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The Hidden Reason You Get Flabby (Not Calories or Lack of Exercise)

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Dr. Russell Blaylock Interview on Mandatory Vaccine Trials, Fraudulent Vaccine Science, and Vaccine Ethics

By: HealthRanger
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The Health Ranger interviews neurosurgeon, author and researcher Dr. Russell Blaylock, the foremost authority on excitoxins such as MSG and aspartame. Dr. Blaylock is the author of “Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills.” In this interview, Dr. Blaylock covers:

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Breakfast Cereals and Junk Foods – Poison for Our Children

By Andreas Moritz 

The truth about the so-called ‘Super Food‘ of the Century

Breakfast cereals have never been more popular than they are today. Packed with vitamins and minerals, they promise power, health and vitality, especially to the young generation. There is hardly a commercial breakfast cereal in the world that does not seem to contain everything a child needs to receive the ‘perfectly balanced’ dietary nutrition. However, despite this ‘valuable’ contribution to family health, a frightening number of children show signs of ill health and lacking immunity. The vitamins that are added to the cereals supposedly protect the child against the vitamin-destroying sugar, but it seems that this guarantee is no longer guaranteed.

Besides cornflakes, which still top the list of American and European breakfast cereals, the sales of new ‘tasty and healthy’ breakfast foods soar as never before. The main marketing targets for these ‘healthy’ breakfast foods are children. Research suggests that as many as 79 percent of all households use ready-made breakfast cereals to start the day. Children are usually very keen to try the latest cereal model, which contains essentially the same ingredients as all the other types but comes in a different shape and color. The well designed packaging depicting a healthy-looking family or natural scenery promises the parents that the contents are of pure and natural origin, often organically grown, and good for the entire family. The kids love the happy friendly figures on the cardboard. “If Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, or the strong Dinosaurs like the cereal, then it must be good for me, too,” some children might argue.

Packaging has a powerful manipulative influence on children. Researchers at Packard Children’s Hospital in California asked 63 children, ages three and five, to taste-test servings of hamburger, French fries, chicken nuggets, baby carrots and milk. Some of the servings were wrapped in containers with a McDonald’s logo, and some were wrapped in containers with no logo. As expected, most of the kids thought the food in the McDonald’s containers tasted better than the identical food with no logo.

It doesn’t take much to convince an unsuspecting mother that the beautifully packaged foods are actually good for her children. The mother, who naturally wants to secure the best possible nutrition for her child, finds her mind put at ease when she learns about the high nutritional value of the product in the food table. It convincingly states that the cereal has the balanced amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fats, and is most importantly enriched with all the essential dietary supplements. If the right amount of milk (mostly pasteurized and homogenized, which is the wrong choice) is added to the super food, the child would have the best possible start of the day that nature could provide, or so she may believe.

Shocking Revelations

Yet the reality of the matter is quite the opposite. An American team of researchers decided to prove to the world once and for all that factory-made breakfast cereals are truly man’s super-food. So they fed the common breakfast cereals enriched with the most important vitamins and minerals to young, healthy laboratory rats. The researchers divided a total of 240 rats into two groups; one group received cereal and water and the other one normal food and water. The experiment lasted for 45 days. The result was totally unexpected and devastating. The rats that were fed with cereals, which according to common nutritional sense and advertising should have turned them into strong and vital grown-up rats, were close to death. They suffered from fatty livers, anemia and high blood pressure. In a separate experiment, rats were fed with cornflakes, which consisted of useless cornstarch and white sugar. In this group some of the animals died.

The researchers had expected that the animals would grow faster with cereals, yet they did not grow at all, and some of them even lost weight. Especially the rats which received cereals with high sugar content (sugar is thought to be fattening), had the least growth rates. This is a summary of the results:

    • The products that contained the least amounts of fat significantly increased the cholesterol levels of the rats. Some products were able to lower the rats’ cholesterol levels but also caused fatty livers.
    • Those rats that were fed with cereals containing only small amounts of salt increased their blood pressure whereas the ones that received cereals with higher salt contents lowered their blood pressure.
    • Some of the products were enriched with iron, which should have raised hemoglobin concentrations in the blood of anemic animals. However, the results took the researchers by surprise:

a) There was no connection between higher intake of iron and hemoglobin levels. The rats stayed anemic despite ingesting large amounts of iron. 
b) Those rats that had little iron in their blood deposited excessively large amounts of iron in their liver, which led to worsening of anemia (for a similar reason it is very questionable to give extra iron to people who suffer from anemia).

 Poison that Tastes and Looks like Food

The main conclusion we can draw from this experiment is that the purely theoretical approach to diet and nutrition (using food tables and daily nutritional recommendations) has not only been insufficient to raise the standard of health in the population but has in fact caused more harm and confusion than is currently assessable.

Sanctified by theories of nutrition, which in actuality contradict the body’s natural responses to food, the food industry has been given the green light to produce anything that fulfills the official nutritional requirements, even if the ‘foods’ have a poisoning effect and create havoc in the body.

There is no legislation to test man-made foods on animals before giving them to millions of human beings. The average consumer takes it for granted that the food produced by a reputable company must be safe for human consumption, even if it contains plastic (using animals to find out whether these foods are poisonous or not is cruel and I don’t advocate animal testing. I have reasons to believe that all man-made foods have harmful effects on the human body, and I therefore recommend that you avoid eating them).

Not all governments support this disconcerting trend. According to an August 2004 issue of the Guardian, some few health-conscious governments in Europe that are less dominated by the food industry and big pharmaceutical companies, are beginning to protect their people from obvious harmful practices.

Health officials in Denmark recently banned the addition of vitamins and minerals to 18 varieties of breakfast foods and cereals produced by Kellogg Co. The reasons given include increasing evidence that eating those products regularly can ruin the health of children and pregnant women. Cereal is one of the first solid foods introduced to babies, and pediatricians typically encourage parents to start feeding cereal to their babies from between 4 and 6 months. Their advice grossly contradicts findings from a study that cereals introduced in the diets of babies increased the risk of insulin-dependent diabetes in the children.

Kellogg had hoped to add iron, calcium, folic acid and vitamin B6 to some cereals and cereal bars, as it is so common in other countries. However, Danish health officials believe that these toxic additives in the cereals can seriously harm the livers and kidneys of children as well as unborn fetuses in pregnant women. A government laboratory delivered the ban after examining the ingredient lists provided by Kellogg.

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Microwave Containers are Leaching Toxins into Food at Alarming Rates

By: S. D. Wells
Source: NaturalNews.com

Microwaving food inside containers made of plastic, cellophane, cardboard and styrofoam may leach toxins into the food and increases the levels of carcinogens being consumed. Since most containers do not visibly melt or get hot, consumers have the false notion that the synthetic boxes and wrappers are not releasing toxins, but new research shows they are, and at levels that are alarming.

Consumers are guaranteeing a triple dose of poison when they buy processed food (which contains synthetic ingredients), “nuke” them in a microwave, and then consume the radiated chemicals and vapors from the packaging.

The FDA claims that if it’s labeled microwave safe, then it’s fine, but there are several major gray areas being exploited. The FDA also says that microwave-safe plastic wrap should never directly touch the food. The labels on many plastic wraps recommend a one inch space between the plastic and the food, but it’s all locked in the oven with your food anyway.

For starters, chemical migration from packaging material to a food does not require direct contact. Excessive heat applied to the container drives off the chemical gases from the container. It is now proven that chemicals like BPA, Bisphenol-A, seep out of the container and affect humans, causing hormonal imbalances, lowered sperm count, and various other forms of cancer.

