What Are Ener-Chi Ionized Stones?

ionized-stones_v2_1Ener-Chi Ionized Stones, or Chi-Ionized Stones, are stones and crystals that have been energized, activated, and imbued with life force through a special process introduced by Andreas Moritz and Lillian – the founders of Ener-Chi Art. By placing a Chi-Ionized Stone next to a glass of water or plate of food, the water or food becomes energized, increasing digestibility and nutrient absorption. Ionized stones can also be used effectively in conjunction with Ener-Chi Art – simply place an Chi-Ionized Stone on the corresponding area of the body while viewing an Ener-Chi Art picture.

Stone Chi-ionization has not been attempted before because stones and rocks have rarely been considered useful in the field of healing. Yet, stones have the inherent power to hold and release vast amounts of information and energy. And, once Chi-ionized, they exert a balancing influence on everything with which they come into contact. The Chi-ionization of stones may be one of our keys to survival in a world that is experiencing high-level pollution and destruction of its eco-balancing systems. (See more information below.)

How to Order

Ener-Chi Ionized Stones, similar to those pictured below, are now available. As indicated earlier, each stone is capable of activating other stones simply by being in contact with them for less than a minute. This means, it is really only necessary to acquire one of the Chi-Ionized Stones, which may then be used as a ‘seed’ stone to activate other stones, crystals, wood, clothing, or other natural materials.

Each of these authentic Ener-Chi Ionized Stones has been selected with care – collected in the Granada Costa Tropical area of Southern Spain, at the end of the Cañón del Río Guadalfeo (Guadalfeo River Canyon valley), where the sun’s healing rays are warm and enriching, an intrinsic benefit to Mother Nature’s nourishing environs there.


As of January 2015, Ener-Chi Ionized Stones are available only from our dedicated colleague in the EU, Manuel of Prana-Luz: moc.zul-anarp@leunam

Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Manuel is happy to personally assist you in placing your order, worldwide, thanks to Prana-Luz offering international shipping.

Of course, you are welcome to also order Ener-Chi Ionized Stones directly from the
Prana-Luz website, please click here.


Instructions/Uses for Ener-Chi Ionized Stones (print)

Drinking Ionized Water

Placing a Chi-Ionized Stone next to a glass of water for about half a minute energizes and ionizes the water. Chi-Ionized water is an effective cleanser that aids digestion and metabolism, and energizes the entire body.

Eating Chi-Ionized Foods

Placing a Chi-Ionized Stone next to your food for about half a minute ionizes and balances it. Even natural organic foods are usually somewhat contaminated due to the pollution particles in our atmosphere and soil. Such foods are also impacted by ozone depletion and exposure to electro-magnetic (EM) radiation in our planetary environment. These negative effects tend to be neutralized through the specified use of Chi-Ionized Stones.

Enhancing Healing Therapies

Ionized Stones are ideal for enhancing the effects of any healing therapy. For example, LaStone Therapy, which uses both hot (or heated) stones and cold (or chilled) stones, is a popular new therapy that is offered in many health spas. This involves placing stones on key energy points of the body, as shown in the picture. If these stones were ionized prior to being placed on the body, the healing effects would be enhanced. In fact, placing Ionized Stones on any weak or painful part of the body, including the corresponding chakra, has healthful benefits. If crystals play a role in the therapy, ionizing them first greatly amplifies their positive impact.

Ionized Foot Bath

By placing Chi-Ionized Stones (preferably pebbles with rounded surfaces) under the soles of the feet, while the feet are immersed in water, the body begins to break down toxins and waste materials into harmless organic substances.

Aura and Chakra Balancing

Holding a Chi-Ionized Stone or Chi-Ionized Crystal in the middle section of the spinal column for about one-half minute balances all of the chakras, or energy centers, and tends to keep them in balance for several weeks, or even months. Since energy imbalances in the chakras and auric field are one of the major causes of health problems, this balancing procedure is a powerful way to enhance health and well-being.

Attach to Main Water Pipe in Your Home

Attaching a Chi-Ionized Stone to the main water pipe will ionize your water and make it more absorbable and energized.

Place In or Near Electrical Fuse Box in Your Home

By placing a larger Chi-Ionized Stone in your house, above or below the fuse box, the harmful effects of electro-magentic (EM) radiation become nullified. You can verify this by doing the muscle test (as shown in the instruction sheet of Ener-Chi Art) in front of a TV or computer, both before and after placing the stone on the fuse box. If you don’t have a fuse box that is readily accessible, you can place a stone next to the power cord of the electrical appliances or next to power sockets. (See a more detailed explanation at the bottom section of this page.)

