Water filtration: Reverse Osmosis removes necessary minerals

This is a question on water filtration and whether reverse osmosis would be a good solution, or, some other filtration system would be better than reverse osmosis.

I can only tell you I did, when lived in Minneapolis, I used a reverse osmosis system. I never felt very comfortable with it, there was something about it that left me feeling that there is something missing in the water and later I discovered that in fact, it takes out a lot of minerals and good things that the water should have. So, I changed to a regular water filtration system that would make the water taste very good. It would also not throw away a lot of extra water because reverse osmosis means that it leaves… like half of the water would be lost, it just disappears, you have to discard it.

Ionizers, water ionizers, I do use a water ionizer, life ionizer, there is something that is on my website you can read up on it. But there is an advantage sometimes if you want to drink some special water that has a higher Ph value but, I am perfectly satisfied with the water filtration that takes out the main contaminants and bacteria that are in the water. But if you are in a highly contaminated area, in a big city, then you also probably want to take out fluoride and there are special water filtration systems that take out fluorides so, I suggest you look into that further. There is a lot of that on the internet, you will find a lot of information on that subject.

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