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Why do children get cancer?

Q. I have just finished reading your book Cancer is Not a Disease and I have a question. If cancer is caused by the suffocation of the cells, why do infants and children get cancer? It seems to me, their bodies are so young they haven’t had time to develop the environment you cite as conducive to cancer.

A. There are many reasons that can lead to suffocation of cell tissue in infants and children. Here are some significant ones:

  • One is the feeding of infants with formula food containing milk. New studies have now confirmed that the genetically engineered growth hormones injected into cows and appearing in cow’s milk causes cancer in the human body.
  • The deadly poisonous vaccines that are directly injected into babies suppresses their immune systems and overwhelms them, especially if they were prematurely born and aren’t breastfed for at least one year.
  • Cutting the umbilical cord before it stops throbbing is another major cause of infants and children developing leukemia and other cancers (something unheard of before modern delivery methods were introduced). The mother’s placenta is supposed to filter the blood toxins created during the birthing process for up to an hour after birth and make sure that the infant has 100% oxygen levels in the blood. Cutting the cord too early can leave the infant up to 60% oxygen-deprived, and keep the toxins trapped in their little bodies. The developing immune systems will have a hard time coping.
  • Exposure to ultrasound causes shocks in the embryo also, and can lead to developmental problems in the child.
  • The diet of the mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding period is crucial for the development of the child.
  • The mother’s usage of cell phones or other wireless devices during pregnancy and after delivery has now been shown to cause cancer in the child.
  • Not exposing newborns to the sun, but instead keeping them in dark rooms is also a factor. Breast milk doesn’t contain vitamin D, and the only way the baby can get it is through sunlight. Putting sunscreens on their bodies takes the carcinogens they contain directly into their blood, poisoning them.

As you can see, there are multiple causes of cancer, not including the emotional causes.

Recurrence of ovarian cancer

Q. This morning I got a call from my doctor saying the cytology showed free flowing cancer cells which is consistent with my disease, ovarian cancer. The recommendation is surgery and chemo (again after 5.5 years of remission, which they say is very rare!) After reading many books on natural healings, it seems that these methods usually help people who led a very unhealthy lifestyle before they got sick. After my first diagnosis I changed to a healthier lifestyle so I don’t know what else I can do to reverse this disease. I would appreciate any help, because right now I am really very distressed.

A. There are two approaches I will suggest— first, two books and then emotional support. One, the book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation (550 pages), offers very simple basic approaches that help you identify and correct the basic causes of illness, regardless of what they may be. The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush is another book that provides you with the practical method to remove the major cause of any type of cancer and liver bile duct congestion. The liver controls hormone balance, digestion, metabolism, detoxification, and 500 other functions, including reproductive health. Ovary issues are liver, kidney and colon related, and cleansing these organs is important for complete recovery. Just changing the diet is not sufficient. You can find these books on www.ener-chi.com.

The second set of approaches deals with the non-physical causes of cancer. One of them is Matrix Energetics (www.matrixenergetics.com). You can sign up for a remote phone session with Justice Bartlett or Hector.

To immediately begin healing yourself, you may also download the free manual for the Emotional Freedom technique from www.emofree.com, or watch the video instructions in the following email, or check out this site: http://www.attractingabundance.com/emotionalfreedom.html

The diagnosis of cancer is far worse than no diagnosis at all. A new autopsy study showed that 30-40% of people dying from natural or non-cancer related issues actually had cancerous tumors in their body. They never died from the cancers because it usually doesn’t kill someone, unless the cancer is treated. People who don’t receive any treatment for their cancer have a 2-4 times higher survival rate. This makes cancer diagnosis (which induces shock, stress and fears) and standard cancer treatments to be the leading causes of cancer deaths. Being blackmailed into unscientific and unproven methods such as chemically poisoning the body and destroying its immune system in the hope that the body doesn’t completely succumb to the attack is more based on monetary profiteering than genuinely helping the patients.

Most oncologists, when questioned whether they would use chemo drugs if they had cancer, have stated they would personally never take them. They know what’s in them and why they cannot cure cancer, just suppress it for a while until the immune system has somewhat recovered and tries to rid itself of the poison and obstructions they have created. To call cancer a ‘disease’ is misleading, where it is merely the body’s attempt to heal itself.

Breast cancer treatment

Q. My mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her operation to remove 34 underarm glands and a 4.6 cm lump. I got her your cancer book, and she wants to know what she should do now. She does not want chemo and I know you don’t support it either. Is there an alternative way to beat this?

A. The way to deal with cancer is to stop the causes that created the cancer in the first place. Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation covers all the basic factors that congest the body, the immune system, and impair digestive functions. This congestion requires the growth of tumors to accommodate the toxins and poisons that the liver, kidneys, and colon can no longer eliminate.

Sickness is the body’s way of healing itself. With cancer, the survival rate with chemo and radiation is less than 3%. Without it, it is 90%. Once a cancer has been treated through surgery, chemo, and radiation, the chances of survival drop dramatically. MMS and phytoplankton are excellent for cancer (http://www.jimhumble.biz is the best source of information for MMS)

Yoga and cancer

Q. Are there any particular yoga positions that will help release the cancer cells out of my breast?

A. Any kind of exercise seems to work. Johns Hopkins University just released a study stating that regular exercise reverses 61% of all cancers. In addition, sunlight reduces 65% of cancers.

MMS and breast cancer

Q. I am now taking MMS for breast cancer. I read in the text that you should never stop taking it. So what do you do when flushing the liver? Skip the MMS for 2 days?

A. Yes, you can skip taking MMS for two days with no problem. Following is the story of a man who cleared up his tumor with MMS: see www.howibeatcancer.com.

Vitamins and minerals along with cancer

Q. I quit my daily vitamins and special diet for a few days in order to have a successful liver flush, but today I restarted everything again, hoping to manage the pain of a breast tumor. Will those supplements be a problem now?

A. Taking vitamins is not a good idea when experiencing cancer. Brand new studies show, for example, that women with breast cancer who are taking vitamin C experience accelerated tumor growth. Lung cancer patients taking Vitamin E have the same experience. Also, see the section on vitamins in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

More oxygen to cancer cells

Q. How can I get more oxygen to the breast cancer cells, in addition to exercise?

A. Eating less or no animal proteins removes proteins from the blood vessels walls and allows more oxygen to reach the cells. Also, stop wearing a bra since it cuts off the oxygen supply to the chest.

Lung cancer

Q. I am reading your book “Cancer Is Not a Disease” and am very inspired and comforted by your writings. My father was diagnosed with a serious lung cancer, along with what they call “metastasis” in the brain and perhaps liver. The doctors said he will live up to six months at best, but I have a feeling this doesn’t necessarily have to be true. He is 64 and has always led an intense life. He has also been a big smoker so, of course, he has never really paid a lot of attention to health and his body, and now his body is letting him down. What can he do now?

A. I have found that most cancer patients respond very well to the approaches outlined in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, such as getting his Vitamin D levels up through sun-exposure (avoiding sunglasses and lotion), sleeping before 10 p.m. to get his melatonin levels back to normal (essential for healing cancer), eating the main meal at lunch to increase nutrient distribution to the cells, avoiding any lymph- congesting foods to allow cancer to heal, etc.

Whatever symptoms he has are quite irrelevant and they don’t require any treatment. What’s important is to balance or remove the causes behind the symptoms. I have seen so many cases of people who had been told they had only weeks or months to live but never died after they took care of the causes of cancer.

Lung cancer 2

Q. My father, who is 55 years old and has never smoked, has a sarcoma mesenchymal covering almost the whole of the right lung and it has also spread to his liver. The situation is critical as the lung tumor is so big that it is starting to displace his heart.
He has received six sessions of chemotherapy that have had no effect whatsoever. The doctors say that there is nothing more they can do and only offer us palliative treatments. If there is anything that could be done, we would be eternally grateful for your help.

A. The problem originated in the liver and lower GI tract, not in the lungs. The right lung became congested and developed cancer because major liver bile duct blockages (intra-hepatic gallstones made of hardened bile/cholesterol) prevented the liver from removing toxins from the blood and removing acidic metabolic waste products and dead cell material via the right lymphatic duct. The backed up toxic waste suffocated the lung cells and also liver cells. The cancer didn’t spread to the liver, but developed there as well.

I recommend that he drastically change his diet, avoiding any kind of animal protein, soy or fried foods, as outlined in my book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, and detailed in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Liver flushes combined with colon cleanses (ideally, colonic irrigation) are absolutely necessary for healing. My book, Cancer is Not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism, is an important guide to remove the fears of cancer, which is also important for healing it.

There are many other things he could do, depending on what is possible.

  • You might want to look into phytonutrients (see Products page of my website, www.ener-chi.com), used to nourish the liver, lungs and digestive organs back to strength
  • Natural Cellular Defense from Waiora is a great detoxifier of chemicals, drug residues and metals, which also assists the liver and immune system
  • MMS is also beneficial for cancer
  • If possible, drinking alkaline, ionized water is a direct way to cleanse the blood and tissues.

Proof of the effectiveness of alternative methods

Q. I have read your book Cancer is not a Disease, which was sent to me by my friend. I have ovarian cancer that has been diagnosed at stage 3C; it had been in remission for 5 years but has resurfaced again. I am looking into all possible cures with or without conventional methods. I do see the deficiencies of conventional methods, but I also feel I need more proof of the effectiveness of alternatives. Can you offer proof of success?

A. Standard treatments for this type of cancer can easily achieve a remission of 5 years, but offer no cures because they don’t address the root causes and actually contribute to recurrence. Secondary cancers, therefore, become more aggressive because the real problem was never properly addressed, and precious time for eliminating the causes was wasted.

I do not offer any safety nets, proofs, guarantees, etc. because I have no intentions or approaches to treat cancer at all. Instead I offer insights into what causes cancer and recommend that the person remove those causes through cleansing of the main organs of elimination and the lymphatic system, as well as making changes in one’s diet and lifestyle.

In my large body of work, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, I provide scientific evidence that shows how sunlight (Vitamin D), melatonin (produced by early bedtimes), and other factors such as exercise have profound cancer-preventing and cancer-curing benefits, much greater than conventional methods have. For example, moderate exercise among women has been shown to reverse cancers by 53%, according to Johns Hopkins University. Nurses whose melatonin is low because of irregular sleeping habits have 50 percent higher risk of cancer. Restoring their melatonin levels is essential. Dealing with emotional conflict situations is equally important, as evidenced by Dr. Hamer’s work on thousands of terminally ill cancer patients who went into remission after clearing up the conflicts.

Despite this evidence, tangible proof is an impossibility to provide to anyone, and you will not find anyone who can give you that proof. You will need to trust your intuition if you want to make the right decision for you, and not go by what others want or expect you to do. Letting others influence you is part of the illness.

Liver flush and chemotherapy, Hodgkin’s disease

Q. I have been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. I have had it for a while and started my liver flushing regimen during this period. I have completed 9 flushes and released well over 2,000 stones. My question is: now that I am undergoing chemotherapy, should I continue to flush?

A. It is not a good idea to do liver flushes while on chemo drugs. Their effect would become greatly minimized. The body cannot cleanse or heal while on these drugs. They inflame all parts of the body and produce a large amount of new stones. In the U.S., the contribution of chemotherapy to the 5-year relative survival rate is 2.3%, which is not worth the destruction of the immune system it causes. Many people die, not because of Hodgkin’s, but because of secondary problems created by the degeneration of the immune system.

If you haven’t yet read my book, Cancer is Not a Disease, it may be a good idea to do so. It particularly discusses Hodgkin’s, and also the emotional/psychological reasons behind it. To allow the body to heal, it is equally important to avoid any lymph-congesting foods and lifestyle patterns, (wrong sleep times, meal times, etc.) as discussed in detail in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

Treatment for widespread cancer

Q. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. After pregnancy 1.5 year later, the cancer spread to the liver, lungs, head and bone. I took 11 chemotherapy treatments, including 6 strong ones and, at the moment, decided to stop it altogether. I acquired anemia as a result of it. What would you recommend for this condition?

A. Cancer doesn’t need to be treated at all; it’s just a symptom, not the disease. The causes of cancer need to be taken care of: without that, cancer remains a necessary outlet for toxins. By shutting it down in one place, it will pop up somewhere else.

I would definitely recommend the book Cancer is Not a Disease, it’s a Survival Mechanism to get you out of the fear-mode that drives you into the worst mindset of trying to kill, destroy or get rid of cancer. To heal something, you have to accept and love what you are afraid of, and work with the body, not against it. The body is not able to heal anything when it feels threatened and is bombarded with poisonous drugs or burned through radiation.

You may also consider getting Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation to create balance in the organs and systems of the body. The liver and gallbladder flush is essential for complete recovery. The chemo drugs have generated a large number of intra-hepatic gallstones which have profoundly affected your digestion, lymphatic drainage, and blood health. Anemia naturally results from such treatments, which are actually not treatments at all, just acts of poisoning, with the hope that some parts of the body survive and recover to some extent. The cancer didn’t spread to these other parts of the body. Metastasis has never been proved; it is just a term they use to describe what they believe happens. These cancers appeared in these other parts of the body for the same reasons they occurred in the breast, that is, toxemia due to lymph congestion, use of medication that prevents the liver from detoxifying the blood, and dietary, emotional and lifestyle factors. I have covered all of these in my books.

Alternative treatments

Q. I have read that Reishi mushrooms have anticancer properties. I have also heard that auto urine therapy could help. What do you think about using these for cancer?

A. A lot of herbs and foods such as mushrooms have anticancer properties, but that alone wouldn’t do it unless the liver bile ducts, kidneys and colon are cleaned out. I have described urine therapy in the book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation but, again, it is much more important to correct the underlying causes, and then perhaps use some of these other approaches for support.

Pancreatic cancer and the medical system

Q. I loaned your book Timeless Secrets to a dear friend of mine. Her 70-year-old husband has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I knew that he had decided to discontinue chemo after the first or so round because he wanted to have quality at the “end” of his life instead of being deathly ill. I told her about the liver flush and gave her the book to read. She told me how it all started with a liver blockage, hepatic stone and a surgery. After that, the surgeon left a draining tube coming out of the liver for two weeks. During those two weeks, the good doctor was surprisingly not available for any type of appointment or phone call!

A. The medical system was set up intentionally to be a sickness-producing industry and the people who run it were set up in this way without them realizing it. Doctors who wanted to become healers were then forced to abide by the rules, or otherwise have their license revoked. Fortunately, more people are waking up from the bad dream. I have more and more medical doctors around the world who, after seeing the progress in their patients, thus become interested again in practicing what they originally signed up for, that is, to help their patients heal themselves. It will take a while to become mainstream, but it is inevitable. People are waking up and are starting to take their power back and take responsibility for their health.

Helping the parents of a child with leukemia

Q. I know of a little 6 year-old boy who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. He is currently undergoing his 6th round of chemo at a children’s hospital in preparation for a stem cell transplant. I have been reading all the articles available at Natural News on these subjects and am terribly concerned for the little guy’s long-term health. I feel unable to pass any of this info on to his parents because they believe in the doctors, and I am afraid to undermine their faith in their child’s recovery. Can you shed any light on this dilemma, please??

A. I have great empathy for this little boy, for he is not being given much of a chance to heal himself. Blood cancer is just as misunderstood as other cancers, and standard treatments are based on destroying as much in the body as possible to prevent the body from reacting or responding to very noxious substances and poisons, such as the carcinogens contained in vaccines (a major cause of leukemia). Instead of asking what is causing the cancer, doctors and parents are satisfied with merely targeting the symptoms of this survival response by the body. The medical system has such a grip on parents – legally, morally and otherwise – that parents don’t even look for other possible approaches that could help their child.

What you could do is, perhaps, is send them the book, Cancer is Not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism, which could give them some ideas as to what they could proactively do for their child instead of merely relying on the medical profession. It may greatly increase their faith of recovery, rather than diminish it.

On The Nature of Cancer

Q. I would like to know if this survival mechanism itself could be ʺdamagedʺ such that it is faultily activated. That is to say that the body’s genetic makeup was damaged for example at conception or later due to ʺoutside physical agentsʺ rather than anything to do with diet, or physical or psychological ʺlifestyle.” For instance, brain cancer in children. (Sadly I have an 11-year-old niece with such a condition). In such an instance then, would treatment(s) be of a somewhat different nature than you suggest?

A. That’s a very good and valid question, and I have answered it to a great extent in the new edition of Cancer is Not a Disease, it’s a Survival Mechanism. Genes are not capable of causing diseases since they are merely there for reproduction. You can remove the nucleus from a cell, and the cell won’t change its activities or behavior in any way. But it will not be able to divide once it has reached the end of its normal life cycle. All other genetic mutations that are not caused by genetic flaws during the embryonic development are due to environmental changes, e.g., the mind, and body and diet, lifestyle, stress factors, environmental pollutants, EMF pollution, etc.

The viral materials of vaccines alone are capable of altering cell behavior and impairing immune functions, and may cause developmental problems and cancers. (Vaccines contain a cocktail of carcinogens banned in foods but allowed to be injected). Childhood leukemia basically is the (still developing) immune system’s attempt to deal with the poisons in vaccines, the indigestible proteins of cow’s milk, foods (manufactured) that the body doesn’t recognize to be food, cell phone usage by pregnant mothers, and radio waves from radar facilities and cell towers.

Cutting the umbilical cord right after giving birth instead of after the normal 40‐60 minutes, prevents blood toxins generated during the birthing process from being filtered out by the placenta. This also leaves about 30% less blood in the baby than is normal. That is why so many babies are oxygen deprived, suffer liver congestion (resulting in jaundice) and develop skin rashes.

There is ample evidence that cell phone use by pregnant women can cause their children to become autistic. If children use cell phones, they can develop brain cancer in a much shorter period of time than adults. Recent long‐term studies show a massive increase of brain cancers in adults after 10 years of cell phone or portable phone use. Children using cells phones or being near them (3‐4 feet) are now shown to lose their ability to remove heavy metals from the body, which is another cause of cancer.

So there are numerous possible factors that may force the body to compensate for the impaired functions and trigger a healing response in the body, but to call these various responses diseases is far‐fetched, to say the least. The body is not set up, genetically or otherwise, to attack and destroy itself. Auto‐immune diseases such as cancer are misinterpretations of the body appropriately targeting tissue‐imbedded toxins, chemicals, drugs, metals, animal proteins, etc.

Treating children without addressing the underlying causes should be outlawed, in my opinion. All my books, especially The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, and Cancer is not a Disease, it’s a Survival Mechanism are all cause‐oriented, not symptoms-oriented. Symptoms rarely need any attention; they already constitute the body’s natural healing response. Treating symptoms practically undermines the possibility for a real lasting cure.

On healing cancer patients

Q. How many cancer patients have you treated and healed so that they are cancer-free now?

A. I have never healed anyone from cancer or any disease, and I certainly cannot heal anyone. I have made available the methods and insights people can use to heal themselves, but this has little if anything to do with me. Healing is about receiving and opening up. The body heals automatically if it is clean inside. If it is contaminated and congested, it can no longer nourish itself. This causes what is wrongly called ‘disease’; it’s rather extreme malnourishment.

When the mind and body become cleansed, healing is automatic. But only the body can heal; healing cannot be given to someone like you can give them a gift or money. So, no, I have never cured anyone in 40 years of practicing natural medicine although I have personally seen and treated over 25,000 patients. I have, however, received thousands of letters, emails and phone calls in all those years from people who no longer have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS, arthritis, etc. because they followed the advice I have given them about how they can heal themselves.

Regarding cancer, I have mentioned several examples of case studies of people who cured themselves of cancer in my book, Cancer is not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism.

There are 12 million cancer deaths each year, hundreds of millions are afflicted, nearly one of every two people die from it (most of them as a result of medical treatment, according to research studies), and less than one percent of them opt for alternative ways of healing. Out of this one percent, perhaps one percent or less have heard about me or my work. Most cancer patients coming to me are in their terminal stages, after they have unsuccessfully been treated with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Most of these have been given a few weeks or months to live.

Recently, I had one person who had her seventh recurrent cancer, this time in the liver, and her doctors sent her home to die. It is extremely rare for me to get someone who has not gone through the medical treatments first. I don’t remember having had a Stage One cancer case. Most people are terrified and trust only the medical establishment, which uses chemotherapy and radiation, but has a mere 2.3% success rate. It takes a while for people to realize that a quick tumor suppression through these methods does not equal cure, but puts them further into the cycle of repeat cancers until they die a painful death. As research has clearly shown, not doing anything at all about the cancer increases the person’s survival rate by up to 4 times. And not having mammograms (which radiate and damage breast cells) has shown to significantly reduce the chances of developing breast cancer. So its not all what it seems to be.

Brain tumor patient forced to undergo chemotherapy

Q. A friend of mine is a mother of a seven-year-old, she has been diagnosed with a cancer tumor in the brain. She does not even have the option for alternative medicine according to the doctors who have already told her that no matter what she wants, if she does not consent to chemotherapy, they have the right to call the police. How can she help herself in this situation?

A. Living in a police state where the choice to take care of one’s own health and well-being and that of one’s children is so heavily controlled and regulated by health agencies of the government, it is indeed very difficult for individuals to heal and help themselves. I personally have not seen a medical doctor in 40 years. I would not let anyone know if I had any health problems, even if I had a serious condition, except an accident.

Now that it is clear that cell phones increase the risk of developing a brain tumor by 180%, not using a cell phone or mobile phone is one choice she can make. Taking care of her diet and lifestyle, such as sleeping early, getting enough sun exposure to (naturally) obtain vitamin D, avoiding sugar, animal proteins and junk foods, etc. are still in her power.

Brain tumors are not what they seem. They don’t consist of cancer cells per se, but of extra cells that were produced during very stressful times and possible exposure to toxins, radiation, etc. as a coping mechanism. When the stress or conflict situation subsides, the brain will attempt to break down these extra cells. This requires inflammation, temporary lymph retention, and pressure buildup. At this stage of healing, one can feel very unwell, while the tumor rapidly increases in size (which is a good indication that the body is taking care of it). If allowed, an infection may occur which will allow bacteria to break down and decompose the tumor. The tumor particles will come out through frequent urinations.

As I have mentioned in my book Cancer is not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism, taking antibiotics at this stage would undermine the healing, and the tumor will not be broken down. Most medical doctors have very little knowledge about the way the body heals itself, and they believe the body is helpless. They don’t recognize the incredible wisdom with which the body heals itself and, thus, they mistake symptoms of healing for a disease.

Also see my article Anti-cancer Drugs Make Tumors More Deadly

On the relationship between stress and cancer

Q. I have been very aware of the relationship between stress and cancer, as so many people in my life have suffered or have died from the disease. I do love and nurture my body but it is my thoughts that are the problem. I am aware that the remaining symptoms of my illness are lingering because there is a ‘black spot’ still, in my thoughts. How do I change my subconscious mind?

A. Different things work for different people, such as befriending what is bothering you. (See my book, Lifting the Veil of Duality, which is not just a book, but also a transformational tool)

Then there is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which you can access free online, a reprogramming phone session with my wife, Lily (www.acrossdimensions.com), or a Sacred Santémony session with me (but I am usually fully booked for about 10-12 months).

I believe that once you become aware of and are receptive to accepting and embracing that black spot, it will reveal the positive reasons why it is there in your life. Nothing is ever against you; it is there to enhance your life where it is weak. Darkness invites light. It doesn’t need an understanding, just the experience of it. Treating this black unknown factor in your life as an evil, bad thing is what makes it evil and bad for you. Our perception of things turns them into what we believe them to be. However, it is always in our power to change our perception of things. This alters the effects they have on us.

Enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, and the PSA test

Q. My father who is 76 was informed that his PSA went up from 1.4 – 5.6 in his last blood test. He has had an enlarged prostate for some years but his doctor wants him to see a urologist to find out the cause (cancer or infection among other things). Would you recommended specific foods that might be beneficial for my dad at this stage? Any other advice would be welcome.

A. Your father’s elevated PSA level could be because of basic enlargement of the prostate. Also, the test is not as consistent as most people believe. I sometimes tell someone to have the sample retested and this often shows a very different reading. I have also had blood samples sent to different labs, and they all came back with different, and even contradictory, results. Blood testing is often inconclusive and unscientific.

At your father’s age, it is quite irrelevant whether a man has simply prostate enlargement or cancer of the prostate. Above 65, the chances of dying from prostate cancer are about 1%. The cancer is just too slow growing to pose grave danger. The problem arises when it is being treated or operated upon.

The main foods that trigger prostate enlargement are milk and cheese, followed by other animal proteins and sugar as well. So those foods should be avoided.

I always recommend doing kidney, liver and colon cleanses for prostate problems. The rectum touches the prostate, and when the colon is congested, it can exert pressure on the prostate and affect blood circulation and lymph drainage, enough to trigger an inflammation, and therefore enlargement. In the large majority of cases, PSA levels go up because of congestion in the kidneys, liver, colon, blood vessel walls (due to food proteins) and low vitamin D (not being in the sun enough). Exposing the whole body, including the genitals, to the sun increases the healing response. To increase Vitamin D levels during the winter months, it may be good to use UV-generating lights (UV lamps or vitamin-D lamps).

The normalizing of blood sugar can also trigger a healing response in areas of congestion, for instance, in the prostate. When this happens, there may be an inflammatory response, which includes swelling, to break down the damage cells and remove the congestion. In such a case, one would also have higher PSA levels. I personally would never go by this test, though.

The PSA is not “prostate-specific” as the name indicates: a bad cold or other form of infection may cause an elevation of what’s supposed to be the “prostate-specific” antigen. Many men are lured into having prostate surgery – something that will likely leave them impotent and incontinent for the rest of their life – all based on such an unreliable test. Thousands of men who don’t know any better fall into that trap every single day.

The most common form of modern prostate surgery involves jamming a quarter-inch-thick pipe half a foot or so up the urethra, then frying the prostate with a hot wire loop.

Even the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) spoke out in opposition to the PSA, saying: “A blood test for prostate cancer may lead to more problems than it is worth.”

These facts don’t stop most conventional doctors from pushing the PSA test, subsequent biopsies, and all manner of invasive, damaging treatments for prostate cancer cases that may never progress enough to kill. I would be very cautious going down this road.

CAT scans and cancer risk

Q. I have been advised a bone scan to rule out any abnormalities. I know that these scans are problematic and can cause cancers, and although they have been suggested to me before, I have always turned them down. I cannot seem to be able to make up my mind, what is your opinion?

A. Just be aware that 3 million people die each year worldwide because of deadly cancers caused by the radiation from CAT scans. A typical CAT scan produces the radiation of about 400 chest X-rays. A mammogram equals several hundred chest X-rays, and a full body scan equals about 1,000 chest x-rays which is the same amount of radiation you would get from being near an exploding nuclear bomb. Since the radiation accumulates in the body, having just two CAT scans is sufficient to produce a deadly cancer. Women who don’t get mammograms have 25% fewer breast cancers than women who do.

The scans are now contributing to at least 50% of all diagnosed cancers, and there may be many more undiagnosed cancers. If a cancer is dormant and harmless, a CAT scan may cause it to flare up and become aggressive. Since most cancers come and go by themselves, a scan prevents them from healing up on their own.

I have warned about this diagnostic method for many years in Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation and Cancer is not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism, and fortunately research is now confirming my suspicions. Scanning is a lot more invasive than surgery because it damages the DNA of cells, which is difficult to repair. Simply by finding out that there is an abnormality in the bone, you create a much bigger abnormality. You will have to weigh the risks against the benefits. Diagnosis of a symptom doesn’t do much to help remove the cause, and therefore doesn’t offer you the possibility of a cure.

Pain relief medications, spontaneous remission of cancer

Q. Is it true that there are more chances of healing cancer by stopping pain relief medication such as morphine? My father has an advanced stage of mouth cancer and it is not an easy decision for the family.

A. That is a good question because as soon as you stop the pain, the healing and repair efforts of the body slow or even come to a halt. That is why people at the late stage cancer who receive morphine can rarely recover. The end stage tumor growth is actually the climax of the healing response, which would then lead to swelling, inflammation of cancer cells and thus tumor enlargement, before the tumor would collapse and disintegrate, and you would then need to eliminate this junk of toxic waste via the liver, kidneys, lungs, and large intestine.

Medical intervention and simple pain relief would actually make this spontaneous remission virtually impossible. Placing castor oil packs or apple cider vinegar packs over the area may help to make the pain more tolerable without interfering with its purpose. Pain stimulates histamines (water regulating hormones) which helps force water and lymph fluids to the area of inflammation that is needed for repair and rebuilding of healthy tissue to replace the damaged tissue.

Strong pain is not due to an illness, but the result of a massive healing and repair effort. When the patient sees it that way, endorphins become produced which reduce the requirement for pain, and the pain goes down. Seeing pain as a problem prevents this from happening and further increases pain or makes it permanent.

Breast cancer treatment

Q. My mother has just found out she has a recurrence of breast cancer, a year after her operation to remove the tumor. She now has sores on the outside of the breast, which can bleed. The surgeon cannot operate and remove the breast, as there is no tissue left. He recommends chemo, which my mother has never had before. Her surgeon wants her to do a liver and bone scan. Are scans dangerous to do, considering the radiation, and should my mother go ahead with this?
A. It would be good for your mother to read Cancer is not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism. It goes into details about the causes of cancer and how to address them, and also about the risks of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

According to the WHO (and acknowledged by the FDA), 50% of all cancers are now caused by CT scans, mammograms and other x-rays. A typical CAT scan produces the radiation of about 400 chest X-rays. A mammogram equals several hundred chest X-rays, and a full body scan equals about 1,000 chest x-rays.

In most cases, a breast tumor would heal naturally if the causes were addressed, but once radiated or poisoned by drugs, and after lymph vessels responsible for draining waste matter from the area of the breast are cut during surgery, a new cancer is likely to form within a year or two. Also see my most recent article which proves my 20-year-old hypothesis: http://www.ener-chi.com/anti-cancer-drugs-make-tumors-more-deadly/. The new cancer is caused by the treatment, and not by a recurrence, as most people are made to believe. With each new scan, the risk grows exponentially.

