Food for Thought – Meat Production and What’s Wrong with What We Eat

By:  Andreas Moritz
Book excerpt:  Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation

According to Harvard nutritionist Jean Mayer, we would have enough food for the entire developing world if we ate half as much meat. Reducing meat production by merely 10 percent could release enough grain and other natural foods to feed 60 […]

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Humans Are Not Made to Eat Meat

Interview:   Andreas Moritz and Raena Morgan  (2011)

Raena Morgan: Were we just not designed to eat meat?

Andreas Moritz: We are not designed to eat meat because we don’t have the teeth to rip out flesh from an animal that just died. […]

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Do Vegetarians Have Healthier Hearts?

Interview:   Andreas Moritz and Raena Morgan  (2011)

Raena Morgan: There are actually studies that show vegetarians have less heart disease than carnivores.

Andreas Moritz: Absolutely. And that’s not necessarily because of the fats. Initially, many years ago, people were told avoid fats like butter.

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Vegan Centenarian at 100+ Years Old

Source: Centenarian Vegan Longevity & the truth

VEGAN CENTENARIAN at 100+ YEARS OLD Credits her Healthy Vegetarian Diet for her Great Longevity

Centenarian Vegan Alive & Well at 108 credits her Vegan Diet for her long healthy life.

A Vegan woman Loreen Dinwiddie is […]

Debunking Vitamin B12

By Andreas Moritz

Hi, my name is Andreas Moritz and today I would like to debunk some of the myths surrounding the vitamin, the important vitamin B12.

Many people believe that we are as a society, modern society; we are suffering from […]

Avocado Nutrition Facts – Six Things About This Amazingly Healthy Superfood

By: Tara Green

Beware of popular health myths. For instance, throughout the 1990s and into the first few years of this century, popular health “experts” often warned against eating coconut oil or coconut milk, causing many people to eschew a food […]

The Link Between Meat Consumption and Heart Disease

By Andreas Moritz

To illustrate the development of heart disease from virtual non-existence to being the biggest killer disease, I have used statistical trends describing disease development in Germany – a typical, modern industrialized nation.

In the year 1800, meat consumption in Germany was about 13 kg (28 pounds) per person per year. […]

A Note on the Blood Type Diet – A Personal Viewpoint

By Andreas Moritz 

‘Eat Right for Your Type’ by Peter J. D’Adamo has become widely known as the blood type diet. Since I am constantly asked to give my input on this dieting system, I have decided to add my comments here.

I agree with and respect quite a few of D’Adamo’s insights […]

Meat – A Major Cause of Disease

By Andreas Moritz 

Populations that eat meat regularly have the shortest life spans and the highest incidence of degenerative diseases. According to published reports of national health statistics from around the world, one out of two people in the industrialized world will die from heart disease or a related blood vessel disease. […]

Vegetarians Live Longer and Healthier Lives

By Andreas Moritz 

It is not necessary to be a vegetarian to enjoy the benefits of an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. However, a balanced vegetarian diet is often considered necessary, particularly when the body is afflicted with disease. Vegetarians have believed all along that living on a purely vegetarian diet can improve […]