Watch out for rubber lids and their containers. Also put on the caution list freezer bags which can emit phthalates and BPA. The amount of toxins released from the synthetic depends on how long you freeze or cook them for, and also the strength of each particular microwave oven.

Meat trays, foam containers, coated cardboard, and most soup and noodle cups top the danger list. It is very common to cover a plate of food with Saran wrap. These “methods” are not safe at all.

The FDA claims that leached substances pose no threat to a person’s health. They say to use containers and materials that are specifically labeled as microwave-safe, but not to microwave margarine tubs and carryout containers from restaurants.

That brings us to research the difference between margarine tubs and all other plastic containers. Some plastics marked with recycle codes 3 or 7 can actually be made with BPA. Yogurt, butter, margarine, cottage cheese, sour cream, and many more similar foods are all sold in plastic containers, many of which are made from Polypropylene (plastic # 5), one of the least-recyclable plastics. Most city recycling centers won’t even accept it!

How can the FDA allow toxic chemicals in food containers that are not recyclable? Understanding this is important to realizing the true betrayal we face with the FDA. In other words, it is not acceptable to incur the expense of sorting, collecting, cleaning and reprocessing containers, but it is acceptable that we treat millions of Americans with chemotherapy after “eating” cancer.

Radiation is the result of nuclear decay. In simplest terms, a microwave oven decays the molecular structure of the food and packaging by using radiation. Had the manufacturers named them radiation ovens, it’s very doubtful they would be popular today.

Solution: Get rid of the microwave oven right now, and just deal with cleaning your own safe pot or stainless steel pan. Then drastically reduce your use of plastic. Look for natural alternatives like textiles, solid wood, bamboo, and glass.

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Salad Dressings often Loaded with Corn Syrup and Other Junk Ingredients

By: Selena Keegan
Source: NaturalNews.com

After you wash and chop your fresh vegetables to prepare a delicious and healthy salad, would you pour a bottle of corn syrup over your dish or sprinkle the greens with sugar? You probably think that this sounds like a disgusting idea. Yet that is exactly what many people do by using prepared salad dressings which contain corn syrup and sugar, often among the first four ingredients listed on the label. We have researched some of the top brands and printed their ingredient lists below to give you an idea of what lurks in some of the popular dressings.


The first four ingredients listed on the label for Wish-Bone Deluxe French Dressing are “soybean oil, water, vinegar (cider, distilled), sugar, tomato paste.” Wish-Bone’s Creamy Caesar dressing has a similar ingredient list: “soybean oil, water, distilled vinegar, egg yolks, sugar, parmesan cheese.” The company’s Russian dressing contains “corn syrup, water, soybean oil, tomato paste, distilled vinegar, sugar, salt.” The list of ingredients for Wish-Bone’s Thousand Island dressing begins with “soybean oil, water, sugar, sour pickle relish [cucumbers, vinegar, salt, water, calcium chloride, aluminum sulfate, turmeric (color)], distilled vinegar, tomato paste, salt].”

Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own is often found on supermarket shelves next to Wish-Bone dressings. Newman’s Own Honey French Dressing lists these ingredients: vegetable oil (soybean oil and/or canola oil), water, sugar, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, honey, distilled vinegar, contains 2% or less of: salt, paprika, onion, spices, garlic, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, beet powder (for color), xanthan gum, vitamin E (alpha- tocopheryl acetate – for freshness) dried. Their Poppy Seed Dressing label reveals the following ingredients: Vegetable Oil (Soybean Oil And/Or Canola Oil), Water, Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar, Onion, Contains 2% Or Less Of: Salt, Poppy Seeds, Mustard Flour, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid.


Brianna’s salad dressings also come in a wide range of different flavors. Their True Blue Cheese contains: canola oil, water, sugar, blue cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes, powdered cellulose to prevent caking, natamycin to protect flavor), white vinegar, buttermilk powder, salt, apple cider vinegar, natural flavor, maltodextrin and cultured dextrose, lactic acid, citric acid, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate to preserve freshness, black pepper, tocopherols (natural antioxidant — vitamin E). Their Zesty French flavor features “canola oil, water, sugar, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, salt, spices, minced onion, garlic, dried red and green bell pepper, paprika, xanthan gum, natural flavor, tocopherols (natural antioxidant — vitamin E), citric acid.”


Another popular brand of salad dressings is Marzetti’s. Their Classic Ranch Dressing lists the following ingredients: soybean oil, buttermilk, distilled vinegar, egg yolk, salt, sugar, garlic, yeast extract, onion, spices, xanthan gum, natural flavors. Their Thousand Island Dressing contains “soybean oil, sweet relish (cucumbers, sugar, vinegar, salt, xanthan gum, natural flavor), water, sugar, egg yolk, tomato paste, distilled vinegar, salt, onion, celery seed, natural flavors, xanthan gum, vegetable juices added for color, dehydrated garlic.”

Hidden Health Dangers

Eating a salad should be a way to enjoy the tastes and textures of fresh produce, giving your body a nutritious treat. Dressings can augment the flavor of a healthy salad, but putting corn syrup and sugar in dressings counteracts much of the nutritional benefit of your bowl of greens and other vegetables. Consumption of high levels of sugar can contribute to a variety of health issues ranging from depression to diabetes. A recent study linked high fructose corn syrup with higher triglyceride levels, increased insulin resistance and a build-up of abdominal fat. These ingredients become an invisible danger when used in salad dressings, as people are more likely to assume they are eating something healthy and eat without the caution they might exercise in regard to more obvious dietary culprits like snack foods and candy.

What You Can Do

Read labels carefully when buying salad dressings at the grocery store. It is also easy and less expensive to learn to make your own dressings at home. When ordering a salad at a restaurant, ask about the ingredients used, or ask for just oil and vinegar.

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Andreas Moritz Speaks About “Vaccine-Nation” on Linda Mackenzie’s HealthyLife.Net Radio Network

Andreas Moritz speaks about “Vaccine-Nation” on Linda Mackenzie’s HealthyLife.Net Radio Network

Broadcasting  form the Manhattan beach and the world wide web you are listening to CHSR healthylife.net . As a service to our listeners this program is for general information and entertainment purposes only. CHSR healthylife.net does not recommend, endorse, or object to the views, products or topics expressed by show hosts or guests. We suggest you always consult with your own personal medical, financial or legal advisor.

Linda Mackenzie: Welcome to the Linda Mackenzie show and this week let’s remember to radiate positive energy, especially today. Our guest today is Andreas Moritz. He is author of the book “Vaccine-Nation” which you can get on amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com or any book store, just ask for it and I’ll also be giving lots of fun and useful information as well as doing some fact based psychic readings later on in the show. This is a very important show today because if you want to understand vaccines and their impact, this is the book to get because it really is thoroughly researched and there is so much going on with vaccines today, they have just come up, I think it’s two hundred and forty-six now, they have, they want to hit children with, so it is very, very important that we know about this. So let’s get right to our guest and we have with us Andreas Moritz, author of “vaccine-Nation” and Andreas is a researcher and author of over twelve books. Welcome, Andreas.

Andreas Moritz: Well, thank you Linda I am happy to be here

Linda Mackenzie: I am glad you are here too. What is the vaccine myth?