A liver or bone scan is likely going to lead to the “spreading” of the cancer and appearance there as well. If they find anything there, perhaps not right away but some time later, the subsequent treatments will still not be geared toward a cure, but to perpetuate the above scenario and make as much money from the patients for as long as possible. Chemo drugs are designed to create new cancers because they are carcinogens like most poisons. The research clearly shows that chemo “success” rate is 2.3% in the US, and not treating the cancer at all offers a 2 to 4 times higher success rate. Thus it is clear that making the typically $300,000 to $1 million off each cancer patient a year is where the true motivation behind cancer “treatment” lies.

Ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, and cancerous tumors

Q. What are the real causes that lead to fibroids in the uterus, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer? There is so much information out there that it is very confusing and frightening. Is removal of ovaries, hysterectomies and mastectomies the only way to deal with cancerous tumors?

A. In the past several decades, women have consulted me about ovarian cancer and uterine fibroids, and I have not seen a single case where digestive problems were NOT the main underlying cause.

Undigested foods (leading up to constipation) become subject to fermentation and putrefaction by bacteria. The bacteria produce powerful poisons such as nitrosamines, cadaverines, and putrescines, which are transferred into the lymph ducts along the GI tract. These poisons enter the Cisterna chyli vessel in the centre of the abdomen (belly button area), which attempts to keep these poisons a neutral as possible by gathering lymph fluids. This causes lymph edema, which is responsible for the abdominal enlargement and protrusion. The lymph edema or lymph congestion in this, the body’s largest center of the lymphatic system, causes a lot more problems than people are aware of.

The Cisterna chyli is responsible for draining the metabolic waste products that the cells of all the organs and tissues below the rib cage produce. It is also responsible for taking up the billions of dead cells that are naturally turned over every day. The Cisterna chyli vessel is also responsible for draining these waste products from the ovaries, the uterus and the legs. If the Cisterna chyli is overtaxed and becomes edemic, the ovaries, uterus, and surrounding tissues become congested and suffocate in their own waste products and the ankles and legs may start swelling, too. The suffocation prevents proper oxygenation of the ovaries, which turns cells anaerobic and cancerous.

If a woman’s ovaries are removed without removing the digestive problems and the subsequent lymph congestion in the Cisterna chyli, the original causes of the cancer are still in place and the lymph congestion continues until the surrounding tissues develop cancer cells as well. To call it ‘ovarian cancer’ is farfetched.

In addition to the above, I have also not met any woman with ovarian or uterine cancer who at some stage did not also experience an ugly sexual conflict, have a miscarriage, or was sexually or emotionally abused by a man. I recommend German New Medicine to help balance any such past conflict.

When the causes of cancer are not properly addressed, a new cancer can occur in the same places, with or with the organs present, because the cancer is not actually in the organ but in the lymph blockage preceding it. When the US Administration’s spokesperson Tony Snow was diagnosed with his second colon cancer, he didn’t even have a colon anymore, yet his doctors still said that his colon cancer had returned. He died shortly after his last chemotherapy treatment. (Also see http://www.ener-chi.com/anti-cancer-drugs-make-tumors-more-deadly/ for the exact reasons why treatment causes cancers to become aggressive and deadly)

The Cisterna chyli vessel is drained by the thoracic duct that runs from the belly area all the way up to the throat. It is responsible for draining the whole body, except the right side of the head, right shoulder and arm, and right breast and right lung. Not addressing the causes of ovarian and menstrual problems is likely to end up causing left side breast cancer, for the same reasons. If the breast is removed and the lymph nodes/ducts are removed, then the right lymphatic ducts also become congested, and the right breast begins to suffer the same fate. I have followed this sequential unfolding for so many years; it is astonishing that nobody else seems to be aware of it. Details about all this are found in my book, Cancer is not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism. There is no real need to address the cancerous tumors. All attention should be given to the underlying digestive problems, lymph congestion, and underlying emotional states.

You may also watch my video on the subject of fibroids by clicking on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI60VFuIWKQ&feature=youtu.be

‘Cancer’ is not a death sentence

Q. My 52-year-old brother has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and doctors have advised chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He has launched into severe depression and it breaks our heart to see him preparing for his ‘end’, he has made up his mind that it is now his destiny to suffer.

I have addressed this in my book, Cancer is Not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism. Cancer is essentially a healing symptom that will remain or escalate so long as its root causes are still intact. Cancer will persist, resist, and spread when attacked, especially if what is causing it is ignored (also see http://www.ener-chi.com/anti-cancer-drugs-make-tumors-more-deadly/).

Cancer is not the enemy, but serves a purpose, such as decontamination of important organs or systems in the body. One can destroy the body’s healing system (immune system) with deadly chemicals (chemo drugs) or ionizing radiation, and thereby stop the healing symptom (cancer) for a while, but this can cause a host of other problems that are often more severe than the cancer itself. Most people who die from cancer die because of the death fright caused by the cancer diagnosis. Death fright leads to insomnia, exhaustion, stress hormone damage, suppressed immune system, paralyzed digestive functions and wasting (due to poor or no-nutrient absorption). All of these factors combined are enough to cause death. It should be noted that top cancer researchers now realize that many cancers disappear on their own (after patients address what is really causing them).

The side effects of Tamoxifen and avoiding liver flushes while on medication

Q. I have had recurring breast cancer; a year earlier I had a mastectomy but have not had any radio or chemotherapy. For almost a year I have been on a low dose of Tamoxifen and in spite of 6 liver flushes, it seems the cancer may be spreading, I have been having problems with my right hip and am currently walking with a limp, an x-ray has shown up abnormalities and it is looking like the cancer has spread to the bone.
My diet is healthy and natural, I meditate, do yoga, visualize being well, and generally have been doing lots of good things for healing. The fact that the cancer seems to be spreading is a shock, I was joyfully creating a new life and future for myself. The only thing I can think is that the Tamoxifen has been interfering with my liver flush. Do you know if people have had success with the flush whist using Tamoxifen?

A. I consider Tamoxifen to be one of the most dangerous drugs for women, not just because of the known side effects. In my book, Cancer is not a Disease, It’s a Healing Mechanism, I warn that this drug can increase body weight by up to 25 pounds and this greatly increases the risk of developing more cancers and other health problems.

Tamoxifen is a clear example of the deceptive and seriously flawed arguments in favor of cancer drug therapy. Millions of high-risk women are being prescribed Tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer or breast cancer recurrence, and it is usually taken for five years. However, research conducted in Israel found that Tamoxifen can cause cancer instead. According to a 2008 study published in the March/April 2008 issue of the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer (The Risk of Developing Uterine Sarcoma After Tamoxifen Use, International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, 352–356 doi:10.1111/j.1525-1438.2007.01025.x), the treatment of breast cancer with Tamoxifen results in an increased risk of uterine cancer incidence and mortality among women taking this drug compared with women who are not using it.

In addition, according to researchers at the Tenovus Centre for Cancer Research at Cardiff University, while drugs such as Tamoxifen may have had some success in treating breast cancer, for a significant proportion of sufferers the drugs either fail to work, or after an initial successful response the patient relapses as the cancer acquires or possesses resistance to the drug.

In my opinion, merely substituting one cancer for another is not a treatment option that should be offered to cancer patients at all. What’s worse, most “high-risk” women will never even develop cancer, but by taking Tamoxifen, this chance is greatly increased. This is plain medical fraud.

The truth is, doctors are not the ones who will find out whether or not their treatment is going to cause the return of a cancer. They just say the cancer has returned, and don’t take the blame for it. However, according to research that exists, all drugs interfere with liver functions and thus affect the health of the rest of the body. A drug that can cause such serious side-effects as Tamoxifen should not be given to women whose liver and immune system have already been compromised through harsh medical approaches, such as surgery, radiation or drug treatments.

It is better to avoid liver flushes when taking medical drugs. Cleansing the liver, on the one hand; and forcing the liver to break down the drug and keep the poisons in the bile ducts on the other hand are contradictory actions that are not good for the liver and the body. It’s a battle hard to win. In addition, by opening the liver bile ducts and releasing recently absorbed toxic drugs into the intestinal tract, it can cause serious damage to the intestinal lining.

Difference between Benign and Malignant tumors

Q. I have been diagnosed with a benign tumor in my neck, but I am not any less worried had I been told it was malignant. Will the ‘benign’ tumor shrink and disappear on its own, or will it turn malignant and spread?

A. The distinction between malignant and benign tumors is quite arbitrary. They basically consist of the same mutated cells. You couldn’t tell the difference between them. What is different is cell group behavior. Benign tumors tend to remain where they are and are more likely to become encapsulated and inactive than ‘malignant’ tumors that tend to affect surrounding cells and partake of their nourishment. Some of these surrounding cells then also mutate and turn malignant.

‘Malignant’ sounds really bad, but in truth these cells are just as benign as normal cells. They mutate because of changes in their environment: usually toxins, a lot of accumulated metabolic waste products, chemicals, metals, radiation-damaged cells, etc that could otherwise threaten the survival of an organ or system. So they multiply in order produce extra cells that can gobble up or mop up toxins and harmful matter.

With benign tumors, there isn’t so much of that around to require a more invasive and active growth of extra cells (which are unfortunately called malignant cancer cells). In either case, both benign and malignant cancers are equally beneficial; they are just misunderstood to be a threat rather than a blessing in disguise. How we perceive this situation determines how well and fast (or not at all) the cancer can heal the underlying causes.

If perceived as a death threat (massive ‘fight or flight’ response that shuts down digestive functions, detoxification, and sleep/relaxation ability), a benign tumor can easily turn malignant, not unlike ionizing radiation. A CAT scan can give a person as much radiation as 400 x-rays, which further damages cells, prevents healing, and usually produces cancer cells. Between 50 and 75 percent of all cancers are now caused by such radiation; benign tumors and harmless cysts can easily turn into malignant tumors when radiated. Cancer diagnosis can do the same. So it’s good to not fall into the trap offered by those who use fear as a method of persuasion (to follow their invasive, toxic treatments).

Cancer tumor

Q. What does a cancer tumor consist of? If we say cancer is anaerobic, what does it use blood supply for? Can cancer cells grow without blood?

A. Many people think that a cancerous tumor just consists of cancer cells but this is not true. Most of the cells are regular cells and white blood cells. Then there are the specialized tumor cells called pericytes. They need to be sustained, too. If a tumor’s blood supply is cut off through the administration of special cancer drugs, tumor growth becomes more aggressive and spreads by 300 percent, according to new research (http://www.ener-chi.com/anti-cancer-drugs-make-tumors-more-deadly/).

Cancer cells are highly glucose-dependent and primarily produce energy through fermentation (of glucose). Cancer cells help a person through stressful, difficult times when regular cells are not capable of maintaining organ function. Once a tumor becomes noticeable, which usually happens only when the healing begins and the tumor begins to swell and becomes inflamed, and breeds Candida bacteria, TB bacteria, and fungi to eventually decompose it, cancer cells are no longer necessary and the body can use the above healing tactics to break it down and remove it.

Unless, of course, medical diagnosis puts a stop to the healing by starting a massive ‘fight or flight’ response and putting a death fright into people that is enough to cause wasting, weakness, sleep deprivation, loss of appetite, etc or by giving antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and fever medication when the body actually tries to decompose the tumor.

As always, cancers disappear when they become unnecessary. And this happens in over 90 percent of people who develop them, without them even knowing about it. The white cells that make up part of all cancerous tumors don’t attack the cancer cells unless they are no longer needed, but eventually they are heavily engaged in the mop-up job and repair job after tumor decomposition. The bottom line is, the cancer cells are not harmful, but useful, given the circumstances. The body doesn’t make such crucial errors as to not attack cancer cells if they were truly against the body. The problem with our current medical model is that it doesn’t detect wisdom in the body’s workings, and anything the body does that deviates from “normal” is considered a mistake or a disease. In my opinion, the medical model is the mistake or disease.
Apple juice not recommended for breast cancer patient doing liver flush

Q. I am a naturopath and want to recommend liver flushes to a client who has breast cancer. Why is it not recommended to do the flush with apple juice to these patients?

A. There is a lot of sugar in apple juice, which may increase Candida and also encourage growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells gobble up sugar 15 times faster than regular cells. It is better to use malic acid solution (1/2 – 1 teaspoon of malic acid powder dissolved in 2/3 – 1 liter of water per day. Or there is another great option, which is about 250 ml of sour/tart cherry juice during each of the six days. It can be diluted if desired, but make sure it is the juice from the red, sour cherry, and not the sweet, black cherry variety. Many stores sell unsweetened tart/sour cherry juice.


Dealing with gallstone attacks

Q. In January, I decided to commit to a monthly liver/gall bladder cleanse based on your method, for as long as needed. I did 2 months, carefully following your directions, then I started having bleeding (fresh, bright red) regularly after the colonics. It became so painful to do the colonics that I decided to interrupt the treatment until I had a colonoscopy. The bleeding stopped, so I did another cleanse. This time I only had about half the stones as the first two cleanses.

Near the end of that month, I became very ill with headache, joint and muscle pain, nausea, acid reflux (highly usual for me), no appetite, gas, belching, fever, and no energy. The strange part was that I was constipated and the stool I passed was not hard, but almost white. I had to sleep sitting up. My doctor thought I had a gallstone.

Then I felt the same thing as I had before and went to bed at 9 p.m. Today, I am very ill again–very painful all through my gut, back, shoulder, intestines and so on. It is like everything has shut down from under my breasts to my pelvis.

My Questions —
1. Could the last cleanse have started a big stone rolling through and it is now lodged? If so, is there any way to avoid that?
2. When I re-read your book today, it sounds like doing the liver cleanse might actually be just the thing to do to release the stone. Is that correct?

A. If a stone became dislodged from the liver or gallbladder, it would happen very quickly, usually after eating a fatty meal, eggs, fried food, milk, cheese, fish, poultry, or meat, in that order. The body responds by pushing out a large amount of bile and, if stones are contained in the bile and are making it to the exit of the gallbladder or into the common bile duct, you will suffer a gallstone attack. I had over 40 of those before I did my first liver flush, and then never again.

Gallstone attacks can last from a day to three days, but some of mine lasted for up to three weeks, with the same flu-like symptoms you described. I was never able to sleep unless it was in the sitting position, due to excruciating pains, breathing problems, etc. During an attack, the common bile duct contracts, irritated by the stone(s).

Here are some easy things you can do to help with gallbladder attacks.

  • Drink a glass of Epsom salts (1 tablespoon in 1 glass of water) to relax the bile duct quickly and allow the stones to pass
  • Drink a glass of red beet juice with a meal as another method
  • Drink the juice of 1⁄2 to one lemon (organic, if possible) in 8 ounces of water 2 times a day to thin the bile and also relax the bile duct
  • Drink apple juice or eat some apples to help the bile ducts as well
  • Chamomile tea has a similar effect to these others
  • A combination of these works, too

And yes, doing a liver flush can also move out the stone(s), although it is best to do that after rather than during an attack. Keeping the colon clean is most essential, as explained in the book. Constipation or sluggish bowel movements cause waste to back up and bile secretion to be hindered. So a stone that becomes dislodged and normally passed without you ever knowing would then have difficulties passing and get stuck.

A deep emotional release always ends a period of contraction and opens channels of elimination and circulation in the body. Pain, sadness and anger, on the other hand, contracts bile ducts, blood vessels and lymph vessels, as well the GI tract. When the release occurs, a floodgate may open and whatever had accumulated may then pour forth, triggering a healing crisis, such as you experienced.

It is certainly wise to avoid any animal proteins and soy products (See also my large book on diet and lifestyle, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation).

Compensating for missing gallbladder

Q. I had a gallstone attack in January 2007 (very painful!!!) and they removed my gallbladder and 2 big stones. Now I have more pain than ever. And yesterday my mother came back from the doctor with very grim news — her liver doesn’t work at all anymore. They removed her gallbladder 30 years ago. What can I do? Please help!

A. Yes, doctors don’t tell their patients what happens down the road when they remove their gallbladders. If a gallbladder has been removed, it is even more important to flush the liver to avoid liver failure and cancer. To save her liver, your mother’s only real chance may be to cleanse it.

To support and strengthen the liver through the process of cleansing and recovery, I recommend using marine phytoplankton. You can find more information about it on my website’s Products page, www.ener-chi.com.

Digestion aid for those without a gallbladder

Q. I understand about cleansing the liver. Assuming the liver is fully cleansed, how does not having a gallbladder affect my absorption and digestion of the nutrients and minerals that my body needs? Is there something I can do to help aid this absorption in addition to making sure the liver is functioning at its best?

A. Yes, you may use a bile supplement, often recommend by doctors for patients whose gallbladder has been removed. When you take it, make sure to start at a small dosage and see how much aids your digestion best. Taking too much causes loose stools or diarrhea.


(Questions about the components of the flush)

Colon cleanse guidelines

Q. I purchased The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush book last week, after a medical intuitive doctor told me my liver needed to be cleansed. I would like to clarify the colon cleanse aspect of your book. I’ve had colonics before but I am not currently in a financial position to take them. Is taking Colosan before and after the cleanse acceptable. or is the risk of lingering stones just too great?

A. There is a considerable risk involved with not doing a proper colon cleanse within three days after liver flushing. The next best method to colonics is the use of a colema board, which cleanses the entire colon, too. A colema board is a one-time investment and lasts forever (see details on www.ener-chi.com). If that’s not affordable, doing 2-3 back-to-back water enemas would be fine. You can buy 1-quart enema bags at most pharmacies for less than $4. One enema on the day of the liver flush may be sufficient. Colosan can be used in addition to that.

Colonic before liver cleanse

Q. My mother has had constipation on and off for a number of years as well as stomach and digestion problems. She did her first cleanse in March and had about 5 small stones. She did her second this past April and had none. Should she try a colonic before trying another cleanse at the end of May?

A. It is vitally important to cleanse the colon before and after liver flushes. If the pre-colonic is omitted, especially when constipation is an issue, stones may not pass at all because the gallbladder may remain shut. If the post-colonic is omitted, any stones that may have passed could get stuck in the colon and create more problems there than they did in the liver. Your mother may have passed stones but, because of constipation or not cleaning the colon beforehand (ideally on the day of liver flush), the stones may have become caught in the colon and may still be there.

Colon cleanse options other than colonic irrigation

Q. I want to do the liver cleanse as outlined in your book but I’m scared to try it due to the inability to have colonics in this state; they aren’t “legal” (licensed) here. Have you changed the suggestions for alternative colon cleanse methods as outlined in your book?

A. A simple second-best method of colonic is the colema board (see www.colema.com), and it will save a lot of money in the long run. The third best method is to do 1-2 back to back water enemas on the day of the liver flush, and then 2-3 back to back water enemas within three days after the liver flush You can find inexpensive 1-quart enema bags in pharmacies. The Epsom salt method works too, but it takes a lot of time and is often not very convenient.

Difference between colema and colonic irrigation

Q. What are your thoughts on Colema as opposed to Colonic Irrigation?

A. Cleansing the colon through colonic irrigation is one of the most effective, preventive methods to safeguard the body against toxins generated in the large intestine. Within a 30-50 minute session, this procedure can eliminate large amounts of trapped waste that may have taken years to accumulate. It is estimated that 80% of all immune tissue resides in the intestines. Therefore, cleansing the colon from such immune-suppressive toxic waste (and removing gallstones from the liver) can make all the difference in the treatment of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS, AIDS or other serious diseases. During a typical colonic, a total of 3-6 liters of distilled or purified water is used to flush the colon. Through gentle abdominal massage, old deposits of mucoid fecal matter are loosened, detached from the colon wall, and subsequently removed with the water.

If you do not have access to a colon therapist, you may greatly benefit from using a colema board as a second best choice. The colema board allows you to clean your colon in the comfort of your own home. The colema colonic is a do-it-yourself treatment that is easy to learn and perform. Colemas work on a similar principle as colonics; they gently irrigate the colon. But, unless you are very experienced, the water absorbed during this process may not be able to reach all the way to the beginning part of the large intestine.

In both approaches, it is important to know how to massage the colon during this procedure in order to release as much trapped waste material as possible.

Water enema

Q. As for the water enema, is using plain tap water OK or should it be warmed?

A. Water enemas can be done with water at room temperature or warmed to about body temperature or a little warmer. Make sure, the water isn’t chlorinated, though.

Coffee enema

Q. Thank you for all the invaluable advice in The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. It’s been going well, so far, with lots of stones of various sizes coming out over the past 10 days. Afterwards, I took a coffee enema (no colonics available here!) and more came out with that. These are all brown. Is this OK? I could use reassurance.

A. Yes, that is what is expected to come out – stones made of hardened bile and toxic compounds that get decomposed in the air and break up in the water. However, the reason they keep coming out is because you didn’t cleanse the colon before and afterwards, and stones became caught in different parts of the intestines. Coffee enemas are not sufficient to do that since they remain in the rectum and don’t reach into the main parts of the colon. I suggest you do 2-3 back-to-back water enemas to clean out as much of the colon as possible. Stones trapped in the colon can cause severe inflammation in the colon and skin.

How many grapefruits?

Q. How many grapefruits does it take to get the 3/4 of the 8-ounce glass of juice? And does it only take 15 minutes to squeeze all these grapefruits for that much juice??!! Do you include the pulp?

A. It depends on the size of the grapefruit. You may need 2 grapefruits to yield that amount of juice, using one of these inexpensive, plastic juicers you can buy at any grocery store. It only takes about 2-3 minutes to do and removes the pulp automatically, which is important.

Are Epsom salts toxic?

Q. I read today that some people are not able to tolerate Epsom salts (could be fatal?) and to test before doing the flush. Is this necessary? If a little test is needed, when and how can I do this?

A. I am not sure where this was coming from but, after 35 years of working with Epsom salts, I have never heard of Epsom salts being “fatal.” I would assume it would relate to an extremely rare form of allergy, like to peanuts or soy. To test it, you would put a few grains of it on the tongue. If an allergy existed, you would develop sudden breathing problems, brain fog, stomach pain, itchy skin, all within a few seconds. In all these years, I have never seen an allergy to Epsom salts, although I can understand an aversion to its bitter taste – I don’t like the taste either!

Intolerance to Epsom salts

Q. I really don’t like the Epsom salts as a precursor to the cleanse. Is there some other way I can get the same benefits?

A. The Epsom salts are necessary to keep the bile ducts open for the stones to pass. If not taken, stones may not pass or get stuck in the common bile duct. Instead of Epsom salts, magnesium citrate may be used (see the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush). If every step of the flush cannot be done for some reason, it is best not to do one.

Using herbs with liver flush

Q. In chapter 4 of the liver flush book, the names of three herbs are provided if I have problems: herba lysimachia, asteriscus maritumus and bupleurum. Should I take the three together or should I choose one of them? What are the doses for each of these?

A. To help with the liver flush, you may use “Gold Coin Grass (GCG)” which is herba lysimachia in tincture form using alcohol as a carrier. The tincture has been found to be more effective than the tablet or tea form, presumably because alcohol as a solvent facilitates the assimilation of the herbs. It is recommended that one to two 250 ml bottles of Gold Coin Grass (GCG) tincture be used before attempting the next liver/gallbladder flush. One tablespoonful is taken everyday, therefore each bottle should take 2 to 3 weeks to finish.

You may also combine all three herbs for a stronger effect, but Gold Coin Grass by itself is quite strong. Make sure to cleanse the colon before the liver flush and within three days after the liver flush to remove any stones that may be trapped in the colon. In some people with constipation, the stones remain in the colon and require colonic irrigation to come out.

Problem with apple juice

Q. I drank the apple juice as required during the liver flush and found that I was severely bloated and extremely gassy. Before I started to cleanse in the evening, I had a lot of gas and a bowel movement with a lot of mucous. I have never had any mucous in my bowel movements. I’m not used to drinking juice; I usually just drink water. Is this normal?

A. Not everyone can tolerate that amount of juice, especially those who have a Candida problem. The large amount of sugar in the juice may cause it to ferment (gas-forming) and even cause loose stools with mucus. The mucus lining naturally contains Candida bacteria. If the Candida increase in response to digesting some of the extra sugar, the amount of mucus also increases. There are alternatives, such as malic acid (1/2 teaspoon in about 32 ounces of water per day) or a combination of malic acid and apple juice (usually well tolerated), or cranberry juice, or apple cider vinegar (See the relevant section of my book The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush). You can also drink apple juice one day, malic acid the next, etc.

Malic acid rather than apple juice

Q. I find that the malic acid powder is an easier approach than apple or cranberry juice; as I had to dilute the juice 50% or more with water so it wouldn’t be too sweet for me. That meant a lot of liquid to try to get down. Have you found the malic acid to be as effective as the other approaches?

A. Yes, malic acid is nearly as effective as apple juice.

Correct dose of malic acid

Q. I just did my 13th liver flush last week. I’m planning on doing another one the end of January but I’d like to be sure I’m taking the right amount of malic acid. Is it 1/2- 1 teaspoon of malic acid in each glass of water 2-4x/day? Also, if I were to use malic acid capsules, how many mgs or grams would I need to take?

A. You would use a total of 1/2 – 1 teaspoon in 24 – 32 ounces per day. Most people take 1 teaspoon in 32 ounces each day for six days. Pure malic acid is available through www.piwine.com. Malic acid capsules are not ideal and quite unsuitable for the flush because they don’t dissolve inside the body as they would in a glass of water.

Gallbladder problems and the oil in liver flushes

Q. I already have gallbladder problems and avoid eating foods with fats and oils in them. Won’t it be bad for me to eat/drink all that oil in the liver flush?

A. You are correct about not eating oils or fats when it is already difficult to digest them, since this can make you very ill because of accumulated stones in the liver bile ducts and the gallbladder. However, the oil mixture taken during the liver flush cannot be compared with eating fats/oils during mealtimes. The way the flush is designed, the oils will trigger a strong bile release that helps move stones out of the liver and gallbladder. Since bile is very oily, and the bile ducts remain relaxed due to the action of Epsom salts, the passage of stones is easy and non-eventful.

Best time to do liver flush

Q. I was told that the results were best achieved if I try to release the stones on the full moon and do a colonic in the next 3 days. Is this correct?

A. Since I wrote the first edition of The Amazing Liver Cleanse in 1997, which recommends doing the actual flush between the full moon and new moon, I have discovered that the cleanse is just as effective at other times of the month. So, in the new edition (released in September 2002), I have actually omitted this guideline. I suggest you do the cleanse at a time that suits your schedule best.

Emotions and liver flushes

Q. I read in an article of yours in which you write that basically you can do any emotional release and any work on yourself but, if you don’t do the liver and gallbladder cleanses, etc., you’ll never be rid of anger and negativity toxins. This actually worried me because I have done work on myself, but have real difficulty imagining doing something like the colonic irrigation (I find it really off-putting!). Don’t the stones and toxins disappear by themselves when you stop recreating negativity?

A. As so often happens, the things you resist the most are also the solutions to your problems. If there are parts in your body that you find off-putting or shouldn’t be cared about or kept clean (like one’s teeth, hair or skin), then that part of the body is likely to malfunction. You have to love every part of your body for it to be healthy. Any part you feel ashamed of or have an aversion towards is likely to be source of emotional and physical imbalance. Emotions are the language of the body, simply sending the brain and heart messages that they need help and attention.

In this day and age of eating foods (and ingesting environmental toxins) that are unnatural and cause congestion in the main organs of elimination, internal cleansing becomes a requirement, especially if organs no longer work efficiently. Even Jesus taught his followers how to do enemas to expel toxins and worms and restore sanity of the mind.

Liver Flush and pregnancy

Q. I am an acupuncturist and I have used your liver cleanse myself and in my practice for several years with great results. Thank you. I have a new client who has had a gallbladder surgery after her first pregnancy and now is pregnant again. She has great difficulty digesting fats, with debilitating cramps and intestinal inflammation. I believe her bile flow is severely congested, is there anything she can do now at 17 weeks into her second pregnancy? Could she take maybe lower dose of the GCG tincture? Or does she need to wait?

A. If she has never done a liver flush and has such strong symptoms, I would wait until after the delivery and focus on all the other factors that could seriously affect her digestion, such as eating the main meal of the day in the evening (instead at noon time), not going to bed before 10 p.m., eating animal proteins such a fish, meat, chicken, eggs, cheese and milk, as well as soy milk and tofu, not drinking enough water, etc. It is not a good idea to introduce herbal remedies at this time, but cleansing the colon is very important and may greatly help (colonic irrigation Colema, or at least some water enemas).

(Problems with the flush)

Frequency of liver flushes

Q. I would really value your opinion on an issue relating to your liver cleanses. I have so far completed two of your liver flushes, both with great success. The first time I got out approximately 500 stones and the second was around 700. I am already starting to feel some subtle benefits, such as a little more energy. However, I visited with a kinesiologist the other day and mentioned that I had planned to cleanse once every month and she thought that was far too often for my small body size. She then muscle-tested the body to ascertain how often I should cleanse and it showed once every three months, instead of every month. I am slightly confused by this, because I know in your book you say to cleanse until no more stones come out. Do you think that I should stop doing cleanses once a month?

A. Given your small body and light weight, your kinesiologist may be correct about not cleansing every 3-4 weeks. You could, however, be fine if you used the children’s dosage and cleansed every 4 to 6 weeks. The child’s dosage is half of everything, including the preparation apple juice/malic acid. I would not work out a strategy but do this according what your body is telling you. You will know if cleansing once very month or 6 weeks, or every two months is too much for your body. I would trust that more than what someone else says.

Kinesiology can be very useful for a number of things, such as testing for foods. Kinesiology ought not to be used for determining the number of liver flushes or days of taking certain supplements, etc. The body changes all the time and requires different things at different times. And it certainly doesn’t forecast the future. What exists are probabilities, given what has occurred in the past and what is happening right now.

