is very – very large and this is a very good picture to show basically the proportions. And if the liver is blocked, after it expands and becomes larger and it affects the breathing so it presses against the diaphragm and then the diaphragm does not have the opportunity to go lower and so you do not have enough breath and so a lot of breathing difficulties come from congestion in the liver. There are many other problems like in your case when you clean people’s colon, if the liver is blocked you don’t digest food properly your digestive ability is so little that you start clogging up your lower intestines and that is where colon problems come from. So colon problems are directly related to impaired liver function and then these kind of knots, you know deposits of waste matter they sit there in the colon walls, they get attached to the colon walls and that can cause obstruction in the colon, sometimes even spastic colon which is a contraction of the colon and, when that happens everything that is moving downwards, the food moving downwards and some waste products which are generated from near passing through foods which could not be digested they get stuck here, in some cases this is called constipation that many people they have regular bowel movements and they still have a waste retention and it is like a dam that is created there, and there is a backing up of a lot of waste which then actually moves up through the small intestine and it can move up into the stomach, it can come up yeah, through, into the throat area and I have had, honestly I’ve seen people who brought up thicker matter from the mouth. And usually that is associated with very bad breath; a lot of people have bad breath and it is something that is not very nice.

Linda Tierney: Well by that time they are very sick anyway. Very sick. Yeah.

Andreas Moritz: Yes. That can be released quickly like with the colonic and of course through the liver cleanses and cleaning out the body like that and then taking care of some very easy dietary measures because a lot of people they eat foods which they are so intolerant to that the body is just fighting its and is losing its strength and its power and it gets even more and more blocked because what happens if you do not digest food properly your entire lymph system gets blocked up. And that is another subject which you know we could go into in a little bit because it is fascinating, it relates to so many health problems

Linda Tierney: The lymph system is also very key to good health.

Andreas Moritz: It is. And the lymph system is again related to liver function. If the liver does not work properly and if you do not have enough bile flow you get lymph congestion and the lymph congestion takes place mostly here on the central part of the small intestine that’s where, I have got a diagram actually of the lymphatic system, I am going to pick a couple of pictures also of gallstones to look at in a minute. If you can focus on that for a moment we have tiny lymph ducts in the body everywhere like in the hands in this case here or in the feet and these lymph ducts they are parallel to the blood vessels and these lymph ducts they drain the connective tissue, that tissues which surrounds the cells from metabolic waste. Every single cell in the body receives nutrients and has to release metabolic waste. At the same time we have sixty to one hundred trillion cells in the body and every day you turn over about thirty billion cells. That means you have to create thirty billion new cells and you have to destroy thirty billion old cells. And when you destroy thirty billion old cells you have to remove them and if you do not remove them properly and the lymph system is in charge of that, then you have localized congestion and if that is building up then you develop diseases. What we call disease, that is basically just a blockage. And the lymph system is such a powerful system, it is working all over the body and every part of the body is connected with every other part in the body through the lymphatic system, so it is a huge network which for example drains the fingers, so all the waste, the metabolic waste, and the dead cells, cellular debris, damaged cells are removed through that and they are passed on into lymph nodes and these lymph nodes detoxify this lymph fluid with all that debris and those toxins and as they are reaching this area here in the central part of the body and that’s basically where all that goes and it ends up in these sacks and they are called cisterna chyli. So these lymph sacks or cisterna chyli, they are making sure that every toxin is being cleared there is a lot of immune activity there, so there are lots of immune cells and they are destroying any harmful substances there and then afterwards this lymph fluid is moving up in this duct, in this green duct. Most of it is moving up in this green duct and it moves right up to your throat and it moves into the right side of the heart into the blood circulation again. So once if you have a blockage here in this cisterna chyli, and remember this is exactly where your digestive system is located so if you don’t digest food properly then these, these lymph sacs they get overtaxed. They start filling up with a lot of toxins from the undigested foods particularly proteins; undigested proteins are called degenerated proteins, they are damaged and are not useful for the body, but they thicken the lymph fluid. They make it very thick, gel like and then, it congests the lymph flow and that where the major problems occur so then there is a blockage occurring all around in the thoracic belt and that means the side ducts which try to empty their waste from different parts of the body they cannot do that anymore then we have localized disturbances for example, breast cancer is related to lymph congestion in the lymph nodes of the breast glands. Okay, that is basically what is responsible for the breast cancer.

