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VEGAN CENTENARIAN at 100+ YEARS OLD Credits her Healthy Vegetarian Diet for her Great Longevity

Centenarian Vegan Alive & Well at 108 credits her Vegan Diet for her long healthy life.

A Vegan woman Loreen Dinwiddie is celebrating her 108th Birthday as the oldest in Multnomah County, and may even be the oldest in her entire state.

A centenarian is a person who has accomplished living to over 100+ years old. A SuperCentenarian is the rarest of all, and is a person whose longevity has reached 110 years of age.

Strong and fit, her skin glows and due to her plant-based vegan diet she has hardly any of the wrinkles that you would expect for a person of her age. She eats no meat. And enjoys the wonderful tastes of fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, and plant-based seasonings and spices.

As yet another documented Vegan Centenarian, she attributes her youthfulness and good health to her balanced vegan diet and says it has been instrumental at keeping her feeling youthful and wonderful all these years.

And another woman who stays young because of living on only plants foods:

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