It is better to learn to trust your body and listen to its messages. These will become more apparent as the body becomes cleaner and better nourished. In the above case, using Kinesiology can become a constraint to using one’s own instincts and intuitions.

Pain after large stone release

Q. First of all, thank you so much for your books and all the information. I’ve been doing the liver cleanse since August 2007 and Monday-Tuesday was my 16th one. This one was different than the others. I didn’t have too many stones, just some yellow and dark green ones, small ones, but, on Tuesday morning, I had a 5.5 centimeter dark green one. I still can’t believe that I had that size stone inside my liver! After everything, I got so tired that I had to sleep almost all day. That was the first time that I didn’t feel light and happy; I just felt heavy and sleepy. The next day I had a little pain on my liver side. I still have that pain a little bit. Do you think that that stone could have done that?

A. What must have occurred is that this large stone completely blocked the second biliary tree in your liver and so far had resisted being released. When it came out, it opened Pandora’s box and a lot of poisons behind it came out of your liver, too much to process in one day. I would suggest you do the post liver flush colonic as soon as possible, because you don’t’ want any of these poisons to linger in your colon. If you have colosan or oxypowder, cleansing from the other end would be good as well. I am glad to know you passed that big stone, for this certainly prevented some potentially serious health issues in your body.

The pain in the liver after releasing such large stones stems from healing the inflicted injuries. Stones like that cause a lot of tissue displacement, and any damaged blood vessels, lymph ducts, and nerves will need to be repaired once the stones are released. It’s like wound healing, which can be painful. The body used all the energy it could muster to deal with the repair and processing of liquid poisons, so sleeping and resting was the best thing to do. Since this big blockage is now gone, clearing out the rest of the stones in the liver should be much easier and quicker.

If you want to accelerate the healing, you may use marine phytoplankton. It works very fast because all its nutrients (which means every nutrient present on this planet) will go straight to the cells of the body, without having to be digested by the gastrointestinal system. In addition, to leach out and remove any existing chemicals and metals deposited in the tissues, Natural Cellular Defense by Waiora does a very good job.

Aches and pains on right side

Q. Since my first real liver flush, it seems like the whole right side of my body is having problems, such as aches and pains, and more arthritis symptoms in my hands and shoulders. I have noticed more indigestion when I eat meat or fish, which I am eating less often now. Haven’t had eggs for almost a month and am doing fine! Why all the aches and pains now?

A. Although it is not common, some symptoms may increase as your body starts cleansing itself. When the body is congested, its ability to heal and detoxify itself is put on hold. The body is in the accumulating phase, where toxins and acids are added to the connective tissue of organs, joints, etc. This also means that symptoms become chronic but less acute. When your main organs of elimination are cleansed, the body starts releasing these accumulated toxins and acids, which may lead to acute flare-ups or symptoms. Symptoms always indicate that the body is trying to heal itself. They are falsely considered to be diseases. Even in a chronic situation, pain is a healing response that helps to bring water and oxygen to a congested part of the body. Inflammation, which goes with swelling, is a natural healing response to an unnatural situation. Liver, colon, and kidney cleansing along with a balanced diet and lifestyle remove the underlying causes of the illness.

When your digestion doesn’t work well and the GI tract is congested, cadaver food and eggs, cheese, etc. tend not to cause a major reaction. When it improves, however, the immune system in the gut starts reacting to these foods again, trying to reject them as quickly as it can because they are hazardous to one’s health. That means you no longer feel good after eating them, which is a good sign that shows the body is doing a better job of protecting itself.

Liver/gallbladder pain

Q. I can’t wait to get rid of the pain in my right side and the chronic illness. I had one practitioner tell me I wasn’t having “liver pain” because the liver doesn’t feel pain! Sometimes I feel like someone is squeezing me under my ribs; it hurts so bad and radiates over to my right side. And you’re right – I just had an ultrasound of my gallbladder and liver and it was negative even though, at the time of the test, I was having pain and inflammation feeling in the gallbladder area.

A. Oh, yes, you can feel pain in the liver area, usually related to the gallbladder. But even people without a gallbladder can experience pain in the liver. There are plenty of pain nerves in the liver, although much fewer than in the skin or muscles. And of course, gallbladder attacks of any severity can cause a lot of pain.

Liver flush with gallstone and weak gallbladder

Q. Before I perform the gallbladder flush, I would like to hear your opinion about my particular situation. I had been diagnosed with a 2.5cm gallstone in 2002 when I had an acute gallbladder attack. Since then all my doctors are saying I have to remove the gallbladder since it was once inflamed and there is no way it can ever heal. I also had an HIDA scan about 3 years ago, which showed that the functioning of my gallbladder is very low. Wouldn’t this imply that the gallbladder flush will not make any sense for me since I have these 2 major obstacles?

A. Having such a large stone is not an obstacle for doing liver flushes. I had several such large stones plus many cholesterol stones (invisible to scanning technology) in my gallbladder. There was no space for bile to come in. Yet, during one series I passed 3,500 stones, including all the stones from the gallbladder. However, my calcified stones only came out after flush 6 or 7. Usually, the softer cholesterol stones come out first. But in some cases, they come out right away. It’s difficult to predict. One 90-year old man passed all his calcified stones during the first cleanse, one of them 3 cm. Doctors were baffled because they told him he could not pass a large stone like that and he needed surgery. My wife passed a 4 cm calcified stone (shown in the book) painlessly during her 9th liver flush.

The alternative of removing the gallbladder may bring relief in the short-term but is risky in the long-term, leading to weight gain, heart problems, nutritional deficiencies, joint issues, even cancer, etc. And you would need to clean out the liver anyway because having such a large stone in the gallbladder shows that many stones must be in the liver. Obviously, doctors have no other option to offer than surgery, given their lack of knowledge and experience with liver cleansing.

Skin rash during liver flush

Q. I did my 2nd liver flush 2 weeks ago. The first one was good with no problem at all. On my 5th preparation day before 2nd liver flush, I got this red itchy rash all over my body. I did exactly the same procedure as during my first flush except I added some wheat grass juice in the morning so I stopped drinking the wheat grass on the 5th day of preparation. I did my 2nd liver flush but the rash got even worse.

It was sooo itchy that I found an Ayurveda practitioner here and he gave me Amalaki and blood cleansing pills for the rash. It is slowly getting better but I still have it 17 days since I stopped the wheat grass. He suggested that, after the rash goes away, I should do a Kitchari fast and Detox diet. So now I really don’t know what to do. I would like to continue with liver flushes but I am scared because of the rash. Do you think that it is possible to take sooo long to clear up a wheat grass reaction?? Thank you very much for any advice.

A. I have never seen such a reaction to the preparatory phase of the liver flush, and I have no clue how doing the preparation phase could, in any way, cause a skin reaction like that. Foods, juices, malic acid, etc. leave the body within 36 hours, so it can hardly be the result of that. An allergic reaction also doesn’t last this long, unless you are constantly exposed to the same thing. Are you sure you haven’t introduced some new skin care product that has chemicals that are causing a reaction? Or even a piece of clothing that your body may not like?

If it’s not that, the only other possible explanation is that the liver is not able to remove a certain kind to toxin from the blood. Since it is the blood-cleansing organ of the body, any major blockage in the liver may cause it to enter the skin and irritate it. Candida entering the blood could also do this.

If I were in your situation, I would try another liver flush. If the skin improves soon afterwards, you would know it was the latter. If not, you would have to eliminate things from your life such as skin lotion, make-up, hair coloring, soap, toothpaste, synthetic clothing, checking for dust mites in the bed, etc. One by one reintroduce these to check which one is the culprit.

If you repeat the liver flush, make sure to do the colonic/colema within three days after the flush. Stones that get caught in the colon during the flush release their poisons into the intestines, blood and lymph. I am not against Panchakarma methods, being an Ayurvedic practitioner myself; Kitchari can have good benefits.

Tumor size and liver flush

Q. I had my 6th flush and lost about 300 stones, most of them small, but a good result. I look better and feel OK, feel less depressed than a year ago, but my breast tumor hurts so much. It seems that every time I do a liver flush, the tumor grows and hurts more. Could there be a link?

A. When your liver gets cleanser, feels healthier, and is able to remove blood toxins more efficiently, more toxins come forth from tissues of organs and systems in the body. Some of these toxins get pulled into outlets for toxins that already exist. Tumors are such outlets.

Did you ever use a bloodroot salve (deep tissue) to pull out the tumor? This is a website that has a deep tissue salve that can remove tumors that are as deep as 2 inches from the surface of the skin, and it also takes out the trail of poisons underneath which created the tumor in the first place. For information, see: http://www.altcancer.com/products/bloodroot-paste

Feeling dizzy and nauseated after liver flush

Q. I did the liver flush, and am feeling like I have the flu, very dizzy and nauseated. I am very weak and extremely hungry. I ended up with a migraine after 3 days of malic acid, so I did the flush the next day. The 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts was quite powerful, as I was going almost every ten minutes the afternoon after the flush. I plan on doing an enema today. I keep getting some discomfort around the belly button now too. Am I supposed to feel this rotten?

A. I felt extremely fatigued during my first flush, but the second one was easier. By the fifth time, I had energy by 10 a.m. and the following flushes had no weakening effects at all. Dizziness is due to some of the protein deposits coming out of the basal membranes of the blood vessel walls, thickening the blood as it enters the brain.

If you have discomfort around the belly button area, it is probably because there are still some stones caught in the intestines. That’s why I so emphasize the need for colemas or colonics before and after liver flushes. If you cannot do those, do 2-3 back-to- back enemas instead. You won’t get the water as far toward the ascending colon to flush out any caught stones loaded with liver poisons and bacteria but it should help.

Nausea and vomiting during liver flush

Q. Yesterday I did my second liver flush and I got out the biggest stones ever. Also I used no Epsom salts at all – I used ultraphos instead and Dr. Sutter’s coke flush. But I vomited all the oil at 3 am, the same as in the first flush. I am really surprised by the results, but I am not happy with the nausea I have during the night of the flush. I took peppermint tea and candies in the night, which prevented the taste of the olive oil burping, but the nausea didn’t go away. What can I do to prevent this nasty nausea feeling?

A. Before liver flushing, make sure to cleanse the colon to avoid backwashing of the oil mixture. When there is congestion in the colon, bile secreted into it can regurgitate into the stomach. That’s why it is important to cleanse the whole colon before a liver flush.

Nausea also occurs when the sphincter of the esophagus is not closed and part of the oil mixture backwashes into the esophagus, making you feel sick. The remedy is to take one tablet of hydrochloric acid (HCL). HCL closes the sphincter, thereby preventing nausea and vomiting.

Diarrhea after liver flush

Q. Today is my 7th day of a liver cleanse. It is now is 3:15 pm and I am still going to the bathroom. Mostly it is water and about 15 small stones. My stomach is cramped and it looks like diarrhea. Should I take diarrhea medicine to stop? I just took a little oatmeal soup and some fresh orange juice.

A. No, don’t stop the diarrhea by any means. You want to have diarrhea. It helps expel the poisons from the liver and release these green, beige gallstones and the sludge (made of the same stuff). The diarrhea is not because of bacteria or amoeba, but in response to Epsom salts taking out the stones. You did well for your first flush, and more stones may still be coming out. The cramps show that more of them are on their way out. Make sure to do the colonic irrigation or colema in 2 or 3 days to remove any stones still left in the colon. Some people pass dozens or more stones during the colonic.

Feeling tired after liver flush

Q. Why don’t I feel better after my liver flush? I’m still so tired.

A. When the body starts on a cleansing regimen, it begins to increasingly break down toxins, waste products, and deposited protein and calcium structures. It begins to trust that it is safe to do so as the liver and colon as well as kidneys are more able to take out what the body passes toward them. When the liver suddenly stops cleansing before it is really clean, the rest of the body continues dumping toxins into the circulation, which subsequently are not removed by the liver. This leads to backwashing of toxins and waste which can affect both the liver and the rest of the body. If toxins are being retrieved from the connective tissues where they were deposited over a period of many years, they need to find their way out, otherwise this can lead to a toxicity crisis. It is similar to people who lose a lot of weight in a short time, but their organs of elimination are not clean and the toxins released during weight loss can enter the heart and brain and other vital organs. That’s why dieting on and off, losing weight and regaining weight, etc. can cause permanent damage to the body. Cleansing the body can save lives, but it must be done correctly.

Discomfort during and after flush

Q. I have your book and just recently did my first liver cleanse ever. On the evening of the 5th day, I had lots of discomfort in my lower back and legs and found it difficult to get comfortable or sleep well. On day 6, I went to work in lots of pain in lower back and legs plus bloating and couldn’t wait until that evening to get rid of the discomfort. I did complete all steps to the cleanse, but ended up vomiting half of the oil/juice mixture. I managed to get the second half in and it stayed, and then I went straight to bed. I didn’t, however, pass any stones and have still felt bloated and not myself to date. I finished the cleanse on Saturday morning and today is Tuesday and I am not back to normal. Should I repeat the cleanse right away again or what do you think is going on with me? I would appreciate any feedback that you might have.

A. I wonder if you did the colon cleanse before the liver flush? (She hadn’t). As the book suggests, it is ideally done on the day of the liver flush. If there is any congestion in the colon, the olive oil mixture may not be able to release enough bile to take out the stones from the liver and gallbladder. In addition, the intestinal congestion may cause some of the waste and gas to move up toward the stomach and cause the oil mixture to remain in the stomach too long. The stomach will then try to throw it up. If you vomited half of the amount of oil, the amount of oil left in the stomach would not have been enough to trigger a powerful enough bile release to expel a significant amount of stones. However, you may have passed stones but, due to the intestinal congestion, they are caught in the colon. This can make you feel quite uncomfortable.

Most people who do liver flushes pass quite a few stones during the colonic irrigation at the end of the liver flush (done within three days). In my book, I stress the great importance of cleaning out the colon both before and after liver flushes to allow stones to be released and to eliminate any stones that are getting caught in the colon. If you have not done this, I urge you to have a colonic or at least several high enemas which bring water all the way to the ascending colon.

The liver flush is a very powerful and effective method to improve your health, but it is important to follow all the directions carefully, especially those with regard to colon cleansing. Those who have a tendency toward constipation, and/or use fiber to be able to have regular bowel movements, are the most prone to being sick during a flush, unless they clean out the colon beforehand.

Food poisoning, painkillers, and the liver flush

Q. I read your book and I decided to try the liver flush. But I have a big problem: I started with the Epsom salts and did it for 2 weeks. Then, the third week, I think I had food poisoning from seafood: pain, fever…. so I stopped the Epsom salts. Was this actually an intolerance to Epsom salts or apple juice? Anyway, afterward I was feeling better but still had a little pain in the belly. I decided to go through the cleanse, but I continue to have problems. I think it is not wise to continue tonight with the Epsom salts because I’m too irritated. I took Advil to lessen the pain all week. I would like to have your advice, please.

A. Fish poisoning can be a serious matter, since fish is loaded with parasites, worms and bacteria, even more so than meat. This can severely inflame the gastrointestinal lining, cause cramping, gas, and pain. Animal proteins, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and cow’s milk should be avoided due to their strongly acidifying and irritating effects on the stomach and intestines, as well as blood and lymph vessels. To clear out these parasites and their eggs, you may need to use Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS).

It would be better to let things calm down for a few days before resuming the liver flush, especially when you are taking painkillers. The liver flush doesn’t work well when taking painkillers. You don’t need to start the whole preparation all over again, but have 1 or two days on the apple juice, or more ideally, use the malic acid solution (1/2 teaspoon of malic acid powder in about 32 ounces of water per day).

Instead of doing several weeks of Epsom salts, it would be better to do one colonic, colema, or even 2-3 back-to-back water enemas.

Blood sugar and fasting on day of liver flush

Q. Today I have just finished my first liver flush. I am an active 60-year-old, live alone, and am in good health without any medication. I only use natural and alternative remedies. I followed the liver cleanse exactly and it went just as you said in the book. I tolerated the Epsom salts and didn’t get nauseous from the olive oil mix. I saw about 2 dozen, small, light tan colored stones floating in water at the end of the cleanse.

The problem was that about the time I was allowed to begin eating fruit, I became so weak that I went to bed and passed out. When I came to, I had a cold sweat soaking my body and the bed linen. I am a “slight” person with no extra weight to spare. Even though I tried to combine vegetables during the week, it didn’t seem to be enough protein. Since I am borderline anemic and have been all my life, my blood sugar drops. That’s my question: The colon and liver cleanse itself left me feeling OK but I am not a person who can fast. What can I do about the 22 hours without food that will not hinder a future cleanse?

A. A section from the large book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation deals with the real cause of blood sugar dropping – it would be good for you to read that. With cases like yours, protein consumption causes high insulin spikes that then lead to sugar fluctuations like you experience them. Weaning yourself off the proteins and cleansing the liver/colon will balance your blood sugar levels. However, when you stop eating protein without cleansing the liver, the process of normalization may take longer, but it would happen as well.

Over the years, you have deposited excessive proteins in the basal membranes of your blood vessel walls. When you stop eating proteins, they will re-enter the blood, making it thicker and thus lowering the oxygen-delivering capacity of the blood (causing fatigue) and lowering blood sugar. That’s why fasting has such an effect on you. In time, though, the liver will break down these proteins, and this will stabilize blood sugar. Going through this initial uncomfortable period may be tough, but otherwise, it will be difficult to get out of this vicious cycle.

You may eat some dried fruits, like dried figs, in the morning, although it does interfere with the effectiveness of the cleanse. Most people, including diabetics, no longer experience such blood sugar problems after several liver flushes.

Fear of stuck gallstones

Q. The thing that absolutely frightens me about the liver flush is that a large stone won’t make it out of the gallbladder and, if it gets somewhat reduced by my drinking the tea and lemon juice, will it pop out and get stuck? Then, who can help me if it does? A hospital is too far away and they won’t know how to help, anyway.

A. I lived through 40 gallstone attacks and, although they are extremely painful, I know they are far less dangerous than they are made out to be. They certainly don’t require a hospital visit. A hospital is the last place you would want to be for this, for they would just tell you to remove the gallbladder. If you ever have an attack, drink one tablespoon of Epsom salts in a glass of water. The Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) relaxes the bile ducts within minutes and lets any stones pass through. Attacks occur when bile ducts contract and tighten in response to a stone passing.

After I did my first liver flush, I never suffered another attack again, although it took about 8 cleanses to completely clean out my gallbladder (which was completely filled with stones). When you do liver flushes, they prevent any future possible attacks. The flush is designed in such a way that, with the help of Epsom salts and the large amount of oily bile released, stones pass easily without you even feeling or noticing it. All that you will notice is stones coming out as part of the frequent bowel movements during the following morning.

I remember a 91-year-old man who had two large calcified stones in the gallbladder and the surgeon told him he needed surgery. He told them they couldn’t have his gallbladder. Instead, he did a liver flush and, although it is relatively rare to pass calcified stones during the first flush, he passed both of them. He went back to the hospital with calcified and non-calcified stones and, after an ultrasound, told the baffled doctors that they would never see him again.

It’s easy to prevent gallstone attacks if you know what triggers them. The book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush gives you the details. Following the dietary guidelines will also be very helpful and reassure you even more.

Stuck stones

Q. I have done 33 liver cleanses so far but am having a problem now. I feel that there is probably a stone stuck in an outgoing duct from my liver. Long ago, I read your entry in CureZone that says most stuck stones are cleared by doing a second cleanse, but that didn’t seem to help. I began drinking cranberry juice twice a day for two weeks prior to beginning the apple juice for the follow-up cleanse. Although this last cleanse produced quite a few stones, it did not clear this problem. So, I am looking for things I can try in order to avoid surgery, if this is indeed a stuck stone.

A. I am not sure whether you are referring to the common bile duct or one of the two major bile ducts exiting the liver to form the common bile duct. I would think it is the latter because you would be in severe pain and turn yellow if a stone were to block the common bile duct. Most people in this country have one of the two hepatic bile ducts clogged up and they don’t even know it.

To soften up any existing old stone structures in one of the two ducts, I would use Gold Coin Grass as recommended in the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. If you also want to use Chanca Piedra, that would be fine, too. But taking Gold Coin Grass for 10 to 14 days (the last six of which can be combined with the liver flush preparation) should be able to turn these into sludge, making it easier for them to be removed during a liver flush.

Epsom salts is primarily used to keep the bile ducts relaxed during the flush, and less as a laxative. So I wouldn’t omit that. Oil massages and Rolfing may also help. Placing a pack of castor oil or apple cider vinegar over the liver area after ingesting the oil mixture will also support the bile duct to be more relaxed and let go of any stones.

Large stones stuck?

Q. I emailed you a few months ago because, after 2 liver flushes, I only had a few stones. You suggested using Gold Coin Grass, which I did. The next month I had what I considered good results: it looked like someone had emptied a bag of frozen peas into the toilet! I had some of the GCG left so I used it the next month but didn’t pass many stones. I was disappointed, so I gave up.

I went to a person who did energy work over my liver and then had a number of ionic footbaths, which turned dark green from the bile. I’ve also been using coffee enemas to detoxify the liver but I’m still having that bad pain in my right and left sides plus abdominal pain. So I’m wondering if I may have larger stones that are still “stuck” in my liver and, if so, what would you recommend to get them out?

A. I just talked with someone who had a similar experience to yours. She persisted, though, and during her last cleanse, passed a rock of 2 inches that was filled with bad-smelling chemicals and poisons.

Also, did you do the colonic after the liver flush? In those who have bowel problems such as constipation or strictures in the colon (which can be painful), the stones released during liver flushes either don’t come out and remain in the intestines, or may not be released at all during liver flushes. That’s why it is so important to do the colon cleanse before, and especially after the liver flushes. Stones remaining in the colon can cause havoc, pain, gases, etc. in either side of the colon. A coffee enema doesn’t reach into the colon far enough to bring out the stones left there.

If you did the colonics before and afterwards, it is possible that the one successful cleanse emptied much of the first of two biliary trees of the liver, but the second one hasn’t budged. Like in the above case, that woman’s big stone blocked the second biliary tree for a long time, and it didn’t budge until her 7th flush. When she passed that stone, she also released a massive amount of poisonous fluid, stored in her liver for many years.

Any major blockage in the liver can also lead to backing up of venous waste products in the spleen, and cause pain. However, in most cases, the pain in the sides occurs due to congestion in the flexures of the colon (the right flexure touches the liver, the left flexure touches the spleen).

It is equally important to deal with the diet aspect, such as when you eat your main meals, at what time you go to sleep, etc., as discussed in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. You may also benefit from taking phytoplankton, which helps with most gastrointestinal problems, and it works very quickly (see more information on my website’s Products page).

No gallbladder – and the liver flush

Q. What about people who have had their gallbladder removed? Should they still do the liver/gallbladder cleanse?

A. As explained in the book, these patients greatly benefit from liver flushing, since this addresses the problems that caused the gallstones and subsequent removal of their gallbladder in the first place. Those without a gallbladder tend to have more stones in the liver than the average person who still has a functional gallbladder and, without removing those stones, they are at a higher risk of developing other illnesses, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. There are some special directions in chapter 4 for those who don’t have a gallbladder, including taking Gold Coin Grass, at least prior to their first flush.

You may also benefit from the painting of Ener-Chi Art that is designed to balance proper Chi-flow in the liver and gallbladder. Even though your gallbladder has been removed, your etheric gallbladder is still there, yet remains cut off from the body’s Chi supply. This picture restores the etheric gallbladder and its Chi-connection with the rest of the body.

Blood tests and the liver flush

Q. I have had several blood tests recently and many things came back in the high range. My doctor has now prescribed thyroxine but I do not want to take this. My thyroid test in March of this year was normal and the doctor doesn’t know what happened to me. I have done 6 cleanses since February so would this not have helped?

A. I strongly recommend, as stated in the book, not to do any blood tests following liver flushes for at least 6 months. It’s never a good idea when your body is being cleansed and toxins are stirred up and released from all over the body. This is especially true when you are sick or just recovered from a sickness. In addition, most blood tests are unreliable, as shown by studies of laboratories. You can send the same blood sample to three different labs and get three different results back. There are many healthy people who test false-positive for diabetes, and then are given insulin, which actually causes diabetes. Diagnosis is just as dangerous as treatment. It’s better to take care of oneself and let the body work out the details.

Neck issues and liver flushes

Q. I decided to stay on the MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) for the next 2 or 3 months and do 2 liver flushes per month. I hope 3 months on MMS is not too much for me!? Do you think this program will improve my neck? I ask because I probably have damage to the ligament between C1 and C2 that causes the muscles to contract to try to fix the instability and then causes a loss of the cervical curve. When it’s a structural thing, how could liver flushing help with that?

A. I can only speak of the experiences I have had over a period of many years with about 1/2 million people who followed the directions described in my book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. If liver flushes worked only in combination with parasite cleansing (MMS), my book wouldn’t have sold more than 10 copies. And I never promoted it; it sold by people telling other people about their results. You will need to take it one day at a time and let your body be your guide.

As for the neck issues – in my own case and that of my wife – liver flushes resolved the neck problems we had. In her situation, the cartilage between C1 and C2 was almost gone, but restored itself back to normal.

Danger of pancreatitis after the flush?

Q. I have several of your books and I think they are of great interest. I conducted two liver cleansings with resounding success and I also persuaded several people around me to do so. Yesterday evening I was chatting with a doctor and he told me that departing stones could become embedded in a pancreatic duct and cause pancreatitis. I have much interest in this subject, so I have decided to share this doubt with you, because I consider you of the family.

A. I agree with your doctor friend; gallstones dislodged by the gallbladder or intra-hepatic gallstones in the liver can block the pancreatic duct and causes pancreatitis and pancreatic tumors, as well as diabetes. I have described this process in my book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. This is a serious condition that befalls many people nowadays, and I suffered greatly, too, when I used to have my 40+ gallstone attacks.

However, the liver and gallbladder are designed to prevent such a situation. Cleansing the liver and gallbladder makes it virtually impossible to have pancreatitis. Without it, the risk is relatively high, especially given the modern diets of high fat, high protein foods. On any day, the triggering of the gallbladder in response to a fatty meal can dislodge a gallstone or sludge that can get stuck at the Ampulla of Vater.

In the case of liver flushes, though, this is prevented by use of Epsom salts which keep bile ducts relaxed and open, and the release of large amounts of oily bile in response to ingesting a large amount of olive oil/citrus juice. Taken on an empty stomach versus as part of a meal, this allows the oily bile to easily transport any size stone safely and without pain to the large intestine. Cleansing of the colon before and after a liver flush also makes that process easier. That’s why there are no gallstone attacks during liver flushes. After my first of 12 liver flushes, I never suffered a gallstone attack again.

No stones

Q. I just completed my first cleanse 2 days ago (first ever cleanse in my life!). I followed your book quite precisely, but it seems I produced no stones. I had my 3rd colonic today which produced a lot of activity, but no evidence of stones. I do not have any disease and I feel pretty good, for the most part. Back in 1990, I made significant changes in my eating habits along with a dedicated exercise program which has become a way of life. Over these past 18 years, I’ve only become more dedicated to the purity of what I consume. So I’m curious, is it possible that I have no stones? Thank you so much.

A. Did you check the toilet bowl for any floating pieces, green, beige, or white? Intra-heptaic gallstones are soft and putty-like, and they float. Green sludge also contains many small stones. Hard stones from the gallbladder sink to the bottom of the toilet. Of course, the latter are much more rare than the light, soft stones from the liver.

If you only had water coming out and nothing else, your first cleanse may not have been able to break up a biliary blockage in the liver Usually a second cleanse does. So, before giving in, I would do another cleanse in 2-3 weeks and see the results. But make sure to check the toilet bowl for green “stuff”. There is also some additional information in the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush for those who have difficulties with it. Living in this country, I have never seen any people with no stones, given the diet, lifestyle, stress factors, pollution, etc.

Not having any stones at all indicates to me that you either didn’t recognize them as such or you didn’t release them yet.

Not many stones being released

Q. I just finished my 2nd liver cleanse and only got one small green gallstone. The first cleanse 1 month ago just released 2 very small gallstones. I have been sick for 9 years and unable to get better, plus I have pain in my right side. The liver and gallbladder area feels inflamed at times and I was hoping this would help me get better but the results haven’t been very encouraging! Should I do a third or don’t I have any gallstones?

A. Given the symptoms you describe, the main liver bile ducts may be blocked by large stones and bile flow is impeded. The gallbladder seems to have little space for bile to come in, which is necessary for proper digestion and also for the liver flush to work. I would suggest you follow the guidelines in the book that relate to “Having difficulties with the cleanse.” In most cases, the Gold Coin Grass helps break down the more rigid blockages so that they can be released during the next liver flush. I would not give up. I had a few people who were in a similar situation and passed stones only at cleanse 3, but then it really started pouring out of them. If taking the oil mixture didn’t make you feel sick/nauseous, you may also increase the amount of oil and juice by one third.

Are these really stones?

Q. I’m doing the Amazing Liver Flush because I was told I have a virus in my liver. I stopped drinking alcohol (which I rarely drank anyway) and have done 12 colonics. Whenever I do the liver flush (this was my 3rd time), it’s very unpleasant for me. I can’t sleep during the night I drink the grapefruit and olive oil mixture due to nausea. My question: these stones look fresh, like they were created from the Epsom salts, olive oil and grapefruit juice. I know your book says they are not, but I’m questioning what I’m doing. I feel like I’m putting my body through a lot of stress to do the cleanse. I even got a cold/flu this time – maybe it’s a healing crisis? Let me know what you think.

A. The stones are definitely not “fresh”. Sometimes people do the liver flush but, 10-15 minutes later, throw up the entire oil mixture, and yet they pass significant numbers of stones. When the oil mixture enters the stomach, the gallbladder and bile ducts immediately pass a lot of bile into the small intestine, taking the stones with it. There is no way, therefore, that these stones can be made from oil/juice, since the mixture hasn’t even left the stomach in these cases. This also happened to me once, and I still passed several hundred stones. Be assured that the stones you are seeing are not “fresh” and made from the liver cleanse ingredients.