Linda Tierney: Wow and that’s very common nowadays…

Andreas Moritz: Yes very common. And when I trace it back when someone comes to me and has breast cancer and, I can trace it back exactly to congestion in the abdomen in the, where the belly button is and basically there is a swelling there, and that means it is swollen up to a point like a, balloon shape and is causing so much congestion there is no flow there is no flow of lymph in the thoracic duct that means they have localized congestion here so what happens is that the, the cells in the breasts for example they cannot release their metabolic wastes because there is no more drainage so they have to hold on to the metabolic waste and as they do that they surround themselves with these toxic substances after a while there is no more oxygen coming in there. And then the oxygen cannot come in there then the cells have to mutate, that means, they turn cancerous. And if you, if you gave them oxygen they would either die or they would again turn into friendly cells. And so the lymph system is responsible for keeping that management steady and fluent so that makes sure that you always have enough oxygen coming in there but if the lymph system is blocked right down here then you would eventually have a blockage up here.

Andreas Moritz: Oh for me it has been a great experience seeing people with every kind of illness and so what I found was that there are no illnesses as such, disease is in my point of view and my experience, a survival mechanism that your body is creating in order to prevent something worse from happening that already has happened. So when I look at cancer I do not look at it as a vicious disease. I look at it as a very powerful last minute survival mechanism. And what it does actually, the cancer prevents these toxins which are trapped in the tissues, it starts to dissolve some of them, it starts to neutralizes them and it is like, you know, that cancer cells they live off lactic acid for example which is a byproduct of metabolism. It is a waste product which can be extremely harmful if it keeps staying in healthy tissue and so the cancer cells they devour it, they live off it, they take energy from it and so they take it out of that surrounding and some other extremely poisonous substances which cancer cells neutralize.

Linda Tierney: So…

Andreas Moritz: So the cancer is actually preventing these toxins from going into the blood stream which could cause septic poisoning and kill the person in three days’ time, with the cancer it allows you to live sometimes for years.

Linda Tierney: Yeah

Andreas Moritz: Of course you have the opportunity during that time to clean out your liver make sure that it is completely clean, that improves your digestion, your lymph flow is guaranteed that you have proper lymph drainage from every part of your body and the swelling wherever it is in the lymph nodes, it will start to go down and that helps to remove the metabolic waste again from the cells from the cellular areas and free the cells, and the cells can again breathe, breathe oxygen rather than other waste products.

Linda Tierney: So the problem with the clogged lymph starts with the liver being blocked ?

Andreas Moritz: Yes and you see most people when they talk about weight gain, where does it start? It starts right here, under the belly button and so that is why you complain… oh I am putting on a tummy here. And…

Linda Tierney: Red alert actually. Should be a red alert for somebody.

Andreas Moritz: And that should be the first sign of malfunction of digestive system and liver function and if that is noted by a person then he would look for ways to clear that and it is so easy to do. And I would be so happy if this technique, the liver cleanse, would go into the hospitals where people could recover so much more quickly from all sorts of illnesses. And I have seen them receiving on a daily basis, hundreds of messages from all over the world, and people who are claiming it saved their lives, they do not have the cancer any more, they have recovered from heart disease. Their heart actually after having had a heart attack completely recovered and there is no sign of damage after they have cleansed the liver. This is remarkable, so millions of people dying from heart diseases and it’s totally unnecessary, needlessly.

Linda Tierney: Now tell us how many different liver cleanses would a person need to go on? How would they know when they are done? When is it that the liver has cleansed?

Andreas Moritz: Obviously the liver is only clean when no more stones are coming out. So I would go that far. There are people who have done six cleanses and their liver was clean and then there are other people like myself I had to do twelve but I had so many stones. Not that that is something rare, lot of people have that kind of number of stones. But then someone just like, you know my partner, actually my partner passed very large gallstones after, during the ninth cleanse and I have a picture here and it is quite fascinating and so these stones, they look like that, if you can zoom in there. These are green, typical green stones that come out of the liver and some are beige colour. This is a calcified stone, which is partially calcified, it exists only in the gall bladder so also the gallbladder stones are coming out when you do the liver cleanse. These are mixture of different kinds of stones that came out through one elimination and so there is some green in there, there’s is some beige in there, some reddish pink ones and then, this is a gallbladder here which is completely packed with stones and had to be removed but I have had many, many people who have had that kind of situation.

