Articles by Andreas Moritz

Articles in English

Magical Healing – Just a Breath Away

Cancer is Not a Disease

Anti-Cancer Drugs Make Tumors More Deadly (from the Health Blog)

Can You Trust Chemotherapy to Heal Your Cancer?

Does your Liver Need an Overhaul?

Ending the Olive Oil Soap Soap Stone Myth (PDF)

(excerpt from The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, Sept. 2012)

Ener-Chi Art – New Medicine for the Body, Mind and Soul

Heal Your Soul to Heal Your Life

Heal Yourself With Sunlight

Make Peace with Your Heart

Root Cause of Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Vaccination Programs under Scrutiny

Your Health is in Your Hands

(Download Farsi Version here)

The Illusion of Disease

Dangers of Dehydration and the Importance of Kidney Cleansing

Alarming Consequences of Vaccinating Children

Positive Expectation – A Medical Miracle?

How Infection Can Prevent and Cure Cancer

Articles in German

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Braucht Ihre Leber eine Generalüberholung?

Die Gefahren der Dehydration von Andreas Moritz

Ganzheitliche Medizin – Leberreinigung

Heile dich selbst mit Sonnenlicht Von Andreas Moritz

Impfprogramme unter die Lupe genommen Von Andreas Moritz

Interview mit Andreas Moritz vom 12. April 2010

Kann man der Chemotherapie vertrauen um Krebs zu heilen Von Andreas Moritz

Raum & Zeit article on Liver Flush

Articles in Dutch

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Kun je er op vertrouwen dat chemotherapie jouw kanker geneest?

CDC betrapt op het opzettelijk vervalsen van Vaccin – Autismeonderzoek &
Donald Trump waarschuwt dat Autisme veroorzaakt wordt door vaccins

Medicijnen tegen kanker maken tumoren juist dodelijker

Waarom kanker een diepgaande heling kan zijn

Mythen rond autoimmuunziekten ontrafeld (part I & II)

Vitamine B12 deficiëntie – lopen veganisten gevaar?

(also available at

Articles in Farsi

کنيد دريافت مزايايی خود کبد سازی پاک از شايد – ؟ دارد نياز کلی بازبينی يک به کبدتانآيا (Liver)

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بقاست برای مکانيزم يک – نيست بيماری يکسرطان (Cancer)

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ومعنویآزادزندگیکنيمسالمتمادردستانخودماناستومامیتوانيمازلحاظفيزيکی,روحی (Health)

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