Can children do the liver flush?

Yes, children from age 10 – 16 years can do liver flushes, but they would need to take only half the adult dosage, that means half the amount of everything, including apple juice or malic acid solution, Epsom salts, and oil mixture. Children may also start the whole process on Day 6 about 60-90 minutes earlier, so they can take the oil mixture at 8:30pm or 9:00pm at night, but they should still take the first Epsom salt solution at 6:00 am or 6:30 am the following morning.

Unless they have a small frame, children who are 16 or older can follow the normal directions for adults.

Children and the liver flush

Q. My 11-year-old daughter just finished a liver flush. I cannot get over the size of the stones she released and especially the thousands of hard, black, seed-like ones. In your many years of experience, have you come across this from a child? Or don’t many children do liver flushes?

A. Children rarely produce gallstones if they eat a balanced, vegetarian diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, and complex carbohydrates but a lot of children nowadays have these stones in their livers and even the gallbladders. A Chinese woman had children aged 4 and 6 who suffered from various conditions; they did liver flushes and passed a lot stones, too. In children, these stones mostly develop in response to a toxic diet, the use of antibiotics and, especially, vaccines. Most parents, though, wouldn’t even consider having their children go through liver flushes. That’s why you don’t hear about this very often.

The harder stones are older ones and tend to come from the gallbladder. The seeds may be bilirubin stones from the liver, which can be black outside but contain red bilirubin inside (that looks like blood). The green ones are typical cholesterol stones.

I am glad she passed these stones; it will save her a lot trouble in the future.

When NOT to do a liver cleanse

Q. Are there some cases where it isn’t a good idea to do a liver cleanse?

A. To answer your excellent question, no, I have not seen any restrictions with common pathologies. In fact, every day, I get reports from doctors, chiropractors and patients who have successfully done liver flushes for almost every type of illness known. I had one person who was paralyzed from the waist down for 20 years and started walking again after his 6th liver flush. Others use it to improve their glaucoma, hearing loss, skin diseases, intestinal disorders, reproductive problems such as infertility, arthritis, cancers, diabetes and heart disease. There is hardly any condition that doesn’t involve hepatic bile duct blockage as one of its major causes, as described in chapter 1 of the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. That’s why it can be used for almost any condition.

Even people with hepatitis C have done liver flushes, and they usually pass very large stones, which were there before the infection. Smokers can also do liver flushes, and they tend to have many, many stones.

There are obvious limitations, of course, in patients whose bowels have been removed, who cannot get to a bathroom, who are too weak, or who are using medication, because they may not release many stones, or they may feel sick when doing the flush.

(Other herbs, medications along with liver flush)

MMS and liver flush

Q. I am now taking MMS. I read in the text that you should never stop taking it. So what do you do when flushing the liver? Skip the MMS for 2 days?

A. Yes, you can skip taking MMS for two days with no problem. Following is the story of a man who cleared up his tumor with MMS: See www.howibeatcancer.com

Homeopathic and herbal remedies during liver flush

Q. I read that medications are not helpful during a liver flush because they suppress the body’s natural functions. What about herbal and homeopathic remedies then that support body functions?

A. It’s fine to continue those during the preparation time but skip them on the final day when the liver flush is done.

Kitchari and herbs along with liver flush

Q. Do you think that I can combine the liver flush with Kitchari detox and the cleansing herbs? Would the herbs be helpful or would just the simple liver flush be enough?

A. Doing liver flushes is usually sufficient in dealing with skin and blood related issues, and so I never recommend additional cleansing herbs. I see no harm in eating Kitchari, though, if you want to do that.

(Responses to those doubting the value of the liver flush)

Skeptical of liver flush

Q. I have been sick with one thing or another all my life even though I take good care of my body and eat a healthy diet. I have allergies to many foods including gluten, dairy and most cruciferous veggies. I have had breast cancer (then surgery & radiation), migraines all my life, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, enlarged inefficient lungs, back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulders, hysterectomy, breast implants w/ rupture and removal, depression, heart attack at age 50, heavy metal toxicity, difficulty concentrating, fibromyalgia, IBS, and seasonal allergies that cause me to stay indoors 6 months of the year, among other things.

I continue to remain optimistic and keep trying things (too numerous to list) to help heal my body. I recently bought your book on the liver cleanse and am beginning my first cleanse today. I am admittedly skeptical and have tried many things at great expense with no real improvement. Can you help me?

A. Sometimes we travel a long road that seems never-ending, but when we have nearly tried everything and we are about the give up, something comes along that offers us a way out of the vicious circle. From what I have seen in all these years of working with the liver, all your symptoms point toward a liver congested with bile stones. It has certainly been the missing link. I am certain that you can help yourself, and the liver cleanse/colon cleanse combination, according to my experiences, is one of the best self-help healing methods around.

Responding to detractor of the liver flush

Q. Would you comment on this article: The “Truth” about Liver /Gallbladder Flush from Quackwatch comments?

A. This doctor seems very sarcastic to me, which makes me suspicious about his true motivations or insecurities (often revealed by usage of such words as “disgusting”). He certainly has never done a liver flush himself, which doesn’t make him a good candidate for what he is talking about. His medical explanations are one-sided and at least partially medically incorrect or outright false. Many of these doctors are actually employees of the pharmaceutical industry intending to curb the spread of the alternative medicine movement. Seeing his other articles, this would not surprise me.

I have worked with the liver flush since the early 1990s. It certainly saved my own life, after 40 gallstone attacks and nothing else being able to help me. My 240-page book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (www.ener-chi.com/books/the-amazing-liver-gallbladder-flush/ ) is the most comprehensive, medically correct work in this field. It is being used and recommended by thousands of doctors and at least a million people around the world. It also provides the necessary information on colon cleansing in combination with liver flushing, which is very important, as well as the kidney cleanse procedure, and information about how to avoid making new stones, etc.

Responding to doctors critical of the flush

Q. How do you respond to the doctors who say that this liver flush isn’t doing anything useful?

A. I think it is their loss, believing what others say about something with which they have no experience or haven’t even tested. The idea that you can make soap stones in the intestines was first promoted by Dr. Weil and Dr. Anderson, who had their own reasons (liver products to sell) to discourage their patients from doing liver flushes.

With all due respect to Dr. Murray (see next question below), it would help him if he actually studied medicine and learned that gallstones do not just occur in the gallbladder but also in the liver. Johns Hopkins University calls them intra-hepatic biliary gallstones, made mostly of cholesterol, colored pea green, the same as the ones that you release during liver flushes. I trust Johns Hopkins more than Dr. Murray in that respect.

Here is a picture once found in the online library of Johns Hopkins University, which describes intra-hepatic gallstones

If he checked the archives of medical schools and looked for dissected livers, he would also find numerous pictures of large numbers of these stones bulging from the liver’s many bile ducts. German medicine is starting to discover this now. Many of the diseased people now undergo autopsies of their liver and doctors find these stones to be extremely common. An old friend of mine from 30 years ago recently died of cancer in Germany. The autopsy revealed that he had over 70,000 of these stones in the liver! Another friend with chronic hepatitis, who died from a heart attack, had over 50,000 stones.

Now you can drink a glass of olive oil or sunflower oil without any of the other ingredients and still pass stones (I can attest to that) because oil/fats trigger the gallbladder and bile secretions. And if there are stones in the gallbladder (calcified or non-calcified), they will also come out along with the bile. But this can cause some of them to become stuck in the common bile duct and trigger a gallstone attack because the stones were not softened with malic acid beforehand and the bile ducts were not relaxed with Epsom salts, etc.

It amazes me that otherwise intelligent people can believe that somehow a cocktail of oil and grapefruit juice miraculously turns into pea green cholesterol stones, loaded with bacteria producing putrid smells. These couldn’t possibly be caused by Epsom salts because that is gone from the stomach or intestines two hours after ingesting it. The apple juice or malic acid is nowhere to be found 8 hours after taking the last sips on the days of the flush. And what about the hard, fully calcified white stones many people pass during liver flushes? Where are they coming from if not from the gallbladder? It takes years, not moments, to make such rock-hard stones. Many people with a diagnosis of gallstones in the gallbladder did liver flushes and passed them painlessly, and afterwards the ultrasound scan revealed no more stones. Besides, when patients recover from chronic illnesses and pain in the body after cleaning out their livers in this way, it makes one think, not doubt.

Before I did my liver flushes, I tried all kinds of liver cleanses, such as herbs, enteric peppermint oil, spices (including tons of turmeric), but I did not pass a single stone and continued having gallstone attacks (a total of 40). Just after one liver flush during which I passed 500 stones (certainly more than half a cup of olive oil could produce), I never had another attack in my life. After 12 flushes in the 1990s, and now 10 years later, I have no more stones. The theory that the cleanse ingredients form stones falls apart simply for that reason. I do the flush once every year using the exact same ingredients, yet no stones!

It is sad that some well-respected practitioners such as Dr. Murray let themselves be influenced and fooled by people who know nothing about the subject, without even checking out the procedure or going through one themselves. But again, it’s their loss and the loss of those who miss out on a great healing method.

Skepticism from a naturopathic doctor

Q. Andreas– Have you seen the attached article saying liver flushes do not clear out gallstones? It seems others have investigated this situation just like I did in 1981 and found the same thing. What is passing with the flush are NOT gallstones – they are formed in the GI tract. Sincerely, Michael T. Murray, N.D.

A. Michael, I am very well aware of the anti-liver flush movement and its tactics of deception. This is one such example: There is a journalist (not a health practitioner) who has made a niche by collecting all sorts of information and rewriting it into books. He is a great marketing and copywriting expert who knows how to persuade people. He follows up on anything that is popular and writes either for it or against it. His range of topics cover what most people want to know. In this instance, he tries to divert the huge liver cleansing market to his website through excellent web-marketing tools. Had he just put out what he is trying to sell, he wouldn’t get much traffic. So he posts something that looks convincing, like a published letter in The Lancet, making it appear to be a proven fact. However, what appeared in the Lancet is not a study that requires peer review, but “correspondence”, which is basically someone sharing an opinion.

It is naive to believe that everything written in an established journal is true. There was actually a paper published by The Lancet earlier that showed liver flushes work, and the previously mentioned correspondence letter was written to dispute that. As I stated, to expel these intra-hepatic gallstones (which consists of organic matter such as cholesterol) and calcified gallstones from the gallbladder, you don’t even need any of the other cleanse ingredients but olive oil, sunflower oil or any other oil. Try it out for yourself and you will see the evidence. The problem comes when the stones that are released get stuck and trigger an attack. The other cleanse ingredients are used to prevent that attack. Why do think so many people have gallstone attacks after eating a lot of fatty foods? Well, they pass these same stones.

If you think that these stones, green sludge, etc. are also just products of your digestive system, I must doubt your good sense of judgment. So, if in addition to the oil ingested, you add citrus fruit juice (another trigger of bile secretion), and malic acid (doesn’t have to be apple juice) for several days before the cleanse, does this make the strong bile discharge any less pronounced? No, because the fat is the main trigger. I personally suffered 40 gallstone attacks before my first liver flush, usually after drinking high fat milk, a fatty steak, or eggs (the number one trigger of gallstone attacks). I don’t wish a gallstone attack on you but, if you ever have one, try to remember this tip. It can save your gallbladder and a lot of other problems.

The liver flush community is very strong in New Zealand with incredible recoveries from chronic diseases, and the medical establishment is becoming concerned about the competition. I cannot speak for these people and organizations; it’s a mystery to me why they have such a need to discredit other practices and methods that have helped hundreds of thousands of people regain their health and overcome some terrible diseases. I know that it saved my own life and that of numerous others. These people will have to deal with what they are doing in their own heart. I wish them well.





No gallbladder; can she flush?

Q. My wife recently had her gallbladder removed before we knew of the consequences. Now does she still need to flush her stones? Thank you for your help.

A. I am sorry to hear that they did that to her. Yes, the gallbladder issue was really only a symptom of major liver bile duct congestion. She will still need to cleanse her liver, but needs to wait 4 – 6 months before doing that, after having had an operation.

Medications and liver flush

Q. I am reading your book as my husband’s aunt had success with the liver flush. Two of my friends want to do the flush, but one is on Coumadin and high blood pressure pills and the other is on Xanax and high blood pressure pills. I am thinking that they cannot do it, am I right?

A. You are correct, they should not do it—yet. It is best to change the diet first to normalize the blood pressure and make the blood thin again. It doesn’t take long. Animal protein coagulates the blood platelets within 30 minutes after eating it. Just eating a single egg alone causes blood platelets to stick together and risks a heart attack or stroke. The proteins also accumulate in the blood vessel walls, making them hard, stiff and prone to injury, thus raising the blood pressure. You can find details on how to treat blood pressure naturally in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation on www.ener-chi.com

Drinking ionized water from an ionizer (see Products on my website) can make the blood thinner within half an hour. They would need to avoid all animal proteins, such as fish, eggs, poultry, meat, cheese and milk, and sugar as well. Instead of normal salt, unrefined salt should be taken. You can find more on all that in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

Once their blood pressure is normal, they can do liver flushes. Xanax, cumiden, and beta blockers have recently been shown to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke by up to 40%. More people die from the drugs than without them. They are extremely dangerous drugs with many detrimental side effects, and you have to take them for life, usually a short life. Lowering high blood pressure without removing what causes it is medical malpractice.

Hemorrhoids and liver flush

Q. My friend did the liver flush last week and had a hard time with it. She had to do the colon cleanse with the Epsom salts and now her hemorrhoids are bleeding a lot after the cleanse. Any thoughts?

A. Hemorrhoids go with constipation and, when there is constipation, the oil mixture may back up or remain in the stomach unduly long. Eventually, the esophageal valve opens and the person feels nauseous and throws up. With the passage of stone material and/or liver toxins, some of the hemorrhoids may rupture and then bleeding occurs, which actually helps remove the toxins they harbor. The most important thing is to relieve the constipation, so that hemorrhoids won’t develop. Then she can do the proper colon cleanse before the liver flushes.

To improve constipation, go to sleep before 10 p.m., drink enough water, and eat the main meal of the day at around noon. When choosing foods, eat more water-containing foods and less dry foods, more fat and oil, sea salt, and sour food items. Phytoplankton is also very helpful with all gastrointestinal problems. (For more information, go to www.intraglobalvitamins.com )

Diabetes and liver flush

Q. My diabetic friends won’t try the flush because they have to go without food all day. Is there some way they can do it? I have recommended The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush to everyone I come in contact with; I should start carrying it here for sale (ha, ha). Thanks for your good work!

A. Diabetics are kept in the dark because they are being told that the body has to come up with up ten times the amount of insulin to process animal protein than needed to remove ingested sugar. This makes them severely insulin resistant. Most diabetics who stop eating protein foods will become non-diabetic in a matter of weeks or a few months. You/they can read up on it in the chapter on Diabetes when you get Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

A lot of diabetics do liver flushes now without a problem. They can eat two meals before lunchtime on day 6 of the preparation and just skip dinner, and then eat something by 10 a.m. the next morning. So it’s not a whole day without eating. Epsom salts spoils the appetite anyway. What makes it so much easier for them is actually not eating protein foods during the preparation; it makes the blood sugar more stable, contrary to common belief.

Pancreatitis and liver flush

Q. In the last two years, I have had pancreatitis three times. I have had gallstone attacks for about 20 years. I tried many natural treatments with no effect. Even a traditional Chinese acupuncturist, after months of treatment, told me to have the gall bladder removed. Attacks were frequent.

Stress was the major factor in three pancreatitis episodes. I became aware I had lived from a place of intense and irrational fears, so in the last two years, many fears were faced down and dissolved. A friend recommended your book and I have done 2 liver cleanses last month and am starting my 3rd today. Is there, in your opinion, any danger I need to be aware of in doing a series of liver cleanses over the next few months?

A. Removing the gallbladder may offer temporary relief, but this in no way prevents stones or sludge from moving directly from the liver into the common bile duct, thereby congesting the pancreatic duct and causing infection. In either case, liver flushing would be necessary. If an attack occurs, drink a glass of Epsom salts (1 tablespoon in 1glass of water) to quickly relax the bile ducts and let the stones pass. The risk of not cleansing the liver is considerable. Be sure to stay away from all animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, poultry, cheese and milk. Some butter is OK.

Anemia and liver flush

Q. I just did my first liver flush and had trouble – feeling dizzy, weak, and even passing out near the end. I would guess that’s from being anemic and not having sufficient red cells. I have been anemic since childhood. I want to do another liver flush but I don’t want to pass out again. If you have time, I will appreciate any perspectives you would share with me.

A. I used to be severely anemic, had arrhythmia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and severe bile duct congestion and gallbladder problems. I passed out every 2-3 weeks for many years, often during church mass after standing for more than 5 minutes. When I stopped eating all protein, the anemia, constipation, RA, heart condition and most other problems disappeared, except the liver/gallbladder problem. I suffered through 40 gallstone attacks, but after passing over 3,500 stones in total, I had a new body.

Chicken, fish, and eggs coagulate blood protein within 1 hour of eating them, according to research (dark field microscopy), causing blood platelets to stick together and reducing their ability to take up oxygen and deliver it to the brain and other parts of the body. A drop in blood sugar occurs as well. Blood sugar is glucose, produced through normal digestion of complex carbohydrates like vegetables and grains. It has little to do with eating sugar, but can go up when eating sugar (the unhealthy way of raising it).

I recommend drinking alkaline ionized water, which has been shown to restore proper platelet configuration within 30 minutes of drinking it. You can view some of the videos on http://lifeionizer.com/enerchiionizers/. Phytoplankton also works very well and fast for issues like yours (http://ener-chi.com/phyto_prod.htm) but it is expensive. It contains basically all the nutrients that exist on the planet, and they don’t require digestion through the digestive system; they go right into the blood and cells.

Scleroderma and liver flush

Q. Can scleroderma patients safely do a liver flush?

A. Certainly, but they have to make major changes to their diet, too. The collagen fiber build-up (collagen is 100% protein) results from eating animal proteins such as meat, poultry, milk, cheese, fish, eggs and also non-fermented soy. This protein then accumulates in the tissue fluid and is converted into protein fiber (collagen). Since accumulated protein in the tissue fluid can kill a person within 24 hours, the body takes recourse to building such protein stores and dumping them wherever possible, including the basal membranes of the blood vessel walls. This affects all organs and systems and, of course, the skin. Scleroderma is not a disease, it just saves the person’s life. More details can be found in the Heart Disease chapter of Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation).

Porphyria, hepatitis C, cirrhosis and liver flush

Q. My husband has porphyria and hepatitis C. He has just been diagnosed with stage 3 cirrhosis of the liver. He also has gallstones, but they stated these were not a problem. Do you think your liver book would be of any help to him? Due to his condition, the doctors think he would seriously decompose his liver if he started on interferon so we are looking for alternative treatments.

A. Porphyria are mainly due to a deficiency in the enzymes involved in the synthesis of heme which is found in large amounts in the bone marrow, red blood cells, and liver. This enzyme deficiency causes the normal body chemicals porphyrins to accumulate in toxic amounts in the body. These can destroy liver cells and other cells in the body. The cell environment depends on simple things like food, digestion of food, hormonal balance, lifestyle, sleeping habits, emotional health, stress, and, primarily, liver health.

Hepatitis C is not caused by a virus. The virus proliferates in the liver only when there are large amounts of damaged cells that are borderline cancerous. The body uses the liver cell infection as a means to destroy these damaged, potentially dangerous cells. Using the highly toxic drug interferon would merely destroy the rest of the minimal immunity he has left in him. The body’s own interferon would remove the virus naturally without side-effects, if this were in the body’s best interest. The infection is the best possible survival solution at this time, given the current circumstances.

It is gross misinformation to say that the gallstones don’t pose a problem for him. In fact, they are the problem. Gallstones in the gallbladder, cirrhosis, liver infection, and porphyria strongly suggest the presence of thousands of intra-hepatic gallstones that causes the severe liver congestion behind the enzyme deficiency, viral infection, gallstone production in the gallbladder, and other health problems he is facing. Over 99% of practicing physicians are not familiar with the occurrence of intra-hepatic gallstones, and believe gallstones only occur in the gallbladder. The main reason for that is because intra-hepatic gallstones are merely hardened bile (90% cholesterol) which is invisible to x-ray or ultrasound or scanning technology. However, Johns Hopkins University and a few other leading research universities in Europe have recognized the existence of these highly obstructive and toxin-loaded stones in the liver.

Here is a picture once found in the online library of Johns Hopkins University, which describes intrahepatic gallstones

My book explains all that in greater detail. In a situation like your husband’s, I know of no other solution than cleaning out the liver through a series of liver/gallbladder flushes and making major immune-strengthening changes to his diet and lifestyle. These are detailed in my extensive book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

The product MMS (see http://www.jimhumble.biz ) may also be of benefit as it removes toxic compounds while increasing the immune response and removing viruses at the same time, all in concert with, and not against, the body’s own healing mechanisms. I hope you will find this to be helpful.

Heart disease medication and liver flush

Q. I am on medication for heart disease. Your book said to stop taking any medication during a liver flush. How I can do that?

A. Medication is designed to suppress something the body is trying to do right. Blood pressure medication, for example, lowers high blood pressure but, in a congested body with thickened, congested blood vessel walls, the body needs to increase the blood pressure to distribute the correct amount of nutrients and oxygen to the organs, including the brain and heart. If you lower the blood pressure without removing the congestion, this is likely to damage the organs, brain, and heart. That’s why blood pressure medication is now a leading cause of congestive heart failure and heart attack/stroke. In studies, it has been shown that patients whose high blood pressure was not treated had fewer heart attacks than those who received blood pressure medication. I have written about the dangers of these drugs in my book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Besides harming the heart and brain, the drugs also damage the liver and kidneys.

The medical system is not meant to make people healthy. It is meant to alleviate their symptoms, but never cure them of anything. Otherwise, the system would become obsolete and the biggest money-making industry would become bankrupt. So if you are looking for a real cure, don’t expect it to come from drugs and medicines.

It is best to treat such problems with diet and lifestyle changes as outlined in the above book. Avoiding animal protein, for example, is a direct way to clean out the blood vessels so that blood pressure goes back to normal. Medication never treats the cause of illness, just the effect or symptom. This is a wrong-sided approach that doesn’t work. Over 998,000 people die in this country each year because of medical treatment, not because of their illness.

Doing liver flushes while on medication, which always suppresses the body’s ability to heal or cleanse itself, may not be very successful, or may make you feel nauseous. These are two contradictory actions. You can try it, but I don’t recommend it.

Lipomas and liver flush

Q. I have some lipomas in my hands and also on my body. When I Googled, I found your contact details. My questions to you:

  • Can lipomas be treated without any surgery?
  • What is the duration of the treatment? (I have 7 lipomas and the largest is 3 inches)
  • Will the lipomas grow back?


A. Lipomas develop when the bile ducts of the liver get clogged with hundreds and thousands of intra-heptaic gallstones. Lipomas are caused by a longstanding obstruction in the liver bile ducts and gallbladder. Liver bile duct blockage prevents lipids (fats) from being properly digested and removed from the lymph. As a result, these fats backwash into circulation and are being deposited under the skin and accumulate as fatty tumors. The stones in the liver are also responsible for the stones in your gallbladder (ultrasound only detects the hard, calcified stones, but not the soft, green cholesterol stones).

To remove the stones from the liver and gallbladder you will need to do a series of liver/gallbladder flushes as described in detail in my book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. Once the liver and gallbladder are clean, the body will retrieve and break down the fatty deposits. The liver gallbladder flush is the first step to stopping and reversing this condition. Don’t stop cleansing, though, until all stones are gone.

Lipoma is not a disease, it is the body’s way of protecting the liver from turning into a fatty liver. The body creates these mini-outlets to prevent internal suffocation. Be sure to avoid all animal foods, including meat, fish, chicken, eggs, and especially cheese and milk (butter and ghee are fine), as well as any fried foods!

The liver flush book also contains basic dietary guidelines to that effect, but my large book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, goes into greater depth on this. Both books are available from http://www.ener-chi.com/books/view-all-books-by-andreas/, either as paperbacks or as eBooks.

Endometriosis, pain medication and liver flush

Q. My daughter, who does not have a gall bladder, is suffering from endometriosis. She has been taking pain medication. Is it safe for her to do this flush?

A. It is OK for her to do the flush, but she may feel nauseous or sick while doing it. Painkillers have suppressive effects on the liver and digestive functions. The liver is the only organ that breaks down drugs and dumps them into the bile ducts, forming stones. When doing liver flushes, the liver does the exact opposite: it releases stones and toxins.

Endometriosis can easily be cleared up by avoiding all animal proteins, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk. Protein foods make the blood thick so to prevent them from inflaming the blood vessel walls and causing cardiovascular disease, the women’s reproductive system tries to remove these harmful proteins through excessive bouts of bleeding. Endometriosis is not a disease but a protective mechanism to avoid far more serious problems. Not having a gallbladder makes it virtually impossible to digest animal proteins since they need large quantities of bile, which she doesn’t release any more because of the missing gallbladder. Besides, the body doesn’t need to eat protein to make protein. More information on all these subjects is available in my book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

Epilepsy medication and liver flush

Q. I am interested in doing your liver cleanse program but am currently taking Lamictin (Lamotrigine) to manage my epileptic condition. Can I continue this medication while doing the program?

A. You may try, although it is possible that you could feel nauseous while doing the flush (which is not harmful). You also may not release as many stones because of the medication. Otherwise, you should be fine.

Crohn’s, hernias and liver flush

Q. My aunt would like to do the liver cleanse but she has Crohn’s disease and hernias in the esophagus and spine. One meter of her small intestine has been cut out due to an infection years ago. Her large intestine, gall bladder and appendix have been removed as well. Would it be safe for her to do it?

My parents are on their 5th cleanse and having great results. Mum says it has saved her life! I am happy to recommend your book to everyone. Thank you so much!

A. If your aunt really wants to do the liver cleanse, she can do it. With so many important organs missing, it is obviously not possible to fully restore her health. At least, she can get her liver to improve, which will still have a good amount of beneficial effects for the body as a whole. With regard to Crohn’s disease, it is important for her to change her diet and avoid animal protein in any form (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, cheese and milk, in particular). This is a Pitta disorder, so she would fare best with the Pitta-reducing diet as explained in my book Timeless Secrets for Health and Rejuvenation.

Gastric bypass and liver flush

Q. I have done the cleansing two times with excellent results, but I recently had gastric bypass surgery. A couple of months later, I had a gallbladder test and the doctor found a big rock. I don’t want them to take out my gallbladder, and would prefer to keep doing the cleansing but I don’t know if I can because of the bypass surgery.

I also have trouble with some aspects of the cleanse; the sugar in the apple juice and the Epsom salts make me sick. Also, since the intestinal absorption is not the 100%, I don’t know if this will affect the results of the cleansing. Can I still do the liver flush and, if yes, how can I do it safely?

A. I am not sure how you could do liver flushes with this situation. If it were easy, I would recommend doing a reversal of gastric bypass. It is easy to normalize body weight by improving digestive functions. Gastric bypass causes many complications in the body, and usually leads to even more liver and gallbladder problems.

The next best thing you can do is use some other methods, although these are much more expensive than liver flushing. They include taking marine phytoplankton (see www.ener-chi.com Products page) and drinking alkaline ionized water to remove calcifications and acid deposits, including calcified gallstones.

Besides those suggestions, make sure to avoid eating all animal proteins, like meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, milk (except butter), and fried foods, artificial sweeteners, and most processed foods. Coffee enemas are OK to help release toxins from the liver. Check out my book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation for more details on the above.

Chemotherapy and liver flush

Q. I have been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. I have had it for a while and started my liver flushing regimen during this period. I have completed 9 flushes and released well over 2,000 stones. My question is: now that I am undergoing chemotherapy, should I continue to flush? I am so eager to reach that “breakthrough” flush where I release those calcified stones.

A. It is not a good idea to do liver flushes while on chemo drugs. Their effect would become greatly minimized. The body cannot cleanse or heal while on these drugs. They inflame all parts of the body and produce a large amount of new stones. In the U.S., the contribution of chemotherapy to the 5-year relative survival rate is 2.3%, which is not worth the destruction of the immune system it causes. Many people die, not because of Hodgkin’s, but because of secondary problems created by the degeneration of the immune system.

Elderly people and alternative healing

Q. I recently read an article of yours and found it to be very interesting. At this time, my mother who is 70 years old was just recently diagnosed with a liver that is twice the size it should be and was sent to a liver specialist. She’s not getting any good answers other than asking her about her past drinking problems …..and she has not been a drinker. She has been very depressed for a length of time with a lot of issues personally and physically and, now with this, she is really out of it. My relationship with her at this time is not good and she feels she has nowhere to go with any of this, especially the liver issue now. I realize before anyone can heal anything physically or emotionally they have to want to be part of the healing. I do have some knowledge of alternative methods but am really lost on this one. What can you suggest at all, please?

A. Your mother, like so many other people in this country (USA), has an oversized liver due to thousands of gallstones blocking the bile ducts. I have written a book about this called The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush which gives simple directions to remove these stones safely, in the comfort of one’s home. Enlargement and congestion of the liver causes a great deal of depression, anger and fear. These emotions are natural, given the circumstances. They result when the liver is no longer capable of bringing adequate nourishment to the cells of the body, supplying the brain with the nutrients it needs to function in a balanced way, and removing the daily-generated toxins from the blood.

Cleansing the liver from accumulated gallstones is a direct way to both boost physical and emotional health, without the need for any additional treatment. It makes sense, though, to make the appropriate dietary and lifestyle adjustments in order to prevent the same problems from arising again. Obviously, all this requires self-initiative. Reading the book is often enough to instill the desire to cleanse one’s liver, as it makes so much sense for both the professional and the layperson. This is what I would recommend. Then it is up to her to decide whether she really wants to get better. Those who have taken that self-responsibility have experienced incredible recoveries, regardless of age.