Andreas Moritz: Well, actually, it is a composition of at least five different myths and one of them is that vaccines supposedly prevent disease and in fact the scientific research and the history that we are familiar with shows very clearly that vaccines are not preventing disease, they are actually causing and spreading the disease they are meant to prevent, and so if you look at the vaccine literature, it is filled with examples of individuals and large numbers of people who were vaccinated against infectious disease, and actually have contracted the very same infection at a later stage in their life, so it is not really doing anything in terms of eradicating disease, which is another myth, it doesn’t eradicate disease, the truth is that if you look at the statistical evidence once again, you will find that any infectious epidemic or pandemic has  declined long before, that means months or years before mass vaccination campaigns were introduced, and you find that at any time there was an improvement of sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, just general cleanliness, removing garbage from the big cities that were no longer piling up in the cities and contaminating the air and the water, once that was in place, these epidemics, they died out, they literally disappeared and you find that with whooping cough, measles, diphtheria… all of the big epidemics that we have… and so there is really nothing, of course in African countries or in other developing countries, they still have epidemics and you find them disappearing as well, as the hygiene and nutrition improve, in fact the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they have actually stated on their website that clean water is far more effective in eradicating infectious disease in developing countries than vaccines are so, I personally do not understand why they are not going out and just improving their sanitation, putting filters in these communities so that they have clean drinking water… instead we are going out and spending billions of dollars in vaccinating children and…

Linda Mackenzie: Well, there is a reason for that, that basically, if you follow any path it is the money and the USA vaccinates more people that other countries, is that not true?

Andreas Moritz: It is absolutely true

Linda Mackenzie: Right

Andreas Moritz: The average child, person, up to the age of eighteen, will eventually have had sixty-one to sixty-three vaccine shots, and if you look at a country like Iceland, they get about one third of that number, and the statistics really show that you have in countries like Iceland or Norway or any of the Scandinavian countries, they have very, very low autism rates, they have low learning disability, there is low asthma rates… here in America we have one in every sixty-three children is developing autism and Iceland it is one in every thirty thousand. What is in Iceland kids, or how different is a kid in Iceland compared to a kid in America? Many of the Scandinavian people are actually here, they have moved here, they go to Minneapolis, so many of them are Scandinavians, but there is really no difference in our genes, in our upbringing, there is some difference in the diet, yes, but we do not have a link between autism and diet as yet.

Linda Mackenzie: That is right

Andreas Moritz: But we have a link between the number of people who die in Iceland and in America, there are twice as many children dying than in Iceland.

Linda Mackenzie: Well a lot of that has to do with, again, with pharmaceutical companies they are doing these genetically modified foods and the water is polluted and the foods that Americans eat and the air that we breathe…

Andreas Moritz: Correct.

Linda Mackenzie: …is all contributing factors to disease, and quite frankly, there are many countries I know, for many, many years,Denmark would not import our dairy products because of the antibiotics in it…

Andreas Moritz: Right

Linda Mackenzie: … and if you travel the world as I have when I was in a past life as an engineer for eighteen years, and if you travel the world and you think that America has the best food and the best stuff, well they don’t, I mean you can taste the difference in the foods, and Europe, except for, I guess two years, they finally broke up down, they were not even allowing any of these GMO foods, and the reason is that, so these are causes for the breakdown of systems as well as in America because we are so economically trapped, what happens if there may not be as many children autistic, with autism, as there really is because the government offers money and sustenance to children with autism so, maybe, some people who are still learning may opt to do get their child…

Andreas Moritz: Right

Linda Mackenzie: …categorized under autism so they can feed them today, but I do now want to go… divulge too much but basically, I have read that in United States the US government buys all these vaccines from the pharmaceutical companies and then stockpiles them, and now many people in US are not getting vaccinated as they once were, although still too many, and so we, it is the money that is exchanging hands that I believe is why they want these vaccines, they couldn’t care less if they’re really helping people.

Andreas Moritz: Oh yes. In fact they are more interested that the vaccines do not work because there is a lot of money to be made from sickness but there is no money to be made from health, so if people are healthy they are not going to doctor or to a hospital, so yes, and they know that vaccines suppress or destroy the immune system progressively, there are so many synthetic chemicals and genetic ingredients that cause toxic overload in people, in children’s immune systems and that is setting them up for long term and life long illnesses. There is a brand new study that was done, it was a review of studies that were done from the end of the 19th century to the year 2006 and what they discovered was that… and these were one hundred and fifty-one studies, so it is huge-huge body of scientific research, and they found that the children that were vaccinated during childhood have a significant increase in the risk of cancer later in life, so what kind of business incentive is that? Huge, because cancer business is an absolutely mind-boggling moneymaker that the medical industry does not want to give up, it is just far too important for them, and so, they, the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry obviously work hand in hand, they work on the same theme… disease care… which is nothing to do with health care… it is making sure that people get some kind of relief temporarily like vaccines can trick the immune system and suppress it so it does not develop the childhood illness at that time and later he gets it perhaps, but that can be very serious for these people.

Linda Mackenzie: Right. You know, I can remember growing up, we did have a couple of vaccines for small pox and stuff, we did not have measles, cause I am 62 so I have been around for a while, but you know what, my daughter, she had chicken pox, she had it twice or three times I do not know, some crazy thing, and I had measles and we all… very rarely do children die from these childhood illnesses and when you have the illness it automatically builds up antibodies in your system so that you do not catch it again, so I do not understand…

Andreas Moritz: Well, it does not work that way because there are two parts to the immune system. One is the antibody response as you said you get exposed to a pathogen then you produce antibodies, but it is not just pathogens, if you get any chemicals into the system that is considered toxic by the body and it causes injury, which toxins do, then the body will produce antibodies, antibodies are not really against something primarily they are healing bodies

Linda Mackenzie: Oh!

Andreas Moritz: They are blood proteins that are needed in order to heal a wound or lesion or any thing… inflammation… part of any inflammation, so when you  invoke an inflammatory response, does not matter for whatever reason that may be, you are basically triggering the antibody response. Now the second, the most important, actually, the primary immune response, is the cellular immune response and that is the normal way to contract or to expose the body to a pathogen that is through the airways, thought the nose and the mouth, the inhalation and through the gastro intestinal tract, that time immune system will mount a cellular immune response while it, at the same time, there is zero, nothing, in terms of a antibody response, the antibody response is supposed to come secondary once the primary immune response has been completed, so once the person goes through the sickness, let’s say, childhood illness, and then once that is finished then the body starts producing antibodies for that but the primary immune response is the only one that leaves those us with permanent immunity to a particular pathogen and then the side effect is, the positive benefit, is you’re immune for the rest of your life and you have boosted your immune system, whereas when you take a vaccine you do the exact opposite, you suppress the primary immune response, there is no way they can do that, that is why you typically do not get sick unless you have a live virus and it makes you violently ill, you get the real illnesses and then you’re immune to it, but the typical response is, and that is why they try to reduce the viral, the activeness of the virus, through chemicals like formaldehyde which keeps it generated so it is basically weak. It is weak enough to produce antibodies but it is not strong enough to evoke a disease that you actually get sick from it. So in that sense, the vaccines cannot bestow true immunity, it is fake immunity, has nothing to do with making the body stronger, that is why you… in our population… there is massive decline in natural immunity right from the beginning you get, on the day a baby is born, gets a hepatitis B shot and that is just… it is impossible for a child’s immune system which has not even developed yet to deal with it. If the mother also has been immunized before, she does not… she is not able to… pass antibodies to the child, so the child’s immune system even has a difficulty to ever develop properly, so now we have generations of new generations that have virtually the weakest immune system that we have ever seen on the planet.

Linda Mackenzie: You know, Andreas, I always thought that if they were to take all the money and all the research and develop a cure for the disease and not worry about vaccinations and then they had this one shot that when you get the disease if you get the disease, you get it and the disease is cured, that would be a better high jump, a better way for people to… and scientists to… live. Cure the disease and then if that person gets sick, give him the shot because not everybody is going to get hepatitis B and I do not understand inoculating children on this, it is like that human papilloma vaccination, it does not, it kills, it kills the girls it only goes and stops one, not all of the papilloma viruses, so you still have a change of still getting it and it is really terrible stuff that they are doing.

