Why do young children and toddlers get cancer?

Hi, this is  a great question from Cindy and she is asking “Why do small children and toddlers get cancer?  I feel they are too young to have the type of stress you speak of.”

This relates to an article I have written on Facebook and basically the answer to that question is quite simple. Children at that age can experience serious stress, even the Centers for Disease Control and prevention have admitted that children can develop cancer because they have serious stress during early childhood or even before they are born. So it is very well-known that children can develop cancer because of serious stress levels.

Now stress alone does not tend to do it, it needs some other co-factors and I have written an article on this subject which you can find on my website entitled “Cancer Is Not a Disease”, and there is a section on Causes of Childhood Cancer. And overall, children can be exposed to severe toxicities, and that you can determine by doing blood tests on a newborn and newborns now have over two hundred fifty different chemicals, toxic chemicals in their blood stream that didn’t exist thirty, forty, fifty years ago.

So a newborn child is no longer a healthy child at least not in our hemisphere where hormones, pesticides, air pollutants, all those different things that the mother is ingesting or receiving while she is growing a baby in her womb is being exposed to. Food alone contains so many chemical components nowadays that they get stuck in the mothers body. It impacts the liver functions and the ability of the mother to detoxify the blood is becoming impaired which also means that she cannot keep the child toxin free as it is growing in her womb.

Now there are many other reasons that why a child can develop cancer early on, and one of the greatest reasons is vaccinations, and there are one hundred fifty-one scientific studies that have shown that if children are prevented to detoxify naturally by going through childhood illnesses which naturally create immunity to the disease, these children that have been immunized have a much, much, much higher risk of developing cancer later in life and sometimes quite early in life, like blood cancers, leukemia.

Now another reason why children are, can, become more prone to developing cancer is because they have not been breast fed and there are studies to show clearly that children that are not breast fed are more prone to developing cancer. There are certain vaccines which are administered like Hepatitis B vaccine given to children for no good reason, because this is a sexually transmitted disease or it comes from blood transfusions which children typically do not fall into that category, but Hepatitis B vaccine has serious consequences, it can cause death and many other serious immune deficiency… has immune deficiency effects that are detrimental to the growth for our cells in the body during that early time in their lives.

Now there can be certain kinds of foods that the child is exposed to that often trigger allergies that can create chronic inflammation in the child and chronic inflammation is always a precursor for cancers… such as milk products, if children are lactose intolerant, they get gas, they cry, and if the mother feeds even more of those formula foods to them, soon they will have a chronic inflammation in the gut which can then affect many parts of the body and create excessive amounts of white blood cells to combat that which can then overtax the bone marrow, healthy blood production, and leads to immature cells, immune cells, which then can show up as leukemia.

So, again there are many things that people usually are not aware of but can cause cancers in children. One of them is also the treatment of young children with antibiotics which impair or suppress the growing immune system, and that is antibiotics are very serious, have very serious effects, not just in adults but especially in young children. Then there are unnatural additives in drinking water, for example recently the CDC announced that young children, toddlers, should not be exposed to tap water that has added fluoride in it and because the fluoride, as they say, is a very strong poison that is added to drinking water, under the pretense that it helps with the teeth of children which has never been proven, in fact it’s quite the opposite, it can cause damage to teeth and fluoride is a carcinogen and can cause cancer and that is why now there is a great amount of caution at least to keep children away from tap water that had been polluted with fluoride.

There is another common reason that is not known by most people, and that is cutting or clamping the umbilical chord between the mother and child as soon as it is born instead of waiting for up to sixty minutes until the umbilical cord stops throbbing, which is very, very important because during those forty to fifty, sixty minutes of the blood exchange, that means the blood is constantly circulating between mother to child, back to the mother through the placenta where the blood is filtered, where all the toxins and waste products occur during the birthing process are eliminated, so that the blood of the child is completely clean, completely pure and it is well oxygenated. In fact the umbilical cord is clamped or cut right away which is now typical; so that the mother can be released from the hospital very quickly and there is a lot of, it is like making room for the next patient… there is a disadvantage to that. The child will only have about sixty percent or even less of the amount of oxygen in the blood when this clamping occurs too early.

So this leaves often very large number of toxic substances in the tissues of the baby which in turn can lead to inflammation and later on to cancerous growth.

So having said that, there are far, too many reasons to discuss in a short video like this but if you are more interested, read the article which you will find on my website ‘ENER-CHI.COM’ on the articles section.

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