A Note on the Blood Type Diet – A Personal Viewpoint

By Andreas Moritz 

‘Eat Right for Your Type’ by Peter J. D’Adamo has become widely known as the blood type diet. Since I am constantly asked to give my input on this dieting system, I have decided to add my comments here.

I agree with and respect quite a few of D’Adamo’s insights […]

The Different Ayurvedic Body Types, Which One Are You?

The different Ayurvedic body types, which one are you?

This is a question about, with regard to, my book “DIABETES, NO MORE!” On page 32 it says “See your body type food list” and he is asking where is that list and what body types are there?

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Knowing Your Body Type + Why Garlic and Onion are Bad for You

Knowing your body type and why garlic and onion are bad 

This is a question from Matt Leslie and, he is reading through my book “TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH AND REJUVENATION” and he was hoping I would help him […]

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