Andreas Moritz: Pretty right, I mean it does not prevent new disease, look at the flu shot, they have a one percent preventive effect and yet million and millions of people get it every year. Now the CDC admitted that, just a couple of weeks ago, that the flu virus vaccine, the flu vaccine is weakening, just a couple of months like two three months after it has been given, that means it becomes ineffective and what does it mean ineffective? You have to have a shot every year because some strains are changing, now they are saying, well we have developed a universal flu vaccine that you do not even have to have one for each strain anymore. So the whole theory behind vaccines is changing all the time, there is no science to it, and there are no sound scientific principles, that is why when you suggest to the CDC please do some studies on children, compare the non-vaccinated with the vaccinated children, they say, well it is unethical, you cannot do that, that is why there is no study to prove that vaccines are actually better than not being vaccinated.

Linda Mackenzie: Right, well you know my ex husband was a bio chemical scientist at a very large drug company back in the 60s and early 70s and back then, they had, you could not really say drug, except for very, very long-term studies of ten, twenty even thirty years, now the drugs are getting approved within the six months and the guinea pigs are the people in the field. So when what happened though is with the H1N1 virus, I do know that that was a false cry, hardly anybody did get that flu and I believe that in Europe, they actually called to task pharmaceutical companies saying that they actually fostered the illusion of that big pandemic and there was none and they got  cited for that, but, here in the United States, we end up hand in hand with pharmaceutical companies and paying them money and we are their biggest purchasers and most companies, pharmaceutical companies, I do not know one that is really owned by a  US company. We are going to take a break but we are going to be right back with Andreas Moritz and his book “Vaccine-Nation”. Stay with us……

                      ……Welcome back. You are listening to the Linda Mackenzie show. We have today Andreas Moritz.  He is the author of a really important book that you need to have on your bookshelf and it is for everyone, not just children, they are trying to do vaccinations for everybody, it is called “Vaccine-Nation“. Now, Andreas, what is your website?

Andreas Moritz: It is ENER-CHI.com.

Linda Mackenzie: Great and they can find out more information…

Andreas Moritz: Yes

Linda Mackenzie: … about you, and he has written so many wonderful books and you know, everybody knows that I have been here for eighteen years, I do not know how long, seems like forever, but you do trust me and I am telling you that this book is very thoroughly documented and researched so if you want to know about vaccines, it is a very good book to get, and that is “Vaccine-Nation” –  Andreas Moritz,  and you can get it at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com and visit his website ENER-CHI.com Right?

Andreas Moritz: Yeah

Linda Mackenzie: Alright, great, let’s get back to some of these questions. Can you give us some of the, there is so much to cover with these things, and I do not like the wool being pulled over children’s eyes or any elderly eyes or anybody’s eyes, I think that if we have the knowledge then we have our eyes open and then we make a decision that we know all the facts and we choose to get a vaccine after knowing all the facts, that is okay, but, we need to know and they are not telling us because… I am sorry if I just keep going on because I am very passionate about this subject, but Andreas, what is the insider secrets about vaccines? Can you tell us some?

Andreas Moritz: Yes and there actually are a lot of contaminants, biological contaminants in vaccines, and so many people think that a vaccine is completely clean but it is not. It is already contaminated by animal parts… that are part of when you grow a vaccine, let’s say, in a monkey, then you get animal particles and DNA parts, and so once you inject them into the human body, the immune system will mount an immune response because it considers foreign DNA as an invading organism, and so, there can be serious consequences that can lead to death, but there are many other contaminants like amoeba… that the… particularly there is one there is called acant amoeba and that is feeding off brain cells and so found in the polio vaccine. That is why in countries like India or Pakistan you have a lot of children developing polio and become paralyzed because they are vaccinated, it is not because they develop polio by sort of moving around the country, and there are so many instances of severe brain damage caused by amoeba that are contained in vaccines and syphilitics, respiratory infections and these are microorganisms, they are found in lab furniture, they are in equipment, it is not easy to keep these labs clean, and so, once these cultures are contaminated then the recipients receive them and that is something that they don’t tell you, they basically say all the vaccines are safe and they are tested, but how many vaccines are being recalled!! Recently we found that a pig viruswas in a vaccine that was spread in Mexico and so you have so many of failures, there are power failures and other things that cause a change in the temperature of the vaccines, think of developing countries where there are large, long distances. I lived in Africa and in India, and there are huge distances and sometimes there is not enough power, sometimes for day or two, and so, all those vaccines become spoiled yet, they are still being given to people and that is amazing because you can make so many millions of people very sick, that’s why we have, and you go back to the history, we have so many instances where children and people were vaccinated against dysentery for example, in Germany, before WWII there were fifty thousand people who were sick with dysentery and then the vaccines were given and they shot up to two hundred and fifty thousand and then WWII happened there was no vaccine available and it went back to forty thousand.

Linda Mackenzie: Exactly! Do you know it was really interesting because I think it was between last couple of weeks, they had a picture of Bill Gates and his wife in Africa and the children were getting vaccines, but they had soldiers with machine guns all around them and they were forcing the children to get the vaccines, the people did not want to…

Andreas Moritz: Right

Linda Mackenzie: … and I am sitting there, going “Bill and Melissa Gates, I know you are trying to help but figured it out because vaccines are not where you should be putting your money,” that what I am saying and also in… I heard that in the H1N1 vaccine, which they are including now in that the regular flu shots in America, they are adding that H1N1 in so they are not even saying that it is a special one they are just adding it in, that is a mercury based, the fluid that this vaccine stays in to keep everything, organism, alive is actually mercury, that includes mercury in there, and, we all know how much mercury can come out of the body… formaldehyde, I can remember in high school, you know, dissecting the frog, I do not want that stuff in my body, they make you lithium bomb people with, I mean for goodness sake, so is that right that they do have mercury in there?

Andreas Moritz: Oh, absolutely! Most flu shots actually, not just the H1N1 flu vaccine, but most flu shots do contain mercury. So it is something that is known to be a brain damaging metal, it is the most toxic chemical… metal… in the world, so putting that directly into the human body is just irresponsible and there are no safety studies, there are no comparative studies available, there are only short-term studies like five days or so, but most of the vaccine injuries, they occur long after, months and even years after, as we have seen with the cancer, you get vaccinated as a child and when you are thirty-forty years old, you start developing cancer and you have no idea where it came from but now, the studies show that it is coming from vaccination. so there is just no… you cannot sue them and of course the supreme court of justice now sided with the pharmaceutical industry because they were pressured by them and now nobody can sue the pharmaceutical industry for vaccine injury anymore. So they are totally immune to attack by any families

Linda Mackenzie: However I did see, yeah exactly, I did see, I was very happy to see it, that for the first time in the last couple of weeks, almost all the large pharmaceutical companies are seeing loses for the first time and I am so happy about that because they design many, many things, I have a big respect for science, but it is not for money, and unfortunately the whole thing is for money and I have a vitamin company where we manufacture vitamins, for five years, so I know a bit about medical research and stuff because of having our products tested, and one of the questions I had, we have to go into a break but when we get back I want to comment on a couple of things: Can we trust the medical research? And I got some thing to say and I know Andreas does, and I also want to tell you something that happened yesterday and we are going that too, so stay with us…….