Linda Tierney: So a person could have that many gallstones in their liver but they would not have to be removed, they could go on a cleanse?

Andreas Moritz: My liver was, my gallbladder was packed completely and it was constantly overflowing so I had these kinds of stones coming out involuntarily and they were trapped in my bile duct, because when you do a liver cleanse you don’t feel them coming out they pass painlessly because there is a lot of bile coming out and bile is very, very oily so they come out like you know pulling out a ring from your finger when you put oil on it and it comes out very easily.

Linda Tierney: What are these stones made out of?

Andreas Moritz: This particular one is a gallstone typically coming from the gall bladder, not from the liver. The liver ones are basically green ones which we have just shown before so they are dark green or sometimes lighter green and sort of beige color. This one was is, had totally calcified and that’s what my partner released at her ninth cleanse and this was about two and a half inches long and about one and a half inches wide and when that came out, it just passed out basically painlessly, but it felt like a proper bowel movement and when I took it out and i looked at it and I dissected it, it was completely calcified so I cut it into two pieces and the smell that this kind of stone emanates is unbelievable. You would never have smelled something like that before… it is horrendous actually, and the material that it comes from, is very poisonous.

Linda Tierney: Yes, sounds very toxic.

Andreas Moritz: So keeping that in the gallbladder is a quite a very, a traumatic experience for the body. So when this particular stone came out, there were a lot of stones coming out afterwards, about hundreds of them they were equally calcified. She literally had, the entire gall bladder which is, a gall bladder is about that size, the entire gall bladder which had been filled with these stones was emptied, and from that day on she never had any pain in her body anymore. Like within twenty-four hours all the pain disappeared and a lot of other things can of course, happen. The whole body can rejuvenate. You, can, the aging process can be stopped, even reversed, and any of these aches and pains in the body – you don’t have to bother about that. The stiffness disappears very quickly in the body wherever, whether it is in your feet or whether it is in your head, like all the neck pain which she had for all those years of her life disappeared. I am a shiatsu practitioner, one of my other jobs that I do is by touching the meridians, the energy ducts, in the body which you treat in acupuncture and, they can be extremely painful and, she had a lot of pain throughout the body whenever I touched any of those areas and now I cannot find the spot which is painful, and that really shows that so many problems are coming from there. Rheumatoid arthritis is a typical illness and I had suffered from that and, I couldn’t even lift a spoon to eat my food as a child, and clearing the liver is just a wonderful thing to help sufferers of all kinds of diseases.

Linda Tierney: It sure sounds like it. Wow! Now what are the different stones, what makes up these stones from the gall bladder?

Andreas Moritz: Yes the stones are typically made of trapped cholesterol, cholesterol crystals. Cholesterol comes in two forms, the cholesterol occurs in crystals where it has to be dissolved or has to be made liquid, soluble and for that the body needs bile salts. And the bile salts come from the small intestine and into the liver and the liver is then making these cholesterol crystals into the liquid form which then becomes bile and then, the bile helps to release toxins from the liver and also is the principle digestive aid to allow all of digestive processes to take place properly and a lot of other things like keeping the colon clean. If there isn’t enough bile, the colon gets clogged out and food is sticky and sticks to the intestinal walls so, the bile makes sure that this does not happen so it is a very good preventive aid to keep the colon clean.

Linda Tierney: And the reason these are so toxic is because they have been in the body for so long and …

Andreas Moritz: They are toxic because a lot of bacteria, the liver is trying to get rid of toxins and neutralize a lot of harmful things, that bacteria coming into the liver, they have parasites coming into the liver, and if they all try to be detoxified and be eliminated through the bile and then excrete it through the normal bowel movement. So if these stones are sitting there, they hold up the elimination of toxins and these bacteria and parasites and parasitic eggs and so all that can get trapped in these stones so, there is a lot of poison that is generated from these bacteria because they are trying to break down some of that mass of stone and of course that produces a lot of toxic smells and putrefaction and it is a very unpleasant thing to keep in the body and some people say, well, its, “I do not want to do this again, this was disgusting what came out there”, but it is far more disgusting keeping those things in the body, trapped in the body which is not supposed to have these stones sitting there for twenty, thirty, forty years.

Linda Tierney: Exactly. Very important information for people to realize about the liver and how it cleanses what it can do for your body and the overall health.

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