Comfrey root safety

Q. I’ve been doing the kidney cleanse, procuring the necessary herbs at a local store as listed in The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. One of herbs listed is comfrey root. The jar at the store had a warning that comfrey was only to be used externally. When I asked the clerk about this, she stated that by law the store was required to put such a warning on the jar but that in actuality some people did use comfrey internally.

Out of curiosity, I referenced “comfrey” in Wikipedia and, under the section “Medical Uses”, I found the following paragraph:

“Internal usage of comfrey should be avoided because it contains hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) (Note, there are also non-hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids). Use of comfrey can, because of these PAs, lead to veno-occlusive disease (VOD). VOD can in turn lead to liver failure, and comfrey, taken in extreme amounts, has been implicated in at least one death. In 2001, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against internal usage of herbal products containing comfrey.”

Would you have any opinion on the safety of using comfrey for internal purposes? Would the formula listed in your book be just as effective without it? Thank you so much for your help.

A. I have certainly been aware of the comfrey issue ever since I began working with it 20 years ago. Comfrey has been used for thousands of years in many parts of the world as a medicinal plant, especially for the kidneys. It is so effective for kidney problems that it became a threat to the medical establishment so they searched for single cases where comfrey or other herbs were found to be damaging. In one case, a two-month old boy died after receiving a herbal cough syrup containing the same alkaloids as found in comfrey, and another 6-month old baby developed liver cirrhosis after ingesting these alkaloids. One 47-year old woman consumed excessive amounts of comfrey tea and comfrey pills for one year, and was found to have developed liver damage. Many plants from the Boraginaceae, Compositae, and Leguminosae families contain well over 100 hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Cereal crops can contain them, flour for making breads, even milk produced by cows who eat certain grasses.

The FDA and CDC chose to highlight comfrey, not because it could, in extreme amounts, cause health problems or poison a person, but because it had such amazing benefits for kidney disease patients. Thus, it needed to put on the list as being a dangerous herb. Children up to the age of 16 months should never receive any herbs or salad greens because the immune system has not developed enough to defend itself against the natural plant toxins (the antibodies and alkaloids that plants use to defend themselves against insects and certain predators). That’s why so many babies died after ingesting cough syrups, which are now withdrawn from the market, although the FDA had known this for 15 years. To now point the finger at comfrey or similar herbs is simply very sad and shows what their true intentions are.

Over 980.000 people die each year because of medical treatment, not because of the diseases they are suffering from. There are a lot of people who die from drinking too much water (water intoxication), but that doesn’t make water a dangerous substance. Thousands of people die every day from eating the carcinogenic nitrites and nitrates added to meat to preserve it or get brain damaged by FDA-approved artificial sweeteners and medical drugs.

Alkaloids in foods and plants have always played a major role in healing. Plant poisons stimulate the immune system and keep it strong. But food, water and herbal medicines need to be used wisely and in moderation. Otherwise, what is good for us and can heal us can also kill us. Proper preparation, like brewing them as a tea, is important. I have worked with the kidney cleanse for so many years and hundreds of thousands of people have done it. I have never heard from anyone that it has done them any harm. I used it to get my own kidneys clean and healthy and, in fact, it also greatly helps the intestines and the liver. In the amount specified, it is too weak to have any potentially harmful effects, even among people who are weak and debilitated. Some very old people with chronic illnesses have thrived on it. With all the hype about comfrey being toxic, I considered removing it from the recipe, but its great benefits are too good to lose, so I left it in. Of course, if anyone feels they want to omit it, they can.

Honey during kidney cleanse

Q. Is it OK to have honey during the kidney cleanse— not in the kidney tea, of course, but at other times. e.g. on my porridge or in my green tea, etc? Are maple syrup, agave syrup, fructose and stevia OK?

A. All of these are OK except fruit sugar (fructose), unless it’s in fruit form. Xylitol is OK, too.

Blood sugar increasing / one kidney

Q. I’ve done five liver flushes, even though I have only one kidney. Since I started doing the flushes, my blood sugar has been increasing. The doctors at the VA hospital want to put me on insulin or a medicine called Byetta. After the last flush, I seemed to have soreness in the middle of my back. Something is now making my kidney leak protein – is it the dye they use for the CAT Scan or high blood sugar or both? Is it safe for me to do more liver flushes? Would the kidney tea cleanse help? What else can I do to help my kidney?

A. You may have heard about the recent headline health news where researchers had to discontinue major diabetes trial studies because so many people started dying as a result of lowering their blood sugar levels. The problem with diabetes is that doctors perceive the symptom of high blood sugar to be the disease, whereas it is actually part of the healing solution that the body uses to avoid death. The obsession with having the blood sugar at a certain level at any cost has cost millions of lives already. Using insulin to achieve that is partly responsible, and so is eating animal protein foods. It is a false belief that the protein is not upsetting the blood sugar; it is, in fact, is the biggest contributor.

A new study released recently shows that the risk of stroke rises by 67% when people don’t sleep 8-9 hours every night. The risk of diabetes goes up by 34%, and hypertension by 43%. This shows that there are other factors than treatment that can be used to deal with these issues.

The kidney cleanse is certainly beneficial, especially when there is only one kidney, which can become overtaxed easily as it is trying to do the job for two. However, having only one kidney, it would be good to only use half of the recommend dosage. Also make certain to avoid eating animal protein, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk (butter is OK), and eat your main meals at noontime. And be sure to go to bed before 10 p.m. More information is available in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, which also has a chapter on diabetes in it.

Frequency of kidney cleanses

Q. How many kidney cleanses should I do?

A. One after every 3-4 liver flushes.




Q. What could be the cause of yeast/candida? Does everyone have it? If dead yeast is coming out, does that mean that I have a yeast overgrowth inside? Would you suggest that I take the Candex?

A. We all have candida albicans in our mucus lining. If we didn’t, we would have little defense against disease-causing agents/germs and waste matter. If we have an overgrowth of yeast, it indicates disturbed digestive functions or ingestion of foods or beverages that are not useful for the body. Therefore, the food needs to be decomposed by whatever germs can be made available in the body. When such a need decreases, the yeast population goes down again.

One way of achieving normal yeast population is to completely clean out the liver, which restores normal bile flow. Bile helps to keep the yeast population in the normal range. Merely killing off the yeast is not the best approach, and is difficult to achieve. It takes very little time (and undigested food) for the yeast to come back. When you cleanse the body and have a considerable yeast presence, you can expect “die off,” that is, dead yeast bacteria being discharged from wherever they were present.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) would be a better choice than Candex. It breaks down the toxins, heavy metals and waste material that attract these germs or yeast in the first place, while killing them and improving the immune system all at the same time.

Not using Probiotics

Q. Is there a place in one of your books (other than The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush) where you discuss in detail not supplementing with probiotics, but rather letting the body replenish itself? Does it have anything to do with the information about the appendix being a safehouse for good bacteria? We rely pretty heavily on probiotic supplements to help with digestion, regularity, and immune function, but if there is a deeper issue, then I want to address it. We start our first liver flush next week!

A. Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation goes into great depth with regard to digestive health, the role of the appendix, digestive disorders, etc. Basically, the body’s own internal ecology is self-regulated, provided the preconditions are in place that support proper digestion:

  • sleeping enough hours, especially the four hours when the liver makes the most bile and enzymes (10 p.m. – 2 a.m.)
  • eating the main meal at noon time
  • masticating food properly to provide the necessary enzymes for the digestion of carbohydrates
  • drinking enough water to produce enough digestive juices
  • having the liver bile ducts and gallbladder clean enough to make adequate bile available, etc.

The last one is especially important since bile activates digestive enzymes from the pancreas, keeps the pH normal in the intestines (required for balanced bacteria population), stimulates peristalsis, aids in the absorption of nutrients, digests the fat that in turn is required to digest carbohydrates and proteins, among other factors.

Candida and non-physical causes

Q. I have had candida for years. It has gotten to the point that just eating olive oil, ghee, zucchini, anything that would take care of it makes me very dizzy. I can even taste the “sugar” in veggies. I am not taking probiotics because I cannot handle the intense die-off that I get from them. I can only eat avocado as a fruit, and quite limited on foods as it is because of my multiple chemical sensitivities. I noticed your candida diet in your Timeless book. The veggies are not a problem with the diet but I seem to have to eat every 2-3 hours or I get the shakes.

I noticed the suggestion of Pau d’Arco tea. It would have to be a very small amount. I don’t know about the chaparral tea. I am just getting more and more dizzy spells with this candida, and I am getting desperate to end this. My next liver flush will be before the next new moon. Also, your candida diet is listed for only a month. Are you saying that I will be cured after that? I would be lucky to be able to take the Pau d’Arco tea once a day without major migraines because of die-off.

A. I am getting that, although the physical reasons behind your strong sensitivities and allergies are rooted in the congestion of the liver, intestines and lymphatic system, the main reason for this occurrence is not physical at all. You have developed a great fear of food and other things that paralyzes or undermines the immune system and the basic functions of the body.

The reasoning behind substantiating and recreating your fear is rooted in past experiences, such as having die-offs, headaches, or other symptoms resulting from ingesting healthy foods, vegetables or herbals like Pau d’Arco. The physical body is not physical at all, but a concentrated field of energy and information which we call sub-atomic particles. Since our senses vibrate only on a crude level, we think our body is just physical, without seeing its non-physical essence. However, our consciousness, which is one with the non-physical essence (information and energy) of the body, controls absolutely everything in the physical body. If you are afraid of a certain food, your body will not be able to digest and process it successfully. Hence it will need to employ destructive bacteria that ferment the food (yeast overgrowth) in order to get rid of it. This reinforces your belief that this food is “bad” for you.

To heal (become whole), it is essential to be free of these fear-based fragmentations and limitations. Otherwise, your field of consciousness, which is the source of infinite energy and information, merely energizes your fears and makes them more powerful. You become what you resist and what you are afraid of.

There are a number of ways to help change the way you focus your energies and create what you do want, rather than creating more of what you don’t want in your life. There is the EFT technique, check http://www.emofree.com/

You can also watch the short video that shows how profound this system is. Then there is Matrix Energetics (www.matrixenergetics.com ) where you can sign up for a remote session, or get the book Matrix Energetics from amazon.com or a Barnes and Noble bookstore. This is one of the most profound systems of healing I have come across; I recently attended a 4-day matrix seminar and was quite impressed.

Also, my system of Sacred Santémony (see www.ener-chi.com) has had excellent results in balancing emotional/spiritual causes of illnesses.

Urinary tract infection

Q. What does one do for a UTI (urinary tract infection) besides the normally prescribed antibiotics? And what causes them?

A. UTIs are usually triggered by E. coli bacteria that travel from the anus into the urethra and the bladder. But the germs are normally kept in check and removed by the immune system in the bladder. When the immune system is weakened for reasons of constipation, lymph congestion, impure blood, kidney congestion, stone or crystal formation in the kidneys and bladder, etc., then the E. coli bacteria can attach themselves to the surface of bladder cells and inflame them.

Repeat infections usually occur when the person took antibiotics once. Antibiotics should not be used for UTIs. It is better to use Pau d’Arco, olive leaf extract, MMS, or D-Mannose sugar (which makes cell walls so slippery that the germs cannot attach themselves to the cell membranes. The kidney cleanse would be necessary to prevent repeat infection. Unsweetened cranberry juice offers quick relief. Lemon juice is good, too.

Urinary tract infection in a child

Q. I am feeling an urgent need for help. My almost three-year old daughter has been diagnosed with urinary tract infection for about 2+ weeks now, but I believe the problem has been in her system for about 4 months. I noticed in your Timeless Secrets book that D-Mannitose clears up UTIs. Do you know how quickly this works? What is the dose for a small child, and can one take too much?

A. Yes, you can use D-Mannose for children. Start with 3 teaspoons three times per day, dissolved in about 4 ounces of water each time. Increase dosage if necessary. It cannot cause any harm. Avoid sweeteners other than honey. You may also give her unsweetened cranberry juice to drink (but you can add some D-mannose or Xylitol sugar). Both sugars make the surface of cells so slippery that bacteria cannot attach themselves. Besides that, make sure that she drinks enough filtered room temperature or warm water, close to 4 glasses per day. If she likes lemon, you may add the juice of 1- 2 slices of lemon to the water. It will help with the bladder and kidneys. Avoid giving her processed foods, and such strongly acid-forming foods as meat, fish, chicken, eggs, cheese and cow’s milk. Also avoid peanuts and all soy-based products, unless they are properly fermented.

Pau d’Arco tea or olive leave extract can also be used instead of antibiotics. If you ever need to use an antibiotic that doesn’t do any harm, you may also consider MMS (see http://www.jimhumble.biz ). I hope she will be fine very soon.

Reversing anemia

Q. Which book should I buy for my friend who has pernicious anemia?

A. The right book would be Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. It addresses basically all the possible root causes of illness. With pernicious anemia, it is most likely due to chronic digestive problems and specifically due to atrophic gastritis. Causes and triggers for that could be:

  • eating a meat/fish/poultry/eggs/cheese/milk diet,
  • irregular sleeping habits that upset the melatonin/serotonin cycles and disrupt most other hormones in the body
  • poor hydration
  • eating the main meal in the evening instead at midday, etc. etc.
  • or a combination of them.

Many medical drugs, including aspirin and other painkillers, can cause it. Liver flushing is certainly indicated for any type of anemia.

Suspected appendicitis

Q. I have managed to cure myself of Candida after several cleanses including
the liver cleanse. My last liver cleanse was four weeks ago. I have been feeling great, but two weeks ago I was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. I was sent home after four days as all the symptoms had subsided. I was very pleased, as the last thing I wanted was to have an operation. Is there anything you could suggest I do to stop this happening again?

A. The majority of cases of suspected appendicitis turn out to be just the body’s natural reaction to undigested foods accumulating in the lower parts of the ascending colon. Although painful due to trapped toxins and gases, the appendix itself is relatively rarely affected. In many cases of ‘acute appendicitis’, this fact is only revealed during surgery. But since they have already cut you open, some surgeons may take out your appendix completely unnecessarily, just as a measure of ‘precaution’ and in the (false) belief that the appendix is worthless anyway. The appendix, albeit tiny, is one of the most important organs in the body. It breeds and releases the friendly, probiotic bacteria that are responsible for keeping the intestinal flora balanced and the colon clean. These bacteria are also in charge of producing such vital substances as Vitamin B12, essential for normal brain functions.

To prevent a similar incident such as the one you had, make certain to avoid animal food products such as meat, fish, chicken, cheese and milk, since they tend to putrefy in the intestinal tract — the leading cause of colon problems. Much of the ingested dead and damaged proteins that make up killed animals also congest the basement membranes of the blood vessels, including those that supply the eye cells and the optic nerve with nutrients. At the same time, these dead proteins acidify the connective tissue surrounding these cells, leading to major lymphatic congestion in the eye. A similar situation can occur also in other parts of the body.

Eye disorder

Q. I recently came down with a recurring eye disorder called Duvets. I first had it 10 years ago and it seems to recur about every three years. It is extremely painful and the only known cure is Steroid drops every hour at first, then two hourly and so on. I hate taking such a powerful drug and am concerned that this might cause Candida to recur as well. What else can I do for this?

A. Every now and then, the body’s immune system, along with the help of airborne and/or blood-borne microbes, tries to break down some of the acidic waste. We call it ‘infection.’ This infection, however, is nothing but the body’s attempt to cleanse the eye tissue and other areas of the body. The body releases histamines, which can cause strong irritation or pain as they pass over the eyes’ pain nerves. The pain is used to mobilize water to the affected area. You can support this healing process by bathing your eyes in a solution of natural, unprocessed sea salt, ideally crystal salts from the Hunza region of the Himalayas (www.kristallsalz.de). Do this for about 3-4 minutes once or twice every day, using 1 teaspoon in one glass of purified water. The salt cleanses and sterilizes the eye tissues, thereby warding off all infectious agents. Besides, the eyes are functions of the liver and naturally improve and detoxify once the liver has released all gallstones.

Colectomy, CFS, Fibromyalgia

Q. I had a colectomy performed approximately one year ago. I did fine for about three months. After that I got sick and have been sick ever since. I have been diagnosed with CFS and Fibromyalgia. Now I have a fistula that has to be repaired. I also have been told I have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Protein, along with many other vitamins and minerals, are causing these huge sores on my face and the rest of my body. Could either of these diseases cause all this?

A. Colon trouble, as you have experienced it, results from poor digestion, which, in turn, originates in bile duct blockage through gallstones (usually several thousand) and dietary mistakes. Consequently, the liver is unable to successfully remove toxins from the blood, so they end up in the connective tissues under the skin and in the organs of the body, furthering the risk of damage in these very sensitive parts of the body. In addition, the liver is inhibited in its ability to produce enough bile. This greatly impairs digestion of food and utilization of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and basic foods components. Hence, this can lead to deficiencies of these important substances throughout the body. At the same time, more waste is generated than the body can successfully eliminate, causing major intestinal problems and lymphatic congestion, such as swelling, weight problems, high toxicity in cell groups such as muscles, nerve tissue, etc. I recommend that you follow the directions in the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. These can clear the root causes of your problem and take care of many of your other health issues as well.

Teeth/gum problems

Q. Lately I’ve had problems with pain around molars. The dentist said that the last cleaning may have left bacteria there. He suggested scraping it. Could there be other causes?

A. Backwashing of waste from the colon into the mouth area can easily affect the health of teeth. You can find more information about this in my book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Subsequently, cleansing of the colon improves teeth, eyes, ears and brain functions. When you do liver flushes, it is very important to clean the entire colon afterwards to remove any trapped stones which otherwise could greatly affect the digestive system, the liver and kidneys. The liver flush book has all the details about this.

Toxins from replacement of dental fillings

Q. I have had 10 silver (amalgam) fillings replaced about 8 months ago. The fillings have been in my teeth for years. Obviously I am yet not free of accumulated toxins caused by these fillings. Sometimes my hands are shaking, sometimes my head is shaking, though not as often as before. I am not sure what I could best do to detox the remaining toxins of these fillings, especially in my brain. So my question to you is: What do you recommend? Am I right that it would also be best to do a liver/gallbladder flush and a kidney cleansing in this case?

A. Certainly, cleansing these organs of elimination is crucial for these toxic elements to find their way out of the body. Otherwise, they may just be transferred from one part of the body to another. Many of them actually become lodged in the liver and kidneys, encapsulated with hardened bile in the liver and with calcifications in the kidneys. This will make any other method of chelation, such as eating cilantro, metallic clay baths/foot baths, taking MMS (which breaks down metals), all the more successful. Your diet is already very good, so that’s a great plus.

Meat and insulin

Q. I was wondering where you got the information about meat using up insulin because, during my whole nutritional career, I have never heard of it and cannot find any literature about this. I am not a fan of meat and quite agree with your interpretation that a high complex carbohydrate diet is not harmful but rather beneficial to our health. I know this is especially true for people with blood sugar problems, such as probably 80% of the Western population. But what can I tell doctors, including my husband who is an endocrinologist and diabetologist, who advise their patients to restrict carbohydrates and to eat meat? If you could share some sources, I would appreciate it greatly.

A. I never confront doctors or anyone with my beliefs, and I never try to convince anyone. People will have to have their own learning experiences, even if it means they become ill because of their convictions.

Regarding the insulin-protein connection, there are references in the medical literature and medical textbooks about that connection. My book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation has a section on diabetes. In addition to the indirect insulin-spiking effect of meat, which I describe there, meat is one of the strongest direct stimulants of insulin secretion you can ingest. All stimulants, like caffeine and sugar, raise insulin secretions. Damaged fats, as they occur when heating meat, raise insulin levels as well. There are quite of few studies to show that.

Insulin and insulin-like growth factors are stimulated by food protein in the blood. Mean serum insulin-like growth factor-I was 9% lower in 233 vegan men than in 226 meat-eaters and 237 vegetarians., according to the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, UK. Most cancers are actually triggered by excessive insulin secretion. Whatever drives up insulin and similar growth hormones drives up the risk of developing cancers, diabetes and heart disease. Vegans (no dairy protein) have lower levels and therefore lower risks.

Sugar balance

Q. If I eat green soup in the morning, my sugar balances, as evidenced by the sensation/taste in my mouth. When I eat oatmeal in the morning, it is a bit exacerbated. Does that mean that I am pre-diabetic or diabetic so that starch, even complex carbohydrates, may increase this reaction? How would I heal it? Is it all only liver- related? Or is it something else about my constitution?

A. Vata types are constitutionally better suited to eating “sweet-tasting foods” including grains. However, when imbalanced, they will get blood sugar upsets. This is different than the same happening in an imbalanced Kapha type, whose blood sugar would become unbalanced as a result of insulin resistance. In either case, the liver and pancreas are in charge of regulating blood sugar. The liver breaks down complex sugars into blood glucose and the pancreas secretes the right amount of insulin to keep blood sugar from fluctuating abnormally. Everyone, though, will have a higher blood sugar after eating sugar/starch as contained in wheat, rice, oats, etc. This is normal and you should not draw the wrong conclusions. It’s when the sugar is constantly high or drops suddenly, leaving you weak and faint, that you need to be concerned.

The liver is certainly instrumental in determining a more balanced blood sugar. The cleaner it is, the more efficiently it is able to break down complex sugars and, with the help of insulin, keep it at optimal levels.

White spots on fingernails

Q. I wanted to ask if you know what causes the white spots on fingernails. Thank you for all your help and the great books!

A. They are zinc eliminations in response to sugar consumption, including the sugar in sweets, starches, fruit juices, and even fruits, if eaten in excess. Milk sugar also can do it. Cheese and animal proteins such as fish, eggs, poultry, and meat can remove zinc as well.

Excessive hair loss

Q. Do you have any experience with addressing excessive hair loss in your works? I did not see any reference in your book, but this is a major concern to me as I’ve tried to figure it out for over a year. I am in my late 40s, still have very regular periods and my hormone panels (blood and saliva) appear to be healthy. This is one of my reasons for doing your liver cleanse, hoping it could help restore my hair growth.

A. In Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, I describe the backwashing of toxins, bacteria and waste material from the lower intestines into the stomach, chest, thyroid, mouth, ears, eyes, upper head and hair follicles. When this happens, the hair begins to fall out. As the organs of elimination become cleaner, the body can reverse the back-up of waste and eliminate it through the proper routes.

Hair follicles may also become weak or die when the blood capillaries supplying them with nutrients and the lymph capillaries draining away metabolic waste products and dead cells become clogged with proteins from animal sources.

Healing the pancreas

Q. How do I heal my pancreas?

A. The pancreas is a hormonal gland that responds to stress via the thyroid and the adrenals. It is linked up with and touches the spleen, and is drained by the liver. You cannot really influence the pancreas directly, being imbedded as it is. Sludge from the gallbladder/liver may get into and lodge in the pancreatic duct, which can cause pancreatitis. But more commonly, it can cause digestive problems. Having a clean liver, balanced diet, adequate sleep, and healthy lifestyle without a lot of stress is very good for the pancreas.

Lowering bad cholesterol

Q. I read in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation that there are herbal and “natural” substances for lowering bad cholesterol. You mention guggul and red yeast rice. Apart from diet and lifestyle, are there any other substances like these two that work well for cholesterol? I would like to make dietary changes, but find it difficult on a limited budget.

A. Cholesterol levels can easily be balanced by avoiding foods that clog up the basal membranes of the blood vessel walls in the liver and throughout the body (see the chapter on Heart Disease in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation). A vegan diet, as outlined in the book, costs far less than the typical American diet. I spend on average less than $50 a week on groceries for two people, buying only natural produce and staple foods. In the summer, it is even less since we grow a few vegetables and herbs in our garden. Most vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds, grains like basmati rice, millet and oats, fruits, expeller pressed natural oils and even unsalted butter balance cholesterol levels (unless used to fry foods). Meat, fish, eggs, poultry, cheese and cow’s milk, which cost more, will increase the cholesterol by congesting blood vessel walls and lymphatic ducts.

Healthy colon without colonoscopy

Q. If it’s not helpful to get a colonoscopy, how can I find out if my colon is healthy?

A. I personally would use Ayurvedic Pulse Reading, Iridology, abdominal palpitation, facial and tongue reading, or checking acupressure points for the colon, plus confirming those results with a health history such as constipation, bowel enlargement (round belly), diarrhea, frequency of bowel movements, dietary habits, etc.

Having a diagnosis of polyps using colonoscopy, for example, immediately compels doctors to cut them out, with complete disregard for what’s causing them and without creating the preconditions for the body to heal itself. Polyps are not a disease, they are the colon’s way to encapsulate deadly poisons and prevent immediate perforation of the colon wall. Diagnosis and treatment are purely symptom-oriented and miss the point. They make the person believe the problem is resolved and everything is back to normal yet, underneath it all, a time bomb is ticking because nothing was done to address what caused the symptom. Symptoms are part of the body’s healing process and should not be treated, unless they are an immediate threat to the person’s life.

Bleeding anterior duodenal ulcer

Q. I read all your articles on “curezone” and appreciate your work. My mother was suddenly admitted to the hospital with blood loss due to a bleeding anterior duodenal ulcer. The ulcer is larger than a centimeter and near a blood vessel so there is a chance it can always start to bleed again until it really begins to heal. I am so seriously angry that doctors know nothing about nutrition that it makes me cringe. I feel lost as to what to do for my mother. I am aware that cayenne will stop blood loss and promote healing, yet my cousin who is a nutritionist (not as radical as Dr. Schultz) says it might be too harsh. I have no idea what I can do to help her since she can’t take much by mouth right now. Please help!!

A. There is actually very little she can do to directly affect the ulcer, since inflammation already is a healing response that the body creates to deal with an underlying, potentially even more serious, situation, that is, this serious poisoning may lead to brain damage. The bleeding helps to pass blood poisons away from the brain.

A better approach is to deal with the reasons that caused the body to be forced into accumulating toxic material in the first place. I have covered these in chapters 4, 5 and 6 of my book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. One of them relates to the backwashing of waste material, intra-hepatic stones/sludge loaded with poisons from the liver and bile into the stomach, because of longstanding and severe congestion in the lower intestinal area. Instead of attending to the stomach, it is better to start with cleaning out the colon, eating lightly, such as freshly prepared blended vegetable soups, and drinking warm water. Thus, stopping the backwash of fecal waste, dead and live bacteria from the colon, bile, etc. should be the first step, ideally through colonic irrigation or colema. Otherwise, the irritation and inflammation is likely to continue. Also, major changes to diet and lifestyle are required to prevent future episodes of such situations, as outlined in the above book.

Losing weight on a vegan diet

Q. I am doing very well on the new diet regime you recommended. The one lingering question/concern is that I have lost a lot of weight on my new diet and am looking very gaunt. How can I gain weight on a diet without dairy, yeast, or almond butter?

A. When your body has little or no lymph-congesting foods to eat and the congestion subsides, you may lose weight until it starts to replace the old tissues with new tissue, like muscle cells and healthy fat cells. Make sure to eat enough fats and salt with your vegetables, grains, salad, etc. Sour food also builds tissue in the Vata type. Nuts which contain good amounts of oil and are sweet and heavy are particularly good for your type (except in the evening). If you can make your almond butter fresh, it’s certainly OK to eat. Unsalted butter is a good choice for you, too, so use it generously. Pink and dark lentils are also fine if eaten at lunchtime.

It takes time for the body to adjust from the reduction mode (removal of waste) to the rebuilding of tissues. How long? That depends on each person. Eating a healthy diet will help restore real body weight in time. Exercise is a great way to speed up that process, ideally in sunlight. Using the muscles will stimulate the digestive and metabolic processes. This also increases muscle mass, which is the kind of weight you would want to gain. My body is all muscle, very little fat.

Hemorrhoid treatment

Q. I want to start taking Butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, and bilberry for hemorrhoids. Can you tell me what would be a good recommended dosage to heal? The hemorrhoids are internal and sometimes bleed.

A. The usual recommended dose for horse chestnut is 300 mg per day for varicose veins and hemorrhoids (also applied topically).

For Butcher’s broom, take 1 to 1.5 grams per day. A tea can be made from butcher’s broom by pouring boiling water over 1-2 grams of the herb and allowing the brew to steep for 10 minutes. Strain the tea and drink up to 4 cups daily. Can also be used in an ointment.

Bilberry doses should be based on anthocyanoside content: Anthocyanosides (calculated as anthocyanidin): 20-40 mg a day. Bilberry extract (25% anthocyanidin content): 80-160 mg a day.

Alternative treatments for rheumatoid arthritis

Q. I’m considering an extended Pancha Karma treatment at an Ayurvedic healing facility. Do you have a recommendation for such a facility? I have to say that, with my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, traveling far will be difficult.

A. Rather than traveling to a facility, you might want to try something else at home. In the past six months, I have been working with two products that have done remarkably well with all kinds of disorders, including RA. These are phytoplankton and Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense (NCD).

Phytoplankton nourishes all the organs and systems in the body independent of the condition of the digestive system, and makes them strong so that they can heal themselves. Natural Cellular Defense breaks down and removes chemicals and metals imbedded in cells and tissues. If left in the body, the toxins would cause an autoimmune response to attack these now “foreign” cells and tissues. Another great way to help reverse acidosis like RA is to drink highly alkaline ionized water, but the ionizers are not cheap. You can find these on the Products page at www.ener-chi.com.

Hydrochloric acid question

Q. I’m trying to respond to a customer who claims that hydrochloric acid can only be produced in the stomach by eating animal protein. He also said that older people produce less HA because they cut back on protein, and thus set up a poor digestion cycle. It does seem that poor digestion is at the center of most health inquiries. What is your opinion?

A. I guess my stomach must not have produced stomach acid for the past 37 years then; I stopped eating animal proteins in 1971. I wonder why my digestion is so good.