                                   ……Welcome back. You are listening to the Linda Mackenzie show. We have today Andreas Moritz and he is the author of “Vaccine-Nation“. Again, you can get this book at amazon.com and go to his website ENER-CHI.com. Andreas, during the break, right before the break, we were talking about… can we trust medical research, right before the break I was saying you know we do not, when we went to get our research done and we found that many times the research that was positive on holistic or natural substances would get pooh-pooed and thrown away and they would not even look at that, but what they would do is, they would find medical research from the drug company, the drug company was paying for the research, so anything that was negative about a drug they would find actually in the garbage cans, sometimes literally in the garbage can, and never report it, only the positive things were reported that is kind of, do you feel that that is true?

Andreas Moritz: Oh, absolutely! Drug makers… they do not have to publish negative studies.What they do is they look at the… let’s say… they do twenty or let’s say thirty studies and they have to do a lot of them and so eventually they come up with maybe three or two or four studies that are positive and the rest of them are negative they can discard the negative ones and then go to the FDA and basically deliver the positive studies to the FDA and they will post it, and very quickly, and so they do not have to report what is negative, it goes into the garbage and that’s been very well… that has been known for a long time. You go to John Leonidas, he is the world’s most renowned expert… and credibility of research…. and he is very, very, very well received and known in the medical research field, and according to him and his eminent researchers, they found that the ninety percent of the published medical information that is relied on by doctors to prescribe the drugs and the treatments, the  vaccines and the surgery, is actually fraud and incorrect. And recently the University of California published in the Annals of Medicine that was back in October last year, they found that ninety-two percent of about hundred and forty-five clinical trials that were conducted between 2008 and 2009, they were invalid because it did not disclose the type of placebo they used and so they were found that to manipulate the placebo, for example, in a cholesterol study, they found that when you use a placebo which is a sugar pill, it will actually raise the cholesterol, they put some fats in it and it raises the cholesterol in the control group and that shows that the Statin drug that they tested on is more effective than the placebo so it is very and the FDA is not objecting to that

Linda Mackenzie: Well, that is because the FDA, a lot of them are from the drug industry, all the people on the FDA making the decisions are from the drug industry, I do not mind, but if you have a medical doctor that really understands science, I am not averse to that, but, when you are having former execs form a drug company sitting there saying about drugs and passing that, I think that it is a waste of our time and a waste of our money because it is still all about the money.Tell us a little bit about the law enforced vaccines. I am not allowing somebody to put something in my body. It is my body. I do not think that I should allow them to that but if the law told me that I was forced to get a vaccine what happens with that?

Andreas Moritz: Well, you have not much choice if you live in Massachusetts for example, which  just passed a pandemic response act and it allows the Governor to declare a state of emergency and treat normal people like you and me as terror suspects if they are not submitting to the forced vaccination so and it is become more popular. There is another law in New Jersey  where parents have to bring the children to school where they were vaccinated by force; if they did not do, that the parents would have to… they would have to be jailed. So there is lot of pressure on parents as well. Now a lot of doctors and  hospitals refuse parents to bring their children to the hospitals or to the doctor unless they can show that they have been fully… their children have been fully vaccinated. so it is the law that protects most people at least in 48 states where you can fight for religious reason or philosophical reasons or medical reasons, you have to have a doctor who is supporting that, and write you the letter that you have a medical reason because you can say, “well, the previous vaccines, they caused a vaccine injury in my child, I do not want this to happen again,” and then the doctor has to approve them and say “yes, it is true, there was a vaccine injury, so it is better for the child not to be vaccinated,” but these are very, very few exemptions. Most other people, when they bring their children to school, the schools are already requiring that their children are vaccinated because they say when your child gets sick, he might infect the entire population of children and that is not entirely true, because these children most of them, 98 percent is supposed to be vaccinated already, why should they worry about getting infection? They should worry because we now know that most of the people that get infected are not the non-vaccinated population but the vaccinated population.

Linda Mackenzie: Right!

Andreas Moritz: Like the mumps outbreak in New York where fifteen hundred were infected and seventy seven percent of them were fully vaccinated. And we see that you go through the history of vaccination, you find that in every instance, that most people that were infected by any infectious disease… they were the fully vaccinated ones and the smallest numbers is among non-vaccinated population.

Linda Mackenzie: I am going to bring this to a standby kind of a thing. When we get back, we have got another break but I want to bring this, kind of, to the standby, that is really happening today, so stay with us……….

                                             …….Welcome back. You are listening to the Linda Mackenzie show. We have today Andreas Moritz, author of “Vaccine-Nation.” You know we are a positive network and we do not do controversy usually, at least without answers, and the reason I wanted to, I feel very passionate about this because if you have the knowledge then you can make an informed decision so that, but you do not, if you are only getting one side of the story like the pharmaceutical companies and the government, that unfortunately is being hoodwinked with us then you know you are not able to make informed decisions and that is why I feel very adamant that Andreas Moritz he did fantastic research work. “Vaccine-Nation” is definitely one of the books, those books that you should get. You can get it at, I am sure you can find out more about it, at ENER-CHI.com. in the book, it talks about what a vaccine hangover is, it talks about the autism link it talks about all of the… it has everything in it so it is really great, he even gives you the whole truth on how to stay healthy, but right now, yesterday, there was something in the BBC and the story went that they have a microchip, which is nanotechnology, that they are placing in the viruses now, a couple of weeks ago it reported on the health news that they have things finer than the finest hair that they actually put in drugs now, so that your doctor can sit on his computer and could actually see if you have taken the right dose and where it is in your system and they can even see if you are not taking it anymore. Okay, so with these flus now, these flu vaccines… and vaccines…. they are now putting this nano technology microchip in that, have you heard about that Andreas?

Andreas Moritz: Oh, actually I have heard about this ten years ago, believe it or not,

Linda Mackenzie: Oh!

Andreas Moritz: And so I followed it and there is some literature that is very credible, that shows that they were planning to do this all along in the name of making it easier for medical doctors to diagnose illness and to get a good idea of what this person is all about who is sitting in front of them, that means they will know their history, the medical history, the disease and everything, and so they are basically… they are saying this is a good thing, everyone should have this, but it is a dodgy subject because many people said “oh, I do not want the government snooping around in my body, they will figure out everything about me,” because what else could they do?

Linda Mackenzie: One of the things that I think they can do because if and it is not unprecedented what they have is, if you got the live virus in your system right, when they… whether now or in the future… have a trigger and if it is all computer controlled or frequency… radio frequency controlled…. or whatever it is, if they do not like you, they can just activate that virus, or if through the vaccination, or they could say okay this  group of people we like, so we are going to make sure that the virus vaccine is immune and turn it off, but, we do not like those people over there, so let’s just give them the virus and kill them. And I think that if they do not have it now, I think that they will be doing something like that because what better way to fight biological warfare…

Andreas Moritz: Oh, absolutely!

Linda Mackenzie: ….and control

Andreas Moritz: You are right about that, the technology exists, there is no doubt about it, they’re even openly admitting they have this technology. You can now even trigger heart attacks in people remotely so that is been known and a lot of people did already die because of that, but and we do not even have to put something into the human body, we can use other instruments, like playing the harp H-A-R-P…

Linda Mackenzie: Right , right , right.

Andreas Moritz: …so mind control is not something that is a young, it is actually quite an old technology.

Linda Mackenzie: Right, I had a friend of mine who was working on sound frequencies, on the different frequencies of every illness and he could actually help heal the body, and the government actually took it in, they had frequencies where you can beam down a satellite, if used the right frequency, then people turned to water in the street, if it was hit. So I know all this exists, but, as far as the vaccines, I am very afraid when the government says that everybody has to be inoculated and then it’s control, that is not freedom and that does not belong in the United States as far as I am concerned and that is what concerns me about these vaccines.