Use in Conjunction with Ener-Chi Art

Ionized Stones may be used to enhance the effects of Ener-Chi Art pictures. Simply place an Ionized Stone over the related area of the body while viewing an Ener-Chi Art picture. For example, if one is viewing the Ener-Chi Art picture related to the heart, simply hold an Ionized Stone over the heart area of your body while viewing this picture. The nature of the energies involved in the pictures and the stones is similar. So if the stones are used in combination with the pictures, a resonance is created which greatly enhances the overall positive effect.

Creating an Enhanced Environment

Placing an Ionized Stone near the various items that surround you for about half a minute helps to create a more energized and balanced environment. The Ionized Stones affect virtually all natural materials, such as wood floors, wood or metal furniture, stone walls or tile floors, and brick or stone fireplaces. In work areas, especially near computers, it is a good idea to place one or more Ionized Stones in strategic locations. The same applies to sleeping areas, such as putting stones under your bed or pillow.

Improving Plant Growth

Placing Chi-Ionized Stones next to a plant or flower pot may increase its health, vitality and beauty. This automatically ionizes the water it receives, whether indoor or outdoor plants. The same applies to vegetable plants and organic gardens.

Creating More Chi-Ionized Stones

Create any number of Chi-Ionized Stones simply by holding your ‘seed stone’ against any other stones or crystals for 40-60 seconds. Your new stones will have the same ionizing effect as the seed stone.

Even Pets May Benefit

Teresa Pinkerton writes: “My dad who passed away four years ago had an old senile cat, and I now take care of this cat. This cat poops and pees outside of the litter box all of the time. I put the stone in his cat bed. For the longest time, he never peed or pooped in front of our bathroom toilet next to the litter box. I took the stone out of his cat bed and taught my son about it, etc. and let him have it for a while. This cat has been going back to the same routine of pooping and peeing in front of the litter box on the floor again. I’m probably going to be placing another order for another stone just for his bed. I thought you might think that was interesting.”

Note: Once energized, these stones will never lose their charge or effects.

Click here to print out the above instructions/uses of ionized stones.


Addtional Information about Ener-Chi Ionized Stones

How Ener-Chi Ionized Stones Can Counterbalance Harmful EMFs

The energies generated by electric (power) generators and flowing through electrical wires are highly disorganized and move in an unnatural, counter-clockwise direction that creates stress in exposed living organisms, such as human cells.

Ener-Chi Ionized Stones aid in turning these disruptive electromagnetic energies (EMFs) into a more coherent, clockwise and, thus, life-supporting form. Moving clockwise, like water flowing effortlessly in a natural stream, these ‘retuned’ EMFs can no longer interfere with the body’s own electromagnetic fields. Our body’s electrical systems operate at far different voltages and frequencies (about 7.8 hertz or Hz) than the 30 Hz, or more, generated by man-made electrical systems.

In addition to preventing harmful EMF exposure, an Ener-Chi Ionized Stone can help the body release these energies naturally. Keeping one of these ionized stones in your pocket, on top of your home’s electrical box, or next to an electrical appliance, computer screen or electrical cable is about the simplest and most effective way to stay out of harm’s way with regard to EMFs.

The Origin of Chi-Ionization

According to Andreas, Chi-Ionization of the stones does not relate to what physics describes as ionization, but to a much more subtle process of ionization that turns something seemingly inert, like a stone, into something conscious, dynamic and alive. Whether these stones are emitting ions, or not, is not important. Andreas did not rule out physical ionization, as are found in atoms that have a charge, but he said this would need to be tested.

The process of Chi-activation or Chi-Ionization came about over twelve years ago when Andreas completed one of his Ener-Chi Art paintings (the one for the skeletal system). Andreas and his wife, Lillian, were guided to place 3 stones in front of this picture that was previously imbued with powerful light ray energies. These energies radiated off the painting and subsequently became absorbed by the stones, which were subtly vibrating and had a “heartbeat”. Lillian and Andreas were then guided on how to use these stones to activate or ionize other stones (by having them touch one another for about 40 seconds, creating a domino effect).

Each activated or Chi-Ionized stone can be used to ionize other stones or any natural materials (e.g., crystals, gold, silver and other precious or semi-precious metals; glass; eating utensils and cookware; wood; etc.). Chi-Ionization is not to be applied to artificial or synthetic substances, such as plastic, Lucite or polyester – nor does it work on them, for it cannot activate or bring to ‘life’ something that is, essentially, inert.

Andreas was a very practical, rational, down-to-earth person, and he was aware that this process of Chi-Ionization might come across as weird or strange to some people. Regardless, he felt he had to make it available. He and Lillian hand-selected all the stones and Chi-Ionized them personally.

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