The main reason that older people make less HCL is not because they eat less protein (there is actually no research to show that older people eat less protein), it is because their liver bile ducts become increasingly blocked with intra-hepatic gallstones and hence, bile secretions diminish. The reduced bile secretion leads to reduced activation of digestive pancreatic enzymes; both of these are alkaline juices that naturally prevent perforation and ulceration of the small intestine by HCL. Because of poor bile production, not all of the HCL can be neutralized, and so the body is forced to regulate/curb HCL production. This is more a measure of self-protection than age. But sometimes that function is disturbed and inflammation occurs anyway (=ulcers).

There is no cell or organ in the body that works without communicating with other cells and organs. The brain is the relay station that receives all cellular signals and coordinates them with one another. Thus, what most people would consider disease or simply aging is actually an act of self-preservation, compensation or just survival.

The human stomach was actually never designed to handle meat, otherwise we would have the same amount/concentration of hydrochloric acid as found in cats or other carnivorous animals. If it were, we could digest chicken bones just like cats can. Our HCL concentration is a mere 20% of that of a cat, just the right concentration to handle vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Cats can digest 100% of the chicken, whereas the human body can digest only 20% of it, leaving the rest to rot in the intestines.

If you eat starch, like rice or potatoes, along with the chicken or other animal proteins, HCL secretion will actually be postponed by 1-2 hours, since starch digestion (through salivary enzymes) begins before protein digestion. You cannot digest both at the same time. Many people suppress HCL by combining these foods. Animal proteins require acid to digest them, starches require alkaline juices. Eating them together creates a conflict that leads to diminished HCL production in the long-term, which is another major reason for reduced HCL production in older people, and now also in the young.

There is more about this is in the Vegetarianism section of Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

Livial hormone drug

Q. I would appreciate your input on a hormone pill called Livial. It apparently does not contain any estrogen or progesterone.

A. Livial, like all HRTs, increases the risk of breast cancer and stroke. Although Livial doesn’t have estrogen in it, it has estrogenic effects, meaning it raises estrogen levels in the body. When you do that, the body can no longer cleanse itself properly. Feeling poorly, unless due to taking drugs, is not a sign that the body is doing something wrong, but that it is trying to heal and rebalance itself. Hot flushes and menopausal symptoms appear when the liver bile ducts are clogged with stones and the digestive functions are disturbed. With elevated estrogen levels, these symptoms become suppressed, but this affects the blood, blood vessels and lymphatic system. Hence, the risk for stroke and cancer increases. The quick-fix approaches of medicine drive people into more serious problems than they had before.

Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual people in different ways. Because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all people using this medicine will experience that or any side effect. The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with Livial.

  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal thrush
  • Vaginal itching
  • Breast pain
  • Disturbances of the gut such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain
  • Rash or itching
  • and about a dozen more!

The side effects listed above may not include all of the side effects reported by the drug’s manufacturer. For more information about any other possible risks associated with this medicine, please read the information provided with the medicine or consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Enlarged prostate

Q. I was referred to you by a colleague. He seemed to think that you may be able to help with a rather long-term health issue I have been experiencing: the enlarged prostate the doctors essentially tell me I must live with. My PSAs have been holding in the safe range, but the dysfunction sexually is very distressing and I almost constantly feel heat and pressure in that area.

A. The prostate swelling is merely a response to congestion of blood vessel walls and lymphatic vessels supposed to drain metabolic wastes and dead cell material. The body can heal itself when it is relieved of the underlying congestion that affects its healthy performance. If you wish to familiarize yourself a little more with my work, please visit my website: www.ener-chi.com

Long-term sinus infection

I have had a sinus infection for over four years that does not respond to antibiotics— I have taken four courses of Clyndamycin within the last year. My dentist detected the infection due to decay under old dental work in the sinus portion of the teeth root and I have had 4 teeth pulled (ostensibly to help drain the infection) with little, if any positive results. If you have dealt successfully with this condition, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your response.

A. It is my opinion, based on 35 years of experiences in this field, that treating the symptoms of an illness as if it were the illness is scientifically, rationally, and ethically wrong. I consider the symptoms to be a compensation and healing mechanism to deal with the underlying causes of the illness. Suppressing the symptoms while disregarding the causes is a risky undertaking that can lead to a myriad of side-effects and generate more problems than existed before.

Antibiotics destroy billions of beneficial bacteria in the gut for years to come. Besides, their action may only shift the problem around to another part of the body. The idea that bacteria cause sinus infection is flawed. Bacteria only infect cells that are dead, damaged, or weak and are filled with or surrounded by toxic material. They never infect healthy cells. Sinus cavities don’t just fill up with mucus to annoy the host. Mucus secretion is an immune response to deal with toxins and waste material backwashing from the intestinal tract. (See Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation for details.)

A recent study suggests that raw honey has a better effect on improving sinusitis than current antibiotic drugs.

High cholesterol problem

Q. I am a male in my 50′s, normal weight and height. I lead a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating a mostly vegan diet. A few months ago I was diagnosed as having my main heart arteries 60% blocked (calcified). I have had high cholesterol since the age of 25, when I took my first blood test. Without any medication, my total cholesterol is around 350 at the moment. At one stage it was as high as 480. Taking 10mg Crestor (statin) every other day brings it down to 270. Adding olive leaf extract in capsules brings it down to 200 or less.

Up until 2 years ago and over a period of over one year or so, I did a series of successful liver cleanses (about 8 in total). After a 2-year break, I had another liver cleanse last weekend and, to my amazement, there were many, many cholesterol stones, some quite big, possibly bigger than those seen during even my very first ever cleanse. I intend to do more liver cleanses until no more stones are coming out. I do colon irrigation once a year. I have just had one following the recent liver cleanse during which all the stones came out during 4 consecutive enemas and none with just the Epsom salts!

I have just started following your diet recommendations for Pitta types and the truth is that I may have been eating more vegetarian protein than that recommended for my body type (seeds, nuts, legumes). Can I can bring my cholesterol level back to normal without the use of statins and, most importantly, reverse the atherosclerosis process? I really look forward to your response.

A. Statin drugs are among the leading cause of intra-hepatic gallstones and liver damage. Researchers of the most recent studies no longer recommend lowering cholesterol since it is not implicated as a cause of heart disease but actually protects the person against it (see also chapter on Heart Disease in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation and the first article at this link: http://www.naturalnews.com/Author206.html

The first series of liver flushes only cleared out one of the two biliary trees in your liver, at which time, there was no release of stones and you thought it was over. However, the more congested and cleanse-resistant second biliary tree hadn’t started to open yet. Usually, it has the larger stones in it. You have started to open that one, hence the many stones. Even if one future cleanse produces no stones, do another one.

As I said, as long as you are on statins, you make new stones and interfere with your digestion. Statins don’t reduce the risk of heart disease, but increase it. The whole “evidence” that cholesterol causes hardening of arteries was fabricated by the pharma/medical industry. Cholesterol attaches itself to arteries only when they are damaged by proteins, sugar and chemicals, in order to prevent blood clots from escaping the wounds and lesions, and causing heart attacks and strokes.

A cholesterol level of 350 at age 50 is of no concern. Lowering it, however, through manipulation other than the use of herbs and food reduces the protective, healing qualities of cholesterol. LDL is not a bad cholesterol, In fact, it is not even a cholesterol, but a protein that carries cholesterol out of the liver. HDL is the protein that carries the same cholesterol back to the liver. Most cholesterol is being recycled because it so precious and important for thousands of functions in the body. The arteries will clear up the plaque when the liver/ kidneys and colon are kept clean and the diet is low protein/vegan, but fat intake is normal. Low fat intake causes LDL production to increase. So do add your oils, butter, ghee, etc. to your veggies, grains and legumes. Make sure to eat your main meal at lunchtime, and go to sleep before 10 p.m. to allow the liver to heal itself and help repair damaged blood vessels, which happens during deep sleep in the two hours before midnight.

Heart disease question

Q. Do you agree with this article and its findings? (The article is Heart Disease: Not About Cholesterol? Astra Zenaca’s Crestor study finds that statins may help prevent heart attacks because they control inflammation, not because they lower cholesterol by John Carey)

A. I agree with most of it and I have written dozens of pages about this subject in the heart disease chapter of my book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Also check out this published article of mine (the top one) on the subject: http://www.naturalnews.com/Author206.html

For over 20 years now, I have stressed that cholesterol is not a culprit in heart disease, but rather quite the opposite. It is about the only thing that protects a person from heart attacks when inflammation occurs in the arteries (caused by proteins). What is considered “bad” cholesterol is the only version that does the protecting. There isn’t any bad cholesterol in the body, otherwise the liver wouldn’t produce it. And actually, there is no difference between LDL and HDL cholesterol, except that one type of protein (the large LDL lipo-protein) transports cholesterol to the liver, and the small molecules of HDL lipo-protein carry it away from the liver. It is exactly the same cholesterol, just different proteins carrying it.

The problem I have with the new trial and the developing hype about it is that it ignores what causes the inflammation in the blood vessels; inflammation is actually a natural wound healing response by the body to something that inflicts the wound. Instead, the new trial uses just another anti-inflammatory drug to suppress that response which, of course, will lead to major catastrophes in the body as statins have done. Shutting down Rho-kinase in the immune system will create a lame immune system and make the body susceptible to all sorts of illnesses as well as create another form of AIDS. It will, most of all, damage the digestive system (over 60% of the immune system is in the digestive tract) as well as the liver, kidneys and brain. The predictions I made 20 years ago about cholesterol were true, and I have every reason to believe that the new “scientific” findings on cholesterol are going to mislead the masses once again. The study was halted, not because of the “good” results, but because they didn’t want to test the drug for 3 years to avoid having lots of dead people with destroyed immune systems at the end of the trial. Drugs will never be the answer to our health problems.

Celiac condition recovery

Q. Have you had people with celiac disease/gluten intolerance improve after liver/gallbladder cleansing? I have heard so much differing information regarding this “disease”. Some say a person can never again eat gluten and others say it is curable. Do you have any insight?

A. Yes, many people recover from gluten allergies through liver cleansing. My personal method of clearing gluten allergies is Sacred Santémony. I have removed gluten allergy in a matter of 5 minutes. It is basically an error message in the immune system memory cells, often caused by years of unbalanced eating habits.

Gout attack

Q. I stopped the liver cleanse last night but a gout attack started last night too. Normally when one happens, I take Colchicine 0.6 mg tablets but, now that I am on your program, should I take that medicine or something else to stop my gout?

A. If you can do without the gout medicine, that is best. Instead, do the kidney cleanse and that will dissolve uric acid crystals in the kidneys and joints. Also, drinking the juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon in a glass of water twice a day will also help.

Hip pain

Q. My hip pain is quite intense, especially at night. Do you have any suggestions for some relief, besides keeping up with the liver cleansing? I used to get cortisone injections. I have been doing Bikram Yoga regularly, hoping my hips will magically open up.

A. Cortisone injections can make joint problems permanent because they suppress the immune system and thereby prevent the body from attacking the toxins imbedded in the joint tissues. The improvement of colon functions will also improve hip joints. Marine phytoplankton can also help, and so can alkaline ionized water. See the Products page of www.ener-chi.com for more details. Of course, Yoga is great. I have done it every day now for 40 years. Walking or exercising on a glider or rebounder (small trampoline) will also help open up the hips.

Multiple sclerosis

Q. Have you helped anyone who is in a wheelchair become healed from Multiple Sclerosis. Is one ever too far gone to achieve good health?

A. I have worked with a person who was paralyzed from the waist down for 20 years, and he started walking again after four liver flushes. I cannot make any claims one way or the other, but I would never say a person is “too far gone to achieve good health.”

I have also witnessed some great “miracles”, if you want call them that, with Matrix Energetics. You may want to acquire the book Matrix Energetics by Dr. Richard Bartlett whom I personally know and respect. It has simple directions in it that anyone can apply to heal oneself or others. You can get a new copy on Amazon.com for less than $8 (new or used).

Q. I have a patient coming to me for massage therapy/reiki for the treatment of MS (multiple sclerosis) symptoms. I just wondered what your experiences are with MS and what success you may have had. What have you discovered to be the root cause or does this vary per person? Is there a cure? Of your books would you recommend any particular one for her to read for more information on treatments possibilities?

A. MS is not really a disease, but rather a progressive form of malnourishment and congestion of the gastro‐intestinal tract, lymphatic system and blood vessel walls (with proteins), as described in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Certain nutrients required to keep the nerves (and the myelin sheet in particular) well sustained and nourished can no longer be absorbed from the small and large intestines due chronic to digestive problems. Particularly constipation, which is very common among MS sufferers, leads to backwashing of toxic waste into the upper parts of the body, including the brain. This can greatly interfere with proper lymph drainage from the head and brain area, thereby leading to an acid accumulation (ammonia, lactic acid, uric acid, urea, etc) and acidosis (tissue destruction). Once the myelin sheet of nerves become eroded, nerve damage and degeneration begin to occur in the rest of the body.

The liver plays a major role in all this, and the bile ducts must be relieved of the many stones impacting the bile flow in order to restore proper digestion of food and elimination of waste (see The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush). Avoiding animal proteins is essential for removing protein buildup in brain capillaries and increasing blood flow to the nervous system and muscles.

Treating MS as a separate illness from the underlying digestive disorder) is misleading and counterproductive. It disregards the root causes. Exposure to heavy metals (mercury from tooth fillings, eating fish, etc), chemicals, including herbicides and pesticides, plastic particles from water bottles, and medical drugs also play a major role, and Marine phytoplankton and Zeolite (see www.ener‐chi.com products page), and MMS (see www.jimhumble.biz), are good ways to remove these contaminants from the tissues. Anything that disrupts healthy digestion of food needs to be addressed. Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation does this in great detail.

Irritation of the cervix

Q. I recently went to the doctor’s office to have my urine tested. It was found to be clean and without infection. But the doctor also insisted on doing a pap smear and, during this process, she apparently observed that my cervix is irritated. While she took the cell culture, I bled a little bit. This is the first time ever that I’ve had any bleeding during a pap smear. I’m really not sure if the doctor caused this to happen or if the cervix really is irritated because for the last few weeks I’ve actually had some irritating symptoms. However, I will admit that since the infections started, intercourse has been painful and I do feel irritated afterwards. After I left her office, I felt sore and irritated for a whole day and began to feel better from the next day onwards. I didn’t bleed anymore but I am now really scared to engage in any sexual activity with my husband and he expects it from me. I’m also scared to death that I will need more medication or something more drastic still to treat yet another difficult condition. Please advise!

A. Instead of perceiving the sensitivity of your cervix to be another problem, see it as a solution to a much deeper issue that you are really upset about. The sexual/reproductive organs are very much in tune with your thoughts and feelings about yourself and others. Every thought and feeling you have becomes instantly translated into neurotransmitters in your brain. These hormones have receptors on all cells in your body. If you think about being inadequate at sex and wanting to hurt yourself, you send powerful hormonal messages to the cells of your body. The undercurrent of resentment of letting your husband use you is strong enough to cause the irritation of the cervix. There is no medication for this, except to stand up for yourself and do what you want to do with your life. Putting yourself first will put everyone else first, too. You are here to love and to be loved.

While honey is good for that irritation, this is not really a physical problem. Urinary restriction is due to resentment held inside as “ugly conflict”. Cervical issues are about “severe frustration.” Uterine problems are due to “sexual conflict.” Those need to be resolved in order to regain health.

Depressed youngster

Q. My son is really depressed, staying up late and sleeping during the day. What will help him reconnect with life?

A. It is very difficult for your son to get on his feet when his biochemistry is all screwed up. The neurotransmitter/hormone serotonin is only produced in response to darkness, and certain drugs and alcohol prevent it from being broken down in the blood, making the person feel better, but causing major side-effects. Taking medication will make him dependent by preventing the body from making its own dopamine and serotonin. The brain can only make enough serotonin as other linked hormones in response to natural light. Just like plants, people will die inside when they are no longer exposed to it. The lower serotonin levels become, the more depressed, disoriented and suicidal a person becomes. This applies especially to young people whose brains are still developing until age 22-24. Serotonin production in the brain and intestines begins at sunrise, peaks at midday, when it is important to eat the largest meal of the day to supply nutrients to the brain and organs, and slows or stops at around 6 p.m.

The other problem that screws up his hormonal balance is that he doesn’t make melatonin, which controls metabolism, the immune system, the thyroid and, through the thyroid, all the other 1,000 hormones in the body. Melatonin production starts at 9:30 p.m. and increases to its peak levels at midnight to 1 p.m. and then drops considerably until production stops at sunrise. Going to bed at 11 p.m. or midnight will never allow a person to produce normal levels of melatonin, and a deficit begins to rise. Since serotonin is a breakdown product of melatonin, by not sleeping from 10 p.m. onwards, melatonin production can never reach normal levels either, thus disrupting the entire hormonal balance, including estrogens and testosterone. That’s why nurses who often work nightshifts have a 55% higher risk of developing cancer of the breast and other cancers, because their melatonin levels are among the lowest.

The circadian rhythm cannot be changed, since day and night cycles are fixed, and the body’s pineal gland monitors these cycles and secretes these two master hormones accordingly. A major reason why so many kids nowadays take drugs or drink alcohol is because they no longer make enough of these hormones, because of going to sleep too late and not sleeping enough. There are now over 150 studies to show how profoundly a person’s life is affected by not adhering to the rhythms that nature designed for humans to follow.

This young man could get his life together, but it is up to him. I would not make him feel guilty if he wants to take his own life. It is OK to be selfish in life. Without giving to oneself and loving oneself, one cannot give to and love others. He must want to live and face the challenges he created for himself. It is hard to imagine how a person feels when his happiness hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and melatonin are down. They cannot help it that they don’t want to live.

Conception issues

Q. I’ve been trying to conceive for over a year and, even though the doctors can’t find any physical reason for not becoming pregnant, I’m just so upset that I haven’t got my baby yet. Please, let me know if the liver cleanse could help me to conceive.

A. The health and vitality of the reproductive organs depend largely on the liver, colon, and the right kidney. Liver and colon cleansing have helped numerous women who could not become pregnant to give birth to healthy children. Attention should also be given the diet. Foods like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk, produce lymphatic congestion especially in the middle and lower abdomen, which can greatly reduce the chance of becoming pregnant. You may want to refer to Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation for more details.

Lumps on right breast

Q. I have more and more lumps on the right breast where all the fat tissue is gone and replaced by a hard mass. I also have a growth on the throat which does not seem to be cancer, according my doctor. You wrote that this is from a lack of oxygen. How can I get more oxygen? I shall get ozone in the blood at the end of the week. What else would help?

A. Lumps harden and become persistent when the lymph drainage from a given area is no longer adequate. As a result, the metabolic waste products and turned-over dead cells start accumulating, thereby changing the normal tissue structure to hardened, irregular shaped tissue (lumps). The presence of these waste products prevents enough oxygen from reaching the cells, which eventually can form tumors, both benign and malignant. Proper lymph drainage is controlled by the cysterna chyli sac-like lymph vessels around the belly button area and the thoracic duct (the largest lymph drainage duct in the body).

Proper digestion of food and food choices, as well as emotional states such as anxiety, stress, and unworthiness, determine how the lymphatic system can conduct its normal, day-to-day activities. Obviously, some foods have the biggest impact on suppressing lymph drainage, i.e., meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, milk, sugar and most refined and processed foods. The liver also plays a major role (liver flushing), and so does exercise. Using a rebounder (small trampoline) for half an hour each day (gently bouncing, versus jumping vigorously) is great for improving lymph drainage.

The Golden Seven Plus One by the late Samuel West is a great book with illustrations that offers instant healing measures one can take to help remove the lymph congestion behind almost every type of illness or pain. The book is available on Amazon.com and other online stores. As always, sleeping before 10 p.m. and eating the main meal of the day at midday are just as necessary for healing of these conditions. Also see my books, Cancer is Not a Disease, it’s a Survival Mechanism and Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, for details on the above.

Vaginal infection

Q. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said there are still traces of the vaginal infection I had. I have refused further medication for it since it obviously hasn’t helped any during the past year. You said the body corrects itself under the right circumstances and I’m doing everything I can to create that environment, so is it possible that my vaginal symptoms will simply disappear on their own?

A. Every person has hundreds of trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and parasites in the body, without ever getting sick. They are part of us just as they are part of nature. We need them as they need us. We couldn’t live without Candida bacteria. If we need more of them to deal with undigested carbohydrates, they will be there to do the job. If waste products collect in other parts of the body, such as the reproductive system, they will show up there as well. They are doing their job, and we don’t even pay them for it! You are on the right track by not dumping waste and toxins in different parts of the body through cleansing and eating better, hence the infection has subsided.

Doctors who believe in disease as a separate power can never be cured of their beliefs, and they project their doctrine of sickness on their patients, who believe in them and manifest more of the same accordingly. Tests are just as subjective as beliefs are. I never go by them. I have sent blood samples to 5 different labs and they all came back with different results. Again there is the law of “observer-observed relationship”.

Go by what your body is telling you and don’t let anyone who has a negative outlook on life, like your gynecologist, distract you. She has a limited scope of treatment which shapes her truth and reality. You don’t need to copy that truth.

Enhancing meditation

Q. I am doing meditation regularly. Do you have any supplement that can enhance my meditation or mind?

A. Anything that cleanses the body also clears the mind. Cleansing the liver bile ducts is central to having a clear, relaxed and expanded mind. My book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush has the directions for cleansing the liver (see www.ener-chi.com). The Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) also helps to remove toxins from the body, as well as Candida bacteria which are a main cause of brain fog. More information about MMS can be found on http://www.jimhumble.biz Fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts seeds, grains, and legumes, also bring nourishment to brain and nervous system. Foods that irritate and congest the body make the mind anxious and nervous. These include animal protein, such a meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk, as well as sugar, stimulants, junk foods, etc.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Q. Where can I find information about EFT?

A. A. To find information on EFT, go to www.emofree.com to download the free manual. Another good website that has the directions illustrated in a simple way is http://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?p=emotional+freedom+technique



Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)

MMS with lemon juice or citric acid

Q. Is it as effective to take the MMS drops with just ordinary lemon juice or is it better to have the citric acid solution? Aren’t the drops acidic with one of these additions?

A. The drops themselves are not acidic, but the lemon juice or citric acid is. However, citric acid turns into alkaline ash in the body. MMS actually removes harmful acids from the body. As to whether to use lemon juice or citric acid, the citric acid solution is more effective.

Correct formula for MMS

Q. I was thinking of purchasing the MMS but I’m somewhat confused as to how to consume it. After reading the info page, I’m not sure if I would also have to purchase some citric acid if I did not want to use vinegar to mix with the MMS. Or, is the bottle of MMS a stand-alone product already mixed?

A. MMS does need to be activated by mixing the drops with citric acid (ideally). Most health food stores sell citric acid, which is used to preserve foods like fruit preserves.

Headache and disorientation after taking MMS

Q. I recently began taking the MMS with a beginning dose of 3 drops, etc. I moved to 4 drops and then yesterday to 5. I immediately got a headache and felt very out of it. Today I went to 6 drops and got walloped! Bad headache on left side, very disoriented, some nausea, but very strange fuzziness about me like I dosed myself directly to the brain. That was at 2 p.m. today and I feel better after doing a colonic, but still very “unsettled” and foggy. What do you suggest?

A. These symptoms are typical when you increase the dosage too rapidly. A few drops seems like very little, but MMS is a very powerful cleanser and detoxifier. If there is a lot of Candida, for example, or parasites and toxins in the tissues, you will get nausea, cramping, and strange feelings in the head as dead bacteria and toxins are trying to come out all at once. The directions are to increase the dosage one drop at a time. Doubling from 2 drops to 4 is definitely too fast. It’s better to stay on 2 drops for a few days, and then add another drop and stay on that for a few days. If you start feeling some detox symptoms at 4 drops, go back to 3 for a few days and then try 4 again. When 4 drops no longer produce such symptoms, go to 5, and so on. It is not harmful to go to a high dosage, but it can make you feel very sick, vomit, have diarrhea, etc. as the body is trying to rid itself of a large amount of toxins and dead pathogens. People with malaria take 15 drops the first dose, but they already feel so sick that it doesn’t matter, and they feel so much better after that.

Chronic headaches and MMS

Q. I started using MMS because of my chronic headaches. I am on the 3rd day with 4 drops yesterday and I’ve had bad headaches every day. I know that Humble spoke of the worsening effect when bacteria and other toxins get killed and I understand that theory. But to have these strong headaches every day isn’t fine with me. Can you suggest something else for the headaches or is it a good idea to check out MMS first?

A. If you take something that detoxifies the body and you get stronger headaches from that, it is most likely due to die-off and the cleansing effects. If 3 drops cause the headache to be worse, but 2 drops are OK, I would stay on two drops for 4-5 days and then increase to three.

If you have already done that and it didn’t help, I would also look at foods that trigger headaches, such as meat, sugar, chocolate, cheese, milk, meats, etc. Allergies to foods or chemicals, mold, etc. can also cause them.

Since the body is actually less physical that it is non-physical (given that subatomic particles are not particles at all), there cannot be a physical ailment that isn’t a psychological one as well. A good self-help method to deal with both is Matrix Energetics by Dr Richard Bartlett. You can find his book at www.amazon.com. I know him personally, and I am very impressed by his work.

Nausea from MMS

Q. I started MMS 3 days ago using 2 drops. I increased to 5-6 today and felt quite nauseous. I listened to the CD and this is supposed to be a good sign so I am OK with this but is it harmful?

A. If you are feeling nauseous, it indicates that the body is throwing out a lot of dead bacteria and toxins. To feel better, reduce the number of drops to a level that gives a more comfortable reaction for a few days, then add 1 more drop for a few days to see if that is still acceptable. There’s no need to suffer through this but, if you have these reactions, they do no harm.

MMS effects on probiotic bacteria

Q. I recently read your linked page about MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) and was actually reading Humble’s book and some internet forums on the subject. There I found some opinions that MMS also destroys helpful bacteria in the intestines, and it also destroys iron and amino acids and other antioxidants. Humble, on the other hand, writes in the book that it is totally harmless. What’s your opinion on that?

A. I am not sure how anyone could possibly prove that MMS destroys probiotic bacteria or organic iron, and amino acid and vitamins. I am always very cautious when I hear statements like that, especially if they originate in the U.S. The medical industry employs professionals that keep making de facto statements about anything that works better than drugs, with the intention of creating doubt and undermining successful alternative therapies. Many unsuspecting practitioners fall for it and start spreading the “bad” news for them. It’s not just www.quackwatch.com that is paid handsomely by the drug giants. This is standard practice in the U.S.

Sodium chlorite is made in the body, by the body, but less is made as we age. Since sodium chlorite breaks down toxic metals, I can only assume that this also includes iron, since iron is a very toxic metal. That’s why you will feel sick if you swallow iron tablets (iron oxide), which is the same as eating rust. The organic iron contained in plant foods, on the other hand, is not broken down by sodium chlorite. There is a huge difference between the two. Plant iron (ionic) is very healthy and the liver determines how much to extract and keep in the blood.

Taking other supplements along with MMS

Q. Is it advisable to take amino acids, antioxidiants and colon bacterium to balance the MMS (not at the same time, but some suggest taking 4 days MMS, 3 days antioxidiants). I saw that you recommend MMS and I really value your opinion, because I read some of your books and I find they are really well-researched. Thanks.

A. I am very reluctant to recommend antioxidants, for reasons explained in Timeless Secrets to Health and Rejuvenation. The simplistic mechanistic view is that putting into the body what is missing thus removes the deficiency, but this contradicts the more intelligent and complex workings of the human body. See especially the section on vitamins in the above book.

MMS for herpes and candida

Q. How long do I need to take MMS to get rid of the herpes virus? I don’t think it’s a good idea to take it on a constant basis, is it? Does MMS get rid of Candida too?

A. One can take the maintenance dose of 5-6 drops a day ongoing or with some breaks from time to time. From the reports I’ve received from quite a few people, MMS seems to help with Candida. Of course, food choices are a major factor with that. Foods that putrefy in your intestines such as fish, chicken, eggs, cheese and milk alter the pH in the gut and hereby increase destructive bacteria, including Candida. This in turn leads to fermentation of carbohydrates, which proliferates Candida overgrowth.

MMS and psoriasis

Q. Do you have any experience with MMS being used for psoriasis?

A. MMS is certainly working well for psoriasis, but only when other factors are controlled as well. The blood cleansing ability of the liver has to be improved to prevent toxins entering the skin. Stress, alcohol, and smoking are typical triggers for outbreaks. Meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, milk, and especially fish are major triggers and causes. Also, soy milk and tofu are triggers, since they contain enzyme inhibitors. Since these foods can only be partially digested (20% or less), the undigested, damaged proteins imbed themselves in the tissue fluids, including the connective tissue under the skin and move from there into the skin and, in 15% of the cases, also into the joints. The immune system attacks these foreign protein particles as antigens and, by doing so, inflames the skin. The excessive skin growth helps to eliminate some of these imbedded proteins. Preventing the liver from detoxifying the blood by not sleeping during the four hours when its peak activities occur is a big factor, too, and so is eating late in the evening. Basically, the inflammation of the outer skin reflects inflammation of the inner skin (intestinal lining), caused by poor liver functions, poor digestive functions, poor food choices, but also by low self-worth and poor self-image, anger toward oneself.

MMS effects on a weak liver

Q. I have auto-immune hepatitis and, as a result, have cirrhosis of the liver. I have never taken drugs for this condition, only naturopathic remedies. I would like to know if MMS will harm my liver.

A. No, MMS does not harm the liver. Quite the opposite— it reduces its workload in having to detoxify the blood and the body. However, given the hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, you may consider doing the liver flushes to remove the thousands of intra-hepatic gallstones behind liver infection and liver cell destruction (see my book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush). Liver flushes and MMS can be done together.