Andreas Moritz: You are absolutely correct about that and that is why we hope that things with the economy are not going to go as well as it should be and so we do need a collapse of where the funds are drying out for these programs and for making people subjected to vaccination, forced vaccination, which it is a direct way to spread disease, that we are now seeing that over and over again looking at the proof in the historic records and the data, the statistical data, you can sicken entire countries by doing that, and so there is a lot of power where these individuals and elite groups are sitting and they can do whatever they want, so it is time for the system to crack, to break up and for the economy to perhaps collapse to a point that we can recreate it on a sound basis that is not based on manipulation and…

Linda Mackenzie: Power and control and money, but you know, everything is working towards that so we have to understand, so I tell everyone now of the FDA approval and for the pharmaceutical company executives and the people that run it, let us make sure that we are sending them a love and light like pesky little fleas, just keep on hitting them with that love energy, saying do the right thing, we are all connected, keep at them like little fleas, it would be really great if all you guys get together in one place ,you can change it in a minute but you are a little lazy, we understand this, you got busy, things to do, but let’s this week, concentrate on sending all the love and light and make sure that you are saying do the right things to all of those wonderful pharmaceutical heads because we do not want to get against them, we want to make the positive energy up. We are out of time.

                                  Thank you Andreas Moritz for being with us. Everybody get his book “Vaccine-Nation“, okay… very good book, and pass it on to your friends. Do a homeschooling, go to private schools, you do not have to suppress your freedom, you do not have to do that. Take care everyone. We will be right back.

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Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation (Greg Voisen interviews Andreas Moritz)

Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation
(Greg Voisen interviews Andreas Moritz)

Greg Voisen: Welcome back to Inside Personal Growth. This is Greg Voisen, host of Inside Personal Growth and I want to thank all of our listeners who join us from around the world to listen to the words of wisdom  from our authors. And today on the air, I have Andreas Moritz, who is joining us from South Carolina and Andreas is a health expert in his field and he has a book called “TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH AND REJUVENATION” and I have to admit that this is, you want to talk about breakthrough medicine for the twenty-first century. This is a wonderful book. Good day to you Andreas. How are you?

Andreas Moritz: Thank you. I am absolutely good today.

Greg Voisen: Well, we appreciate having you on and I am going to let our listeners know a little bit about you, Andreas, and then we are going to get into a series of questions here. Andreas is the author of many books but he lectures and he is a practitioner in the field of alternative and integrative medicine. He is also the author of over a dozen books on various subjects pertaining to holistic health and is most well-known for his books “THE AMAZING LIVER AND GALLBLADDER FLUSH“, “TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH AND REJUVENATION” and “CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE“. His ideas have appeared in USA Today and in the 90s he began self-publishing self-help books on alternative medicine in mind-body-spirit integration. Andreas has had medical challenges himself from the early age of six dealing with arrhythmia, anemia, abnormally low blood pressure, frequent fainting and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Although he had challenges with this, he then went on to and went into the practice of iridology and trained under his uncle Dr. Harry Kirchofer… how do you pronounce his last name?

Andreas Moritz: Kirchofer

Greg Voisen: Kirchofer

Andreas Moritz: Kirchofer

Greg Voisen: yup, in Switzerland, and you know his background is in Ayurvedic medicine and we are going to be speaking about that. And he has travelled the world and he has just amazing credentials and if you want to look for more of his credentials, I would recommend that you go to his website as well but I would really like to get into the heart of the matter because there is just in this book, for my listeners it is in excess of five hundred pages long now, I was looking at it as more of a reference book as well, but if you wanted to go into any area that just by taking the index and going through it you can do it and it is amazingly well done and an exceptional read. So Andreas, you mentioned that the state of health is a reflection of how we perceive ourselves and our world. Can you comment because I think this is the basis… foundation,,, that you wrote in the introduction to your book for our listeners… why you follow this path and why our listeners would want to know more about that.

Andreas Moritz: Basically perception creates a reaction, a response inside of us and how we respond to any given situation, whether it is a traumatic situation like the loss of money, job, or a loved one or whether it is a disease that is afflicting us, how we respond to it is determining, literally, determining whether we recover and benefit from that incident or whether we go down with it. And so, our response is the most important in all of that. Unfortunately in the medicine system that we have today, we are being presented with like cut realities, these are like written in stone, realities where you have cancer and this is how much you have to live unless you take these treatments. We do not even given a choice how to respond to it and however, we do have that choice. And as I found in all the thirty-seven years of practicing in this field, that the choices that we can make are fantastically successful if we dare step into that and take self-responsibility for what is happening to us. We may not be able to change what happened to us but we certainly can change our response to it.

Greg Voisen: And I think that western medicine has a tendency to engulf people with kind of this fear of taking that alternative path, don’t you think so, that happens sometimes? You know if someone gets cancer, I will just use an example, my son got chronic myelogenous leukemia at twenty-one and at the time there was a drug called Gleevec and that was the only treatment, but it was the only treatment from western medicine. What he did do though is, he got heavily involved in Zen and meditation practice he went into a vegan diet and I actually believe it was those things that cured him, not so much the Gleevec.

Andreas Moritz: Oh, you are absolutely right. There is a actually a huge amount of research being done that the things that make us better are far more successful than the things that we suppress, or try to correct with medication or with any other therapies. So by focusing on the things that really work there is everyday almost  a new study coming out on vitamin D alone and how vitamin D, which is induced or produced by our body in response to sun exposure, we literally have an ability to reverse cancers by up to seventy percent. Now imagine that, if any other therapy would have that kind of success rate or any drug would have that kind of success rate it would be the best-selling drug for ever. And so we somehow forget that we have these healing gifts already build into our system but we hardly ever use them. So vitamin D which controls or turns on two and a half thousand genes in our body and turn them off when needed, we have vitamin D as a cardiovascular protection, we use vitamin D to allow our brain to function properly, it literally can prevent almost every kind of illness and it can also helps to reverse or correct any kind of imbalance in the body and there are thousands of studies now to prove it, however, it is not being reported, it is not being… doctors do not tell the patients to go out in the sun because they have been told that the sun is dangerous, we have to stay away from it. But now we have eighty-five percent of the population being vitamin D deficient. People, when they are vitamin D deficient, they have a fifty-five percent higher risk of obesity, they have a huge risk of developing cancers, all kinds of cancers. We now know that just having normal vitamin D levels goes along with a four hundred percent lower risk of developing colon cancers which is one of the leading cancers. So again, a simple thing like vitamin Diet, is such a fantastic thing to prevent illness, a good diet, we now know that eating meat on a regular basis increases the risk of dying by twenty percent from  all illnesses that includes diabetes, osteoporosis, heart attacks, cancers and so on. But you have again a very, very simple way just by correcting one’s diet and eating more sensibly and from more good sources such as organic vegetables and foods and grains and legumes and nuts and seeds and things like that which is ideal for the human body because that is how we were meant to eat because our digestive system is not capable of digesting such heavy foods as meat because our hydrochloric acid is only one tenth of that of a carnivorous animals. So we only digest ten percent of it, the rest of it will decay or be rotting in the intestines which then becomes obviously a source of illness.

Greg Voisen: Yeah, I have been a vegetarian for twenty plus years and I just, you know, the diet to me again, it is my preference, like you said we have choices, it has always been my diet preference and your book deals with this down-to-earth issues of health such as lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise, daily routines as you have mentioned, exposure to sun rays, sunlight but it is kind of based on ayurvedic medicine and I think some of our listeners out there, even though Deepak Chopra is somebody who has, kind of. maybe has exposed the world even a little more to that, explained the types, because I know I have read some about ayurvedic medicine and this is, isn’t  this one of your fundamental areas that you work with people on?