MMS and cancers

Q. Is MMS useful for cancers?

A. Yes, it has been found helpful. This link leads to the website of a person who cured his massive tumor with MMS: http://www.howibeatcancer.com/

Long-term use of MMS

Q. If I stay on the MMS for several months, won’t the parasites get resistant?

A. If you are on the maintenance dose, I don’t see a problem with it. MMS is primarily used to break down and remove harmful waste matter and noxious substances such as chemicals and heavy metals. Parasites thrive in unclean environments; killing parasites without removing their “food” is a no-win situation. They will outsmart you and mutate into resistant parasites. There will always be some parasites in the body, just as they live in all wild animals. They pose no problems whatsoever. When the body becomes congested, though, the need for destructive bacteria and parasites increases to deal with the filthy environment. Something like MMS removes waste deposits as well as the parasites that live and breed there.

(Other herbs and supplements)

Black salve

Q. Can you help me find the black salve?

A. This is a link to for the black salve: http://lifelinewater.com/herb.html

Bloodroot salve

Q. I have heard that bloodroot salve can be used for breast tumors. Have you found that to be the case?

A. I have been familiar with bloodroot salves for many years to help remove small skin cell tumors, warts and moles, but I was not aware that it also removes very large tumors from the breast and elsewhere. If you haven’t had a procedure done yet, this may be something to consider: http://www.cancerx.org/

The most expensive of the salves (Bla-Cancema Deep Tissue Black Salve 1.25) is the most effective and takes tumors out that are as deep as 2 to 4 cm. The next less expensive one is not as strong but still removes cancers and moles. The cheapest of the three is good for normal skin blemishes.

Kava and valerian for heart issues

Q. I am taking Kava during the day and Valerian at night to combat the anxiety I have. My symptoms are only a pinching feeling in my heart. I am wondering: are these herbs OK to use or is there something better I can use for my heart pinching?

A. There is no harm in taking these herbs. However, there may be more heaviness or sleepiness upon awakening. Also, it is always better to address the root causes of anxiety, whether physically or emotionally induced. There are good methods such as EFT, www.emofree.com. I use Sacred Santémony. Physically, heart pinching relates to congestion in the lymphatic vessels “cysterna chyli” and “thoracic duct” caused by lymph-congesting foods certain food additives such as MSG, aspartame, yeast extract, soy glutamates, unbalanced eating habits and mealtimes, low melatonin levels caused by late bedtimes, eating the main meals in the evening, liver bile duct blockage, and other possible factors. All this is described in detail in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. The problem is not really in the heart itself, but what is dumped into it by the lymphatic system.

Sacred Santémony

Origin of Sacred Santémony

Q. Where does the chanting emanate from during a Sacred Santémony session (live or recorded)? Is it just as effective over the phone? Is there any prerequisite to the session? What can one expect as results?

A. Sacred Santémony is effective only in live form, for that very moment it is produced. Recording it would be useless. Like the Ener-Chi Art and Ionized Stones (www.ener-chi.com), Sacred Santémony is a gift that developed in me over time. It originates in profound vibrations that predate human language and were expressed to some extent by monks and saints of ancient times and transitions. The first time I had access to some of these ancient languages was during a series of meditation gatherings we call “Golden Domes.” A group of about eight “Tibetan Elders” who inhabited our planet at some point in our history energetically entered the space of my body and spoke in an ancient tongue using my vocal cords. This happened repeatedly over a period of two years until I became trained to produce these sounds myself, at will, in direct response to the needs of a person. Soon I knew what sounds and frequencies of vibration I needed to produce to balance energetic distortions and fears held in a person’s soul memories and physical body.

Yes, the sounds are just as effective over the phone as they are when received in person. Time and space conditions are irrelevant. The only prerequisite to such a session, which lasts no longer than 2-3 minutes, is the openness to receive. Although, it often doesn’t seem this way, free will is the ultimate determinant of whether we are ready to change and move forward in life or not. There is practically nothing for which these sounds could not be used. They help remove energetic, emotional blockages regardless of whether they were created yesterday or hundreds of lifetimes ago. The effects vary from person to person and are totally unpredictable, determined by what is best for that person at that time. Some people clear all their allergies, others their phobias, fear of water, height or darkness. Many are able to open their hearts again, after they had been locked up for decades. Letting go of fears of many kinds is typical. New opportunities opening up are very common. A heavy load lifted from one’s shoulders is also common, too. Consult the website for more information on this: www.ener-chi.com

Sacred Santémony for cancer

Q. I just read your book about cancer. I am trying to recover from a severe breast cancer without any form of medical treatment. In addition to the holistic treatments, I am very well aware of the emotional problem I need to solve. Yesterday I had a hypnotherapy session, which was very intense and good, but I still do not feel my fears are gone. I was looking at your Ener-Chi Art and Sacred Santémony to heal myself on a very deep level. Do you think that would help? Thank you for your books and your work.

A. Sacred Santémony does address the deeper causes that may or not be available to the conscious mind. It is available during a live telephone session appointment. See my website for more information: www.ener-chi.com

Sacred Santémony on CD?

Q. Is there a specific CD in respect to the Sacred Santémony sounds? Please give me the details.

A. Sacred Santémony is available only during a live telephone session. More details are available on my website: www.ener-chi.com

Ener-Chi Art

Q. Are all your Ener-Chi paintings available in poster size or just the newly released picture? What is the best way to realize which painting/s to utilize for effective healing?

A. Except for the large poster “Beyond the Horizon,” all other Ener-Chi Art photographic prints are only available in the 8 1/2 x 11 format. Using this format turned out to be the most practical for most people.

Ideally, it is best to use all pictures, as most organs and systems suffer some form of energetic deficiencies, given the challenges of modern, stressful living conditions. However, this may not be feasible to all. So one way to determine which one is most suited is to intuit which are the weakest parts of the body. Another way is to go by a sense of affinity, choosing the pictures to which one feels drawn more than others.



Nightshade vegetables and the thyroid gland

Q. My colonic therapist recommends that I avoid ‘nightshades’ e.g. tomatoes, potatoes, and aubergines (eggplants). She says they are toxic and could affect my thyroid gland. I would really appreciate your opinion on this as well any foods that could be beneficial for an under-active thyroid gland.

A. Yes, nightshades can cause strong reactions. I tend to avoid aubergines and tomatoes in particular. Occasionally I eat a baked potato. The potato used to be very toxic before it was cultivated, but is less so now. Tomatoes and aubergines have not lost their toxic effects much since being cultivated.

Foods to eat less since they may interfere with iodine uptake are: cabbage, kale, broccoli, kohlrabi, mustard, lima beans, linseed, and sweet potato, so keep these to a minimum, especially if iodine deficient. Also, avoid peanuts and soy products! Avoid caffeine drinks like coffee, cola; avoid stimulants like smoking and alcohol as these all affect the thyroid function.

Foods that are helpful for the thyroid function are: carrots, spinach, apricots, asparagus, olive oil, avocado, kelp, sunflower seeds, whole grain cereals, and bananas.

Stress is thought to be a major contributing factor to the development of hypothyroidism. One of the best ways to reduce stress is to exercise regularly. Detoxified iodine as in atomidine or magnascent iodine is useful to restore iodine levels.


Q. Your book says that eggs create gallstones in the bile ducts, and are also a major trigger of gallstone attacks. So people shouldn’t eat any eggs or limit them to maybe once a week?

A. I don’t recommend eating eggs at all. They are embryos that make chickens, with different incompatible DNA to that of humans. Additionally, their protein coagulates (hardens) when heated, which destroys the 3-D structure of the proteins and thus prevents them from being digested. However, they can nevertheless be absorbed into the blood, which thickens it and deposits these degenerate, damaged proteins in the basal membranes of the blood vessel walls. This process is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other illnesses. You will find more information on all these questions and topics in the large book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

Lack of protein in vegetarian/vegan diet?

Q. I have read that vegetarians suffer a lack of protein so I’m reluctant to eat that diet. Are you suggesting phytoplankton as a sufficient source of protein in the diet?

A. I have personally not eaten any protein foods for 35 years now, except some nuts and seeds, and sometimes legumes. I have no protein deficiency whatsoever, and have very strong muscles and a body 20 years younger than my age (58). In the book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, it explains why breast milk is virtually devoid of protein (1.4%) and how gorillas, wild horses, elephants, cows and humans make their own proteins from the four molecules that make up all amino acids on the planet: carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Humans can do that too.

Phytoplankton is useful for rebuilding bodies but it is expensive. It contains all the nutrients that exist on the planet, and they don’t require digestion through the digestive system so the nutrients go right into the blood and cells.

How much protein do we need?

Q. I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 years now, but 3 years ago I decided to become a vegan. I really believe in my choice and I’m feeling much better because of it, but I can’t solve the question about how much protein I should eat every day. My daily source of protein is 50 to 70 grams of mixed nuts, but your book made me wonder about this. Please give me your advice about my best daily source of protein.

A. I have discussed this subject in great detail in my largest book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, but in a nutshell, the human body doesn’t need to eat protein foods in order to make proteins. Right from the beginning when a baby is being breastfed, it makes proteins from the four molecules, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen contained in the air, just like plants and such animals as elephants, wild horses, gorillas and cows do. These four molecules make up all amino acids on the planet. Breast milk only contains 1.4% protein, just like most vegetables, which shows that the massive growth of the baby in the first 16 months cannot result from eating this tiny amount of protein in the milk, but must come from these air molecules. All vegetables and grains are made from carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen of the air, and when nitrogen is added to the mix, these carbohydrates become proteins. In other words, food grows out of thin air, along with some minerals from the soil. With the exception of butter, I have eaten vegan for 35 years, with the maximum of perhaps 10‐12 almonds or other nuts a day and perhaps a tablespoon of pumpkins seeds. The ʺyou must eat your proteinʺ advice is more based on myth than on truth.

Beans/ legumes/ tofu as protein sources

Q. Should I be looking to consume beans/legumes/tofu every day to fulfill the traditionally advised protein requirement? I know you asked me to avoid soy which would rule out tofu, although you mention in your book that some Japanese tofu is OK. Which specific kind though? Or should I simply not worry about “how much” protein I am taking in on a daily basis? I like beans but usually they cause some gas and bloating.

A. Tofu and beans can be constipating and gas-forming, especially for Vata body types. Non-fermented commercial tofu is not suitable for human consumption, but properly fermented soy/tofu is OK. It takes 4-5 years of fermenting soy, as is done in many parts of Japan, to make it into useful forms such as tempeh.

No need to monitor protein intake. The body doesn’t depend on eating protein in order to make protein. I have zero protein deficiency, very strong energetic muscles, and no fat in my body, despite eating a no protein diet for 35 years. I eat about 10 nuts and maybe 20 pumpkin seeds and a 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 avocado a day, if you want to consider that to be some form of protein. The myth that humans need to eat their daily protein is so strong and widespread that people don’t even dare to live without it. Now it’s changing a bit since some of the top athletes are pure vegetarian/vegan. But the masses just don’t know. We should send them on safari to Africa to see how these strong animals survive without it!

Protein powder/shakes

Q. As I am working out and lifting weights, I feel I need some extra protein, especially if I am vegan. Is protein powder acceptable? Does it have to be soy protein?

A. I have taken dozens of women off these protein powders after they developed all sorts of tumors. By taking them off the powders, the tumors disappeared. The body has great difficulties dealing with such concentrated proteins. Why else would nature put only 1.4 % protein in human breast milk, at a time when the baby triples its size?

Gorillas, elephants, wild horses, bulls, etc. don’t eat protein foods and have the strongest muscles around. I have very strong muscles and have not eaten protein foods for 35 years, except perhaps a few nuts and seeds every few days. The body makes its own amino acids and synthesizes them into proteins from the four molecules that make them up, that is, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. With every breath, we take these molecules out of the air (that’s what composes air) and turn them into amino acids, right from day one. That’s why even babies don’t need protein from breast milk, except the tiny amount of 1.4%. This is how these strong animals and plants like bean plants, almond trees and avocado trees make their proteins, from the “thin” air. You can find more details in the book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

Muscle building on a vegan diet

Q. I’ve done lots of sports as an adult and one of my favorite is bodybuilding in a natural way. I’ve always tried to gain muscle mass by eating lots of bread, meat, cheese, ham, and/or egg whites every 2 hours. However, for about the past 5 months, I’m having a light pain in my abdomen right under my last ribs. It is not attacks, just an irritating feeling. I found your book and will do the liver flushes but I have a question. After I do the cleansing, how can I gain muscle again when I can’t eat any red meat, egg whites and milk?

A. Protein is not a food the body needs to eat in order to make muscle; just think of the strongest muscular animals like gorillas, elephants, wild horses or cows who don’t need protein foods to do the same. You can read more about this subject in the book, Timeless Secrets to Health and Rejuvenation.

Milk from various animals and plants

Q. You said that cow’s milk is bad. What about sheep, goat, soy, or any other milk? How about yogurt?

A. You can read up on all that in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Unfermented soy is the most harmful. It causes tumors, particularly in the breast, because it mimics estrogen. Properly fermented soy (4-6 years) is fine. Milk from other species always creates an immune response in humans as the body tries to reject their DNA. Cow’s milk is made to raise cows, goat’s milk to raise goats, and human milk to raise humans, all for a specific time period only. After that, the body no longer produces digestive enzymes to digest it. That’s why a grown cow will get sick drinking cow’s milk. Now it is known that cow’s milk causes diabetes in humans, according to a new American study.

Milk from grains and nuts

Q. Since all animal milks are bad for us, are any of the grain and nut milks acceptable?

A. Alternatives such as rice milk (which I have used for 10 years), almond milk, oat milk, hemp milk, etc. are fine.

Certain Foods (Fruit, Corn, Soy, Goat’s Milk, Yogurt) and Cancer

Q. I have ovarian cancer. How do you feel about:

  • Fruit
  • Corn, Potatoes (starchy veggies). Are they allowed in moderation?
  • I have been enjoying yogurt with some granola for breakfast. I now know how you feel about cow’s milk but how do you feel about soy or goat’s milk?

A. Fruits are fine as long as you eat them separately from other foods, such as mid morning or mid afternoon, or at least 1/2 hour before meals. Fruit passes through the stomach within 30 minutes without requiring any stomach secretions. When you eat them with other foods that require stomach secretions like oatmeal or nuts, you force the fruits to remain in the stomach for 2-3 hours, which causes them to ferment. In addition, fruit sugar requires salivary enzymes to digest it. So masticating the fruits and saturating them with saliva is essential for their digestion. Most people swallow very juicy fruits like grapes almost right away without doing that; as a result, these fruit sugars become subject to fermentation in the small intestines, which increase yeast growth, or they pass directly into the blood which raises blood sugar and feeds cancer cells. Sweet apples are a good choice for you (being a Pitta type), or other sweet fruits that are not sour like oranges or grapefruits. As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Two apples a day may not be better than one. The emphasis is on moderation.

No harm to eat corn and potatoes on occasion, just not too often. They act like fruit sugar if not masticated properly.

If you buy granola from the store, beware of the sugar they put in it, and the oil they use to make it crunchy (contain trans fatty acids which have carcinogenic effects). Making your oatmeal fresh is a better choice. You may add rice milk, almond milk or hemp milk, unsalted butter, some nuts, stevia or Xylitol sugar or some raw honey.

Soy contains several enzyme inhibitors (also called anti nutrients) that prevent protein digestion in the body. It also contains mineral inhibitors that pull minerals out of the body. That’s why babies fed on soy formula are so malnourished and may even die because of it. Soy also mimics estrogens (contains Phytoestrogens) and greatly increases breast cancer and ovarian cancer risk. Soy milk and tofu should not be consumed. Soy becomes useful only when it is properly fermented, like the Japanese do it. They ferment their soy for 4-5 years before consuming it. It takes this long to destroy the inhibitor chemicals.

Contrary to public opinion, Asians eat very small amounts of fermented soy, 1-2 teaspoons per meal, as a condiment and not as a main meal item. Soy milk and tofu were introduced to our hemisphere because the soy oil industry was overburdened with the massive waste products. They fed some of this waste to animals and thought they could also sell it as food to humans. At first, nobody was interested in eating soy because it had a nothing taste. A massive marketing campaign declared this waste product to be an ideal health food. The food industry flavored it and mixed it in with all sorts of foods, now in several thousand products. It’s a clever form of waste management. Their main target was the vegetarian population, who gobbled it up because they were told soy is the best meat substitute. The sudden demand for soy products became permanent and ever-increasing. The sickness all this caused greatly benefited the medical industry. In addition, now over 80% of all soy is genetically modified through use of chicken-cancer viruses and other deadly viruses (used to transport the new genes into the nucleus of soy plant cells). The body’s genes become greatly confused when confronted with foods that don’t carry the original genes.

Goat’s milk is closer to human milk than cow’s milk. But give goat’s milk to a grown goat, and it will get sick. Or give human milk to an adult, and he will get sick, too. Because once weaned off, neither have milk-specific enzymes left to digest these foods (used solely for the purpose of raising newborns). That’s why milk is now a leading cause of diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease – all being triggered by immune reactions to the degenerated (damaged), undigested proteins from animal sources. No other animal goes around and looks for other animals and tries to get their milk.

Commercial yogurt is pasteurized, which means all the beneficial bacteria are killed off; hence you ingest billions of corpses of dead bacteria with each ounce of yoghurt. It leaves you with a white coating on the tongue the following day (consisting of regurgitated dead bacteria).

Waterless cookware

Q. I read that waterless cookware is useful. Where can I find it?

A. This is the link to the waterless cookware:

http://www.angelfire.com/az2/waterless/KTSC1.html. There is similar waterless cookware on Amazon.com or other web sites.

Raw and cooked foods eaten together

Q. I read this article where the author says it’s good to eat cooked and raw foods together, which is different from what you were suggesting as optimal. The raw foods supposedly neutralized the detrimental effects of the altered food. I’ve had problems with the idea of going 100% raw, in that God made grains too. Where would they fit in, aside from sprouting? Would juicing be one answer to the cell wall dilemma? It’s time-consuming and not that handy for most folks, including me.

A. Dead, overcooked, and over-processed food cannot be used by the body. I don’t see how raw foods can bring them back to life and prevent them from being decomposed by bacteria in the small and large intestine. However, it is true that the presence of unaltered foods may reduce the immune response to rid the body of the dead altered foods which, in my opinion, is a disadvantage. It will allow them to get accumulated rather than being eliminated. Eating raw and cooked together instead of one after the other can therefore be very confusing to the body. I therefore don’t agree with the point that raw foods can neutralize the detrimental effects of altered food. Quite the opposite, it encourages fermentation.

Whereas juicing can remove much of the cellulose, it also removes the chemical agents responsible for keeping the antibodies in the cells as minimally toxic as possible. Juices therefore have powerful cleansing properties as the immune system tries to get rid of them, along with other waste products. Eventually, though, this can weaken the immune system and backfire.

Water altered by heating?

Q. In this article I’m sending you, I came up some questions. The author refers to friendly foods, including water, being altered by heating, causing a rise in the white blood count. This concerns me greatly, if valid, because I drink several cups of herbal tea/day. I either boil the water in a kettle or, if at work, I use a coffee maker, but just use it to heat the water.

A. I am not convinced that heating water can lead to a defensive immune response, rather quite the opposite. Nature heats water all the time when the hot sun turns liquid water into water vapor and moisture, breaking up molecular bonds into oxygen and hydrogen. At no stage does water become damaged when such steam is generated. Water has no cells, cell membranes or enzymes that could be destroyed. In fact, water is quite indestructible, even though it can be deprived of the Chi or life force it collects during rainfall when distilled with water distillers. However, when broken down into its molecular components, oxygen and hydrogen, molecules regenerate themselves.

Ayurveda described the benefits of hot water 10,000 years ago. Boiling it for 15-20 minutes would often heal severe illness. I have described this method in detail in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. Most traditions have used hot water to ward off illnesses in their children. My grandmother always had a pot of water boiling on the stove all day, which ionized the water. She gave it to her children whenever they were ill or had a cold, and that took care of it. The old folks used to know what worked and what didn’t. They had to, because doctors were uncommon. Besides, heating water disinfected it, and thus warded off pathogens. If such practices hadn’t been in place, the world’s population would be very small today.

Acceptable sweeteners

Q. Is it OK to have honey on my porridge or in my green tea, etc? Are maple syrup, agave syrup, fructose and stevia OK?

A. All of these are OK except fruit sugar (fructose), unless it’s in fruit form. Xylitol is OK, too.

Binge eating

Q. I am sure my liver is maximum size and filled with intra-hepatic stones, due to my binge eating problem. After my last few liver cleansings, my physical situation has gotten worse and worse. Eating even very small amounts causes more and more problems and it feels to me that everything I eat is overloading my liver right now. I know I still have emotional problems and am working on them the best I can. What I do right now is “eat” all kinds of food I like (no animal foods), but I am not swallowing it. I chew on it and spit it out directly. Could you tell me if this can harm my body? When I am chewing on food, does my body produce cholesterol/liver stones then? I am very worried about my physical situation.

A. Yes, chewing food without swallowing it can cause major digestive problems and constipation. When food enters the mouth, the stomach secretes gastric juices and the gallbladder secrets bile and the pancreas prepares digestive enzymes, all to receive the incoming foods. If the food is, however, not coming through because you spit it out, these unused digestive juices may start irritating, inflaming and even “digesting” the intestines. Eventually, though, the body recognizes that and stops secreting digestive fluids even if you do swallow the food. The food then remains undigested and becomes constipating, and this makes you weak and frail.

It is, therefore, better if you swallow food than spit it out. It is best to eat the main meal at lunch (two cupped handfuls) and the lighter meal in the evening, like a veggie soup with some bread and butter. Make sure to eat butter or ghee in your vegetables, rice, bread, etc, otherwise they won’t get digested and will constipate you.

There is a gentleman in The Netherlands who has great success with addictive behavior and other serious health issues. This is his site: http://www.alfons.visionone.tv/index.php

Also, you may contact someone at www.matrixenergetics.com (go to Contacts) and request a phone healing session with Hector or Justice. They can help restore you to a time before all this happened. Also, you may watch some of these videos on EFT at www.emofree.com

Superfoods and mushrooms

Q. What do you think of superfoods in general? And this one in particular – Waiora’s “H1X1 Agaricus Blazei Hybrid – the most powerful super-mushroom of all”?

A. Most foods are “super foods” in their own right. None is better than another, all serve a particular purpose. Some foods may serve a lot of different purposes. I believe marine phytoplankton to be one of the most complete foods on the planet. Chia seeds may also count as a very rich food. Waiora’s “H1X1 Agaricus Blazei Hybrid has certainly incredible healing benefits. Many Japanese women with terminal breast cancers were cured by taking Agaricus Blazei.



Q. You mentioned how important it is to get a lot of sun. Do we want the sun’s rays to go to the pineal gland through the top of the head or through the eyes or the skin? What do you think about wearing sun block and sunglasses?

A. All of the body parts mentioned are good places to get sun. Sunglasses and sun block should both be avoided. Sunglasses are a leading cause of cancer. More information on this topic is available in my books Heal Yourself with Sunlight and Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

Q. You write…”The midday sun isnʹt a good time to sunbathe…” That means, for everyone, regardless of body type and skin type? New research states that this is the only time to get UVB and that is the UV we need the most for the protection against skin cancer. This is very confusing.

A. You are right about that, at least to some extent. I was surprised myself when I heard about the new research, but it makes sense relative to where you live. When I wrote about this, I still lived in Cyprus where staying in the sun between about 11:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. during the summer at 110F or more would certainly cause burns, blisters and heat strokes. I don’t think the study refers to countries so close to the equator, but refers to the northern countries like England, Northern Europe, even middle or southern Europe, Canada, and the Northern States. I never had a problem with summer noontime sun exposure in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Italy, but when I lived in India, the midday heat was over 120F and it is not just unbearable but suicidal to be in the sun during that time. Same when I lived directly at the equator in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia or in the desert of Egypt and Morocco; being out during noontime in the summer makes you feel you are imploding.

Also, different body types and races respond to the sun differently. The pure Pitta type (red hair, reddish, fair skin, blue eyes) absorbs the UV rays much faster and more of them than any other body type, and being out in the midday sun quickly reddens and burns their skin, which greatly stresses the immune system. Dark skinned people absorb less rays and may need more noontime exposure to get the benefits, especially in colder countries. Black people in rural Africa will be fine, but black Africans living in Minneapolis or Toronto will be more prone to immune deficiency illnesses, heart diseases, diabetes and cancer without a lot of extra sun exposure. And noontime exposure may be vitally necessary for them. Dark‐skinned people need to live in the Southern hemisphere or near it to remain healthy, that why they were there from the beginning of civilization.

Lipoic acid

Q. What do you think about Lipoic acid? …could it be useful to treat oxidative (nitrosative)stress?

A. Lipoic acid is essential for the human body in that it helps with the cellular uptake of glucose. People whose blood sugar doesn’t properly leave the blood stream are prone to diabetes, neurological disorders and other metabolic illnesses. Diet is the best source of lipoic acid, and although supplements have not shown to have side‐effects, there are a lot more benefits if it is ingested as part of food, such as green food, e.g. chard, collard greens, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, etc. People who don’t eat enough lipoic acid in their diet tend to age faster and suffer from oxidative stress.

Mineral supplements

Q. I am very curious about your mineral statements. I’ve read lots of authors who claim colloidal minerals are bioactive and are able to get into the cell. You say they don’t. I am not sure what to believe. So, are colloidal minerals a waste of money?

A. Liver flushing actually helps to restore minerals in the body. To digest and absorb minerals one needs bile. The more that bile becomes available to the GI tract, the more minerals become absorbed and utilized.

I have recommended ionic minerals for many years and in two of my books for people suffering mineral deficiency. However, these minerals are of the angstrom size, versus colloidal minerals which are much larger and therefore much more difficult to absorb. Trust your gut on that.

You might want to look at the site, www.gesundheit.ca, which offers phytoplankton containing all the micro-nutrients that exist in one product.

Ionic footbaths

Q. I went to a person who did energy work over my liver and then I had a number of ionic footbaths, which turned dark green from the bile. Is this helping to clean out my liver and gallbladder?

A. I am sorry to disappoint you about the ionic footbath effect. I had a machine myself about 10 years ago and tested it out on a lot of people. It’s more or less a gimmick. I achieved the same discolorations of the water (green, blue, red, with bits and pieces floating in the water) simply by using different metal wires. For example, take two silver wires and attach each one to a different lead of a 9-volt battery. Within a few minutes, you have blue water. The longer you leave the wires in the water, the stronger the color. If you use copper or other metal wires, you get different colors. All of this happened without putting any feet in the water! I have never seen anyone benefiting from these footbaths, except perhaps as a good placebo (you believe what you see).

QXCI Computer diagnostic/treatment system

Q. Are you familiar with the QXCI “quantum” energy diagnostic/treatment software/hardware system? If so, could you comment on it please?

A. I am familiar with QXCI and find it to be very advanced. I have worked extensively in the past with the BICOM bio-resonance machine but let it go after I discovered more efficient and long-lasting methods of restoring balance in the body/mind/spirit complex. There is a great value in everything that man has created, good and bad, if seen through the wide-angle lens of the larger picture that is always there. These new technologies are fascinating, yet still limited. There are often more powerful causes behind other causes that affect our biochemical/electrical physiologies that do not even stem from this life stream experience. Without dealing with those, we are still left with some major challenges.

Dental issues

Q. I have always had dental issues. About 10 years ago, a dentist in the U.S. observed that I had gum recession in one of my upper front teeth. He asked me to use sensitive toothpaste, avoid cold things and use a soft toothbrush. I followed all his suggestions and, for a long time, the sensitivity didn’t bother me too much. About 3 years ago, it started bothering me again and this time in an additional place around one of my lower front teeth. Some dentists I saw suggested gum graft surgery while others strongly advised against it. I didn’t do the surgery but had my dentist put a de-sensitizing solution around my gums every 6 months during cleaning and that seemed to do the trick for a couple more years. Until now. A couple weeks ago, I started feeling sensitivity in a lot of different areas around my mouth and I’m baffled because my dental hygiene is very good. I don’t eat cold things anyway but now even eating normal foods is causing me to feel the sensitivity. Are my teeth in danger? Why is there suddenly this sensitivity in so many places? What can I do? Could this be emotionally triggered as well? I hope you have some advice.

A. The 32 teeth are connected to the 32 vertebrae of the spine and to corresponding sections of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as organs in the body. The two upper front teeth correspond to the condition of the stomach, and the lower two teeth to the kidneys. The one to either side correspond the first section of the small intestine, and so on. The teeth in the back relate to the large intestine.

Old metal fillings leak mercury and other heavy metals into the blood and intestinal tract, and are attacked by Candida bacteria, and hinder nutrient absorption. The older these fillings are, the more advanced the erosion. Underneath them, bacteria start to develop which move into the tubules of the tooth itself, where they breed. In time they enter the gums and inflame them, which can make them recede.

Old metal fillings should be replaced with new composites that contain no metals. Otherwise, they can become a constant cause of irritation and inflammation throughout the body, especially in the GI tract. They are now known to cause breast cancer and heart disease. The bacteria underneath the fillings produce neurotoxins which may enter the breast tissue, blood, lymph and brain (brain fog).

To reduce gum inflammation, I recommend Soladey toothbrushes (see my website), rinsing the mouth with saltwater, avoiding toothpastes that have any chemicals in them and, if necessary, brushing with hydrogen peroxide (about 4% food grade). The hydrogen peroxide can be swallowed afterwards.

Another cause of gum problems is hydrochloric acid seeping from the stomach up through the esophagus into the mouth, as in unnoticeable acid reflux. The acid irritates and/or inflames the gums. Constipation can also lead to this. So cleansing of the liver and colon and a changed diet gradually diminishes that cause.