Andreas Moritz:  Yes certainly, because we are not all made in the same way. By even just going on the street you see thin people who walk very quickly, they talk very quickly, you hear them constantly saying something and so they are, sort of, the more agile people, and then you have the ones that are very slow, methodical and they’re more well built, sort of, have heavier bones, they have more body mass to them and the skin when you look at the back of their hands, you are not able to see the veins and bones, they are well covered. So obviously there are different body types and there is one that is standing out, you can see them from far away they have red hair, bright red hair, they are the so called pitta body types, PITTA and they have a lot of fire, a lot of heat in their body, so they do not get cold easily, they complain about wherever they go, it is, “I need to take something off because I am too hot”, so there is a vatta, the slim body type, that moves very quickly that talks very quickly but if he eats very congesting foods, like heavy foods like meat or potatoes, dry foods, then that person will get constipated, whereas the pitta body type if he eats the same kind of food, he wont get constipated at all. So there are certain foods that are useful for one body type and not useful for another. Likewise there is certain climates which are more beneficial for one person than for another and we have to sort of find out what we are and the book gives you hints in finding out your  body types  and what kind of foods are more conducive to the functioning and the metabolism in your body.

Greg Voisen: And so to assist on this path where you will take them through an assessment to determine body type ?

Andreas Moritz: Exactly.

Greg Voisen: Yeah!

Andreas Moritz: The book has actually a questionnaire where you can put in all the qualities, the  characteristics that you experience, then just simply by answering some questions and then you count the points and you will find out which body type you are. But simply by looking at the descriptions of the body type you will already know ‘that is me, that is me, that is me’, and you are very clear about why you are in a certain way, why you respond to stress in a given way, why do you look in a certain way. And so that makes you feel there is nothing wrong with you that is just how your body type is and each body type has of course psychological characteristics as well and if you know more about yourself you can use that more easily to determine how you want to live your life, and how and what you need from the environment. We now know that that sunlight is such an important factor for all body types. We are not born with sun shades in front of our eyes, we are supposed to receive all the rays that come from the sun in order to produce specific hormones in the brain and those hormones regulate the production of melanin in the skin which protects the skin against damage. You put sun shades on, then that protective matter is basically lost, you become susceptible to injury and then you have the self-fulfilling prophecy that the medicine system is putting out, that sunshine is dangerous. But what they do not tell you is that sunshade is actually, is one of the leading causes of skin cancer because it removes the protection, the melanin protection, in the skin. These are simple things that we ought to know in order to stay healthy, there is not really much one has to do. There is hydration, obviously, many people getting dehydrated because they are not drinking water which is the natural thing to drink where as they drink other things like coffee, too much coffees or teas or artificial drinks which are removing fluid from the body rather than putting fluid in the body, they are quite diuretic. And so again, once we have knowledge that hydration is so essential to produce digestive secretions to allow the blood to remain fluid enough and not get too thick for delivering nutrients to the cells in our body to take up oxygen and allow the oxygenation to occur properly for the metabolism to be proper, so once we know all of that, then we have the power to make choices and it is again all about self empowerment. Once we know that, we can handle any given situation and any disease that might pop up, since I was restoring health by going back to like, let’s say, healthy sleeping habits which we now know is responsible for numerous events like for low immunity, for example. You can restore the immune system by simply sleeping for eight and a half or eight to nine hours a night and people who are overweight, there is a new study that just came out it was done at the University of Chicago, and the study was released at the annals of internal medicine on the 4th of October and it basically tells people if you sleep eight and a half hours and you are overweight you lose fifty-five percent more body fat than a person who does not sleep enough hours.

Greg Voisen: That is a huge finding, so getting more rest…

Andreas Moritz: Exactly! Instead of trying to go on severe diets and exercise programs, just sleep the right amount of time at the right time of the night which is between ten and six, that is the best time to sleep, you automatically speed up your metabolism you balance the hormones in the body that regulate hunger and thirst and so you have no more cravings that make you overeat and that sort of thing. And these are studies that are showing… they are coming out now in frequency right now that tell people, the power is in your hands to make yourself healthy if you are not, and to stay healthy if you want to, and live a long healthy life.

Greg Voisen: Well, one of the things some of the people are dealing with more and more today and have been as society speeds up, is stress, and it is a big issue for people today and we know that cortisol levels, because  this is being reported everywhere, are going to increase with the higher levels of this continual stress, it is almost like the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome. What recommendations do you have for our listeners who, in these economic times, these challenged times, with high unemployment and all of the things that are going on, we know that it is the mental state, and they know they need to meditate and shift the way that they think about what it is, but what additionally can they do from a physical standpoint and a mental standpoint and a spiritual standpoint to get beyond that stress?

Andreas Moritz: Well, if you fight the stress or you try to solve the problem, you are stuck with the idea that there is something wrong. On the other hand, you can have a more accepting mode because negative things actually are propelled into our direction by positive reasons and that is sometimes very hard to grasp, but in my life I found… I discovered… that every negative thing that ever happened to me turned out to be a blessing,  it was something that I needed to experience so that I would discover something else that then would help hundreds and thousands of people. So I discovered that for myself and I have written a book about it – “LIFTING THE VEIL OF DUALITY” – where for every negative there is a positive reason behind it and, Jesus Christ said “Love your enemies”, love your adversities, love the things you do not like because when you do, when you accept them  into your life, then they transform into useful counterparts. And so that is something people might want to consider when dealing with stress because stress is not something that impacts us, it is our response to it that does. And so, when we all of us have the option to take a couple of deep breaths and say “I am not going to react right away, I am going to react in two minutes”, that means you put the power back into your court, you are now in charge, how you are going to respond to it and that will determine whether you come up with a good solution to this issue or not, whereas when you are stressed over something and you stay in your fear mode and you try to push away something you do not like, that moment you are stuck with it. Instead of doing that, you can just as well focus, just like if you do not like darkness you go to the light switch and turn on the light, you do not have to fight the darkness, you just put the thing under a different element. So if you are stressed, maybe all you need is a good night’s rest, because when you, let’s say, you stay up until midnight and you are trying to figure things out and then you cannot sleep properly, the next day you are not clear, you have brain issues, the blood circulation into the brain has diminished so incredibly that more toxins moving around the system, the stress hormones go up in order to cope with the lack of sleep and the deprivation of energy that has occurred because of that. So there are simple things you can do…  get a good meal that is satisfying you, do the things that make you joyful like just taking off and doing something for yourself, just for yourself, not for someone else, then this can recharge your batteries and you feel so much better shortly afterwards.

Greg Voisen: That is great advice, and one of the other things that you speak about and I think that many of our listeners might know this, but we do not pay attention much like you do, and I think the book articulates it well, you mention that the cells in our body are regenerating about every two to ten days. What are these built-in mechanisms that can help us from stopping this aging process because everyone today is talking about anti aging this and anti aging that, and truly we are like a copy machine aren’t we, and one of those cells mutates that is where the actually begins, isn’t it?

Andreas Moritz: Yes absolutely  true, because when we accumulated toxins over a number of years, and toxins… we have a lot of environment toxins,  just look at the chem trails that are a spewing huge amount of aluminum and other chemicals into our drinking water that just… there are new studies coming out that show that we have fifty thousand times more aluminum in our drinking water that is dumped from the sky and that is very, very toxic and that is just one of the toxins, there are so many food toxins added to our processed food, so people are getting poisoned by the drugs that they are taking,  medicines that they take, because these are chemicals the body has very great difficulty eliminating. So I typically tell people “clean out your liver” and that is why I have written the book “THE AMAZING LIVER AND GALL BLADDER FLUSH“, make sure you do not keep gathering and collecting toxins in the body and dumping them into the connective tissues and then make the organs weaker and weaker and suffocate the cells, but to allow the natural turnover of cells every two to ten days or six weeks for muscle cells for example, and once a month for every skin cell, but in order for those cells to be vital and to remain that way, we need to make sure the body is cleansed from time to time and cleaning out the liver is obviously one of the most important ways to make sure that the rest of the body stays neat and clean because the liver is the blood cleansing organ number one, and it retrieves and takes out these toxins, passes them into the bile duct, unfortunately that causes the coagulation of the bile, the bile becomes thick and hardens into little pebbles and stones and these are called intra-hepatic gallstones by the John Hopkins University,  when they are  clogging  the bile flow than we do not digest the food well any more, once the food digestion is interfered with, then the nutrients will not get to the cells, the cells will become weaker and age. So then we have the fast process of aging. People who have a clean liver, you can tell from their skin, from their appearance, from the muscle tone, the lack of excessive fat in the body where the metabolism, the digestion, is sufficient and the detoxification system is very effective too. So, I have found that people who do liver flushes on a regular basis or clean out their liver between like, two, three, a couple of series of liver flushes, then they will have a completely different energy to them they look radiant, their eyes look radiant, the skin is without any blemishes and age spots and things like that, so that is a way to keep your body healthy.

Greg Voisen: Well, that is one of those organs that I do not think many people out there think much of, they just take it for granted, yet it is the house of cards that operates everything within our body and that liver flush I think is important. You say that if we produce enough endorphins, serotonin and interleukin too, that we are able to arrest this aging process. I know that serotonin is a chemical that is released and endorphins through exercise. People that have low serotonin levels get depressed and some of them end up committing suicide, I actually know a friend whose daughter committed suicide and when they did her serotonin levels, there just wasn’t any, they could not find any. So how is that you can help people improve these through natural foods and processes d you give people, exercise programs and so on, to improve it so that it reduces this or arrests it, as you said, the aging process.

Andreas Moritz: The brain hormones are very, very people powerful and they are interlinked with the biological workings in our body and the largest rhythm that we know of is the circadian rhythm. It is the sunrise-sunset and the cycles that they involve. In the morning, when the sun is rising you naturally start producing serotonin, and serotonin even though it is called a brain hormone, in fact ninety percent of it is produced in the digestive system and five percent in the brain and only five percent in the blood. So most of the serotonin is created in the digestive tract which shows that eating the biggest meal of the day at midday serves you best because that is when your digestive system makes the most serotonin, and once you make a lot of serotonin which is at midday when you make the most, then you digest your meal most efficiently and then you have the best nutrients going to the cells in your body including the brain cells. So when you eat the biggest meal, the heaviest meal in the evening, you naturally only digest only ten to fifteen percent of that food because serotonin levels are that low. And so when you have inadequate digestion and lot of indigestive food piling up in the gastrointestinal tract which decomposes and produces toxins and it interferes with your sleep as well, as these toxins that are circulating around the system during the night time, then you have a problem with the psychological aspect as well because you wake up in the morning and you are feeling… not good, you feel low in energy, you feel sluggish, depressed,  you do not have the energy. Once the energy levels are dropping, you cannot be happy. So for the body,  for you to be happy, you have to have a good amount of energy, and serotonin is linked with another hormone that is called melatonin. So when you are sleeping well during the night, and you have a long night’s rest between eight to nine hours and you sleep between ten and six which is the time when you make the most melatonin, the next day, your serotonin levels will be higher because melatonin is the breakdown product of serotonin and serotonin is the breakdown product of melatonin, so they feed one another. So if you have a good amount of melatonin in the night, you will make a lot  more serotonin during the day, if you are eating your main meal at lunch time you will not suppress serotonin levels, you will actually increase them and you will have more melatonin to play with during the night time. So again, simple things like that were the secret of happy people in the olden days. So they knew how to stay healthy, happy and strong by following the circadian rhythms.

Greg Voisen: Well, so much of your advice in the book  “TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH AND REJUVENATION” it’s practical advice, it is something anybody can do, they can go anywhere and get these supplements, they can take the ayurvedic quiz which is inside the book, I mean, it really is an amazing book, I just again want to acknowledge you. But you state that disease, and this is my kind of closing question, is the occurrence of toxicity crisis which you call it, which is the body’s attempt, as you’ve been saying all along, to balance this condition called homeostasis, and for some of our listeners, they are going to know what homeostasis is, it is bacterial level balance, how is it that we can bring our body back to this balance and harmony? What will be some of the parting words that you will give about hydration, the kind of foods we should eat, how we should treat ourselves, mediation, the whole mind-body principle to actually get to this state of homeostasis?

Andreas Moritz: Well, it is actually not difficult because the body is doing that naturally and when you have a disease, that is the body’s way of returning to that state of balance. So the disease itself is part of the healing mechanism and trying to remove toxins. An infection is not a disease, an infection is the invitation of the body, the body inviting bacteria, germs, to come in to the system to dissolve, to breakdown and to decompose the cells that have are already been damaged or dead and so the body will never allow anything to attack healthy cells. The body only allows bacteria to attack unhealthy cells. So the disease itself is already the healing response that the body is allowing or supporting. We do not have to prevent that, we do not have to fight it. What we can focus on is, eating food, the main meal at lunch time which will allow you to digest it more successfully, have a lighter evening meal, go to bed before ten so that the body can cleanse the blood stream, the liver works between ten and two more effectively then at any other time and it needs all the blood from the back of the brain and from the digestive system and the muscles in order to cleanse the blood stream and not sleeping around that time obviously does not allow you to do that, so then the body accumulates toxins. If the toxins cannot be broken down because you are not sleeping well, and hydration methods and eating habits are contrary to what the body really wants, then we need disease in order to take care of that. And we blame the disease for making us unwell, but the disease itself is the way to get us back to homeostasis, to balance. So in either way, whichever way we live, we are being corrected one way or another. But we should not fight that, we should support the body, we should allow the body to do the job effectively and not hold it up or suppress it when it is getting sick.

Greg Voisen: Well Andreas, you definitely are a wealth of knowledge and I think what I would like to do is, I would like to invite you back to do another program because I believe that for our listeners, I am fascinated by what you are saying and I believe that it is kind of hard to cover all of these topics and I probably had about six more questions that I did not have the time to actually ask you today, but I would like to invite you back and I’d like you to let our listeners know, where they can go to get “TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH AND REJUVENATION” I know that I received it as an e-book, I think they can order it from your website as well. Where can they go to get more information about your books and your programs?

Andreas Moritz: The best source of information is from my website which is “ENER-CHI.COM”  or the books are available through Amazon or any other online bookstore. But on my website you find all the information about other products as well that I created myself that have incredibly supportive benefits for the body to heal and to return to balance.

Greg Voisen: Well, that is great,  so it is ENER-CHI, is that right?

Andreas Moritz: Yes, that is correct.

Greg Voisen: Ok,  ENER-CHI.com is where my listeners will go, and again Andreas, thanks so much, it has been really a pleasure having you on, and really learning more about how our body wants to naturally heal itself but also some of the things that we can do to assist in keeping it healthy along the way. So you have, really, you have given me a lot of insight and I do have some more questions I want to ask you so I want to invite you back again. Thank you so much for being on with us today and enlightening our listeners to the “TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH AND REJUVENATION“. Thanks, and have a great day!

Andreas Moritz: Thank you Greg.

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