Dental hygiene can only do so much. Bacteria are a lot stronger and more persistent. Tooth problems never start in the teeth, since they are actually in the intestinal tract. Sugar itself doesn’t affect the teeth directly. You can place 100 billion bacteria on sugar and they won’t eat any of it. Just like salt, sugar repels bacteria. But when you eat the sugar, it will acidify the body and this will attract bacteria to the tissues to decompose dead or weak cells.

Another thing that often helps tooth and intestinal problems is drinking alkaline water. If you can get an ionizer where you are, this would be great. It needs to be one that produces a pH of at least 9 or 9.5. They are very popular in Japan and Korea. Drinking coconut water is also very helpful.

There is more information about this in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation under the section on removing metals fillings.

Root Canals

Q. I am having a problem with my back lower left tooth (next to the last one, which I had extracted in February since it had been root canalled). I have not been able to sleep on that side for about a month now, since it throbs when I lie on it, and it has been keeping me awake and worried. My ears are ringing. My dentist remains cautious with it and thinks we should crown it, but I don’t want to crown it if the tooth needs to be extracted. Can you intuitively tell if the tooth is going to make it?

A. I am not a dentist and my knowledge of dentistry is very limited, but I have seen many health problems, including the ones you described in the head area to be rooted in low‐key bacterial activity inside or underneath dead teeth. Teeth contain tiny tubules that when connected would be more than a mile long. When there is dead matter or damaged cell tissue, such as tooth tissue, gum tissue, nerve tissue, etc., bacteria will always try to digest some of that dead or damaged cellular material. These bacteria cannot be eradicated since they can remain in these tubules for years (antibiotics don’t get in there). These bacteria produce mico‐toxins which can enter the blood or lymph and from there go into the head area, brain, as well as the heart and lungs, and other parts of the body. New research shows that this can cause cancers and heart disease, even trigger heart attacks or strokes, simply by causing the blood to thicken. Given the ringing in your ears, it is obvious that there is lymph congestion around this area (to help neutralize these toxins). Losing a tooth is never a good thing, but sometimes this is a sacrifice one may need to make to avoid a far more serious issue. I obviously cannot make such a decision for you, but this may put things into a clearer perspective for you.

Bee stings

Q. Quote: “Bees and mosquitoes tend to sting you on your near meridians that need stimulation. Consider it a free form of acupuncture. If strong swelling follows a sting, the poison triggers an immune response that is then cleaning out a lot of other stuff that wasn’t supposed to be there. People have been permanently cured of arthritis and gout from being stung by mosquitoes or bees, although these people needed dozens of bites at one time. Their hands and feet swelled up tremendously and, when the swelling went down, they had no more pain. Clay and urine are always good remedies for that sort of thing. Ice application can also reduce the swelling. But if you can handle it, I would let nature take its course.”

This is interesting, but then why do so many people die from bee sting? Thanks.

A. There are people who are allergic to the poison/venom and go into anaphylactic shock. The shock reaction can suddenly drop blood pressure and build up fluid in the lungs. Minute amounts of allergens may cause such a life-threatening reaction. Among those who have an allergic reaction to insect stings, up to 1% may die as a result. However, overall only 18 deaths per year occur as a result of such a reaction. An otherwise healthy adult would have to be stung over 1,000 times to be at risk of death. Most deaths caused by multiple stings have occurred in men in their 70s or 80s who were known to have poor cardiopulmonary functioning. In other words, bee sting deaths are extremely rare. You are much more likely to die from a lightning strike.

Gemstones in healing

Q. Do you have any feelings about spherical gemstones used in healing?

A. I personally am more interested in using the consciousness of stones and awakening their essence through what I call ionization. It is not the best term for what is happening to stones after they are treated this way but it is close. The ionization process got jumpstarted when I started using rays that belong to higher dimensional realities than our three dimensional one, in coordination with the effects of the Ener-Chi Art painting for the skeletal system. Whether you use ionized crystals, spherical gemstones or simple rocks, they become equally powerful and programmable after ionization. The potential of rocks for the purpose of healing and future technological advancement has not been recognized yet, but will become more and more apparent in the future. A shift in collective consciousness will make their inherent power stronger and more evident.

Testing methods

Q. What do you prefer: pendulum energy testing, muscle testing (o-ring method) or dowsing? Any pointers on your preferred method would be appreciated.

A. When I wish to provide someone with a sense of physical/energetic shift after such a session or when using Ener-Chi Art, I use Arm Muscle Testing (kinesiology) as a way to verify the effectiveness. For me personally, I simply ask my body/mind/heart for answers to any questions I may have and I tend to get the answers one way or another, verbally, intuitively, or through simple knowingness.

Microchip implant

Q. You have changed my life and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. I have a question for you. Could you tell me why you would or would not have the microchip implanted in your skin? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

A. I certainly would not have a microchip implanted under my skin, largely for the reasons mentioned in movies like the Zeitgeist (see section on health of this free movie: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ ).

The controlling powers in the world know that an ever-increasing number of people are becoming aware of their inherent spiritual powers and are awakening. The people are realizing the massive manipulations that have occurred for a long time. One of the main stated objectives (Rockefeller, Pentagon, et. al.) of the controlling powers is to decimate the world’s population by two thirds. They do this by way of chemical trails, creating diseases through drug dispensation, food additives, seed control, genetically modified foods, pesticides, television etc. The next step is to lure the masses into believing they would greatly benefit from having a microchip under the skin, for their own health and safety. This will become the final act of brainwashing and mind control. The chips can be programmed to alter desires, instill fears, and make people do certain things they would otherwise never do. The Russians developed these technologies decades ago, but now they can be used on the masses.

People will become like robots, robbed of their free will. They will be told that staying in their homes and getting all their information and everything else delivered to them is going to keep them safe, and many will fall for that. Eventually, they want everyone to have microchips so they can track every single person on the planet. Nobody will be able to hide anywhere. The way the idea is being sold to people is purely positive, so people will want to have the chip. People will say things like “I’ve got my chip” and feel proud that they have it. It will become a fashionable thing to have. Eventually, those who don’t have the chip will not receive health care or education, access to government institutions, bank accounts, a driver’s license, etc. They will become practically homeless, unless they submit their lives to the chip.

I trust that enough people will recognize what is happening and resist all this, which is likely to stir up a revolution. It will be good to move away from densely populated areas (cities) because life can become turbulent when the masses learn about the true reasons behind 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.


Q. I suffer from Vitiligo, which is a pigment disorder where there are white patches on various parts of my body. I have had this for at least 10 years and it appears to be progressing. Doctors have told me this is an auto-immune problem and there is nothing that can be done for me. I was wondering if you have an opinion on how this can be overcome.

A. This is caused by certain toxins/chemicals that are not removed by the liver and are dumped by the blood into the connective tissue under skin. From there, they enter the skin and interfere with the melanin‐producing cells. Certain fungi may be attracted to the area to help break down these toxins and damaged cells. Liver flushing has helped with halting the progression of this condition. MMS (see http://www.jimhumble.biz ) may also be worth trying to break down and remove these toxins. Autoimmune disorders are greatly misunderstood. The body doesn’t attack its own cells, but the toxins they accumulate and cannot get rid of without an appropriate immune response.

People living at high energy level

Q. That was a fabulous book! (Timeless Secrets…) You mentioned people who were living life at a very high level and who live in remote parts of the world. I sympathize with these kinds of people. I feel like if I get comfortable in my own skin, I’ll either get killed or jailed, so I’m living a life where I’m holding my breath a lot. Could you tell me about these people who live in these remote areas? I sometimes dream about living in these areas.

A. You resonate with them because you were once one of them (and in a way, you still are), and your dreams are glimpses of the parallel realities we call past lives. These people in remote places spend much of their time outside their physical bodies, which makes them very much aware of what is happening on the planet, on all levels. They anchor their energies into the inner earth and feed it into the planet’s grid system, which is like the meridian system in our bodies. Their meridian system and that of the earth are reconnected and one. So their intentions, insights, and love feed this grid system and prevent it from breaking down.

There are attempts made by those in charge of the dark energies to damage the grid system through HAARP climate control, hence the recent earthquakes, cyclones, floods, droughts, and targeted lighting strikes in CA that are behind the wildfires. The goal is to decimate the world’s population by 90%, and we are heading in that direction fast. It will all look like natural occurrences (diseases like Bird Flu caused by FluMist vaccines and other catastrophes). People living in natural rural areas will be better off, living more or less self-sufficient lives, whereas those in big cities will fight over water and food, and against man-made epidemics. So holding your breath for a while will be a good idea.

This is the last desperate attempt to control the masses and the planet, but it is already too late, and it will fail. The light energies increase with the dark energies and it will be hard for those ill-intentioned people to be in control for much longer. They don’t realize that it is they who will actually bring about the transformation they don’t want to see happening.

Metabolic body types and Dr. Mercola’s information

Q. Have you heard of Dr. Mercola? He has an article here about grains being bad for us: http://www.mercola.com/article/insulin.htm
And, if you read the above link and this one from the Paleolithic diet:

It talks about how our systems were designed for hunting and gathering. I agree that refined carbohydrates are bad, but I think it depends on your blood type and body chemistry whether you are better off on a low-carb diet. What do you think?

A. Yes, I have known about Dr. Mercola’s work for many years. He has the most visited health website in the world. I agree with him about a lot of things, but not about his metabolic typing.

The healthiest civilizations in the world have been eating grain foods for more than 10,000 years, including the ancient Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Incan, African, Japanese, Greek and many South Americans. Diabetes and obesity were unheard of in these places until more recently when other influences of unhealthy diets infiltrated their culture. So his theory doesn’t stick with me.

However, if animal proteins are eaten with starch foods, like meat and potatoes or fish and rice, that’s when major problems arise. All these cultures were mostly vegetarian, so they had very few problems with that. But here, the high protein diet is incompatible with a starch food diet, and people become clogged up and obese because of it. To process the protein from just one steak, the pancreas has to produce as much insulin as used for half a pound of white sugar. This creates insulin resistance very quickly. Too much insulin in the body causes inflammation and cancer, so the cells begin to resist taking up insulin, which means glucose is also not absorbed. This weakens cells, and organs become inefficient or fail, while the glucose has to remain and rise in the blood (diabetes). I have extensively written about the grain food mystery in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

The blood type diet is heavily flawed. I have written about it in a section on vegetarianism in the Timeless Secrets book. If the blood type were to determine the dietary needs, nature would have regulated nutrient content of breast milk according to blood types of mother and child. But nutrient content is the same in all mothers. It is always only about 1.4% protein during the first 6-8 months and up to 0.9 % after one year, which should tell us something about human protein requirements, and is otherwise mostly fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, antibodies, etc. During a child’s greatest growth period (first 16 months), the body would have certainly made sure that the baby would receive adequate protein.

Starting a wellness center

Q. My question does not involve a certain aspect of health as much as it does operating a wellness center. I am curious about the legality of everything you offer. Can you offer some insight or direct me to some places regarding this aspect? I have had a dream to start a wellness center in my area, but I am not a nurse or doctor of any sort, so I am concerned about what services I could offer. I’m thinking about offering colonics, ionic footbaths, saunas, and nutritional consultation for a wellness center. Do you know if a person has to have some license to offer them? Thanks for your contributions, Andreas!

A. To give colonics, you will need to do a short training and have some sort of certificate. To give nutritional advice, you would want to be a nutritionist. Legislation for such alternative practices may differ from state to state. You don’t need a license to give people footbaths or saunas. If you make no claims about what you do, you are pretty safe. However, hands-on practices like therapeutic massage require a license in most states.

Dangers of cell phones and other electrical energy

Q. Are cell phones really dangerous? If so, how can I protect myself from the dangers of their energy?

A. Cell phones aren’t the only item sending out harmful electrical energy. Following are a number of ways to minimize your EMR exposure and decrease the hazardous risks of cell phones and other electrical appliances in the home.

  1. Minimize all exposure and usage of wireless communication: cell phones, cordless phones, and WiFi devices.
  2. Turn the cell phone off when not in use. Never keep it near your head or use it to play games, movies, etc.
  3. Keep the cell phone at least 6-7 inches away from your body and others while on, talking, texting and downloading.
  4. Use air tube headsets or speaker mode when talking. Wireless and wired headsets still conduct radiation!
  5. Never keep the cell phone in your pocket, purse, back or on your hip all day. The hip produces 80% of the body’s red blood cells and is especially vulnerable to EMR damage. Close proximity may also affect fertility.
  6. Do not talk on a cell or cordless phone when pregnant, with a baby/small child in your arms, under age 16 months, or while in a vehicle (car, train, plane, subway). Radiation gets trapped and is higher in these closed metal zones!
  7. Minimize other EMR exposures to a developing fetus via Ultrasounds and Electronic Fetal Monitoring unless absolutely necessary.
  8. Replace all cordless and WiFi items with wired, corded lines (phones, Internet, games, appliances, devices, etc.). The cordless phone base emits high levels of EMR – even when no one is making a call.
  9. Minimize/schedule blocks of computer use, sit back from the screen; flat screens are preferable. Use wired Internet connections, not WiFi – especially for laptops. Keep laptops off the body and away from metal surfaces.
  10. Keep a low-EMR sleep, home, and personal zone by doing the following:
  • Move the alarm clock radio at least 3 feet from your head or use battery power; six feet is the recommended distance from all electronic devices during sleep.
  • Avoid waterbeds, electric blankets and metal bed frames. Futons/wood frames are better than metal-coiled mattresses and box-springs.
  • When using electric stoves, cook on back burners instead of front as much as possible. Metals attract EMR: keep them away from and off of the body. Use glass, cast iron and uncoated pans for cooking.
  • Measure EMR from wireless and wired devices with appropriate meters
    (see www.safewireless.org). To decrease exposures, install EMR filters and preventive technologies to electrical circuits, devices, appliances, etc.

Also see my newsletter on the subject http://www.ener-chi.com/cell-phones-more-dangerous-than-cigarette-smoking/

Life Ionizers

Q. I reviewed your website relative to alkaline water and the Life Ionizers. What are your comments to the information offered by Stephen Lower, retired faculty member of the chemistry department at Simon Fuller University in Vancouver BC? See http://www.chem1.com/CQ/ionbunk.html. I look forward to your response.

A. Thank you for passing on that link. I actually read it some time ago, but must admit I am not an expert with the regard to the technical details. Instead, I would like to refer you to the owner of LIFE ionizers, who has worked with these machines for many years: Rick Cabados at cev@earthtrade.com.

Also check out the papers that were written about this: http://lifeionizer.com/enerchiionizers/

Personally, I have used ionized water for about 10 years, and found no other water better than that. It is easy to discredit something that one hasn’t tried out, and I question the motivation of those who discredit what has helped so many people. For example, I had one patient recently who, after many years of chronic pain, became pain-free after drinking high-alkaline ionized water for just 3 weeks. Blood cell analysis shows that blood platelet aggravation normalized within 30 minutes of drinking it. I can only speak for what I know that ionized water does to people’s health when they drink it but, not having the necessary background, I cannot explain the exact technicality of it like Rick can. I just know that it works, which is good enough for me.

Urine therapy

Q. What do you think of urine therapy? And how would I do it exactly? How much should I drink, when and how often, etc?

A. This is what I wrote about Urine therapy in Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation:

A Note on Auto-Urine Therapy (AUT):

Auto-urine therapy is an age-old practice of India and China and is currently gaining popularity worldwide, especially in Europe. It has shown success in the treatment of a wide array of disorders, including multiple sclerosis, colitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, pancreatic insufficiency, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes and herpes. For three million Chinese, drinking their own urine is an accepted health practice. Former Prime Minister of India Morarji Desai, who lived up to the age of 99, has been the most well known proponent of this therapy. In Germany, a former president’s wife openly admitted drinking her own urine on national television.

AUT entails using your own urine internally or externally as a way to treat or prevent illness. Most people are under the wrong impression that urine is a toxic waste product that could harm us if we were to ingest it. Toxic or otherwise harmful substances are removed from the body through the liver, intestines, lungs, and skin. The main role of the kidneys is to maintain proper fluid balance in the body and ensure that the blood always contains a balanced amount of minerals, salt, hormones and enzymes. Urine is sterile after secretion and has an antiseptic effect. Many who were shipwrecked or were lost in the desert survived by drinking their own urine. Urine contains everything that a person needs to survive, including water, minerals and vitamins.

Dr. B.V. Khare, an allopathic doctor and Mumbai-based follower of AUT, says: “The Italian surgeon Stanislau R. Burzynski, now settled in America, separated antineoplaston from human urine and showed remarkable results in the treatment of cancer. Another substance found in large quantities in the urine is called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). It is a hormone related to testosterone. This, as research showed, has anti-cancer, anti-obesity and anti-aging properties. It has also been found that urea when recycled by ingesting, is converted into essential amino acids.” All in all, urine contains 15 known ingredients that work synergistically to keep the body cancer-free. Among them are the anti-cancer drugs interferon, and interleukins 1 & 2, urea, uric acid, 3 methylglyoxal, DHEA, H-11, directin, antineoplaston.

The most common method of AUT is to consume your morning urine (mid-stream part) completely and without dilution. It can also be used to gargle or swished through teeth for gum protection. As described above, urine can also be administered to the body through enemas. When applied to wounds and broken bones, urine helps prevent scarring and swelling. It draws toxins out of areas of inflammation and permits the healing to occur faster than it normally would.

Treating H. pylori

Q. Is there any natural product that you would recommend for the treatment for H. Pylori (i.e. eradication of H. pylori)?

A. I have discussed H. pylori in detail in my large book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, and suggest H. Pylori develops in the stomach for a good reason, certainly not to cause ulceration, but to prevent far more serious problems form arising. Eating meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk, can greatly upset the natural H. pylori population in the stomach. MMS can be helpful to remove the remnants of waste matter (that these bacteria feed on) in the bottom part of the stomach. Taking fresh ginger before meals also helps. Adjusting the diet to body type requirements, as outlined in Timeless Secrets of the Health and Rejuvenation, can also help in restoring healthy digestive functions.


Difference between two liver flush books

Q. I was searching online for some of your books and came across one called The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify & Rejuvenate Your Body that’s a paperback published in 2007. Does this book describe the same The Amazing Liver Cleanse that you’ve always talked/written about? I didn’t see this book for sale on your website, so was wondering about it. What’s the difference between these two books, please? Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

A. With regard to the content of these two books, there is very little difference between them. However, only The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush has the cover picture of my Ener-Chi Art painting to energize the liver and gallbladder.

The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse was published by the mainstream publisher Ulysses Press, whereas the liver flush book was published by me directly. If you only want the content of the book, I suggest you order the Miracle Cleanse book, since it is much less expensive.

Books in Spanish language

Q. I read The Amazing Liver Cleanse and it was very helpful for me. I found this book in the Spanish language. I wonder if you have Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation in Spanish also? I hope so because I’m very interested in reading this book. I appreciate all you can tell me.

A. The book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation and 7 other books of mine have been published by my Spanish publisher Ediciones Obelisco. They can be found at this web site, http://www.edicionesobelisco.com/promo.asp, as well as on Amazon sites, and other web sites worldwide.

Juice fasting and the liver cleanse book, and different body types

Q. We (a publishing house) are doing a juice fasting book with Dr. Sandra Cabot (author of the Liver Cleansing Diet). The main competition in this market is Steve Meyerowitz’s very good Juice Fasting and Detoxification. Is there anywhere you think Mr. Meyerowitz’s book could be improved upon? Anything that his book lacks that we should seek to include in our book? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

A. Steve Meyerowitz has certainly created his niche in the healing industry, and I believe he has contributed much to the increased awareness of healthy eating and living. Although numerous people benefit from his recommendations, these are not for everyone. There are actually people who suffer health problems because of them. Having been in this field for nearly 35 years, I have seen quite a few tummies bloated with fermented juices and toxins as a result of following his and similar regimens.

My training in Ayurvedic medicine and research over the years has given me an understanding why a raw-food diet and juicing may help one person and harm another. Without that understanding, we would basically claim that one approach suits everyone. However, just like different animals having different dietary requirements, humans have different psycho-physiological body types that determine what kinds and varieties of foods are beneficial to a particular person and which are not.

Take, for example, the typical Vata type who is very thin, has light bones, virtually no fat under the skin, has an above-average metabolic rate, a dry, cold skin and walks and talks quickly (see more details in my book, Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation). This body type gets constipated on raw, cold foods, raw juices, and sprouts, and develops a bloated abdomen as if 5 months pregnant, while the rest of the body remains skinny. S/he also feels cold when on these foods, even in the hot summer months. The Vata type cannot afford to fast without the gallbladder drying out. It is hard for the Vata type to get back to normal afterwards. Vatas need more fats in the diet than the other body types because they have almost no ability to accumulate fat in the body. Since they produce the least amount of bile among all body types, putting them on foods/juices that contain little or no fats puts them into a dangerous situation. They may become chronically constipated, suffer stiffness and pain in the joints, experience headaches, and become nervous and agitated.

The naturally warm Pitta type, who has the strongest digestion of all body types and produces more bile than the Vata or Kapha types, can very well handle raw foods in larger amounts, but may develop skin problems when ingesting a lot of foods or juices that increase bile production, such as citrus fruit. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, vinegar and hot spices further aggravate the situation. S/he is also very sensitive to antibodies contained in large amounts in green juices, such as wheat grass. These antibodies form part of the plant’s natural immunity against insects, worms, germs, fungi, etc. By juicing these grasses, the Pitta’s immune system gets engaged, trying to rid the body of these large amounts of plant antibodies. Initially, this clears out a lot of intestinal waste and toxins, but eventually weakens the immune system and causes food intolerances and allergies.

The heavy, strongly-built Kapha type, who carries more fluid in the body than the other two body types, can fast much longer than any other type. Not much bothers this type, except cold foods such as ice cream and milk, sugar, fatty foods, sour foods and added salt. Being not very warm inside, they benefit from spicy foods and other foods that have a heating influence.

The bottom line to what I find is missing in Steve’s and other approaches is the understanding that we cannot treat everyone the same way. The reason that one person reacts to negatively a certain food and another thrives on it is because the latter person’s body naturally requires that food whereas the first person’s body doesn’t require it or can’t handle it. In my book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, I offer a greater perspective on this topic. I have also discussed the subject of raw foods versus cooked foods in the same book.


Q. Thank you for your provocative book, Lifting the Veil of Duality. Much of it I track with, yet it also raises troubling questions regarding its implications and applications, and the nature of what is regarded as good and evil. If lost angels and dark workers are really secret unrecognized change agents come here as vivid reminders of our separation from oneness, then how are we to embrace them, as expressions of good? The implications of this are troubling. If you take one of the most obvious reference points, the Holocaust, then one would have to make the case to survivors that the camps were actually an expression of good, not evil — a circumstance I would not like to undertake. Now, one might say the Holocaust prompted Jews to then create the state of Israel in 1948, but what good has come out of that except more arbitrary separatist identity, religious strife and land dispute, the eternal struggle that God is embedded in the land. Neither the triggering event, nor the result of the event have inspired evolutionary change of a life-affirming sort. It’s one thing to say, as you do, that death is not an enemy and quite another to say that death of any kind, on any scale, is an expression of rebirth and renewal. This view would seem to give permission to every expression
of destruction — which I don’t believe you want to endorse.

A. You are raising excellent points here. First, I want you to know that I had little choice when I started to write the book. It was written automatically while friends and I were driving through parts of California. I was in the back seat with a note pad, writing down the flood of information that was downloaded into me. Within 8 days the book was written, although it took me several months more to elaborate, fine tune, and bring in other elements I thought needed to be there. So some of the concepts in the book originated from a much deeper level from which I had conscious access at that time.

As for your points, one purpose of the book is to show that the judgments we make are rooted in the idea that people, situations, circumstances, etc. are good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative, etc., and that this is real. But that is not so. The judgments come after the fact. Things happen in life. How we look at them is up to us. What is seen to be a calamity for one person is seen as a blessing by another. Neither one is right or wrong. We are constantly moving through emotional experiences that color our perception. If something seems painful, we feel it is bad. If something makes us feel good, we say it’s good.

Holocaust is neither good nor bad. It is. From one angle of perception, it was a terrible disaster. From another perspective, it helped countless individuals clear up unbalanced karmic records that contained similar actions they once did to others during times of genocide, while preventing the nuclear destruction of the planet 15 years later. You can perceive both of these without contradicting one another, and feel compassion for the suffering that occurred while feeling uplifted by the courage of the souls to shoulder their karmic baggage and preserve humanity at the same time. Just seeing things in life as negative without recognizing their positive counterparts leaves us just with sadness, pain, and hopelessness. This is basically what we call depression, the loss of the ability to see the other side of the coin as well. Conflict begins when we divide ourselves into two, by believing there is good versus evil, and they can’t be reconciled.

Q. Or take a more mundane, practical example: traffic laws, are these good or bad? Should we dispense with stop signs, stop lights and speed limits and the rules of the road because it’s neither good nor bad that they exist? Or should we keep those rules in place to help insure that some agreed-upon guidelines are followed for the relative safety of all those on the road?

A. There are laws for every level of existence or consciousness. Dense consciousness requires more restrictive laws to prevent chaos. Higher consciousness requires less restrictive laws. Driving cars belongs to the lower density. Flying UFOs require very few rules. UFOs are not machines that operate like our flying machines. They are an extension of the consciousness of those who use them. They can shape-shift, dematerialize, move from A to B in zero time, etc., all characteristics of consciousness. UFO spacecrafts are living beings. As such they don’t require traffic laws to prevent accidents, just like human beings walking on the streets don’t bump into each other all the time, as long as they are not drunk and keep their eyes open. So, our current still very crude technologies require very basic rules and laws. The more we rise to an awareness of oneness such as many ET beings have realized it, the less we need to separate ourselves from the rest of creation. It becomes our extended self. So, in not too distant times, we will use flying machines with no need for traffic controllers. We will be able to move forward and backward in time. We will use simple natural devices in our hand that will move heavy objects simple by pointing toward them, simply because we will no longer see them as being separate from us, just as these ETs use their spacecraft at will. The thought of flying to the moon instantly transports them there, in zero time.

Q. It would seem that one could easily argue that duality is actually a good thing for it creates choice which is intrinsic to the beauty of life and to all of the expressions including music, painting, and literature. If this were not true, why not call your big book: “The Time-Bound Laws that Insure only Disease will Prevail”. By your very title, the notion of creating one’s health is mapped out as a good thing; indeed, that remarkable book is packed with thousands of secrets for taking control of one’s health as opposed to surrendering it to other authorities. So, Timeless Secrets very much subscribes to duality which, in my mind, is what helps to create a pathway for its powerful message: CHOICE EXISTS.

A. That is correct. While dealing with the duality level of life, we use different methods to balance the two opposite aspects, until balance is created and we are able to be both, without being attached to either. One day, this book will be completely outdated. The rules apply only one the current level that most people live their lives.

Q. On another level, duality helps create emotional texture and richness. Without it, what role would tears and laughter play? Without it, why would you choose such a rich palette of colors for your paintings and reference them to different body parts instead of say, only using black? So, one might well argue that duality helps create choice, value, variety, definition, richness of expression, as well as the momentum of vision combined with action. Gandhi may very well have intended to bless the assassin’s bullet, yet he dedicated much of his life to ending British rule through mass civil disobedience. Would he have become a more forceful spiritual leader if he had become neutral toward oppressive taxation, poverty, the liberation of women, caste discrimination? His advocacy of non-violence, even in the most extreme situations, never wavered, yet it was anchored in a struggle of opposites. Again, duality — which he transcended through action, was also the conduit through which he acted.

A. Absolutely true, but this is not the only truth. There is a level of consciousness that can enjoy all these expressions while being free of their limiting influence, almost like people on the other side. My dead mother and father have a fantastic life on the other side, and they tell me about all the wonderful things they are doing. Yet they have no more sense of pain or suffering like we have, yet they have profound feelings similar to our emotions. They are real, just without pain. We are heading toward living like that here while still in a human body.

Q. You write of otherworldly dramas, characters and outcomes with great authority and conviction (if not humility, which surprises me) and yet I would not envy the task of making the case before a world stage that “unbalanced karmic records” are the rationale for genocide and nuclear prevention. The great violent mysteries of history cannot be explained with the concept of great debt — for that notion is also fed by the river of opposites, that any individual or group must repay what they originally took. In that view, the ledger is still framed in terms of credit and debit, so the cycle continues through historical memory, rather than spiritual unboundedness. The record is not cleared, but scribbled upon again — how else to describe the perpetual tug of war that circumscribes the Middle East? Good and evil may be married, but the exact wording of the vows has not yet been fully revealed.

A. I don’t believe people with a mindset limited to just physical existence and disconnected from a larger reality will be attracted to reading this book. It wouldn’t make much sense to them. And I wouldn’t speak to them of these issues unless they could understand them. The book was never intended to persuade anyone or to change the world. It was meant to serve as a mirror, reflecting whatever we can see, understand and know.

I don’t believe in paying off karmic debts as being part of life. This concept stopped making sense to me when I had to go the Catholic priest once every 2-3 weeks to confess my sins. The word karma has been much misused and misinterpreted. It means action. And action creates reaction. The reaction creates another reaction, and so forth. That’s all there is to it. There is no notion of good or bad involved, the interpretation comes later. The bible says an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, or as you sow so shall you reap. Karma’s sole purpose is to restore balance, not to punish. Nobody is ever punished. For one person a cancer seems like a form of punishment. For another, the same cancer serves as a means to change the course of his life, empower himself, and live more consciously than ever before. Where is the punishment in that? It always depends on each person to determine whether a karmic situation will turn out to be a punishment or a blessing. That requires making a choice. Free will is the one factor we all have and it will determine what becomes of us, regardless of our experiences in the past (karma). So called negative karma has only one purpose to serve, that is, to give the doer the opportunity to end blaming himself for any wrong doing and to accept himself regardless of what he has done, how he looks, what disease he suffers from, what car accident he was involved in, or how miserable he seems to be. Negative situations prompt us to love ourselves more. These opportunities keep coming along every so often. Some grasp them, some don’t. Free will always reigns even when it seems there is no choice.


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